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March 10, 2017 - Hour 1 with Guest Matt Moore

Mar 10, 2017|

Eric Hasseltine opens his Friday show by lamenting the state of the basketball teams in Memphis before offering his thoughts on how to participate actively in rescuing the Memphis Grizzlies. Next, Matt Moore of CBS Sports joins the show to discuss his thoughts on the Memphis Grizzlies, the MVP race, and more. Then, Eric "Rings It Up and Puts Three on the Board" with Jeffrey Wright, and they discuss three sports stories that Eric couldn't yet.

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He's by doctors across the country Hamas mealy and 901221896. Or foreigner charged consultation. All the hundreds he's come a day today no 12218964. That's 9012218964. Visit call your real weight loss dot com. The radio. SP. 2 o'clock this. On what is a beautiful. Pride day. Afternoon. And chill a little many areas it. We'll drop in temperature. You can even see some snow this weekend. Now matches. That matched with the basketball teams are done. Well isn't that one or both isn't snow appear. What today as well to introduce your two bit unless you're sure what. Stock insert into the spotlight that. No no no rain on your wedding day are now don't you even start with all that I still want me to gather jacked her up by the way. A scenario in my viewer opens for the tigers to employee up out of the doldrums. The Aircastle time showed originates out of the place on a damn radio complexes we can't the studios by the freeway we follow. Mike and Mike we followed Geoff Calkins we immediately follow Jason and Jon we get you ready. Four of the Gary Blair's experience. Cinema captain's chair I'm in your post air cast down as senate last. The bush urged Hillary inferno nickname Benjamin. The one and only Jeffrey Wright why is up kids Eric. You are re degenerate gambler by admission correct indeed I am where you surprised that the tigers were all mean as it opened a one and a half point underdog or one point underdog. And two and a half point energized after losing just a short while ago and Orlando 7257. And I venture to say. That it wasn't even that close however I do know one tournaments. I'm oddsmakers try to shy away from that stuff because they don't wanna let a home court advantage or whatever is going on at that point in the season dictate. What ends up being your economy your desperation game because look at what we've seen. We've seen TCU knocked off Kansas who played without Josh Jackson at Baylor goes down today. SMU is absolutely the rivaling east Carolina. I mean doing whatever they want on the floor what I want you to Auburn I wanted to see what he went SMU you know look like against somebody other than fighters were they basically ran a lamp one because right. In implants allow. In it last the second half and it just stop one stop defending anything like away from five feet from the basket all the sudden east Carolina had a shot that I. I mean actually. Had a three's company can't. I think that SE hits it and then you'd comes back at the bucket they get a high low seed yet. To the baseline to the best player unease Carolina's team. Who as the past comes proceeds. To fumble it out of bounds. I mean you're going like this didn't. Just happen like an import kid is just beside himself. The young names of the nine young man's name is out. Is that Barkley. Can child Barkley he's a sophomore lefty solid play at 65. Not vacuumed game without made like three or four threes they made eleven threes in the second half and it just goes to show. As somewhat single point SMU. Better wake up and you know stop thinking we can just score every time down a quick given these guys. Every open three they want because they're playing what is the sense of this is it. This is it we get on one basketball last if we wanna keep playing we better play. The best one minutes of basketball. Otherwise apparently that message to not resonate tonight in the tigers' locker room unfortunately because after a great start I was listening to the radio feed on the way over here. Outsiders were up ten for taco fall left the game the seven foot six inch taco fall. With two personal fouls and that Central Florida proceeded to go. On an eighteen to nothing run. Iran that then once you eighteen to two. And now has since gone to. 33 to ten is a good overall no it's never good eight in it was. Funny because today. I was with a friend of mine that now runs USA karate Don Crenshaw. We're talking about the northwestern game and since she's in the northwestern went on a 31. To nothing around us and that's damn near impossible or might. Any level basketball let alone college basketball because you figure you've got to fallen to a bucket somewhere through any and especially in division. But if you're playing a division whose name you're part of a little bit of power five playing a division do I could see at 31 nothing run to you're just that much better you forgot the number one rule where you're playing in a conference tournament at the number one rule us inaugural Rutgers all things are possible that's a good point there. I can't understand how there that I have. Like they've had good teams that passed there. They're in New Jersey like they're they're near you or Sallyann there's like talent all over there like Brad and I went east argue is looking at that's legal records one point. It's just it Manny just goes to show how were hall much recruiting is not impacted by location. How much do you think that recruiting into places impacted by the previous coaching staff. With coach rice you would have an end of