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Jason & John - 3/10/17 - Hour 3 w/ ESPN's Myron Medcalf

Mar 10, 2017|

Jason & John open the 3rd hour talking Tigers as they prepare to open Conference Tournament play against UCF. ESPN's Myron Medcalf joins us next to talk College Basketball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Appreciate all Yahoo! called in today though certainly it's that hot button issue. That we will probably be revisiting you know throughout the rest of the month. What's that there's a new game is now over days is a done deal lesson you moves on to tomorrow's Emmys and a they went 8177. They will face the UCF Memphis winner that ends up next Michigan and Purdue were tied at 66. 330. Left in overtime I would only come back we're gonna talk about the university of of this basketball player that was cited for Merrill on why it. Right before the east the quarterfinals today are you kidding me distract sit on distraction in. We need to encourage you change his name to Jim marijuana. Who had not considered that we will discuss everything in the next segment tires generated tipoff here momentarily Jason Dunn and Internet event yes it. This is an easy one more plutonium assessment associated W. ESPN's son Bradley's challenge presented its place. 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Against the clock while you do that by two brands of any public approved this news came with a faster with the government for Smart tragedy great. Dig out has never been more drilling more competitive but got seven different experiences that are rated difficulties. And that makes everything from Memphis is premier reality of the same problem FaceBook Twitter and it's Gramm you can put your world. And Memphis escape from downtown that's Memphis escape. Dot com go to. Hi back on Jason in time just before he went to. Break. SMU. Submitted it against east Carolina which means that if Memphis wins against Central Florida. It's above should be here about a half hour they will move on to. Face the mustangs again and that would be a nightmare buzz saw. Michigan is up seventy to 67 over Big Ten top seed Purdue with 49 point six seconds left and our other planet Naira. Now that what goes the other day I was the other day as instrument for everything there they've been through my own so that's or performance below have a coach to. Yet is that overcoat he is. So. Not look reports that you know I got to go and that if you get past you see it too by the way. Is that this paper today not just yet sore and I published one and a half almost alone says basically push a menacing it's it's we could go either way it sure. OK so that should be interesting. Before we talk about today in what today it may mean. Really interesting report yesterday from margin out over the commercial appeal scenario rivers was cited for Merrill. And a sound like they're trying to pull off saw somebody else goes and as those saying well that's what that's what that's what you do that's what Chris Carter said always kind of always have a guy and I like a roach or like we yea it was a very very petty and like I am an amount like they found well. I mean think about it marijuana is just so demonized in this country. What do what do you wanna site. Armed that's what I wanted to say that marijuana is so demonized in this country I think about it it's it it. Glaucoma. What if Jerry rivers has glaucoma or else stop he could. What do fee at what if he's it would if he's prescribe marijuana. What if he has back pain will help them rebound better. MIV and all. All night and spoke out in the mayor. You know. Stood as it doesn't sound like it's any thing on nothing's gonna come of this is there and try to pin on the delivers in the room with them I meant and are trying to pin and on smiles. Always have a fall guy as well as our said. And that's what got him fired at ESPN but he said some things that are true. So is rare rivers or the fall guy you should have won two. Is it could possibly be. The last game of the University of Memphis is season could be hit about 4030 minutes. That means it could also be the last game one Dietrich loss I'm here and that the team believes. That if they win today and indeed used the F which would put them in the top four in the turning out so you'd be in the semi finals they believe they're not he bound if they win today. I'm not sure I agree that. May be disappointing the last two projections are looked at the most recent ones. Mum man like where am really looking at him as he bragged the rail to discuss world war on more on this dharma Memphis at the ratings that got calm they're not hindered their right there on the bubble. And and the other one out got NYSE bucket yeah. Are considered but not in doubt jail and their hope is that they'll finish up for whatever belief is who gives a crap if they make in ninety. They do. I find it out for a look at the fact that they think they won one more make. A I am I don't believe that I believe you got have been good to have to make morneau was that some embedded there at a point now man Weathers is open grasping for straws did this the way does things in minutes and losing six of alas they do you think you can be used if you're in. I hope that's the case form well I think people play a I want this to be the last game for deedrick loss and John rose are. That's why we care. 