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March 10, 2017 - Hour 2 with John Martin and Ryan Wilson

Mar 10, 2017|

Eric begins his second hour discussing the state of the Memphis Tigers with John Martin of the Jason and John Show. Next, he welcomes Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports to the show to discuss the opening of the NFL calendar year and more. Then, Eric plays a round of Rapid Fire with Jeffrey Wright.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

92 nines very castles there. It's not an NFL football sued no one's surprise if you really had paid attention the Redskins are now on signature of a new general manager. Scott McClellan who had been the team's general manager was not to come by and was not present free agent meetings was set it was to be for personal reasons. Somebody speculated a dead grandmother who they set also was maybe a 102. Right and that this wasn't unexpected. But that this was something hitting going on for months so fit in fairness they had been actually looking for him yet or a lot they had been low yeah forum and speculation is that it is alcohol related ESPN did confirm some sources with the team that he showed up apparently in the redskins' locker room on numerous occasions. And numerous I mean my two or three not numerous like fifteenth warning right two or three occasions intoxicated apparently under the influence of alcohol. Which you can't do listen everybody that's unfolded at their has an issue with the not everybody I know people don't drink but most grown adults enjoy a drink or two. You have to be able to balance of though with your job with. And how you handle your day to day life and if you can't these are some of the ramifications that come so if this is the case I can't say I blame the Washington Redskins. For make this happen but it was just such as she eighty waited all went down. And when the guys not to come by and he's not a free agent beginnings skinny and he ain't coming back to get any candidates there's no way he's coming back demise. You know he just really hit rock bottom and you wanna give him a leave of absence he still wanted to around that. I don't think that that it is the case here now who they have targeted according to. According to Adam Chester. Com. My mail. Actually I don't know that. I like easy to ask you see his daughter's there of shaken him up on Twitter the other day. I'd not heard as they did bus it is jostled during the town by law that it is his daughter said. All right so we know you played a little bit of football and found out you're jazz. Humble brag dad and she said like hash tag it's okay hash tag so very proud of you. Like his daughter was given him a little grief because there's thought about having played just we all know you played a little football bowl on your chest with a humble brag you might know a little bit about the game. I don't think it's about ID either I think he's got I think he's got on the I think he's gonna broadcast but I don't know that always makes you a good general manager or coach. Remember the only Angel and the example I used. And Dallas mavericks' front Quinn Buckner out of the NBC broadcast Booth. On the sideline and it was an absolutely unmitigated disaster. Are still a lot of it has to do though I'm not sure you can be a good general manager and Washington. When you got dance tires your owner. Isn't that part of the problem I have I think that is the problem and and look at every I don't look at it like I don't get how he is soul. These guys that are so brilliant business lives and obviously did not get there if you didn't wake up and find a billion dollars in your garage now you didn't win the lottery a single guy with a billion dollars tax free. And then by an NFL team because even then if you had won that one billion dollar lottery jackpot by yourself which. I think three people split. He's still what I had to have a way to pay them that the salary should you not. You're generating a replica of right so you gotta have a back up plan in case that the of the of the ceiling of the of the bottom falls outsold so to speak. So. I think it's twofold on that I think number one and the power trip though I think guys that are that successful got guys that in my experience guys and you need like they're that successful. They are one trick guys they are. There will be unilaterally focused on the one thing they do well and then when you put them in other circumstances they absolutely have no idea what they're doing. And so then I think it becomes a situation where you wanna buy a football team about football team and then you wanna play with a football team and so. You don't have the same focus in the same variety it becomes much more of an emotional and much more a day. A situation which your fish out of water. Yeah now I can see that they you know what. Actually conceded that that's that's a that's a very valid point but. He's eat eat you would think someone next don't go ahead luck to you you'd literally are like the biggest running joke in the NFL right now. As an owner that completely continues to screw things up you've got to stop and let somebody else analysts. And maybe if he hires Mike may. Pack off yet. And let me do it if you're gonna stand in. Hover over me and make the decisions for me muzzle get somebody else because I'll just keep. My cushy job on NFL network you don't what I love to do not having to deal with any criticism not having to deal that. And do what I'm good at and that's that's how I would present and if our him but. You never know maybe the salaries going to be so great quick. Second story which is about free agency and quick update on some of the things going on the de Julius Peppers leave the Green Bay Packers in return. The Carolina Panthers after six years Jordan Cameron is going to retire from the NFL he played for Cleveland Browns. And Miami Dolphins six years into a career a Pro Bowl tight and he is retiring due to