videos and things that people have said in my annual. And this is what they've done my and then now then they moved to the big and it's been from the big east epic data may have just taken. A beating in football and basketball sense it's a classic example of OK maybe it wasn't the only reason but it sure could not have helped now. Nine it cut now because he had to change everything over I tigers down by the way the actual score right now it's 37 to twenty with 225 remaining. In the first tasks are not going well for the old Memphis Tigers and I'd be honest with the united absolutely hate seeing that I hate seeing the way this season. Has taken that dramatic a turn for the worse. I hate seeing this team in a position where now the fans once again become apathetic and you've got to coach then saying. Hey you know didn't know that this would be how the you know how the fans were expecting you know like I know the pressures negate a c'mon seriously. But everybody around college basketball knows how passionate the fans of this city are about the University of Memphis look even women grizzlies organization understood for years. We were going to have to do some remarkable things. In the community and on the basketball floor to just get people to pay attention. Oh yeah I mean just get people to give us the opportunity. To come to the games like to give us the opportunity to show them. What we are all about the first couple years I mean once they started winning you have NBA fans in the city chair but by no means am I such imagination is this. You know was this an NBA city when the grizzlies got usually Collins then it's and it's clear Channel 8 it's still almost essentially is. Eight college Asheville I mean I would I would ask anybody has question about cancer about a New Orleans. Both teams are lights out good. Top. You know tigers are in the top ten ranked top fifteen on the penal in line for conference championship. People think and possible run to the elite eight maybe even final four like that good. Grizzlies are a you know top four seed in the west home court advantage first round real chance at going deep into the playoffs. And you give the average person and as you get fifty bucks to spend and you can go to one gamer the other one policies nearly other. How bad she about 60% would probably still go for the tigers now that number used to be about 80% and the success of the grizzlies has changed and up and I'm not. Bitter about that that's is factually that's not that's not disparaging what the grizzlies have done that's just that's embedded in this community and so to watch this. Unfold the way it has after the tigers got off the what was a really promising start but I was one sand and there's no doubt that they're gonna win twenty games when they were sent in. I guess seventeen and six. On the season even earlier than that they lost like in the temple and they were fifteen and five. And then they went lost the temple I thought they when that temple game I thought they'd beat UCF. In Orlando. Maybe I didn't get democratic. But I certainly not even then we'll link you win at least three more games at that point 2.3. Wins NIT bid. Building in the right direction guys getting better as the year went along and I do think that there is something to the notion that they ran out of gas for one. Like it they've played these kids as much as humanly possible without them just completely breaking down. To the distractions of what's gonna happen what's your best player whether or not he's coming back or not and what that's done a locker locals as I'm sure all. But for the most part in in every locker we've got guys they're all pretty difference when you're gonna have some. Beeps and some scuffles we've heard that over every locker room over the years. But it's hard when you feel like a guy because one thing if you look at a guy across the way and it's there Grozny a they're gonna be the number one thing. And he's playing with euphoria hopefully I'll see ya hopefully I'll see on Baylor Saturday one day hopefully I'll see on the other side health will get a shot me and yes it is everybody in that locker has entry. If not hopefully just remembering when them in our town and you have tickets and you can now only make up what they gave it be nice yeah I'd love to come see black. But it's a guy that nobody has on any draft board whatsoever. And right now after last year going to camp for combined for one year every said not athletic enough I think to gives terrific talents is no question. And I think that it might be able to make an NBA roster if given the right opportunity if given the right coaching if given the right off at eight you know. Fit for what is skill set as. The problem is. Aides say it but there's a hundred either Boston's out. There's a 108 applauses and Dow's best it's the Chris Paul's question every single time who's he gonna guard wrecked. It's its debt that's when there's a hundred of them out there. I mean you goal look up and down every college roster look for a guy averaging a double double and look at his stats and we'll quarry place. And listen I love our body Tim Kempton from. The Phoenix suns' radio network who played in the NBA and I watched his son Tim junior play at Lehigh I mean listen I didn't watch Lehigh because I had money riding on Leon. I watch Lehigh because I'm friends some is on I saw life is so watch buying you got Lehigh on your TV you either went to Lehigh went to the school their plane got money on or know somebody in the game ranked yes that's what I'd say that's what is there. It has the potential three time conference player of the year did