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The Eric Hasseltine Show 03/09/17 - Hour 1 w/ The Big Lead's Ryan Glasspiegel

Mar 9, 2017|

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Good mental dot com slash go to get your business listing on all the top sites 'cause. Customers surge in the first 500 customers to join get a free Amazon has died limited time most of my last email to dot com slash go. For details. And T and come. Like eat tuna this. Cindy yeah. Along the zone. Match is. Championship week. It's full swing. And Memphis Grizzlies got to get back on track tonight as they face their arch rivals. The LA clippers. They hated LA clippers in town. As though. Take on the grid is coming off a loss last night where. The grid is. Where I don't they watch the clippers fall in the low road trips to Minnesota as the grizzlies and clippers will already their ivory that wrap up their four game season set grizzlies looking to get back. On and tracked did it's not Dave says they'll they'll get an all of that as it's ready for the program meets every Monday through Friday at this time. On this very station we bring you. The Aircastle thanks showed originates out of the glacial XM radio complex as we can't the studios by the freeway we follow Mike and Mike we follow. Geoff Calkins we immediately followed Jason in general it's ready for the Gary Parrish experience it in the captain's chair I'm heroes. Eric castles out of the senate last initial program the one and only. No nickname Benjamin B Hogan what's up dude what's going on how you do and I'm truthfully. Awful. I don't think to have Ben as under the weather is I am right now and probably the last one years. A while yet. I mean your your ball pretty well but I am struggling like I am not struggled in a very. Long I am. I gotta zone new lake last night was one of the most miserable nights of my life. After I'd finally decide to go to that I got my son from daycare. Com went to the store came home cooked dinner. We all kind of stood around that. I never in my life that I can remember ever had my case sinus pressure headaches. You know what I mean and I AZ oh yeah they're like how bad can they be like as he be able. But basically laid out an I was like how bad can this be likely target amount. I consider myself very lucky live now at one and it's been the last couple days now I get it. I understand it now because it is absolutely racked. Wrecked my energy level everything right I have been fighting all day it's just been like Iran and in mud. One year we're dealing with the stuff and so. I mean I actually like. I I just feel like exhaust. And I have zero late gas in the tank no matter what I do and and I try to arrest the I literally was on the couch at home. After I went to morning practice this morning and I went home normally I would just come here and go to work thousand Al still relaxed. Went home had a little lunch and then was watching me one alternatives they Iowa State Oklahoma State game. Because North Carolina was turning into around. Other evidence 125 a guy I just don't like nodded off just like sitting there not even realize. Wellesley I have other gospel and and I wanna leave Nestle and made that he had no so. It was. And other than that I am grades. I'm great to other than that but you know look it it's it and hit it hampers everything but you try to do in. It's no matter where each candidate grab energy from a whatever you just it just becomes that that that run that you're in and I think allotted as do the weather changes and obviously the schedule the way they've gone but it man it's been brutal. Today has been absolutely brutal. Oh sorry to hear that I know. You can let these do you mean you're not traveling. Over the weekend enemy got what the clippers tonight in your bag yours don't home on Saturday today. Saturday night would be Atlanta and then Monday are the hated Milwaukee Bucks. Fortunately they didn't know he got sick just sounded fun to say they're out there in the east Saturday so that that makes him hated because nobody in the east in the and single lose against the grizzlies as of late. I wasn't shootaround today we'll discuss that a little bit coming up on the program today. Ryan Glass-Steagall. From the big lead will join us we'll get into all the things in the world's sports even outside the world of sports Ryan covers. All of that stuff in a piece today about. Stephen A Smith calling play by play of Tim Tebow striking out looking. And it needs some stuff on Kirk cousins out today he's got. Update on Julian settlement and Adriana Lima which is unsure what everybody was hinging their day upon today that apparently they'll. On eight on the the contrast screen saver exploded he skis may screen saver. I say efforts the city. Just park you know when they now screen savers if you leave your TV on our put someone. Only add and or you go to like an on demand an end well the first thing I always. The update. Between the would really look like really I that is my nose and that any knows that they historic race generally not a brilliant is that they started manliness. Oh yap so Malia and of that with a Ryan I'll deal already outlets available or three stories that we won't touch. On nowadays full segmented a lot of news of that coming from the NFL is free agency opened up and what we expected to happen what Tony Romo. Is not happening but rather than be released by the cowboys. He's expected to be traded which I guess Dallas is something in return but if you know it. If you're not gonna keep