'cause this or any man okay. I will say like Michigan assembly to 677. Seconds left others guns and the shoot free thirst. It's a big upset it is so late is owed depressing like to be looking at night he projections Ganassi look I see everywhere on the message boards we brought the sort of scared there's couple we -- it would -- a hypothetical what if tubby just in laughter and Memphis what that was tougher. They thought it was going to be and it's just stop hell hole. And he wants out. Elders all of a sudden people urged like I got bombed in tech's all over the place about it you know there's a flavor expectations here John yeah. Now I think tubby who likes the taste of good to what was it tasteless or do you just get passed up an estimated at takes. Hum but gem CMO message boards now people go they're they're they're DM in me. And Jason you hear anything that could turn into got here you anything that's that trend data here. Fans. Pairs run of the best form. Number one no number one thing who's lumpectomy in the state every three million dollars to coach elsewhere no one. However. Witty take up a commitment to go somewhere else. I don't think so now why would you do that. Depends on how much you don't know if you really want because I remember when tubby got the job okay. And this is just what I heard I'm not verify I'm not I'm not vouching for its promised her I would do here. I heard that he does what and the gold contract. Right and if this is the golden concert where you're gonna just make three million dollars be just good enough tonight to fired. Why would you leave Bob why would enlist you just really are so miserable. Now when you can't stand with the job I mean again I think we're talking about the same. Saying we're talking about with judge there was a who's gonna hire Josh sits it you know for the program and you know just Georgia Tech did dornin now they missed on ten got run. But they did a violent end to visit gave him they split the difference in the game one point two million hours ago it may be another program on the sonnets dubbed God's. And it come notes are related here. I laurels I just don't know like I don't know. If this was but this was such a unique I this is how I view the tubby higher I actually. I view the tubby higher says. If Beckett talked and I Heil a high ranking. Official when the higher was may. In the way he put it to me about tubby was. He's more or less. A place holder. He's more or less a guy who you know the floor is relatively. High the ceiling is not. But the for its. So you know there's very little outside with them. But there is at least a consistency. Uncertain reliability that well lately and they pay too much for average well they might and that's not enough that what they do pay too much for that that was your plan they hoped Asia papers you paid for enough to make this thing better jar if it's just supposed to be a hold over. What Japan has got. That's a terrible plan. Well terrible well because they that's the case because leave your talk OK because just think back with me go back informant they weren't they weren't gonna get Gregg Marshall. They weren't gonna pay Buzz Williams and Chris so big you're left with a decision you either. Hired up and comer which you've just got burned by where they couldn't afford to do that again and it failed because they did torn up and that's why. They went without because at least tubby was named tubby has a championship stay as a future hall of Famer. Like he does bring an air of credibility to your program and that's what I think they were so desperate to have. They didn't wanna have they it will take a risk. Tubby does not represent a risk he's not he's a lot of things a risky is not. And I think that's what that was then the main part of where they're coming from when it that we cannot gamble. Honesty Forbes we cannot gamble on an eighty Kennedy Wii and I gamble when those guys because if it doesn't pan out then we just struck out onto straight coaches. We understand our it I know I know that Memphis knew what it was getting when they hired. The question is did Tubby Smith know what he was getting into when he took the job. Did you just say they'd see it as they as I've said that as the ride off into the sunset job. Paid an opinion averaged three million a product won't have to do much we'll just keep it will just keep it where it is and will be fine I get paid no rat out here. If that if that's the deal as you have thoughts going to be easy in yacht the policy ought to work it does Jacobs are all on the back. That's what I'm saying you'd be in for a major wake up call when she got here and you start doing their job with everything that comes with that so. My question isn't isn't so much why Memphis did I understand why that is dated you laid out beautifully. It's does tubby did tubby understand before you got here and how does he feel now about it does he still feel like hey. You know I know we said all the right things to Jeff and those guys before he left. You know before they left to go to to go to Connecticut but does he really feel that way or behind the scenes as he say isn't that you know is he miserable. That's that would be my question. Yeah and I newspapers miserable. Well why get a comes back down to who who studied this for almost harassment like. To me we have reached such a bad point it's unbelievable this coming out this first year people trying to you know we'll light it is it is at this point it is a development. That Tubby Smith as a recruiting. Like you'd Rosie you texted me that the tweet of tubby being on in the jam. It's like old man this is tubby second straight night recruiting will quite boring that's that's your job man I guess what you're supposed to do. Well let what it incited is that it's. It's him and Steen who worked