not win it this year because. Saul Smith but he's done. Did not vote for him. And I and a position out of loyal Maryland is his son is coaching in that goes well Marilyn. And did not put him in there because Tim jumping quote unquote had a bad game against them even though he thought the league in scoring and rebounding that seems fair and then it didn't happen right self. That's part at that happens. But as the Washington junior I'm like okay. Go play here. Don't go playing Europe make a lot and make good money. They'll be a spot for you you'll make you'll make more money playing basketball in your opinion will. Working in some cubicle in America you wanna JC NBA dream get unsettling roster I'm sure he will I'm sure he'll get an out there I am sure someone may even bring in the training camp. But more than likely you're going to Europe and it's just the reality. Of the athleticism and speed of the NBA game. And so I wonder how much that mine in on tubby talked about those distractions. How much that I had some of those guys a lot from going how committed are you in this like that you Marty said you're gone uniting given us a chance it's to get you to stay. You're gone. And for what to go undrafted. To leave and go like what do you do if you go I mean obviously you cannot sign with a agent if you go undrafted you leave anyway. What it sounds like he's gonna do yet I don't like it sounds like it doesn't matter it sounds like he would rather be you'd rather chase the dream. Then continue playing contrast and honestly if that's how he feels. I cannot fault someone for that I never will I cannot fault someone for chasing their dreams I cannot fault someone for doing it as much as it hurts. The tigers' program that is as as a grown man and he after eighteen years old isn't a grown legal adult. He has every right to make that decision he'll really does. Completely candid saying I think for me I guess it's in fields an example of if you don't. Listen they're gonna pay for your school if you chase the dream and it doesn't work out. They're gonna bestow on that they're store required to pay for your schools he can still finish your degree still get all that it's still pay for bad if you if you I think we all agree. There's only certain amount of shots your body can take. We just don't. We just don't see it is often you see guys go out when people tell them you are a sure fire. Whether it's first round late first round early second some of those guys gets a late first round early second they don't get drafted or go like. What the hell. And then they they latch on that that's not what people are telling him I. And here's another example Richmond university yet Nancy Lieberman cline son TJ Klein a great player in college. I mean my kids at triple doubles Richmond just OK. But he's leading the team in scoring and rebounding always thinks. Probably not the NBA guy. And TJ at summer league and I'm Michael hopefully we'll see on here because he was obviously three Nancy. Who was coaching the kings of the time and she has some issues this year personally so she's left wants to take a sabbatical from the staff she was under contract with the aviator. But she introduced me film and I hope we'll see out here actually I'd love to be out here. And then you you you watch him on TV I. I'm watching last year I'll never forget in the summer early and I'm trying to. Remember the kids Naimi was out of Wyoming. And he was playing for the Denver. Denver summer league team last. Summer this this past summer index. And it was he was absolutely lighting everybody. Up in. And in in the game any was he getting a start for Denver summer summer league team he was. He was planet at the guard position and came in and and basically. Was the best player that I saw out there and he didn't even get dressed and I've got to I've got to find. Where his numbers are here Josh Adams was his name Josh Adams kids shot. 38% from three last year. Started all thirty games they guess how many points is cadavers at Wyoming which is mountain west not the best conference by. It's certainly not encircling the you've got sandy estate who's consistently always get regular boys easy they're pretty good program. Show me like fifteen and a half. Eaton. More even. Eighteen. Point. Higher to 45 poll 24/7 a game shooting thirty. 8% from three's to watch him in the NBA summer league absolutely. Scare people of parts. They can't talk how Saudi think he would be that so knowing what you know if I told you this on paper going and what do you think there's kids measurements are. 63 like 185620. Yeah 19. 61 IDB's point guard point guard out of school are right. Didn't get drafted. Sign within united Somali team. Playing in Russia. Player Russia he averaged in the summer yen up averaging like only five points a game because he might played spirit of the game I saw he scored fifteen points in my appointment it Jimmer Fredette. I'm glad things all of my decision to pick jitters a classy example Jimmer could do whatever the hell he won it in a college game couldn't get his own shots. It's really cool and then went over to China embody just incendiary yeah 78 beginners or bring Jimmer back shocks. Doesn't it doesn't happen it doesn't happen so I wonder again going back this how much. A fact that has. On the locker room right now nonetheless the tigers are down big at half and it's not looking good they are down by 174326. Earlier today Michigan. Continues what will be an incredible story if they go on and when the Big Ten tournament title because the little literally surviving. I'm pace plane crash although it's not a plane that was in the