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ESPN.com's Marc Spears talks NBA with Jason & John (3-10-17)

Mar 10, 2017|

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As promised is a senior NBA writer for ESPN's the undefeated. His name is mark spears and he joins us now mark how are you sir. You all chopped up Assad tweets you're in a barber shop at you tighten ready ready to roll. Know that there. Old video actually I got today at the point oh sweet little. The video in public city. Which with the media black barber stopped a public it'd be yeah. But today implement what a story about what it might be black but it wouldn't yeah. I. Now there's a variance in story what. What what would have what you we expect because sake I'm I'm I'm feeling Karl Malone right now you're take me back the Karl Malone days. When it was a bit when he was the only black man at Salt Lake City. I'm. No. I've got to let you back in years the did the declaring let. What do you do what is it like players do from the church standpoint yeah yeah the dictatorship where it appeared that standpoint that seat. The video posted. Even accommodating they didn't point didn't vote. Boom there that it saw that play. Will be a little more now but they get very interesting read. There will be a lot of people will be surprised about good and the order or to have been called. And tell him what awards are for us mark when someone posted to make sure we're on. Or not the daylight it is obviously but if good to open it up by the public and it. Let me turn into the grizzlies we feel like or believe now mark they've lost four RO seven of the last stand and you can tell just if you watch for any amount of time. Don't take a long time to see. They are not the same team they've or defensively even early on this season the saints in the we've been used to seeing. That kind of didn't just dominate games defensively for years now. What if things happen to the squad and and how concerned are you about. It's like to Britain try. Don't know way this one feels like broken these than they've been struggling and in and it now's not armed struggle a minute. Got a lot of Tea Party or dissident in the western but well yeah. But every game you'd be scared about losing the opening bit. The very bright bright. Did he beat up that moment that bears exist if we did some of the highlights yesterday. You'd almost need to like just secular. I don't know what his at all and no. Visit is to me a great epidemics votes so. I thought it on the rallied from there and I don't know mayor there it is certainly up. I don't know what that is a bit better set it up quick or. No lead they keep on backwards and as you saw backcourt in the work it out of there and it opponent you get in the first round because of insult. Well you mentioned shaken it up and I think that the therein lies the problem because obviously. Since the turn of the calendar the grizzlies have not been very good they've been a 500 team which understandably for a guy like Dave if there's still has got a championship pedigree. That's not good enough so what he did in order I guess to inject some some some life I am in theory into the wind of this he went with. Andrew Harrison at the two movement Tony Allen at the bench and then obviously Brent Wright for to Michael Green. What do you make of of that kind of move at this juncture in the season. Taken a guy a proud veteran guy who has been such an integral part of this franchise the last 67 years and moving him to the bench for a guy named her hair since. Who is barely credible MBA player. They'll read here about the speed out of you've got a barely a credible NBA player that their full blooded. Well he's had a lot of time mark he's had a lot of time to prove to be otherwise. Though they beside you don't let the baby is this basically. There's an overall. Reason for the prayer to shooting guard position you know told reality in the older. I have not Hispanic players have worked out and then they've been here in the quite what else they got their shooting guard lies in the ability to pull over the bridge shooting guard. And the commitment that elected me to be more athletic they're open at that point our. Own. Maybe it not for them to bring you that somebody else and. Mark did you think. Obviously we knew the warriors and it takes some time to get going again it went Kevin's heart in and did things you know you got him out that's a big piece so you gotta you gotta you gotta. It back together did you think it they would Strobl this much without him and do you think. Ultimately they hold on the one you think the spurs pass them the. Blows out of habit that they'll put it worked report. Oh. Our Saturday. With a game and then Antonio. It's diabolical down so otherwise feels like that. And then I'll be deprived. The rest of the players any of those days. And talked of the day you being a good spirit. Being lied about the betting humanity by the fact that last week that it regular season. But even there and I mean how much did