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ESPN's The 6 Host Jemele Hill on with Jason & John (3-9-17)

Mar 9, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

To Mel hill joins us to now how are you how about collapse and they. Well thank you for joining us got to start at the topic was watching you recently and Michael's doing a monologue about tattoos and fans didn't tattoos and a AFC south champions the titans fans. And it just kind of throws in this kind of throws and and and folks you know kind of compares the women didn't tattoos in Mecca thing it and you just jumped right there. So you gotta you gotta CN tattoo. Only active in the am in his commentary he was he was meant it would be token fine just like that yes that is true what it. The mature age of eighty years old got a tech too abruptly turned initial. And he had been on his arm and so we did not experience lived in it should be ever it is the other side myself on air. And as it was a while ago medical facilities and others. And yeah I mean a lot of people who watch at times had to be bluntly you know captivating and and I it has not to tell people like I've lived a hole a delight to find out that you can you know get a text is big dance. Apparently effect at the country. I'd close my eyes it has so it was hit it. Ito that I have a lot of salad days to defeat. Well I I if I wanna make you feel better to Mel I have I got to attend to an eight team oh man I'm looking and it is it's my zodiac now it's very weird for a man to have his zodiac on his arm but I do. And it's a red and yellow and it's got to the point where it looks peaks though. That if we we're in the same boat at least you get in zodiac and something day either the package today. Yeah as of right at the ministry it is. Lately I've been the pertinent to attend how much if somebody married now would I tried. The hopes yeah yeah yeah that wouldn't need the ability to the bit of the differently so to speak. You have like I've Jerry played have you is does it stand for something else now. Like other than his name like have you come up with again new told my wife did she just she put a tattoo over and put like these she changed the names auto you know is trying to help me out she put it at two over top of its. You can pitch well aid that is my goal at some point I'm dedicated building it up with something else very. I didn't have it. Really for the public and private ability because I forget that in there so it and I. I'd have any candidate. You know disrespect to anyone I'm dating you downturn in ended your relationship and so. It's we immediately hit it come out like a couple times. And is that it created an argument but mostly injected but I know that it. Well I mean if I get the air each day wouldn't it have been you need to do. Donors. You know rather than later but probably. That the the president came out with a dead cut they need to step forward with comedian Kevin he'd be our economy crisis money because it's the paparazzi yet yeah you got. OK that's that loves art well you're real one for us showing now when. In the interest of fairness we had Michael on the show about two weeks ago and I'll ask you the same question that asked him because being that you are new show. How actively do you seek out feedback for what you guys are doing. Particularly we created the kind of relationships. With the people connected with national and over and show. That they know they can get that feedback at any time you know we didn't have to be formal of the epithet at some kind of meeting. Border. But at that iPad and so. I think he didn't you know mine into the first competitive I would give each other feedback and after the show that it's okay. As a group. You don't we need to talk about what went well it didn't lay down and I think part of that we can plan my command and tactical is that we know. What we know what it looks like they have to be delegates right Internet and we noted that right and you know we don't need to decapitate. You know what. We couldn't get better. Oh you know we're always open to them constructive feedback gains. Com these kind of things we have a meeting next week with. One of the but it is at uncomfortable around here that we have really good relationship with only eight who just wanted to check in with a consistent officially in my. Offensive starters this. To melt seems like they really got your back like you and Michael are so creative and whether just move so whatever your deal or no or the show itself. It seems like it any ideas that you guys have had their back and you know given you all the resource that must be wonderful to have that backing and and have you been able to kind of do anything you want in terms of the creativity other. Believe we have and we would never. Take in this position established hit the case against him. Connecticut have gone on and Justin hit winners and stated that little world. It leave. And to create a lot of people were excited about moving and that takes this battle and we were married. The brand that we built within established. And it was a month that they get its ports. It and its resources reached. That's sort of paying you