them might now that you're gonna release some of what would you offer. Think what it what on earth would you offer like I guess if you really want him you've got to pony something up right. But it is not like he's you know he's not gonna stay there so they're not gonna release them. Does that kind of force you know he is tagged debut under a market value and what you might have gotten if you were just opened a hearing a train. As opposed to our old gonna release them and that's as CNN and yeah. I I don't I sort of get that's they way they wanna get something they returned by. All he acts he said he would much rather be traded in order released which I am I assume means he would like to make the money he's due to make. Now I try to pick up the contractors like Angel of the cowboys to get something in return the costs are so well you know possibly near. Kirk cousins apparently wants out of Washington DC Jay Cutler. Asked to be released by the prayers and was granted that the patriots. Land another big free agent in this offseason so. We will will get and all of that ring it up put three on the board outside about tonight's matchup. And what is shapes up for in the Western Conference playoff picture with the grizzlies and the clippers in the top of our number two then. I'm Jordan shields from the Bleacher Report series XM and Huffington Post we'll talk about college hoops. I'm North Carolina rolling today in the early in Villanova absolutely destroying saint John's and Michigan chilling and we donated worry about wearing uniforms are. Whether or not back our plane crashed yesterday. Off the runway nobody was hurt thankfully I mean I could have gone so horribly wrong. But I really wondered. Like why they didn't switch the times of the game and it turns out Michigan said no we're get off that plane were playing their game at noon. We're playing we're schedule worked or not use and anything as an excuse and they went out makes down. Illinois they beat Illinois dampen down by by twenty so. That's impressive the ball season apparently now over because they lose to Georgia 5957. In the first round. A session but down team mean they'd they'd played golf with. Really good teams I mean even beating Kentucky asked during the season and then they just kind of faded out energy into the season I don't know. I'm not bitter they just ran out of gas or what the deal was but. It's hard to figure in any wonder like what's going on with you know what does this do in terms or Rick Barnes like Aziz is he you know start getting on the hot seat Kwanzaa Martin had them play and while Kwanzaa Martin's apparently reported possibly as a replacement Missouri. He's a towel right now they seem to be firmly on the bubble they've got to. Matchup tonight with Utah I think if they win tonight maybe they get maybe they get a little bit more notoriety it's all got to shape itself out obviously just a few days let down. Yeah Georgia beating at Tennessee today says Georgia will move on Tennessee is eliminated from the SEC. Tournament so get an all that talent you've stuff with Jordan Schultz. And we closed out a little thing we like to call rapid fire you can tweak program that Aaron hassles arrive at not a golfer. At Eric castles nine at. Not the golfer. Those are the Twitter handles so tonight grizzlies will play host to the LA clippers and now when they do they rule renew that rivalry that everybody loves to hate. That team so very very much the clippers coming in off a loss last night and they lopsided loss in surprising fashion adding I went on to one the old rapid fire yesterday. So I canceled at articles they would hold serve on the home floor Boston came back. With a fourth quarter comeback to win staff curry went scoreless in the fourth quarter after hitting the final shot of the third. And then he had timberwolves. Not only beat the clippers. The hammer out gracefully down I mean the duels I've gotten too big wins against teams that well. If you could they be Utah all about a week and a half ago at NASA and NASA has laws has. You judges drilled Houston so. It's all taken shape and there's a funny thing about it is and one of the things I said you know. The other day was don't sell short defected San Antonio. Despite the fact that they will sit some guys may. May actually indeed have a chance to catch. Eagle the state lawyers was it stands now they were down big last night to the Sacramento Kings. But San Antonio came back erased a nearly thirty point deficit. They're now fifty and thirteen Golden State 52 and twelve their game to have back gold states played one more games let's just assume Santonio Wednesday's game. They're they're game behind them. Third game behind them and right now there's no way you can tell me the San Antonio's not playing better basketball they've won nine straight. They are dismantling teams they sacked coli Leonard last night. Which is why I wonder what will apple the MVP. They sat on for rest purposes I mean they make no bones about it. But. If they have lost that game and don't finish number one seed you wonder if that has any effect on glad Leonard's MVP chants they finish as number one seed. And while Leonard continues as he's there's there's a good chance twilight is gonna win the MVP. Yeah that they they're not Smart people voting for the MVP and other some people they just kind of also spoke confidently and how has filed an idiot last year. You you overlooked while Leonard because I mean honestly it was one and two last year on the MVP voting and you know if you're gonna