you expect him to do you try this come about from an injury. I don't. Know of the spurs. Net of Davos yesterday. That's up in the night before. And you wonder if pop star rent it from guys but how bad does he wanted to. I've never taken in the cellular seeing that. Bill but they've got to live in about double what they double. It. Naked that you wrote for the team you play. I duplicate the warriors will be better you gotta keep the mine there in an atrocious. Road trip right now where they played 78 games on the road. Into their play the first five games. And then on that you both then they come home and play one game and you can see them like one out of gas. In the fourth quarter. Against Boston. And then now that they've played at Minnesota that night but it editorial borrow. You know but the schedule is limited in their quality. Those stretches that could have been the worst stretch for them to recover from Kevin Durant injuries and right now so. I'd like probably need to give it another week for sure I could believe blacks say hell up and they'll be because I'd just. Honestly man I think they're really tired right now and that's a lot on the minority in whole room you know when you come home to get them. They got them when he didn't wait informant. That. Very Margaret got a baby bonobo legally gotten is they're applied and the baby over tools so. Jackets they certainly weren't in it but I got to give Boston credit for being the great teams do. We are talking to Marc spears covers the NBA for ESPN and the undefeated. Mark what do you make of how bad the pelicans have been since the acquisition of DeMarcus Cousins why have have they've been this bad. I'll figure doesn't fall I think putting is just terrible overall. He got two all star than in the rest of being news is. Ever. Start. That ten day contract. There have been ravaged by injuries. They get Caspian who does well in the first game and and didn't hurt in the first game and here's jackets are in the first game. It is I've had a lot of bad breaks. Whether it's injuries due to the cabinet or roster altogether. Hormone. I don't I don't think it's fair to blame cousin. I think he's playing pretty well won't. They've been playing well but the restaurants. And they can do by themselves and the other people problem. And this brought a certain pretty weak. Marquis we toss this question around yesterday because of I've seen on a tweet your big big gap. Ignore what notorious BIG yeah we had to melanoma the show yesterday at Gmail hill on yesterday. And she tweeted someone part of our show. We'd it's a little later on the responding to someone who said that Iraq. Zoller and I was in reference just in Tim Storey. About biggie and he talked to some of the players who in LA at the time anyway I'm not certain you did great out on the story is a great job on the stored but but one of the things we were tweeting afterwards was that. If Shaq it as checkered been with big. Like I guess was the planned and I plan to go to a party and the it would be a part would be if he had been there. Jim on this guy concluded that. That murder would have been solved if Shaq had been shot at or shot that that biggie murder would be solved to this date do you subscribe to that theory that. That the at you know the extra attention may be that that Shaq what do brought it even involves this. And a consultant check my scheck might be dead. Yeah well that's the other Bennett's the other alternates built right blow up glad. That he will that that made it. Our biggest kind of. Very different that it is near there that wouldn't happen what like bigfoot story either right. They've been there are trying to give him and then. On. I'm glad he wasn't around on. Would have been solved the sack with there. I don't know man I just know one of the first rappers to write the best rapper ever in my opinion. Is is gonna. I miss that are gathered to hear. Probably been on I made an album at the Ryder. I just love ya I just thought that. If you just sit and you just reduce litter and certainly there's an actual confrontation and violence the ball. What he was just an amazing amazing lyricists and I get a hard tired of people that we get from the west over. Also like to pot right. All right well 12 parts of Baltimore so. Tumble on both worked closely with the little blown. And and that's not a bit at 2 o'clock or midnight and and as a lyricist. If you go lives on the line with some of the things that the big it was in his humor that was there was. There is a great storyteller. The word way it was outstanding and those that that we lost a body so I'm glad sect went around. Who he he doubled that been the Superman but he couldn't stop a bullet. Not at about he is Marc spears he covers the MBA for ESPN and the undefeated look for his piece on what it's like to be. A black basketball player in Salt Lake City city pose any minute now mark appreciate the time as always mark thank you. Are prepared to it is Marc spears.

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