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ESPN's Myron Medcalf talks College Basketball with Jason & John (3-10-17)

Mar 10, 2017|

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Well every Friday about this time we talked to learn Metcalf let's talk to Byron Metcalf right now. He's my own match. ESPN's Mike good Mats Naslund. This is really impressive they're ready to go right okay. Jason and I know. EST yeah. Marla in mid cap how are you sir. I'm an adult yet and Belgium and a minister for your own merit under a recession tomorrow. But come down a little lower. Are you how you doing at the casino man you're doing any doing and went out. Minnesota man around moderate Arab world you're Smart and you're Smart man edit in and one of the things that you've been very Smart about an outcome and overdo it to your side. As about Alonso ball and how good this kid is and you tweeted it last night that right now. The UCL a point guard is yelled playing like a number one pick in the draft. Mara when I watch or not seen him dominate games obviously with the scoring. You know with his passing but last night. You a gives us a guess that USC team that gave them quite a game. Twelve points seven assists but it's still felt like he was dominating Miron still felt like he was in total control of the game to meet he's Jason Kidd. With that with that within a jumper. What is he to you in is he indeed are you are you telling us that lots of balls and I want pick in the draft or should be. In nearly representatives here. And I can assure you that at least one album. We have a little bit number 100 Europe or. All right I'll talk to people who know. He says you know he's got the best field at the position that they recede. Typically our way navy medic while. He just Egypt around you know which she yesterday wasn't about mundane. But it was dominant in that. Already marketed itself in the late nineties bill which seated. They're cute actual comfort of your Archie is changing and so he dictated to gain an slogan. She knew that he wasn't complaint early wobble at the same impact in basketball that you have to know where years yet try to interest or whatever do. Because he's such. Personal and dangerous weapons to about eight threes. With the ball Robert court change opera to bring them. He shot one more orderly becoming serviceable maybe he'd been how level decision to what he lost to be here so to me around the world player of the country's number one tricked and if you don't believe that. You know he can lead you silly to the championship. I don't know what to watch. Now you've got me now my and I am I believe both of them will stick right there. You're gonna happen in front you a massive pac twelve semi final night when ball a number three UCLA meet number seven Arizona. My graphic they split with both teams went in on each other's home court how is this one going to go how will that play out tonight. It's going to be great you know I don't do that the leader who can bring you got your chips seat you know about soccer in America. You feel it and I'm nobody yet not want to. ET large market and who. You know the seven slugger yeah yeah to yesterday's change shot 31 from the three point line starter look at our report second so eager reel slots. Yesterday Eagles or seven I mean when he shot like that. Several put any not just got to move a good test package that the three. And the way he was stripped put the ball maneuver around the traders get her this week's Q yeah get two players the returning to get a and it took a matter of you know I think really who you talk to start it felt really good change. I'm going to locals Gabler you don't logic now sparked Emmerich or early because you're gonna art are coming back. The focus is sent out. We are of course targets who Myron Metcalf who covers college basketball for ESPN nice enough to join us every fire around this time all right stay in the pac twelve. Or get taken on count on night 8 o'clock in the semi east. Or is life is my favorite team to watch Myron because like I mean they know number one they've they don't lose secondly they're just one or they're so fun to watch. Are they one of those teams. I'm of two minds of them one. They rely so much on shooting that I could see them going cold and it ended in an early first second round game of the tournament and picked off. But there's so potent I can also see him make it a final four run where do you come down on on organ and what they can do in the tournament. There are hurting a lot about order feared. They can afford you know gawker. The game that some weapons there to recover Alla organs potential agreement they are legit in the excise. Like the most important player that came into built a broker stored bill Jordan belt notch to say to that dark. Our positions. She just are really count defender Chris Shea. The guy who makes art to the regular Brooks is six sevenths the biggest problem illustration or get out there right. It most teams when he called out stranger it got switched Ito your car orbiter slower bigness. You're a big man in the post a small first order or Carr writes it's organ you don't get that you do that you switched the base what you a couple of six what is 63 count Dorsey special solid player. Yeah probably due to cure a big name. You give up on Dylan broached he can guard any dispatch accepts. Toward belt and go anybody so. The such art are seen to be eclipsed interest in at every level and the apps side of that position ostensibly. Digits green actually and you're right. Get streaky I don't Soledad accuse you let out that they gala may well nineteen in the blue Bentley at the same time. You know when they. Art or because disorder doubles not the ball. Are you think Kansas is still number one seed at least in your eyes after the loss to TCU are they still they still number one seed quality. Yeah cattle I don't think you. How did you lose 001 cheat after the way you dominated. You know a lot of new wheelchair at the top of obviously America right. You lost that he's Eugene that. Has been on the bubble there and Arab back on the bubble got lucky loss shall really relieved that seemed. You can't close to a debt relief that