have. Bicker about who finished third in. Who was spurred and why you didn't vote for quite there third and I mean they're bigger problems and I think than. The fact he loved and toll offer ballad I'm talking about in VP voting overall I think there's not Smart people out there. That will probably. Get it right if they're watching basket or even paying attention. Especially if not yeah. Is measured directly theory I know I understand that backed out saying that. You can tell all week why letters on the floor that anytime we sits on the floor he's the best player on the floor and he's at plus she's telling it like that last month. Yet there's no doubt about that I'd so all that a whole lot more going on we will. We'll get into you hear it coming up throughout the day did not today. At practice with. David Tisdale and listen. He's not backing down from. Whites. He feels like it's his job any made it very clear. Today in the post practice comments and his in this press conference and and we didn't talk to Tom about. This stuff in the in the coaches interviewed by. He made it clear to everybody that I look I didn't just wake up one day and decide it's it's time did that change the starting lineup we've been thinking about this we've been talking about it. We've been doing. You know are due diligence to see what buttons we can push. Any he's not gonna apologize for anything you know people may disagree with what he said obviously he had the quote yesterday in the comment then. I'm he kind of chuckled about that a little bit but. Essentially it's to say to people that are criticizing it's like hey look this didn't this wasn't just stay. Whim of a notion and I am I get that. You know there's going to be able to their opinion is that that was the wrong decision to make even after singing it through you chose unwisely. But again as I said the other day he's the one who asked to live with that decision easel and lasting answer. For that decision to Marius and my everybody thinks that they're just gonna state that I I don't know that. I don't know that they're just gonna stay pat with this exact same lineup it's it would be very David says don't like to tell you yet that's exactly what we're gonna do and and commodity some definitely right. Yes and when he says bike light up I think he can combat rotation because he said with a few you know kind of he's gonna adjust a little bit I I don't necessarily think that means the same thing starting five I take it may be like similar in amount of minutes. In terrorists aren't. It should be interesting to see how this does play itself out but again you're you're hearing crunch time right now and it's hard to. To not look at it go okay what are we doing here you look at. You know a handful of games left eighteen after you know including tonight eighteen games last. And under five weeks of the season coming here and he just about a month left of the season we're Donald as host and yet fifteen last. And you play two games next week a week from today you'll be playing the fifth game in your last basically eight days if you count today twice. And you'll be down to thirteen games overall remaining on your schedule. So as you said right now your full game ahead of the Oklahoma City Thunder he sided game with them last tonight's game as massacres or two against Siena clippers. And you get a win in your within one game catching the Utah Jazz is pretty much out of the question now the four and a half game advantage. Or you some moving forward but. Nonetheless. Com. So neat he says it did quite frankly and honestly I am trying to push all the buttons the try to make this a championship team and don't forget that he was part of that group. That when Miami. Had their struggles out of the gate remember everybody talks about it. We talked about how they were what like eleven and nine there's a man deliver all 500 editor Ira I'm honor their first point games and old son bang me when my 7918. Was par taking over right. Right backpack. It's obviously very different because you don't have. The same horses that run the race and I think that's what a lot of people are focusing on his head look you know I mean this team has been built this way we did no one believes that this is. A championship roster in terms of talent level outside of the post up but you know whose ass to believe that it's championship roster has found out if they can be the coaching staff. They have to go push all the buttons they can to try to make all the right moves to try to win as many games as possible to try to get themselves in a position to make a deep playoff run and let you know. Whether you agree with the decisions or not whether it is. You know there are not again in the end the one person must answer for is David Tisdale and you talked about that. A little bit today it should be inching denied because both of these teams are kind of in the same run. Both of them are struggling as of late clippers are five and five in their last ten grizzlies are four or six in their last and the clippers coming off a lopsided loss. Last night in Minnesota which actually kind of keeps Minnesota's fleeting playoff hopes alive. They're now two and a half games behind the Denver Nuggets who lost last night when missing a couple of key players know Gallinari and neagle Yokich. Or both out with an illness Portland is a game behind. Denver and Dallas a game and a half behind them so that dad that race is not locked up yet. Either so it be sending me to just to see tonight how the opening 56 minutes of this game