concussions. And one year in Cleveland is enough for Robert Griffin the third they release him today and there are going to. Release him today and prince a move Camara. Will reach an agreement on a one year deal with Chicago while DJ Hayden the former raiders quarterback re cornerback reached a deal. With the lions and it is no truth to the rumor that the Green Bay Packers offered a first and a second round pick to Chicago did not wait Jay Cutler yes that is not true that not true also let a fake news on a if I if I were Aaron Rodgers I'm going to do Tim Thompson and I'm saying Michael and his got fifteen million dollars. Yeah nights these guys late Saturday to get ridiculously overpaid. It's going to happen it's it's going to happen and the final story. This is Canada serving because it comes out of Kansas and Josh Jackson who did not play. In kansas' loss to TCU. Is slated to be a top five pick but down more things coming out and it makes you wonder. Whether Kansas. Really we'll have. A clear path to the NCAA final four because. You think that they have the talent which they do they have an incredible guard and frank Mason a third if got a tremendous freshman Josh Jackson the Jackson now coming out. And apparently his attorneys offered the father of sophomore MacKenzie Calvert who by the way also plays on the Kansas women's basketball team. Cash to not. Pursue any. Action against Josh Jackson for allegedly damaging her car which damages exceeding. 1000. Dollars apparently the incident happened in December 9 after Calvert threw a drink and a friend of Jackson's he says going on outside. Kicked MacKenzie Calvert car causing him to a grand worth of damage. What. MacKenzie caller's fathers that is. We never wanted money we want accountability when I said as she attorney's office until my would not want a young man. To have a felony for car vandalism we just want accountability so he's not trying to throw the book. Ads and Josh Jackson but he also said. Day it would make it easier for MacKenzie got to take the money would make it easier for Jess Jackson and he wants the story out there is curious to see how this goes because. When you have players of this magnitude. And a story like this where apparently lawyers are offering cash to hide. And get it let's get it. Twenty year old out you know doing something dumb criminal activity not real dangerous criminal activity but you're willing to try to sweep it under the rug. And I channel Arnold starts you start sweeping things under the rug it's hard to stop sweeping things under the rug. Agreed that I feel like this is also something that my dad would have done. When I was in college Talladega there are a lot of parents of one of the keep it off the record it's I wouldn't excite you so much study did you had a kid and in your kid was. Out one night in college here in your fifties that this church. And your kid's point one years old has a few too many pop so there's bodies as a few too many yeah in a fireball shots and goes and you know. Ben's a street light masked by hanging on him because he thought he could do chin ups on it yet and it causes something thousand dollars whereas as an image right yeah 2000 dollars worth of damage big that the city wants to charge you you're scared you just don't. Luck will pay. Will pay for the freed in street light right. And mobile paid a fine just leave it off as record regular doctor unlike 99%. Sure markets keep our father but knowing my dad he needed that and how sensitive. Are people today to seeing athletes a 100% that's it preferential treatment talk about sport and it's going to be instant CO this does play out. They rank or overdo we'll talk to John Martin bad day for the Memphis Tigers they are really struggle and in there matchup with UC FT CF on their way. 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For months and incredible attraction at exactly six your limited power train warranties and after may 31 points of his total for 174450. You know they love them. They host the mid day show would Jason Smith whose name is John Carney comes and 99 line as well does a little bit everything. By today. I don't know I I don't know if anybody heard his answer those yesterday with. With with Matt. Start. Filling in for Gary Parrish. John I would I would actually punch Brad Carson for that that horrible tennis and music you know where. I ask you handled it very well that was beat that I. I I appreciate their effort in trying to be creative. That was literally the worst jingle I've ever heard in my life no offense that added that it. But it just didn't like rhyme and it just wasn't any it wasn't fun worse than worse than Mike and the mad dog's internal and I don't remember that one I didn't listen up. I click that for a rapid fire Daniel last U I I at listen I don't. Look I don't know what the what the out. I don't know what it was screwed up but you know what I did appreciate that somebody. So talk about their date try to put something together for me and is that the actually I think they've got it. That's ideology here eleven by the motto is against say anything nice to is don't say much and also speaking of that how about the tigers today. Earlier really that are here well ominous it lets you can say about this. Disaster that took place in Hartford so I'm listening and it's 104. And a tigers are up topical fall takes a second foul you feel my aunt came maybe they're gonna catch it here. Maybe. Maybe this is where they they bond together and then 13 and then two threes and then three threes and then four and then five and before you know it's an eighteen and nothing Iran and all the sudden you're now down 22 to ten. It just hard to understand. And grain and I at that time I was driving is this was going on so I can only listen to the radio so I really didn't see the effort. But it sounded eerily similar to what I would've thought the game against SMU sounded like where. You miss you hang your head the other team comes down