who has their love Messi or call Mazur called mad as. From Manhattan right recruiting the same player that's what it is. Recruit the same American players is a Manhattan. Will let you know that's what it was going to be anywhere sainted it's a zero star player. I mean if we're so you knew that might say hey we may maybe they get to getting turned in to be something but. I'm one so there's not a journalist and you're here anywhere near us that he's been out two straight nights looking at zero star players could have freaking break Nia. Clearly you are not. Clearly you are not. I don't know a GL and like it's some big deal I don't know that recruiting during the week today AC tournament this season's over. Like yeah you need to be out recruiting what the hell I don't do and I don't know G and auto never madam. Team organized guy Syria's. I wouldn't we that kind of stuff. What he thought he's helping W the Baghdad at the hell out of that that basically that makes it more bad actor and candidate let him know the work around your work on trying to Blair that that down you may actually gonna end up killing them. Again I thought I made this comparison yesterday on with oh while the Mets start it would be like you wouldn't be coming to work. And we're at we're in our offices like preparing and Brad takes a picture like Jason and Jon preparing for their radio show of the second straight day. Oh yeah not like what or resent our African job yelling get out it's part of the gig you know domain and W has they are. Ousted its gonna need them bodies next year so why wouldn't he be out recruit in his life alone is tubby is kind of guy who. If Memphis plays a home game all of Thursday night and then has another home game on us Saturday night. Is he the kind of guy who on that Friday between games who would go to see you recruit locally. You gotta gotta go do that if he's at least. Their visit is to ago if if it as low as lightly as long as Cordoba plays east at east my buddy Smith will see the best players in Memphis. That's that's that's out there have been some. Other question before we get them are Metcalf is this it is this the last we see of deedrick Lawson can tell you. His career is gonna go down as good as it perhaps the most under appreciated one in the history of Memphis Pasqua because. They have not been many what do you intend career guys that come through here you talk about Heatley I need to have a cable. And that's you don't and and unfortunately. He just happened to come in at a time. Where he was by far and away the best player and it just wasn't enough around him right but I double missing a man and I think we take his consistency for granted a salute because. When he leaves oh my god it if and when he leaves. There will not be a player that comes close to his top level on the tubby air now we're gonna miss. And in gonna miss him look out look he said nothing about him there that he set all he says all the right things all the time he's so close the bull and Murat you're absolutely right you take it for grand. When a player like that comes along and you don't make the tournament within. You take a program and then and that's going to be unfortunate that that it that'll have what now a second straight years of best player come through here in years and he's unbeaten in the NCAA tournament I think it is at the last game. From all I'm here in a much change in my store which was what about three weeks ago we said this so yeah. Yeah I believe if they lose their their warm enough right now for UCL a looks like about a bad minutes before tip. I believe this will be the last we'll see additional also tigers' uniform yet and that and then on you know. That makes it kind of sad because you wonder if the team had been a little better but there have been a little bit more stability so it's obvious fought. You know I think that falls on Josh the fact that these are lost her is gonna go largely wasted. Because a lot of the falls on Josh. Yeah but I will not give you. That tubby did enough in the offseason after he got the job Iger you you heard from Gary Parrish and what do what do Steve Forbes do. You know when he when he needed to fill out by when I got like ten guys worked his tail off yet know tubby do a lot of golf and after he got the gig here and mail I like that I ideal I think off I mean what's is about a problem that's fine didn't Latin golf. But let's make sure you get some players for this roster to an end you know artist you're not feel about this on the Marshall all that sought only to go back into it. But I bet you know the start of this the start of all he's worked and he they they're really daisy turner but he's out recruiting. That's the show you that. I gotta get my till the work you've done a little bit more before and you may not be in this culture right now yet so. They're gonna be seven off your momentarily. I hope they win I really do make is this city is desperate for some success from that basketball program we need a hero. And it would be a nice story if they get a rematch today is that news I would build much hope about it but it guys they got another crack at it. You know I wanna say nice things about the tigers I wanna be hopeful about the tigers I have not enjoyed Davies last week saying nice things halfway through the season things looking good and then the bottom fell out and I got to know is still say nice things RKO ad malware. All right and you know. It won't be easy today in their not favorites so it would be upset if they won today but I I for 1 am open. That they do we will keep you apprised of any