go. If he does stick with the same lineup if it is the same starting five. And you find yourself down quickly and down early. What's that what when you pull the trigger. If you do get off to a good start how do you manage the minutes how you roll. With these lives it I think it's essential that night and also does start because ball both of these teams are thinking about it hey you know. Intently. Like we need to do this we need to do that we need to right the ship and how do we do it. And that's when you look at it go okay well this is this is this the case right yourself. I'm tonight's game is huge tonight's games massive there's no two ways about it it's not only because it's a rivalry game not only because you're in two games behind the in the standings. Also because it would give your season's series split with. The clippers which if you lose that game. You would have to pass them to get the five you'd have to go now. UB three games back but you have to essentially outplayed them by four games in your final seventeen in their final seventeen that's awfully difficult to do a must you just catch fire. And at some point is Gil was you're not. Playing like you can catch fire how do you believe pitching catch fire. And that's that's the thing right there so we'll take a break we'll come back. It's not to rank last Beagle we'll talk more about the grizzlies coming up. Top of our number two tiger's also in action tomorrow Geoff Calkins was there talked a little bit about how Tubby Smith. Not really dwelling on a stuff just can everybody seems Kennedy years I'll be thinking about what's gonna happen next year and he east of that army games like. Yet time again to play tomorrow Gobi use essential Gobi you see out. And then even though that's a team to beat you by 41 goal Seymour the chips fall meant three in there and Bruins dad here and yeah. That was kind of weird to hear that but. It is what it is just quick tournament update in the ACC duke in Louisville tied at 37. Was six and a half seconds remaining before last and I believe they're going to the foul line as grace and Allen got a thousand duke. Looking like a very well made had to the locker room with elite. 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But customers making quality tree care affordable for virtually every. Visit mr. Tree.Com or call as to why no 1300. Green and create that's not a 1303938. For mr. Tree.Com. That's the Eric Cassell tonight show where guests appear via the lenders piece of phone line. Broadcasting on the WMS says that yeah. Up on 68080 am vandalized on Memphis is sports station 929 NFL. ESPN. And a. I want my federal outside studios still on a daily basis they get all my sports and entertainment news is the daily grind glass Stegall joins us every Thursday from the vaguely let's make him today's Q&A today. Now it's time to take any time soon 99 SN ESPN and few Renee and today. Brian just yesterday at a piece of Tony Romo out of Dallas Texas and Broncos seem most likely destinations however today instead. Releasing Tony Romo he apparently is asked to be traded what does this do this because if you trade him. Don't they have to take up the salary or is there something in there that they can work out. You also have to give up something in return how does this now change anything about Tony Romo moving forward. Even if unclear because the wrote four or just confident contradict each other so quickly that you really don't know what. They're actually going to do you argue that it changed yesterday Adam shot there the Ford Edge the use can be released today and today. Chris Morton says Ian Rapoport and some others are likely not so fast they're gonna try to trade him via. And it might gut feeling is that these new reports with a cowboy putting it out there because they send. But the Texans and Broncos weren't just bad. And so they put it out there like oh well if you guys whine when you're gonna have to give us something worth. Now he's not gonna be given up for nothing like it so it is it's. And I've felt silly season where there are lots of leg. People who have. Motives too risky to reporters and the reporters they'd have to handle so much information I'm not even blaming nabbed. Because it. Like they could have a relationship with a personal hurt circumstances. Could change and they just get I have been at play. My gut feeling is though that Romo is going to get released by. Maybe you. Yeah I would think that that's. Probably along lines what they what they would hope for I don't know how good the pick becomes but at least they get something for that in terms of getting something for a quarterback. Kirk cousins wants out of Washington now they have franchise tagged him. Who's the most likely trade partner here. A lot of people speculated San Francisco. They have the number two overall pick what's the what's the market value for a guy like Kirk cousins. Yeah I think that that number two overall picture Kirk cousins would be a pretty reasonable trade for both sides because Washington and a Mitt that's right off that this function which is we talked about last week it's pretty complicated out there but it is pretty clear that the people who are in charge right now do not seek has been that there are long term fit because otherwise he would assign him new long term deal and sort of franchising him two years in the round. Now next year they have if they needed franchise and again it's gonna be. That they would have to pay him over thirty million dollars. You get the sense that cousins I have