mean it was a perfect day and I told it would make her the process with this idea that. They wanted to have to be detailed and hellfire. Not that I expected to change that night. Com they have nine. Act upon or been reluctant and that area in any possible way and that it. Damage happened little teeth at the captivated and just check out our show tomorrow at 6 o'clock we'll. Watch it it's been definitely we definitely and we've been able to. You don't really get creative means that the boost and what will it it it actually benefited from not about the different than what was to happen tomorrow at six pretty tightly and that's what we've ever. I cannot wait aka our. And I was gonna ask you you didn't do it does it everywhere you go now the two get suggestions on speed on movies to do with these because you're so that you guys are so good Adam. And I'm an Emory nick camera on telling you pay this well I'm an and an opt out want a watchdog lean on me have you thought about lean on me that would be outstanding. Beer and eat you know you that you're right by people do. I have stared at these days they always are getting at but the idea. And it definitely think I am very unique situation because that will I was in New Orleans I didn't turn out that we key in. And he's out Iraqi. In the in the French Quarter and camera and academic failures were have a minute bit which I didn't know little about the Buchanan and they're right there in the heart of the French Quarter and comfort and street. And Iran recognized me from the balcony that you don't talk could be used to that. Had come with that among them to come get me in a couple of different. And so we got there and how would have been a very strict that you came up with that name I'd recommend my girlfriend. It down I think she did happen actually sit down and watch movies to special that we need to cap off the the entity here. And he didn't just a couple of minutes and I get that scholarly deleted any digital that you don't have to do hateful a couple of February. Eight executive committee review they gave me. The lead role in grateful that they really public areas. And we got that suggested affordably we've gotten pretty full Harlem night. It's like covering it like I can't keep the so don't handle it and and I don't completely that we we decided. Let it after the B movie lead that we feel like the red debate. And if status fit that situation. And I got together it's detected. You know I can't support that there are situations sometimes the situation evolving at black shadow. But it got actually a situation like that we deeply an update. In the believe and lift affect the leading to go to sports center. And that was one of our last show. He stepped back there's plenty of that was about. It within the exact story of our friendship but Debra that is about you know people becoming and becoming you know I think they'll begin to bring it. You know becoming such a great partners which hit the end of one year anniversary. Of ourselves so. And the wind is like that it is better it's got to be clear that's. If there's definitely don't be that's applicable. To a developing or evergreen. Situation exploits we have more than happy to consider. We are of course talk attitudes and Mel hill from the six here on Jason's on all right unfortunately. This is a cab boys town to Mount Snow I have to ask you where we think Tony Romo ends up. We wouldn't benefit. That he can ever more productive meeting and humor profanity incidental are admittedly you know according to the reports its. You know the Taco Bell appear to be. Don't go well and if it's true October that he has seen is. It's kinda a lukewarm is that. Completely cold. And it. It is. A very interesting conundrum for Tony Roma that the here because they target every lead that haven't aren't aware. The base of the party like did your guys. I certainly not Canada to a situation like San Francisco so it sort of like if LTT. He's gonna wind up playing nothing kidnapping back cornerbacks standards. Could be on a contender. He's gonna wind up in that situation there is a bit of every deal ultimately. Between the conversation was just about to McCain and Denver and Houston with a better situation. And you know technically active he took a track record in Egypt the Egypt. Did something similar would take many but it needed that big differences it's. I can didn't seem to be more ready to double in some respects because look at their division loses. Super weak okay. And you look at their defense and he would you know finally come under particular agent Biden did today the economy. Yeah I don't have to is that he's. Time and my concerns this topic at hand is that if you only pregnant. They're not going to have to Romo is because it deprived and allow them at this point to admit they made the state the black I didn't distract Lou. Absolutely absolutely. I don't you do business data is kid I haven't been in effect of the professional sports all the time and I understand that. If you have an opportunity to win the title. We don't know what Romo injury history has had in the last couple years but if you have an opportunity to build a total Tony Roma and