developments in that game which should be start here. Momentarily I when we come back Myron Metcalf covers college basketball. Four ESP any joy there's every single Friday he would join us next you talk about the pac twelve tournament got a goodwill tonight North Carolina duke play tonight. Lots to get to around college basketball will do that next days and done and it's an event ESP. Madness is almost here with the selection Sunday this weekend always left out. Who has the easiest road to the final four might get might collapse completely reaction was she that was in recent news this Monday morning Mike and Mike in the today's time AM till 9 AM broadcasting on six NB AM this is ninety. ESPN's. Okay. Malaysia from police disease and restaurant. The last time you heard encountered. Plus she's not and say yeah we're located on main street between Madison and Iowa and this parking job for extra. Especially night I just a great evening out with. Yeah featuring her signature shrimping grids and other fresh seafood from golf we also offer sustainable beef pork and I am right. 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I'm back with just guys that have been ESPN looks like Memphis is a Baptist tip off let's see do you blossom heading onto the court. So we will keep you apprised of that but right now. Every day however Friday about this time we talked a modern Metcalf let's talk about Aaron Metcalf right now. PS my limits can. Mylan med cap how are you sir. I'm under the medal he had it and don't comment on minister trio merit a hundred recession tomorrow. That's come down to zero or. Are you how you doing the casino man you doing any you don't and went out our. Mariners Smart man around moderate and tore your Smart man you're a Smart man at an and one of the things that you've been very Smart about a now uncommon overdo it to your side. As about Alonso ball and how good this kid is and you tweeted it last night that right now. The UCLA point guard is you know playing like a number one pick in the draft. Mara when I watch not seen him dominate games obviously with a scoring. You know with his passing but last night. Youngest I guess that USC team that gave them quite a game. Twelve points seven assists. But it still felt like he was dominating Miron still felt like he was in total control of the game to meet he's Jason Kidd with that with that with that a jumper. What is he to you and is he indeed are you are you telling us that on the balls in the one pick in the draft. Or should be. On June merely represented here he's at and I can assure you that at least one album. Depth we have a little bit number one a merger are forward all right I'll talk to people who who know. He said you know he's got the best deal at the position that they she'd. Typically are away from maybe the magic wall won't keep just keep just I'm not what you yesterday wasn't about mundane. But it was dominated that you're not going Randy Moss had to be yourself in the late nineties got which seated. But you actual comfort of your that you are changing him. So he dictated to gain an audio and she did if he wasn't making plays early wobble at this saying yeah exactly basketball like you have to know where years. Yet try to just say whatever do. Because he's such. Personal and dangerous weapon it got its start Italy's. He can with the ball on the court change offered to bring them he saw more more we become an serviceable. Maybe even how will listen to what we lost to be sold to regular the most desperate country number one chipped. And if you don't believe that. You know he can lead you silly to the championship. I don't know what to watch. Now you've got mean MRI and they believe both of them will stick right there. You're gonna happen in front you a massive pac twelve semi final night when a ball in number three UCLA meet number seven Arizona. My graphic they split with both teams win and on each other's home court how is this one going to go out will that play out tonight. It's going to be great you know I don't do very good leader you're familiar doesn't he uses sheets you know the best offenses in America are UCLA into lob the ball to get the mortgage. Either you our market and who. You know the civil disorder yeah yeah to yesterday's change stops at 31 from the three point line starter walked out of your second shot in there real slot. Yesterday those corporate seventh inning when he shot like that. At the seven point eight not just you are who acacia aspect heated to three man away he was dribbling the ball. Maneuver around it triggers Egyptair this unique skill set yeah get two players who don't really saved the day. Odd and it's it's a matter of you know I think really terrible you talked to actually start to tell you really detained unconditional hurdles airborne you'll get down. Our generate or early because you're gonna art are coming back the volt uses that power to. We are of course targets are mired Metcalf who covers college basketball for ESPN nice enough to join us every fight around this time all right stay in the pac twelve. Or get taken on count on night 8 o'clock in the same race. Or is life is my favorite team to watch Myron because like I mean they now know what they've they don't lose secondly they're just fun and they're so fun to watch. Are they one of those teams. Because I'm of two minds of them one. They rely so much on shooting that I could see them going cold and an inning in an early first sit around game of the tournament and picked off. But there's so potent I Gaza see him make it a final four run where do you come down on on