a lock after this year but at the same time that they do get rid of have. They've been a winning team the last few years which had. And there's nobody out there who they can replace them with that is going to be better. In the immediate terms so they got themselves in the kind of a corner or he's got eleven dredge and yeah I do agree that there's reports its tendencies get the most likely destination if he is going to be treated because he hasn't get a look forward Kyle Shanahan and it doesn't seem like they're assuming the other teams that they had that one and that the enough to put together a package that is something similar to what senator Cisco could give. Touch and let's. Live Brian Glass-Steagall here on the program so what Tyrod Taylor staying in buffalo. And it's apparently Tony Romo now looking to go to either Denver or Houston both teams who had. A parent quarterbacks. In the mix already whether it be. A battle between tax dimension Jeffersonian or Brock costs louder where's this leave a team like Cleveland. That's a great question may have been really. I checked their need needy they bring RG three not concede this fact that didn't work out too well for them last year. I don't know maybe Jay Cutler. It becomes appealing about maybe eight. Trap somebody and they keep RG three dad to stop gap there they have they've really gone any way yet to address. They're concerned but they do a whole lot of shock exit and there's been a sensitive Jimmy grew up blood doesn't get treated. They would indeed the most likely partner now I know they're reserved for saying. Doug Petrie is definitely are gonna trade. To be dropped below but it's he discussed earlier there reserved for yesterday that that cowboys are going to release so he wrote loaded and then there were reports today. That they're gonna. Trade him so. These these reports even though they use strong language like definitely and things of that nature. They've really judge they have expiration date is within 24 hours when people change their mind. I don't Ryan Glass-Steagall here on the program. The patriots get richer and in that. Is an agency we all be at all surprised that the patriots is keep adding. Great players I mean they they go in their own division and grab a terrific defensive back. Who made the Pro Bowl this year so what that is how does this keep happening and Indy you know it. They didn't let it irreparable loss. Two decades or even more no doubt I checked has trade. And other coaches and general managers who needed me. The immediate improvements. To their team to achieve their jobs and because Belichick has. Blake long term like really forever job security you can just keep compiling out fats by trading down or like treating. Current players for future ex amber at the point now where he. Type of an unbelievable supply traffic they've got more capped. Broom and anybody out to movie they just won the super ball and like. Tom Brady suspension only helped balance because that showcase cynical upload media so that. He's now and Arafat where another team without part with a first round pick and even more to even be in a conversation. To acquire. Hands. That's the reason why I would because dollar check has played. Oh rom game for a long time they had. We're really really now seeing. The results of what happens when you are e-book could do that for over a decade isn't truly. Stephane dome are going from buffalo to New England announced today what does this do for Malcolm Butler do you think today did they try to move on today may be dangle him. To the saints to try to get branding cooks and they'd try to dangle the numbers thirty to take four or today yeah. I think they'll they'll act like they're receiving from ESPN reported that they would consider trading Malcolm Butler for Brandon Cox. It doesn't seem like it wasn't sure I have a Wu a little bit of the last. In sickness began. Gauge then Mike with Washington Kirk cousins it seems like. Dollar ticket sending a signal by paying. Another guy at the same position and what jacking you feel about giving not combo very key they seem doesn't seem Malcolm Butler. Who is considerable here as somebody who is indispensable. Yeah I think that. Given that they drive killed more and it probably does make it likely that welcome Butler has played his last game as a teacher at. Aside from. The NFL Tim Tebow. Was in his first spring training game and Stephen A Smith. Was watching on his radio show any to his listeners to play by play of the occurrence as you said in your piece. I away apparently dead he but it just didn't just didn't look very card so how long do we cannot tell. Yeah you know we see beat anybody can have a bad day in these talks here that we think as everybody does steam right. Tebow is totally overmatched as you'd expect anybody. Who doesn't Sunday talk for ten years and then competes on the scene Kyoto as major leaguers should be. I get like Tebow would want to be doing that because he believes Simmons towel and beating work physically Egypt always want to keep his name in the news because. Relatives and attention is your currency is a celebrity. By. At the same time I don't understand what it is for the match play it seems really weird for them to be trotting him out here when he is so obviously over matched and they're trying to you. Prepare their team protocol what that is that MLB season and I can't. Figure out like how much money they can make incremental leap for like more people coming to spring training her. The pair or can mix the minor league team