air thankfully and thankfully the ousted the right thing and it's crazy traveling with an NBA team in and you go through some bad weather and you go through sure Ross flights. And it it's it's unsettling it's unsettling for everybody and even the most. Experience of flyers when there's stood the wrong thing centers are totally powerless you're just sitting there. And there's nothing you can do right and so you've been on flights and I sat next to people on commercial flights and as a literally had to buy one woman like a double vodka cranberry just to say. Drink just means drink this sit back and gets you another one right needed but it will be okay. All your feeling right now turbulence is the wings doing their job right. Any other thing I Thomas EU get three people in the cockpit that you know what I'm pretty sure they want this landing to be safe to. A date in the people that that are flying the plane. Our I'd have a vested interest in making sure everybody land safely. Because they they go to album it's you read. So these guys aborted the take off because they obviously felt like the winds were to Hyannis Port to be safe which is always the scariest thing taken off and that he wins. Which always the lamp but then. I mean how to play and practice Jersey got their jerseys back today and did you see what happened today did you see any list that so they're down they're down they're down three. They get out there today DJ care settings a kid's name or that. As edges had a monster game for them they DJ well since our story six is career I was when he goes to the line. Misses the first half makes the second the goal down to. They found a pretty good foul shooter he misses the front end yep they get a layup from Zach Durbin the senior going to the basket. They steal the inbounds pass get another layup to apparently win just of the buzzer regulation. Problem as clock didn't stop I'll. So the referees were already blowing the whistle Matt Painter was also calling a timeout and Purdue gets it back they go down the floor three point gets blocked they go to overtime. And you're just like there's no way. There's no way they're gonna survive this and in the end they come out. And they win the game 74 semi so great story there now onto what I know a lot of people expect me to open up with. Was last night at the FedEx Forum we will get into that heavily moving forward listen here's the bottom line. It's not push another button if you're David Tisdale and there's I don't wanna tell you that I don't think coach went through all the the studying in the game plan and when everything I think they did their due diligence I think. They went through it and thought about these options I think they've tried it for a couple games now but obviously it's time to maybe try something different I'm not gonna speculate what it is. That's their job to make that decision. But right now something means to be brought back to light the fire back under this team and everybody's talked about it Marc Gasol does not look like he has the same. You know tenacity that he had. Up until the all star break and you know whether Jim Michael Green being next to win more or Tony Allen being out there with the most part of that who knows. I expect guys to be a little bit more professional about it to be honest with you than what we've seen the new I'm. You know you gotta play into what the coach wants you to do you can't think that you know more. And what's going on and even if you do that's the coach's job to try to push the buttons to try to win basketball games but. The problem with this is. Is that. There's no push back on defense it used to be with the grizzlies that you could. Struggle offensively. But there would be pushed back on defense that it would be harder free to score. Teams are finding an art school Antonio talk about it last night you guys I don't know if you played the sound this morning. Orient was. Jason and Jon is Jason got our sound came from the players in the in the locker read it yet Tony Allen's own this morning yesterday obviously was it was you I was trying to figure out when I was in my car was sure that. And I nodded and Jason Donovan played they've they've played toenails comments until it was and it looked. You get guys coming in off the bench given to him and that has been a common thread all season long. Otto Porter junior. Doug McDermott Sam Decker. Austin rivers. Ramon felt last yet I can get I am cool with Jamal Crawford uncool about her sister Robin here's the only thing that I got a player and he's Macon. Contested threes. But these are the guys that are continually. Beating you in basketball games not just the stars. Because you were really taken a job keep and Blake Griffin's point total down yes Keith and Chris Paul is relatively in check is or possibly gonna keep them. Let's see other guys in these games that they've beaten up on Solomon Hill related for the New Orleans falcons. You. Think just be you know what exactly and sell. These are the things that you have to figure out whether it's over commitment to stopping the big names and not paying attention to the other guys whether it's just. Improper position on the defensive end and I have no doubt. That there's five guys and a coaching room right now that are. Pounding their head. Forehead first on the desk going what can we do. Like what's next what do we do looking at tape endlessly going over the film and just basically. Asking in the most exasperating way like. What are we did academy get out of this in the end it's your first four game losing streak of the season. You're still a strong position to go to the post