organ and what they can do in the tournament. There are the real Obama ordered spears. They can afford your oh god here are bad games that essentially weapons. They can recover. I love words potential agreement they got legit NBA stars. Like the most important player that came to endure browsers or milk door belt not to say to that dark. Our traditions. She's just a really count defender Chris you shake it a guy who makes a party to the rim bill Brooks is six sevenths. The biggest problem this racial origin at all they're right. It most games when you get caught Austria England in gash which you don't your card orbiter to slower big met. You have big man in the post a little smallest order or Carr writes. Against or you don't get that are getting that you switch interface which you know consciously choose a street how Dorsey special a solid player. Yeah you'll probably get your big name. You end up on Dylan Brooks he can guard any position that's accepts Jordan belting go anybody's self. There's such a heart touching to beat because they descend at every level and excited at the traditional ostensibly. They're just great actually and you're right they get streaky. I solidarity and usually don't that they gave me worked nineteen in the blue that leap. I decided to arm. It out when the AG bell and make it going Austin are just incredibly hard for Scott because just sort of play doubles side of the ball. Maher do you think Kansas is still number one seed at least in your eyes. After the loss to TCU are they still look of they still number one seed quality. Yeah how how did you. How did you lose 001 sheet after the way he dominated. You know what a lot of fuel chairs topic obviously America like. Gloucester cheese Eugene that. There's been on the bubble will now are back on the bubble. Dodging also really really bad gene you can't lose so bad really bad she didn't pitch well good little bit so they're double the number one seed. Bigger question paper that matters. You know what all that that knucklehead say there are that would that program is somebody else got there before. The target because they just keep brother Jared nonsense yeah that sounds too good their biggest challenge in the off to court stuff yet so you know you wonder. Are these guys are gonna be able to avoid the drama off the court but no they're number one seed and it is not a jeopardy I think that's locked up. Myron have you I don't I didn't have this question down to ask you but you would talk about TCU right there and I figured I'd throw them right now at UC you've seen their freshman point guard Jalen Fisher I'm sure you have that's from Memphis. Is down about a point guard that they have do do do heat it's it's it's it's a great role player always has been we do we'd be fantastic wherever it landed. But the thing about. He's in a new town or somewhere whatever point they're playing. Do heat gets killed. On Twitter people saying he's the early this basketball player David it's it's embarrassing matter what people. We'll say about him on if you talk to him yet man but he's a great kid I've talked him and he talked about you know. Kind of trying to ignore the noise but man I don't know if there's just times where where. You know basketball fans man we just get so ugly. And and we see it unfortunately on Twitter everywhere that Jalen Fisher goes matches and how guess it's ever gonna end. And I guess that B month my question to you maybe they'll get used to live mail this'll stop but it's just the same one. You see something that's different do we we always got a tear down that I guess I'm all models so box I apologize for that but. What are you earlier how much loved the mama always told me you know you did you have about what you say about people's ears so I'm Becky and they're not always shot stopped that I did that today either cheered the American to walk the people don't realize that. I know it would actually go at the or are known Ed. What are the good players and everybody looked toss man and not yet. But let a lot of cash don't come out and end up. He tweeted about stuff people culminate. At the same place every game you doormat exactly Villanova come down yet you know also people talk they don't whether. Because baby faced you don't like just sound tough kid yourself these state didn't special counsel I hate about. There is before Twitter. You know and our air going out and India either Manny just got a look somebody in the it's like you have some demonstrates all of your help and how that's gone. Also ordered their game of this is that the deal with debt. Well he'd already made it to this point I know you'll continue to overcome salute whatever the haters have to say. No you better be real juggle their users summer about some like that. He'd find out you know your son your daughter's face and trumpet and you better be real careful I don't believe in that karma and the so it's unfortunate those people are doing that they don't racial. I'm with the Rio course Augusta Meyer may catch who covers college basketball for ESPN. Lots of conference tourney games going on tonight including. Duke Carolina is set up perfectly in their Mirant. The hold their earlier you can see that narrative being frame now. About how this you know down on their loved his overly scrutinized duke basketball xenon. They win tonight they find themselves in the ACC championship you could just sit you can just smell cancer. Oh yeah oh yeah regret that the narratives and to be honest I couldn't end a mile away. This tournament Indian the other way given all of the drama. Duke's. You know