I mean more people glad to see him there. It just can't keep our keyword hit on the scale that each team just trading Monday with their television contracts. For some reason they've. There are there are that unless they put them out there again last year's Cy Young winner. They they're going that doesn't seem like it's going to come UN and any time soon. End wonderful news for everybody out things they have a shot frequent Adriana Lima but in the reality of a factor. Apparently Sheehan Juli and cattlemen are no more. You know it sees CC's Evans on she's been married who is married to a former grizzly and Marko Jaric. She's she's got a daughter so she's out doing her thing. Eight adding this doesn't surprise me one bit that hey it was I think the whole. Enigmatic way people talked about their relationship the way they died about their relationship just made no sense like. Eight MB adults and just date you don't have to like the label it one thing or another and everybody always wants to do that on. Plus he had these these these supermodels especially when you get to beyond that Gallup. They put these things out through outlets like TM ZNDE. They're public interest you pay an and they just like they it's a weird way up like making it just play that. I think that's. So let's are like in charge of the message. How outlet to write about these are relationships because play. Don't project at their wedding like Julian had a big girl in my hot tin ear like Entertainment Weekly or anything like that. So the messages are gonna come from me this can't let something like best. Oh look like they're holding hand in hand pocket and that I believe that it can be just happened to be there to catch it and then she says oh no word yet. We're just friends or yeah we're seeing each other but she's he's not about starting lineup although it's not a quota should eat it or heard it's like. Source says but it doesn't say that it's like coming from her care about just the way the game works ads. Yeah I guess at this point the game with I don't Manitoba. Ari are you trying to honestly tell me. That people in Hollywood don't really go out with one another. For any other reason than they just are trying to enhance their brand say it isn't so say allow our luck to save a lot of isn't okay. Don't actually like each other black. It's like she Epstein tried to enter into a relationship like she's also going to get attention from. Don't doubt she's not Dayton Julian Edelman the science teachers didn't Julian ailment the football players and there's if I did it's it ain't love grand because they had they use these relationships. To enhance their public it was Ryan always good to catch up with the brother thanks man. Erica there are so it's your brother. Here's a little note on from Todd archer from ESPN. If there is a trade Tony Romo you account. Nineteen point six million against the seventeen camp for the cowboys. Freeing up five point one million dollars the most importantly he would not count against. Next year's gap in 2008 team with a designation. As a June 1 release he would count ten point seven million. Against the cap this year but eight point nine million against the cap in 2018 so he added you have a problem there. Yet the decision make do you want to do wanna take the cap hit this year and one year MB download it. But it seniority knows pretty Goddard wanting to cap it over the years of Dallas and they might have written now amassed more wounded at. As a immortal insert. I'll take that gap that now and move forward quick college basketball update. Duke in Louisville 4240. Louisville on top in that ACC. Match at Michigan State is crushing Penn State 45. Point 87 or again now down by two. He had number five team in the country and in the pac twelve tournament. I'm now just switching that up by one as they had a 326. 25. And bad Kansas the apparent number one overall seed 35 point five SEC tournament is 128 Alabama. In the out first half and I know from me that there any unpaid last. Conference tournament quarterfinal UC Davis Aggies on top of the hated cal poly mustangs nineteenth while. To this day on the last from I'm sure everybody cares about that. Except for only me all leave anybody. I daddy can't animated today and sever. I Wear the same boat here and I. We care about our. Small school on what they do in with a nothing make the tournament itself and now people this other we're gonna have to hear about it other people getting to welcome back ordering and puts them aboard an explanation and an army has been Memphis. 99 selling those brackets of 99 espn.com. Or juvenile attitude nine amphibious CNN. It's free you can. Prizes homicides and 8000 dollars NBC give. Into the ninety nine's I'm Greg Jones now presented by media members and Papa John's beat. Hey it's only ship from police systems and restaurant food Alaska. I'm humor downtown again. Why she's not gone and say yeah we're located on main street between Madison and Iowa avenue parking on extra stuff I'm happy hour daily air barred from. Import 36 iron. Featuring two dollars off all my other glasses Obama appeared in daily I think he kind of tells us. We also offer one of the largest urban it's not kidding enjoy our small life like the blisters and love and house and salmon. 