season you've obviously weekend where your position will be. There's no doubt now almost certainly that you'll be a six of the seven seed so you have to decide how you want the rest of the season to fix the fallout. Can you get these guys back in tracking get them back to playing the type of basketball. We saw them play when they were winning games against the best teams in the league when they were playing with a passion not only from the offensive end of the defensive and you can't let the defense suffer because on the offense then you're missing shots the simple bottom line honestly departed last night was in the early part of that game. They may shots very rarely do you hear me come in and say. I didn't think they played that poorly. I thought they just missed shots and obviously that's part of playing poorly but you've got shots that she wanted and you did not make them. Now the problem is with that when you're not making shots you can't compounds that by being frustrated back on the other end of the floor especially against an explosive team like the clippers. He had two more home games on this homestand it is almost essential that you went both of them. Atlanta as a team that you have not seen Denish Schroeder is a guy that is given esteem problems when he's come off the bench she's now the starter. You have a big body and Dwight Howard who has never seemed to enjoyed playing against Marcus all but they have the X-Factor guy. One of the more underrated guys that only the always hurts them and ask Paul Millsap. This team. Is coached by Mike Boone Poulter who sat next to Gregg Popovich for over a decade. And brought that style. Into Atlanta he knows this grizzlies team now he doesn't know what under David says dale and doesn't know. What the adjustments can be but with that said you've still got to look at it go Hank. You've got to be better than once you've band and it starts more on the defensive and the army offensive that I can live with losses when you're defending your you know one on. And on the offensive and you're just missing shots but what's hard is when you miss shots on the offensive and it leads to discontent and frustration and then you're missing opportunities on the defensive end to get stops so. Tough night all the way around. And just need to be honest with you it's. It's got to change it's got to change quickly grizzlies have seventeen games last. And right now. Or both sides in terms of basketball in the end coop city is we like college it's been a little frustrating we'll talk more about the NBA and the grizzlies Matt Moore is an NBA writer for CBS sports. He's gonna join us on the flip side will do little ring it up compulsory on the board. Didn't no surprise at all the Washington Redskins now be looking for a general manager. And apparently they're looking to the TV side of things we'll talk about Cleveland's decision today to let go of their quarterback. And big dad from Kansas is claiming that one in Kansas basketball players. Attorney offered them cash will talk about all of that and bring it up and put three on the board that's the first hour for you roll role along with it. Right after this year castles and so nicely as many as in Memphis we. 1000 dollars worth of disguise and N Sunday bracket challenge. ESPN it's a good goalie in the best in the historic. At a sonic bracket challenge thousands of dollars. More than 99 DS. Blue apron as the number one fresh ingredient or recipe delivery service in the country. It's he is. This by supporting a more sustainable food systems and high standards for green ingredients and building a community of home chefs their mission. Make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone blue apron is available. 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I do think first of all they did San Antonio very well could catch Golden State they have a huge matchup coming up this weekend with Ken and ran out of the mix. And I'll San Antonio lost to Oklahoma City coli Leonard's playing sensational basketball let's say for. Sake of. Sake of argument Santonio winds up number one if you're the grizzlies. In on the seventh seed means and you would face Golden State. It's a matchup or they have said flat out they don't really like plan against you because of the says a talented they're not exactly afraid of anybody else. If you're picking between Golden State San Antonio and Houston. What are you pick because Houston just seems to be the anti grizzly team out there and the grizzlies have real problems was speed. Golden State you know once you get there in San Antonio's methodical none of them are picnic. Where would you wanna go. You like Houston. Yeah absolutely what you send you 120%. Want to rockets and yet they've been done well and yet they get or and the RR Claremont. That came in January shot 30% from three point range and when they're walker you've noticed this trend. They don't go all the terms of one guy it's everybody. Well the warriors really appreciate your this year will be different there'll be more like you can't play but what he wouldn't ordered and you're happy with what you have one guy called direct them on fire they're not out there and accused the memorial I don't call the whole team goes cold. They're either or suspects. Because if the Mike and Tony Kenexa how they're going to be better than people probably think. But that's still got a model and Tony gained as much as I am an actual idea that you can only church I I don't you have to admit they saw them play out here. And then you look at you all they look at you got big bruising political play. You're aware down hard and make