you don't close out you don't defend and they're shooting wide open shots and I don't college basketball players aren't always you know considered by. Linemen stand to be the best shooters out there in the world but I promise you one thing if you like college basketball shooter spot up and shoot wide open shots all day they're probably make about 70% 80% every time. Yeah I mean that's been the problem when this came. In the last few weeks is that they're just does not seem to be. You know I didn't let me. Courtesy any intensity you know and I don't know. If that's. Reflection of their of their coach you know what they what they say they say. The team with a replacement a reflection of a tech coach safety right now in the Berry is it just that bit the battle okay. You know Jeff Hawkins wrote a column yesterday. But did they sound like a team that's already thinking about next year they had no actually welcome back. Okay they acknowledged that an eighteen. At this turn it and it's just I you know I mean the idea that. You yet is beating it by 29 point trying to. I've been cut it's it's truly unbelievable like I expect me. I don't even understand it yet you yet is that if you you you being UCF this year you know and I don't know what happened I don't know what happened it is. It was right after it was right after that image you beat them that things turn for the worse who went up to temple and lost in it was like. After that temple lost all of those things that were good they were happening guys getting better guys coming together. Just went by the wayside this yeah this is what I didn't understand and listen I'm not target and it advocating. Gambling Ali that the Jeffrey. But as I look because more I look on my scores he gives you lions won when this game one when I looked at it and said UCF minus one I went. Did anybody watch that last came. Saving lives and I was stunned and I'm like wow OK maybe it's just the conference tournaments the neutral setting it's it's the fact that. Memphis can be and in this is it's now nine point nine it's now 32. And I would imagine there walk on it like it yeah it's got to bear and I mean any years that thing you're gonna go down your final two games of the season. Losing buying. Whatever this ends up being and by over forty. I combined probably almost eighty points in your final two games and we have talked about getting an NIT bid and yet there's no way the united he's not and I don't Don and keeping an auto or not not where not a chance not a chance and it's sad because in the game before this you watched east Carolina who's had a crappy year they're not a very good team. They're getting absolutely throttled by. By SMU and SMU decides our arrival we won't RG outside of five feet because we can scoring tower on all the sudden before you know it EC you had a chance to tie that game. And you saw them just fighting and scratching and clawing despite being down twenty plus. And I see none of that and that that to me is a scary sight right now it really is. Yeah like they they like they have got to tap into something that's in the offseason where. I don't know like I feel like I've just. Really I mean I'm getting tweets people accuse me hate that person might want to crack on that the don't enjoy that like acting dot. Enjoy you know having to say the thing that I'd say about that but the last two weeks but the reality of it is. I don't I don't think I can remember a worse finish to his seat and in my lifetime are not united you. You'd be hard pressed dot you have to really look you know the last 25 years have they sinister see that or they've gotten beaten by a combined. You know eighty point basically in the final two games of the season and it just she is humiliate. Yeah and it. I'd and what and the worst part about it is that like. You've got nothing coming in behind like this like your your losing your bass player. Yeah you're gonna loose piece or that either David if people don't look at at all he got. It's futile offense at all at this finished it out and you're bringing it out I topped sixty recruiting class. You know I mean like I I look at it like to be a little point six. The pot isn't they would do accommodated. You know there's word that can be better and here's where that can be better and not really struggle they have really struggle a I mean jeez this study they're shaped and they're down by 33 point turned out they don't they have a he broke it speaks. And this is one of the worst criticism that the best basketball I've ever had. Yale is sexier last seven including a game against Houston that you had one. A thirteen point loss to Cincinnati or I thought they thought well a game against UConn you have one. Another double digit loss to temple where there was a big run early that puts you under. A 41 point loss to SMU and right now what is now he's 33 point deficit. To Central Florida I mean listen I I I am adopted this team has my team because I live here and I want to see them do well I it. Sixteen years I don't remember seeing a season close like this I want the best for them. And I never ever ever you heard me time and I was got him out on the show all the time. I think there it's 4223 win team get the NIT bid maybe even get a shot it Ed Ed Ed you know winning the conference tournament. That they they just turn into a completely different team and there's a lot of questions and I wonder how much of the good that was done by starting you know fifteen inside in your first forty games and bringing people back how much of the apathy is reset. I mean honestly and truly this is like this is still not getting people back in the band accuracy and amp it IK I mean like this is gonna be. I consider a massive problem that the universe typically have a date because I think what you really quickly want it to take out of the speed it was. Did expect it until they turn birdied you'd expect B Rangel what do you expect that hopefully at the end of the year tubby has done