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And digital. Just savings. They come select. They're super. That's the Eric Cassell tonight show with guest. You're below lenders a piece of broadcasting on the WMS percent. Opponents say the. This is what station ready to learn as it ESPN. Shot there. The lead operates hotel Florida and number one of the program Rodney legendary Chevrolet Covington pike. You'll see everybody thank Paris itself for the New York or pre owned Chevrolet Jim there's generally coming tonight. It's rain out but Israel Lauren. These Santa to bring you know. Syria. Is ready to be. It was 92 nines very castles. Out from the files. You have got to be kidding me. Adams chef there are weeded out eight minutes ago NFL starter. Houston Texans traded Brock costs Wyler and a 20182. Round pick. To the grounds. What I don't care what you got Ritter and you wide. And it is on. Believable to me it is that this is from his FaceBook page is in dire then. The move clears out millions in salary cap for use and do intensify efforts designed. Tony Romo to be exact Houston say sixteen million in cash and ten million. Against the cap this season Texans will also get the Brown's fourth round pick this year in exchange for their own sixth round pick. So Cleveland gets cost while his contract a crappy quarterback commands. Eighth 20182. Round pick in 20176. Round pick in Houston gets Cleveland's 20174. Round pick and says ten million. In cap space in sixteen million in cash. Cleveland's not committed to keeping us Wyler and is likely to trade emperors sources. If so would turn into a basketball I train was the NBA teams routinely trade contracts to get them off their books only it rarely if ever happens in the NFL. It's hard to remember in the salary temporary another team who went eighteen traded contract. It's hard to remember the site ever another team monetary it would seem trader countered given options books but you saw was so anxious to rid itself of us Weiler. And move on to its next quarterbacking chapters giving Cleveland extra picks to take him. And is contract it can you imagine a locker room at Brock costs are while ends up walking into. The rhetoric will be literally a team. Gave away drafting just gave away things just to get rid of yourself back. You're so awful. People would do anything to get rid of you how. How ordinary noted Houston pulled this off I understand alleged Cleveland can absorb this contract and they want to draft pick in all this stuff. But let me come home line. Chapter called it one of the most creative trades in NFL history. I cannot believe while. All this does happen. The browns headed into. This free agent signing period of over 100 million dollars worth of salary cap space will struggle to spend it all. Now they can devote some of it cost wireless contract in acquiring extra draft picks. From Houston. Oh my gosh. They can I like. That's. If you're at it if you really Houston Texans. And you now get Tony Romo let's say Tony Romo turns out to be terrific right. He has an instant connection with the under Afghans and will Fuller and CJ starlets and a big day make a strong run at the AFC south right. It took last may. You'd better send Cleveland like. Anything like Christmas cards with money anything stuffed in them that thanked them for ever for getting you off that book my gosh. What do they strike a Tony Romo and they have to settle for Jake Tyler. Still pattern Brock got us while there is it is better than broccoflower assailed Adam Bryant bounced like killers out there or you know they may be stuck without mammal glowing I don't know I mean. Honestly. It's a bold move by Houston too because right now I mean who's who's their quarterback. Tom savage. That it everything else. You say Denver is Tony Romo color ends up going to the jets. Draft sorely yanks. Again as an especially the second pick is traded the Washington that means Mitchell to miss using and go number two overall ranked. Right and if Cleveland doesn't Lou Los why you don't feel like they're gonna draft a quarterback that I ranked. So here if you're used to wait take him at first round Shawn Watson. Even if you did Tony Romo he can still probably draft where does he feel that. Strong about them the guys rose to play inferred you know next ten years. John McClain is a writer discovered the NFL's leasing chronicle for 38 years he's also. Host on six stand in Houston in these are reruns extend and he's he also goes on 1045 Arizona national securities act and Yost lab experiment is over and he's in good luck with that at this before and it was like was. You've got to be kidding me everybody there knew how bad this guy lives. Good luck with the browns. I don't know of these being sarcastic or not the guy averaged four yards an attempt one game. Not completion and attempt which is is just awful I mean like 89 yards is about or you think. An attempt. Four yards. You threw forty done either relate. Honored in sixty yards. That's almost impossible to do. Boy that's. Once said that we are citizens stay brown Cleveland because I mean sure brown clearly does you're gonna be. Wow I don't know I bet they're short of the office of line and they're trying to be too bad of a light Hugh Jackson back. Prison seventeens as I would think this means they know they're getting Romo eight if they don't. I don't know it's you never know but I think they'd like it rally at the inside track exactly is even what Denver. Denver wanting to bring him and they know they still have two guys there and then now use them. Houston can move off that contract in this is making intensify their efforts so they'll probably do everything they can't make sure that they. They did get a little crazy Lou right there broadcast while I was glad it went as of now who enjoy that. The