she that it to a good little stretch so they're double the number one seed bigger courts are paper that matters. You know we're all that that knuckle they're saying there are built that program. It's been a scrapped before. The target because they just keep run and ensure that nonsense you know Antarctica their bigger challenger the off court stuff yeah so you are you wonder. Are these gaga revealed and avoid the drama off the court but no other notable achievement it is not in jeopardy. I think that's locked up. Marin have you I don't I didn't have this question down to ask you but you would talk about TCU right there and I figured out pro and and right now. Have you you seen their freshman point guard Jalen Fisher I'm sure you have that's from Memphis is the out by a point guard that they have to do. Dude he gets its its is a great role player always has been we do you be fantastic wherever it landed. But the thing about Jay and Meyer I don't know if you've seen it but each time. He's an a new town or somewhere whatever opponent their plan. Do he gets healed. On Twitter people saying he's the it is basketball player David it's it's embarrassing Lara what people. Will say about him out if you've talked to him yet man but he's a great kid I've talked to many he's talked about you know. Kind of trying to ignore the noise but man I don't know there's just times where where you know basketball fans band. We just get so ugly. And and we see it unfortunately on Twitter everywhere that Jalen Fisher goes now just. And I don't guess it's ever gonna hand and I guess that be marked my question to you maybe they'll get used to the milk this'll stop but it's just the same one. You see something that's different do we we always got a tear down that I guess I'm a model so box apologize for that but. What are you earlier I'm with ya mama always told me you know you be careful about what you say about people's ears and come back even. Are not always shot stop that kept it at that debuted Archie it's happened to a lot of people don't realize that odd note it would actually you know anarchy. I know him. Ed. What are the good play everybody looks up man com yeah but but a lot of cash don't come out into an eagle. He tweeted about stuff people culminate. At the same place every game you know I'm Matt exact Nolan don't come down yet you know so people talked big on Twitter. Because they think at least you don't like to sound tough Sid. Itself Easter egg didn't Russian got it about. There is before whether. You know and our air drawn up and in the eighty's or ninety's yes it looks a martini that's right you have compensate all of your help now that caught. So it's a portrait at it appears that the deal with debt like he'd already made it to this point I know we'll continue to overcome. Whatever they didn't have to say. Dell's new better be real careful there's there's something about somebody like that. People are about you know your son your daughter's sake and trumpet bacterial or obsolete and their karma and it stuck on Portugal people are doing that record operational. I'm with the Rio course talk to Meyer Metcalf who covers college basketball for ESPN. Lots of conference tourney games going on tonight including. Duke Carolina it's set up perfectly in their Mirant the whole narrative you can see that narrative being frame now. About how this you know down on their loved his overly scrutinized. Duke that's daunting job they win tonight they find themselves in the ACC championship you can just you can just now can't you. Oh yeah you regret that the meadows. Embryonic like could've ended it away. Now at this tournament Indian the other way given all of the drama. Looks. You know given such a liar trying to come back and brutal when the time that happened last lights. It had that we had to get a third game and I'm going to be out here. Could it be this second particular night after their ability to elect on with you know the story liar and the intensity. I'm you know I don't want to study to me Yugoslavia tops reports he anyway opting notch a lot of the ones he. Armed but I think interpreted the pride and the legacy. And just the excitement around the gay marriage everybody excited. How about that straight up or which TV on the river college basketball player. A writer so did little to hide which are probably the wall but you can't get at it this. But that duke had to get this quality of play and Nortel are again after this our turn to the street. Sounds like you got Kansas and north because once he says now where I was going to dump him bomb off and I know we've got a lot that's got to play out but who do you think that is the one seeds. Next Sunday. Well it'll be Candace mom armed. Sure. Beat Villanova a will be darker line out. And and Dan I'm older now or go to burger or port number one's seat he should lie. Let shaking she she'll lay beat Arizona tonight no indentured turned into a cup. And then let's say they golf tomorrow important each out there may be or image and convincingly that would be impressed. Senator bill to Livermore street but you're gonna definitely had a conversation you have a case about whether the acting that way chicken Turkey and want yeah. Beat North Carolina are. Effort you don't Chela. Beat Kentucky at the mother did not appear on again they're beat Oregon again. You're out here that seem better prepared. And Adam. I don't that certainly date would deserve it but because the committee report eleventh circuit Rebecca local wars that she'd move and it makes you look at Korea to drop on yeah actually register it. Actually registered at chickened out at the ports deeper now. I'm still not sure that that is like a lot into it. Think you're on. We are court order to Mira Metcalf who joins us every single Friday at this time they're in college basketball. Mitt fists and UCF currently locked in a first half the battle. In the AC tournament there are rumors. Myron. That Tubby Smith is putting out feelers for other jobs that the NC state. Will that be Missouri. Given that. Maybe he did not. Necessarily understand. Everything that came with this Memphis job. Do you think. That's the case because he now not as we've put out feelers