him tired you beat up quite a capella is so young and slight inside. You control the glass regained its slower that the recipes were for real greatly success don't need that should be optimal outcome that I have is that they wind out. Somehow with a six and gave Houston a three Decker a big doubt via a knock on outcome appeared that they can realistically when you're meant all your studies are about it. I was elated that Iraq ballot you'll hear they wanna talk championship. But in order to be on it what were heartened that. 8% victory in that second rounder shelling and read a lot. I'm glad you said that because David says dale was quoted the other day saying people that are questioning. My decisions about tinkering with the lineup can basically just last. I'm here not to be mediocre I'm here to win a championship. At some point you should he. It just I mean should he. Except that hey this is what it is for this year. And let's just. Roll with it because without that the healthiest of Chandler Parsons. It's you have to be realistic or the coaches need to keep their expectations unrealistic because that's what they're paid to do try to win a championship. I think dedicated education and unrealistic but he got there were not formulaic but formula not gonna be under air. They don't don't let that tiger beaten both say that I had a big Antonio you're not winning a championship over those guys got it you're a player find. You got to rely on the hockey horse. You have a child or the wrong either you have to acknowledge that you can go to guide you through it down on the trot cement those guys are not going to be able to her quarry. They need to be able to find a kind of balanced I understand kind of the thought process would you like you know I'm gonna do whatever possible they. I see young coach you did at the lot where. Now going about working they're just constantly searching trying to find open or OK you're saying. If you've found somebody and it worked immersive and that's what I really tell you right now glass actually. That Donald. And yeah the warriors in the spurs and those situations you know you're gonna have to rely on guys that have been there. And know how to get it done can you imagine an experienced guy and expect guys. Yeah. They're gonna have to be bit players you're gonna have to ride the veterans and that is out and have a. Yeah it's funny that she said that as I said the same thing I it was almost a no win situation making the roster change at that point formed because even if it had worked. Everybody was said what did you prove he just beat the nets and when it doesn't work now are pretty goes pat why would you even think of doing that. Even though maybe there was some validity to it may just not a banned the ideal time but you know again coaches get paid. To make those decisions as we talk what Matt Moore from CBS sports I let's move forward. Talking about the last. Give me your thoughts on Utah they're two games ahead of the clippers. I don't put it past the clippers to be able to catch them you does not been able to beat. Playoff teams although they did the other night for the first time since December AB a Western Conference playoff team maybe Houston. If indeed they end up in the four do you like their chances to advancers they're just not enough experience there in this is kind of that. First year you make the playoffs even if you are a four seed. It's awfully difficult to win playoff series against teams that have playoff experience and no matter who they phase whether it's the clippers. The thunder or of the grizzlies were to catch fire intensity clippers which I don't think will happen. The grizzlies all of those teams have come vastly more playoff experience and your roster. America I think embarrassed them in Memphis who got what would you rather boot which team would you rather be in right now your mother and everybody. But on year about that and when had a great record vs great teams and a terrible record vs bad one. And you've got the job you thought an a or you know because they eighteen that are worse. Yet Beckett they became you'll work for them they take care of business. And that's remarkable bit inconsistent in matters like being able to go out every night and became that you're supposed to. That will get you the horse he's. I understand right now breaking you know you Todd and I kinda think that they're gonna fall they got a schedule that kind of indicate that they're heard the capacity the waiver that you can look very dates without that help. In a lot of ways. And I get monopoly. At all that pressure on you than that the they intact and now you tiebreaker but you know it is that you didn't. They hope definite type scenario that a whole lot outcomes that are bad for Utah so the big key here is that. I'm they want to be in theory there Oklahoma City. And went why that's happening there is. If they're like it multi team tie. Did under and then take the division and that they take the division. The net to proceed on the tiebreaker and I got wind up falling because they've gotten been beat by non technical Kursk's. The volley bad tiebreaker scenario the work out badly for you society want no part of an affair. I kind of think that they're a little too inexperienced and look their best player in Gordon Hayward I've sat through Google bear. They've got to make thirteen kind of clicking go their engine source hill and none of those guys to guide and play out here you like. We're a little over a quite good I don't I don't get. No doubt you're carrying and then you'll win they've got a great defense there's a good model there. But a lot