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Brandon Marshall from the Giants on with Mike and Mike 3- 9-16

Mar 9, 2017|

Brandon Marshall from the Giants on with Mike and Mike 3- 9-16

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Brandon Marshall signing with the New York Giants and he's well this now live. I'm Mike and Mike again with Ryan Clark in for gullet this morning Brandon good morning and congratulations. Hey good morning guys might can run you out there are. Also being. Hey what's going on big current mounds of rising us so we're right in May no social media to be all you business anyway. So. You know I'm is that the time to talk to us. Yeah Obama mediatory. Now have been have you couldn't get back up earlier work out. Yeah I wanna talk a little bit about you guys going head to head against each other because Ryan Clark is a great trash talker in the studio and I wanna hear about that on the field but let's. Get to the really important business here Brandon. You're a person who was going to have a lot of options you chose the giants and he did it quickly what made you decide that was the move. You know. Super simple championship organization and and that swear it was all about for me. Quarterback play obviously due time. Winning Super Bowl champion. And Eli Manning. Number one receiver or other crowd really important what you know Evernote Beriault. So instead of me. Being a guy that you thought the coverage you know obviously they have they have doubled him respect him. So Warner wanted to be gutting it there'd be someone else's swing merit take pressure off of a dominant number one so we have bad and we also have. Sterling Shepperd who. Two envious can be restored agree if it continues to do things he's going I'm so that was good that was awesome. And the guy coach space coast credit for the big reason why as well. We we all know that's. In I don't know Ryan will love this. That's huge part of formula to success and National Football League is terribly. Deeply that comply around and dominate so. You know it was really easy for me and I wanted to get done quickly. And I was open to waiting. For the right moment even if that may have met Friday and you know for a couple of marks but you know yeah it's different than the one who felt went through a situation present itself who. It was no brainer. MB I talked a little bit about you know all you know watching each train you don't via social social media. Not seen you do many things working on conversation our common people down because the lad has been made a view being able. Who helpful until a deal with some things today you know he may go through off the field a deal with some things about his personality my question is not even about that. It's about where do you see your role with this team on the field with the sterling shepherds with no deal Beckham jurors. What what place would you like to feed is that playing the slot is that becoming a huge red zone threat because of your size wingspan. Your radius that to catch the ball to talk to me a little bit about what they propose to you what you talked to them about. In the position you won't play on this team offensively. Well obviously yes it was a whirlwind in and I got a chance to go every one but we didn't get a chapter does deepen the nose. What would people have to realize is. Most of coach maxed taken over. The chargers have been the number one chi. That used a three receiver set. So we always have to receivers on the sure no way I look at it is. We have a number one and you have to number two groups. And and you know if anything I can do to pull pressure out there that that's what I wanna do. I know I can I can play outside a complete inside. But what our word was given to camping did negotiate the boss mob Bart. Improved to them that I can still play at a very highly level it's streaming out level and then make cokes all coast mountain. In the Eli knows. This guy would they wanna do we meet our career the chip on our shoulders you know like. Last year I had a terrible year and you know anything when you're an applause started very curious you're darned oh he's moved this spirit now and I think you know there's there's there's so much more to. Our store is one it's pathetic thirty if we don't have how many years. And you know what are you better fuel like I wanna go out there bookmark button have the most truce that year that I have ever had in my in my career. Might that be the biggest number biggest cheers or statistics but I want people. To taunt him say why he hadn't lost despair. And you know he is poor coverage also O'Dell and making Eli has job he is so. I'm excited to continue to work in an and also work with those guys. Both both agreed in both so that you have a lot left that you're ladies and a lot left to give. To this game physically you talk about making your decision early you know saying that you were willing to wait. But we you major decision early you know you're a guy who's been a star for not one team not to UT got what 147000. Yard seasons. What was it they'll borrow the giants not only has been a championship organization but this team right now what was it that told you this team is there right fit. Of all the playoff contenders there would have that opportunity to court she was free agency was when alone game kind of got further into. Well yeah you're took two things one you heard through its right now you know retirement. You know to complete team and great to win right now. There's stability there and and in the cricket game is you know battered by going on what you you know it should not create a hook made the list so. All the top contenders. Are growing Green Bay in. You know timber and they're patriots then that everything was born once you or war or what do women and roll the you know that you think are you in a team out so. You know bit there was a few contenders. That that I had opportunity to sit down wouldn't talk with. 88 in Britain could go boy you know bits and Booth there was this is the best situation for me. And it actually that the problem about list and I'm as excited you know it gets done hello nervous that first. You know referred where I got released. You know the phone what that boy it was a blown up. My eyes. It is the right that they had been. And then you know I think or Saturday night made my eight to call means like within your spirit there's play here. Will see what happens in Sunday's three Ryan didn't tell me that. You know you could probably have my numbers you Brooke army told me brandy never been to create more than it was sort of free agency you need to keep your phone only. Very brief but he early in the morning or Sunday morning I'm match urged them go to prize that I'm gonna pull my kid that never. Even thought about picking up my phone a pick up my fault and I got all got missed calls from you know my aids and other loans. They don't know you have free agent though you're a Smart guy I don't. You already knew that that's why don't call attention anyway because had a car to take she did they you wouldn't answer. So you wouldn't know are there I don't know what he calls. Right you'd almost local anchorman and they're all there. What a guy here man I never been appreciated the support but clearly you're like wow what I'm so sorry mister Reid added that. Brandon Morrow are the weather is now the New York Giants quickly before I let you go here. People look at you your a big personality there's no question of that and O'Dell is a big personality. Are you guys you'll have to co existing U Verity said you expect him to be the number one guy on the field have you guys talked to each other yet and then how do you expect that relationship to work away from the field. Yeah. He ducked out from last night talking Eli Hughes when the first ULs when the first call me. Yesterday Ari again you are scared Israeli there's start working and beginning of April so that was exciting to see him get right into it. Quote they'll talk to him last night. And briefly I'd just say look they're government I can't wait to just take the pressure off you. That there are no mobile double cover in so they'll have now. Yeah it does what they are ordered to dictate what they are going to double car and a quarter triple cover up that much do. You gotta take pressure off him in Burlington. And to make their jobs so much easier. I quickly before I let you go because Ryan Clark is were to the security SP in three years he's on our show all the time he never stop telling me how hard he had people I mean I know. How or why they're good people asleep that's right I think Brandon Marshall now you're you're the one of the he's played against us just how hard of a hitter what Ryan Clark. You know went very very at all or hitter he was probably built. Probably in his prime who tried the most efficient tackler. And in sports Ryan Giggs. Wind you know like Debbie cute he was Smart like from got golfer Vijay all the common mistake yet he could not be guy. Ryan if you look Smart about it in him when you came across that middle you know in any innate human rights situation PD he knocked it right so. Where he would be Fisher. And Arab if they love about Ryan you don't even get Chris Tucker CIR. Parker. She worked writes what I am what I hate about why it all of it and it. After like Heatley was sold mark mostly and he play with so more astute fiber. Big Brother right where cricket yeah whatever he does play at that they're extremely high level where a lot of that's not retrospect about bolts. All right I'll I can't see it cannot learn a lot of what it is that we had heard. Brandon Marshall can gradually dreads wrote them both of us think you're gonna have an enormous impact there we wish you nothing but great successor will see it down the road thank you aren't very good.

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