given North Carolina trying to come back and brutal when the title have a flashy lights and had a we had your third Jane and I think it'll be out here. I think the biggest secondary gain the right after their ability to let them with you know the story line than the intensity. You know I don't know what their study Jimmy Yugoslavia's top resource eating anyway. I think our children are the ones you armed but I think interpreted the pride in the legacy. And just the excitement around the gay married everybody excited about that it's great Andre the TV there's river college basketball player. I disorder lived up to the height which are tumbling the wall but do terribly good at it this let. Like that dude have you get to this quality of play the Carolina again after this turbulent week. Sounds like you got Kansas and north does one seed Cisco where I was going to tell them I'm off Oprah and I know we've got a lot that's got to play out but who do you think that is the one seeds. Next Sunday. Well he can't just look to. Sure. Beat Villanova. It'll be North Carolina. And and and I'm older now on Gonzaga or the fourth number one's seat he should lie. Let's ratio shall lady beat Arizona tonight at convention convention Oca. And let's Senegal tomorrow is org and check out there may be Oregon again convention that that would be impressed. I'm sorry a little different or more receipt but you're gonna definitely had a conversation you have a case about whether that's CNET which occurred Turkey. And Juan yeah. Beat North Carolina are. Are you Coachella. Between Turkey as a mother did not the Arizona kid there the origin again. You know if that team they're they're. Go and grab them. I don't let senator Craig date would deserve it more because the committee on February 11 circuit Rebecca will go towards the top seed yeah. Leonard did you look at Korea to drop on yeah that he did just that actually there's a magic and that the foresee now. I'm still not certain that that is like a walk into the. I think you're on a we are of course under two Myron Metcalf who joined his every single Friday at this time they're in college basketball. I admit this in UCF currently locked in a first half the battle. In the AC tournament there are rumors. Myron. That Tubby Smith is putting out feelers for other jobs whether that be NC state let that be Missouri. Given that. Maybe he did not. Necessarily understand. Everything that came with this Memphis job. Do you think. That's the case because he nonetheless it's put out feelers but maybe biting off more than he can issue with this job. Because he was talking earlier this week about there's a certain flavor of expectation here. That it that it's unlike anywhere. He had ever been and what's your assessment of of of those comments in that situation. Ya ya there's apparent lack. You're all the places that coated metal already gone when our government the British air act uterus and so yes. Is on Georgia start one point. Are you glad it's you stayed at one point. He was stolen that I mean I'm Cali like you know don't jokes. He mentioned jobs there are rumors about probably eight it is clear chart like that bring about how beat it is he. Did reduce the liquor store about something and considers what equally as right. A pyramid mental disorder that sort of grabbed his parents and Daniel per car or the war better lump he wanted to build a house or it. Market just write checks. Tubby was in the bulldozer. And which double chubby actually built this house right like chubby and a lot of weight from adversity. You're outside. I just don't see it missile would. Rumor the rumor earlier you get hurt her. You know you're my dissertation. To do whatever you feel that would have been here longer than are part of you don't I guess I don't be cautious about. Rumors. What it comes your country. Just because. You know he's. He did not return guy he noting about Memphis I told him about it but rebounded this good British did you actually stretched. You know and in the winter conversation happen and he's such a low guy like. He doesn't wanna be solo release. In it situation worked like look at the problems last year without us so. Actors actors would always be careful about. Saudi move in on the rumors about cutting move and on voluntarily. Because I've heard so many. Ed you sure every car you know he'd ever he's not a guy that Iran. Regarding the college a beard or what are your. But he got to do that Iran from a fight you know Egypt and about religion. So do you think then maybe it's possible that coming into this step because it was a whirlwind obviously like it happened very quickly do you think it's possible that. Entering this jobs may be he thought. He was he would have a little bit more patience and time from the fans than they were willing to give do you think that's a possibility. They have the possibility that led to stand Arnold planet earth anymore and maybe they have a maker to chow are here are senate respectfully but. Like I and our cover the country. And the perception that mistress. We Calipari at their job. You know you can't deny. That what happened in the past their administration and that is the expectation or recession epic change shortly this terrible the way ahead. I think this idea that one year you just saw and everything around it to be back to normal is not realistic. Are they don't have the bounce it into becoming an improbably. Trees and bring their abduction case they were the second sure if you don't know anything about expectations and you're in a job at Citi deal what they stand based. They're look at