last two days he talked to. Bill Bender haters gonna be the quarterback in Cleveland this. This is dog is this article he wrote the sporting news then you can just got done talking to you right angle spiel. No set like as soon as you hang up the phone she after drops his bomb. Chester drops the bomb is a shift the bomb right there as we liked Colin. Add it we talked about this who briefly but it. What an incredible performance today by the Michigan Wolverines who after. Avoiding absolute disaster and a lot of people feel like the pilots saved everybody on the airplanes life. They. Flew this morning to Washington DC. They left at 6 AM Michigan parent you know in in Michigan they got there they went right to the arena they had an opportunity. The delay of game they said Noelle played as it is they played in practice jerseys their equipment is still on the plane as it's in the luggage. And apartment and they can't get to it until the investigation is complete. So in practice jerseys and all they go out and just absolutely stumped Illinois 7555. Showing that sometimes you know through things like this. Eating cat bond together it's a scary moment anybody that travels. When the team there's they're scary moments for everybody we've had our share scary moments everybody's had a and when he traveled that often it's it's it's frightening and so when that actually happens is someone. Deceit embarrassed and bind together like that I think that's a wonderful story Michigan. Will move on. In the in the Big Ten tournament they'll take on a pretty team that they just dismantled. A couple of weeks ago on a weekend day game in Ann Arbor. Their peak at the right moment John Beilein has got them playing well they've now got 21 wins I think. At one point we didn't feel like Michigan would be in determined but now I feel like Michigan is definitely a permanent. Is definitely a permanent team. I'm moving forward after that win today a great story though and John Beilein and his. I team handled it with the utmost of glass and they they weren't gonna let anything get their way of of what they were supposed to do which is their job and go out and play in. Try to win their first tournament game so. I think that's. Fantastic right there all kinds of NFL free agency is make sure your tuning in and hearing what Adam Chester has to say throughout the day. On ESPN and then now we'll keep you up to date on everything. As well I didn't know has been a week we are a big wrestling cities I'll say it as another wrestler from like the eighties and and like late seventies early eighties. Day was part of that aided when wrestling a super popular the outlaw running bass. I'm past the way and so he. He had you know he worked with all called in. He worked with dusty Rhodes worked in the NWA. The outpouring of support. Coming out there is Ron Bass bass the way his real name. Was. Ron heard any died Tuesday he suffered a burst appendix and did not realize it was Cason. I took over a week to get it checked out so. Scary stuff right there. On the run bass bass the way at the age of 68 so those that were wrestling fans and knew the Alaron bass was sad news. Right there but according to everything you read like one of the really kind of under heralded performance is that the they Ingrassia great feud I guess what Bruce bar beef cake for awhile. And and you know it's. Things like that those guys' lives such a. Enclosed life like when they travel on the road together they're always around each other that. I'm sure the outpouring of support will continue here to remember him. No right that was a little before my time and I'd I know the name and I know that we had time here he wrestled here a little bit and yeah those little you know before my time. Ebbers Byrd BK. Dad who denounces. The area Erica he'd take him but then you'd be Erica there was. No two ways about that quick update on all the world of NCAA basketball. Louisville is open up and all the twelve point lead now on Dougal announcers got cut to ten to thirteen minutes ago let's. 6151. Michigan State still crushing Penn State fifty. 230. I'm in the big twelve tournament Kansas in TCU tied at 42 Alabama leads Mississippi State. 23 to thirteen in the American east Carolina with an early 1915 lead over temple of about eight minutes ago. In the first half we'll take a break we've got. How many pairs of tickets to giveaway to tonight's game. Six we had six pair of tickets to giveaway to tonight's grizzlies clippers get first 4000 fans of the doors also get. My comic Sox let's take dollars three and 40 giveaway to pair right now. 53537765353776. Will soccer is clippers when we come back 99 and MES in Memphis. We'll visit an issue important. An assessment just get the WMS has now you yes sure and injured and only 29 FM ESPN Sunday bracket challenge presented nightclub. Looking for one of the midsouth very best selections of gently used a high end luxury vehicles that you need to cozy gym pump that mountain while luxury auto sales ten features an outstanding inventory of real Mercedes. They at least infinity Tesla Land Rover and more come see the 2009 as the Morton on the showroom floor tempo all the credit solutions one point 99 interest rates in financial options for every one some proceeds Jim Bouton out now Mariah luxury auto sales and client to forty per visit him. It's about that time of the year with a Memphis whether really gets weird you know how it is and they can produce some serious storm so perhaps it's time. 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