but. May be biting off more than he could you with this job because he was talking earlier this week about there's a certain flavor of expectation here that it that it's unlike anywhere. He would ever Ben what's your assessment of of of those comments in that situation. You are yet there's apparent leg yeah. You're all the places that met over the Golan what our government did Rick Peterson here at uterus and so yes I don't Georgia at one point. Are gone it's stayed at one point. It was dull and I mean I'm Cali like you all don't jokes. Not into. Iran. About probably 8080 Eric. Like that they're about Kobe it is. Did the dude liquor store about child and his fingers what equally right. Pyramid at all disorderly sort of grab it's rare that you don't want our little war veteran mom you want to build a house or it. Yeah obligatory checks. Tubby was and a bulldozer. In which double chubby actually built this house. Like Toledo and monolith from adversity. You know so hot I just don't see it now so we're. Rumor rumor program you give her terror you know he would like this generation it. I do they ever succeed in the it would have been there longer than our part you don't get out of it because it's about. Rumors. What it comes out we just because. You know he's. He could not pick her guy he noted that at him about economic rescue British their checks attract. You know and in the way to conversation happen and he's such a low guy likes. He doesn't wanna be Shalala released. In a situation where I look at the problems last year accomplished. So. Actors are it's always be careful about. Talk to move in on the rumors about how to move and dog voluntarily. Because I hurt so many. Edit every car you know he'd ever not got Iran. You go out and about what to a beard award are. But he got to do memorable fight it out the kicker about that. So do you think then maybe it's possible that coming into this job because it was a whirlwind obviously like it happened very quickly do you think it's possible that. Entering this jobs may be he thought. He was he would have a little bit more patience and time from the fans than they were willing to give do you think that's a possibility. The bigger the possibility that meant mr. Arnold planet our annual. And maybe they haven't entered the Trout are here are trying to respectfully but like I outcome of the country and the perception that does. We cal are you at their job and you know you can't bit merit that what happened in the past administration and is he expectation every national epic change sure but that's terrible the way and I think this idea that. One year you just aren't everything around rarity back to normal as realistic. So they don't have the outs it it to become an improbably. Treat some things that aren't education let blood the second sure if you don't know anything about expectation that you're at a job. It EPO look at spam base. Then look at the child Carly glory year but doesn't realize how much landscape changed and hard to get back there are probably. Those Gannett via two way street or are you gonna keep reading coaches we immediately years and you turn on and you'll never get anybody to. Exactly Gingrich you have these really really care about at second base import what are you communicating. To the coaching world. Agent is saying hey neat this is a success well policy but how would say let's see what happened next either. I don't think you know. Tapia won every single place he ever bit and I'm not some cubby holed up nearly hit you want to wreck. I got this situation relentlessly. Like Enrique let you needed kidney but he looked like. You know he talked about you ball up like hell aren't the sort of restore Summer Sanders from Michael home respect. But he clearly want every single place you ever been an entire career and you can't say that about most coached. I I I I'm with you I'm with you especially on the time line because. You know you cannot expect this to be a miracle job especially when you're year you are low on numbers I think that's that is true. I think the part where I would disagree is that I don't think Memphis fans expect cal Perry I think what Memphis fans expect. Is to win here it's when you're seventeen and 610 not finished the year at 1912 to not give blown out and look this interstate and totally checked out. In a 41 point loss to SMU. I think that's the part where Mitt this fans have. That their their kind of like well wait a minute now this is this is that what I was promised with Tubby Smith I don't think there's anybody that realistically is saying. Ire Tubby Smith that's crazy. I just think that if the gold this east and what's to come away with some great deal of hope. For the future that the next four years or going to beat tournament appears to determine apparent. I don't think that's what they're getting and I think that's the disappointment. Our partner which are sick. Marketing your back. You lost some of their cult over what's 67 year period. Under former coach Wright. Are in terms of that I don't think tubby is responsible to that element. Challengers. Each agent hope that loss just to drum up the past couple years and are you saying okay we expect it to be better. Or simply stripped its Lou writes how we felt over that you. It takes a long time the field and really you can argue. Just eat and it got really count guys. They're trying to rebuild toward the end you know top twenty program that competing a year and an actual chance just to say that. That takes out. Ed. You've rocketed to overnight if they collapse so but during the summer borrow right marital look at how they also have a team work. You're not hit shots I don't know what did you do about that terrible players but he did not breeze. In your inconsistent. I'm not sure from a coaching perspective on aegis dramatically Alter that and in one seat. Now there's about hundred. I'm a ride with you a 100% he is mired Metcalf. Covers caused best offer ESPN join us every single Friday Meyer we appreciate your brother enjoyed my twelve targets in July calls Vegas thanks Brooke are yet. He is my Mecca I really do appreciate perspective that he brings.

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