the child Fareed glory years but doesn't realize how much landscape is changed and how hard will be get back left probably. Those bad via two way street or you've got to keep reading coaches we give a year and you turn on or you'll never get anybody to. I think actor Gingrich you have to be really really just about every fan base is like what are you communicating. To the coaching world. Agent pitchers saying hey we need your sister's success well closely but I I would say let's see what happened and see them. You don't think you know. Tapia won every single place he ever get around that some cubby hole so jumping nearly (%expletive) you want to wreck I got into this situation relentlessly. Like. And he came out like you needed it neatly look like you know he thought about you ball up like I'll I'll have a lot of them are sort of restore Summer Sanders Michael hall of respect. Well you really want every single place you ever been edited the entire career and you can't take that almost coached. I I I'm with you I'm with you especially on the time line because. You know you cannot expect this to be a miracle job especially when you were a year you are low on numbers I think that's that is true. I think the part where I would disagree is that I don't think Memphis fans expect cal Perry I think what Memphis fans expect. Is to win here is when you're seventeen and 610 not finished the year at 1912 to not get blown out and look this interstate and totally checked out. In a 41 point loss to SMU. I think that's the part where admit this and have. That they're they're kind of like well wait a minute now this is this isn't what I was promised what Tubby Smith I don't think there's anybody that realistically is saying. Fire Tubby Smith that's crazy. I just think that if the gold this season was to come away with some great deal of hope. For the future that the next four years or going to be tournament appeared to determine appeared. I don't think that's what they're getting and I think that's a disappointment. Our futures are. Marketing your back. You lost some of their hope over the last 67 year period. Under former coach rice in certain terms of that album is Toby is responsible so that element. Art art challengers. Each agent I hope that's been lost in just a drama the past couple years and are you saying okay we expect it to be better. Are saying we stripped its blu rays how he's so cold that you. It takes a long time to deal and really you should argue that interest even though they got really count guys. If trying to rebuild towards the end York's top twenty program that can PDA and an actual championships and I understand that. That takes power. Ed. You're not gonna do overnight if they collapse so well during the summer about right now I don't know look at how they also have a team work. You're not hitting shots I don't know what did you do about that you got a terrible players but everybody breeze. Eat in your inconsistent. I'm sure from a coaching perspective on aegis dramatically altered bats and in one seat. Now there's about hundred. I'm when I'm writing I'm with you a 100% he is mired Metcalf. Covers college basketball for ESPN join us every single Friday Meyer we appreciate your brother enjoyed my twelve targets in July calls Vegas thanks brother are greater yet. Is my Mecca I really do appreciate perspective that he brings. No having covered Toby yeah valuable for us because yeah he just that alone he know he'd Ed Ed and I think that. Of course it within the national perspective. On what made this and expect hasn't caught up to the reality. Arm and the reality is that they don't expect those runs anymore they just want to be in the tournament now and believed Tobe balled up on Marin McKenna I think you said that like after just a second or third year. Where that was win you know just being in the term it wasn't enough but he had to be second weekend. And an end and things like that. Don't that's now best along again I think most of us fans understand the different our program now do you explain that well. John you have to say another 30 point two tell Memphis yeah they're all we want him there aren't yet that this is ten to four. As an eighteen Iran Omar Khan eighteen a run of form and it's man OK well we're gonna take a break and and digest this. We're back and ramped up Jason and done I Janet then yes it. 99 saga was right you did not do night espn.com. Or juvenile attitude not as good news CNN it's pretty good. Good prices rebounded prizes for misogyny. Get into the 929 somber. Presented by Nvidia members and Papa John's feet. 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Everything they are under pressure and let them about the general I checked out yet and it went in the coaching staff yeah they're all checked out yeah don't. Very good as they are gonna give us the satisfaction of winning one game that many they're gonna make the NIC. Now the season's over his yeah they're not going to the CBI. Right. Chris and Jessie just hit a three got messages history necessarily downforce just guys have opened up. Is that this is a huge deal taco fall as too early thousand who doesn't even matter. An extra folic plays an amendment anyway my you know remain so he's got to go to bitch. You see it just it. A tough layup started very seventeen yeah season though little tender season's going to be over we got that he got tickets. Yeah we've got to forehead skating giveaway today for the hawks game tomorrow night maybe some Memphis basketball teams when we found that happened. 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