of things they're gonna likely wind up chasing had a lot more fire power a lot more experience than a vetoed that it needed different but you can't quite work Barack. Then detonated jumped out of play out in this spot that's great and they're building toward a good thing but how open they got way to go where they can make a real lucky. Yes funny says that because that was always my thing about Utah is every year we kept hearing this is the year you sound makes the jump this is a year you summits and jumping I was kind of you know I believe it when I see it not because I don't think that they can bit. One they've always had health issues too they don't have the experience and I'll I'll be honest I've been impressed with. Their ability to win games down the stretch. In moments where they matter for the first time in their career guys like gold bearing guys like K order really playing. A stretch of games that matter than one year where they nearly made it may grizzlies and a helped put them out by beating the lakers or you know whatever it may have and I forgot how it all worked out. But I'll never forget because David Lott was asked him final haunts the game. They don't you wanna take tonight off so you guys can just rescue guys for the post season and let the jazz have a win and I forgot who. They were playing maybe it was Dallas I've forgotten what it then but. This is really the first time and then there's those incendiary say that I wanna ask you about the MVP as we tackle Matt Moore before we wrap things up. Oh I didn't really have a chance to get into the east I still think everybody knows it's it's Canada cows that. The goal where they want although Boston and Washington to me do pose a very viable threat Toronto without Kyle Lowry. Is gonna be won it's going to be a Shane Watson they can get him back in Atlanta's kind of fallen off that pace. But I wanna talk MBP oh LeBron gets overlooked every year and people are talking about that I don't disagree with that. Certainly you have a guy doing a story things in Russell Westbrook averaging a triple double got another one against the San Antonio Spurs James Harden. Is. You know averaging nearly thirty game dishing eleven assists if not for Westbrook. Ran the first guy since tiny Archibald lead league in scoring and assists yet here's coli Leonard. Maybe the best defensive player in the entire league again this year if not maybe he's very very close. He's scoring at a much higher pace this year he's completely taken over the leadership role for a team that yet again has won fifty games and is starting to garner. The traction out of a maybe this is the MVP. Of the league right here if they finish in the one spot. Does Leonard steal this away from those two guys which will make both of them as you know incredibly better. There is some to question you're asking here at eleven call and then it. Hatred every one of these guys deserve it late night cannot say that and neither guy is not there they're all worthy of the MVP it is no wonder being that most forty. And that could wind up deciding it but the other question to you that he would steal it and I remembered us and certainly overlook. Remember that hit the voting system of not bake out there who get the most number one this passes the yet ten point of first place yeah five point curtains for second place you get three points or third place. Clara targets have been by the player of the year last year because he got the most second and third place but not gonna get my first chemistry longer. Guess what I think polite and in my name kind of stealing the playing on the back of the second and third most people out. They get a lot of voters that you're gonna vote for either party or Westbrook and the other wanted to all the for the unity of LeBron James Curtis and any Whitewater critics. And they quite want to take you higher portion of the second and third place votes. I think Westbrook and Harden or are gonna play like we split most of the first play out. But and that leaves the door open inside the voting got and it sounded they're really interstate I legitimately think is a good chance that. They got within and it doesn't have the most the first place votes and don't want ever the immediate negative very hard to argue against quarter. Right why are averaging 26 points and -- taken box or that there are real adaptor that go evaluate and yet he had a fantastic under should be noted. The spurs defense battered would have without him on the floor now but mr. typical court it doesn't necessarily indicate how good he is but he did show you how limited impact isn't that. They're still really great when he's not on the court and that's not the case when you look at. All of our good has special that under court terrible when Russell Westbrook on the floor and LeBron and the cats are awful economical. Being the anger it's a very complicated race with a lot of dynamics you can make an argument for all of them political life it's still yeah but he duty of a bat in BP. No and yeah a lot this side luck in the last month. Yeah I think we got a lot decide because. Realistically there also neck and neck right now in the cheeks. All I do wonder how much the this standings will impact the voting in us tonight. I last year picked eaten curry like everybody else I think I took LeBron and and KD. And then. You know I I I put a vote in for calorie is at odds with the raptors and what is at my fifth place guy. I thought the raptors and cynical and I'm glad my first team all NBA. And I kind of just as I did DM VP the first time around in the boats coming you can you can kind of take your time