you don't go forward. Because you're really concerned about how they look right dated at some kind of way. Did not. It's about did you school we did you or does he bow when you were at the destroy of repress it you cover him and miss and state them. It. Let Thomas when he was in high school I went to Marion Indiana and it'd be experienced and well this whole family. And we covered under and at that time and apparently he was it at Michigan State and I think to date he's still he's still the best post player it'll ever recruited in the B list when you have a players that come in at a high schools that that you don't have to teach it to nobody to principally because. You don't do we don't yet know Mahan today he and the little game in high school. Weird you know natural rebounder. May not have been able to jump over credit card and you know you wouldn't know it could be at the kind of you know cricket athlete that is my point. Just. He could be back to the basket like you know what he had everything in his offensive rapper talks. Police and discusses why he decided to leave after one year. And I'm going to be I think decision in my hand them to see what it. Mediate couldn't at the talent level Andy come back another seat candidates listed they would won the title actually the next year he loses easily. One national player of the year in. Strongly in the capitation the attack here. What what I I'm curious what he what do you make of his career and sort of the way he's evolved from early in the career everybody kind of label on it and letting labeling him as the bad. And then he's he's evolved to now what he's like NBA man of the year material he's beloved in Memphis is considered a hero he pays folks like bills I mean did you see this coming for him. But the way it's gone out that he's changed it he's changed his perception of some of them. Yeah actually an idea because when pertinent and tactically about you know as he he has. A rent property. And let them challenge is that where an obstacle that would certainly in his way and I think that you lose somebody that will greatly helped by going to college for a year. And I just being able to beat Hitler backhand is nobody had been in an entire. Com I think there's a lot for him and once he gets submitted under the going to be successful because that city. And make up. It and I'm not talking about. You know just recently and he gets some. I'm make about the type of character that Katie can't undo that they'll be a perfect fit for him in the pack the team for that matter because. It in the blue collar panic and I'm not surprised at his generosity it it would idiot because of how he grew up. And you know he's matured ally and a lot apparently. Athlete and runner label troublemaker. If that matters in these in the right situation and around the right people. Particularly the killer and everytime I see him being interviewed. I did smile because they can't deal with those guys. Believe he. It precedent. And you know at 1718 years old that these guys. He's come into the zone and Adam man I'm really proud to have an update Atlanta I'm sorry its want. Which they've been about two years I told them that you know personally like man I'm really touted. Did. Deteriorate. And it just what you commented. I think everybody could see in him he's really squeaky but PX. You know everybody get these acting ability and that it is history of street. Last thing for related go to amount every now and then the Internet will give us very strange in gross food combination. And the latest was dipping. A slice of pizza in a glass out Erica. You didn't notice you did this on your cell and are on the surface it's put Oman pretty grounds that that's two things that don't you don't they don't mix but you did it. And as you lived to tell the tale. Would you be doing it again. And I'm about to become a life. Of Italy's. I did it. A bigger win than it is anybody's much additional infidelity have. That when he did but some talented in I have a can't academic. On my mentality out I'm like. I'm like Nike platinum you know like material campaigns. I hated the game as I've always been very individual it either. And so as you mentioned it became in an exchange and just duplicate at a white matter is that it that bad at all it made me. It is a bit anti regular would be it's kind of stapled at every time I would've been told that at some milk. It looks. It is something. It and that it is countless that it actually I mean as far as being part of it I think Korea not television. He told the skit with television. There will be worse why. They're doing this for yourself how you make in Hollywood baby. The dollar bid it would because Rex Ryan. That security. And talking animals he was eating dog biscuits. And I'm not quite that bad and undoubtedly dog biscuit they're just packed into a taste a little too lenient. That is that's pretty gross but I. It seems to have worked out for use yet is about oil catcher on ESPN. Sports that are every got a 6 o'clock really nice to join us about thanks so much so much to break and I appreciate it and I got fitted that is to Mel hill.

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