with them. Didn't even really realize that I hadn't put him in there and literally caught flak from people on like somebody in San Antonio some reporter. Looked it up and certainly put out my Twitter thing and I'm getting spurs fans like. How're you even qualified to vote how you do this and just like look man. I think the guy's terrific I voted for the first team all NBA it was an oversight I went with a Lowery. It wasn't like he was gonna wanna but people if you're right the points do you end up smattering. And this would be the year where someone does that has the same little slip up which were human I mean like let's be honest you're asking. Media guys that are traveling the country with both teams and individually. Around the nation that of gas these votes and sometimes someone's gonna make a mistake. And ever mistake made it very well could cost somebody DM VP is adding it's going to be incredibly close. Yeah and and I got no they're a look out last year didn't get the most second might look very fired India aren't very. Quite honored Bleiler had the most second. Calamity that most second place vote last year so pretty much he'll talk about loud no one talked about Leonard looks burger Craig acknowledged pocket he got the look second place votes so. Considering that these and he challenged I I feel pretty good about its anti Iraq into a big point total of gonna depend on it what Westbrook Harden one of those guys. Take a higher percentage of the first place vote because pardon was really control through from December. I think turnout ever in and Westbrook kind of really surged back Iran marks wow he's really an hour to triple double and quiet chat about instantly into a big whenever he's very. Announced either talk. And a lot of evil looking at their luck with the hygiene and averaging career highs. In rebounds and assists for the banking and eat and we know LeBron is the best player in the league what are we really talking about here. Again you had spent hours on the hasn't struck me in the next four weeks I'm gonna spend hours breaking that down. And a lot of work on yes. Dad's gonna be interesting to watch Matt appreciate it man always generous with your time according catch up real soon. Your honor picker thanks brother Matt Moore from CBS sports stock and NBA basketball. You can tweet him. Act Matt Moore CBS and knew this was done on our buddy Jim that's the biggest under fan. Russell Westbrook MVP. I did honestly I am I it's been easy to vote for the number one or number two guys last few years I am completely torn. You get you can make a case for Isiah Thomas. I would make a case for Ross department is right there oh yeah you make a case for Russ west Russell Westbrook James Harden. It May Day and and and coli Leonard to me and LeBron you can make as rob. Isiah would be Gatti could a dark course you can make a case for based on. What they've done that he's not gonna win over those guys but he will get some votes you watch it gets in that plays well sure no doubt about it. No doubt about it it's crazy I mean is this is the absolute gonna be the most insane vote and because they now. Publicly print these things out I wonder how much backlash people take on social media because of the. I've always wondered. How much. The fact that indeed. MO PM most outstanding player out because I think this is in most got saint boy should because if you talk most valuable. If you talk most of valuable. It's routes. I think its roster LeBron. I mean you can make the case for hard but I would I would give the edge to rust or literature and I would put I would takeaway and and partner right behind you talked most outstanding. I think you're talking. I mean you you're still talking all four of them he every one of them bring something to the table. When when Westbrook doesn't get a triple double thundered on wind and Leonard's not there though I mean you just heard their numbers for some reason are better. Mostly because those. It doesn't take a lot of irons off. That was fun things I answered yes and actually you know he sat out two games against the grizzlies. And I just hadn't seen as much of the spurs as I would have liked so I had seen what he really became an I cast my vote we saw them late in the season NRD kind of cast the vote. As that I just had voted a little earlier than when we someone saw me a sensational. Sensational in the playoffs I think they really got to let people vote. After the first round playoffs are like the vote should be thrown at us at but the problem is they love. When someone wins creating that award ceremony in the first round of playoffs like coach of the year rookie of the year I wish they would do it differently but one making capture spotlight. The NBA has been very good that where are away away away away away overdue for a break we'll take a break we'll come back. A quick bring it up put three on the board three stories going around the world sports we don't have time to dole segment on but we wanna talk about anywhere outside of that coming up next 99 a ME ST an emphasis on. Madness is almost here with a selection Sunday this weekend who was left out who has the easiest road to the final score might get my way. Complete reaction was she villas and recently this Monday morning Mike and Mike in the today's 5 AM till 9 AM broadcasting on six Indiana might this be is ninety. ESPN. That when it comes. There's only one thing you need to remember. Landmark clean air conditioning family owned and operated since 1970 we be keeping that sometimes comfortable superior service and exceptional. 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