enough once the games he wasn't supposed to win. And you get a feeling that you know what we're all we're on the right track the trajectory on the way out. And will be better next year well you don't have that. You don't write in all likelihood you're gonna be worse next year. And that's a really really crappy feeling. Car wanna Jake went out to make that three at the end right there. And I hated very eagerly scanning those kids out there right now they're all that the walk ons and kids fighting in and that's it's great to get an opportunity to play and that's that's not you wanna. Thought they end up losing by thirty and that's that that's a tough those wallets a tough pill for longtime Memphis and swallow because they expect. A lot more than that. I asked him point blank question do you think that that W maybe explores a way out maybe thinks it some of these openings that have happened in. And basically says say this isn't for me this is what I expected. I had held hostage by a couple of players and their father of the team kind of gave up. Towards the end they let go of the rope I'm gonna go somewhere else do you think that maybe he looks for maybe and there's an opportunity now. I think I think you know we environment cap on the said the governor of Minnesota is that that there are rumors cropped up all the time about Thabeet other job that they. He he could be doing himself put this service is he will not how listening because yet this is not the job for him. I mean this is that. This is a rebuilding job that takes energy and constant. Passion. And why can't sit like the grindstone like you've got to really. You gotta really took some effort and this man and this is not the sail off into the sunset job that. Maybe you thought it was this is the job that takes a real care and real effort and real passion every single day by you got to recruit you gotta play the game. You gotta get players. Is us. Stick attack this thing Minnesota it's a different beast. And you know I don't I don't know if you really fully understood that when he cooked up and I think because what we're. I had I don't know ensemble on for years and I've known envious straight shooter and I think it and I would never some how to do his job but if I were to step into issues for one day. Immediately after they get back from this loss I would sit down on them and and say cheese and straight you you austerity while ago because if he wants a gal. I'm picking up the phone and I am cause Steve Forbes agent and I assume was it take to get your what does it take that's the guy going after. They are gonna term last year they needed me to get an interview. In town so there you have it. Well I don't consider you to be known as little body I I can city Johnny jump shot and I don't care that you Data Domain Cokie is I know your fiance announced. You'll not hear that song ever win your on this program promising he would have made that while luck of an odd well now you of that is that I respect because Miley candy and gum on my desk for you to take. Yet that that is the payment and that's it's as simple payment to stop leaving trash and let us please. We targeted at a bit at least he does not leave it there. Not lead to correct the least he can do is not leaving it there it's not leaving it there if you follow my editor Gregory right there you go I'd rather be get have a good weekend art. Are you take it John Martin right there. I as it is comes to a close tigers lose by thirty. Cute Central Florida yikes that's not the way you wanna go down programs throughout the united sleep easy easily be seized. 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Get laws and Pete have you with today's first field by ten dollar user did you still lost did you doubly bad guys will. I first got to. Back to Viera Cast it's time Joseph we're again. Renfro. This happened. And tenements. Michigan State and Minnesota excited 52. With 516 remaining. We. Golfers saying I'm not a bad place right now at a seven point lead. Gamble on legs that go first I did take the golfers at el al-Qaeda and against how many. I think the not to win all right say just a lot of money on yet so that when I wanted to add yet parental low one by one of the I'm I'm in that I've been the I'm in the I'm in the the stages of gambling I'm in the bargaining stage. And that's always fun yeah they app lets you that is always a fun stage there's no doubt that when your begging ante just I don't care if you lose just give me four morons yeah. Out of the overcast. Just give me around every two or three innings or any pets as of people who all of my eyes some kids just he's just puts you in the lead with a nasty two handed jam. Golfers essence that we floated and thanks so grateful thanks sideshow Bob will look working for him Ryan Wilson covers the NFL. Forest CBS sports you can follow him on Twitter at Brian Wilson underscore 07 he joins us. Now. Hole what's up. Brian can you don't go to Harriet brother. And any surprise that Washington's looking for a new general manager after all the things that happened over the last couple weeks. Yeah I still edited the self inflicted wounds are really hard to get your head around. The report today it was in the network's Mike may apples and in the running for the the general manager job to replace Scott McClellan was fired politically on the first is free agency. May actually statements and the Vietnam account that was yet. And the red pin tended on the higher a general and general manager until after the draft. Which makes a ton essentially needed G and LT formulated draft plans and evaluate talent that is pro day so naturally they would wait until after the draft. Even that logic in my we'll just wait till two week one of September dependency that the sale of the oh luckier. Place for them I don't know what they're doing that's simply Kirk cousins are extremely frustrated he wants to be an attempt is good that's probably not gonna happen. There's report at a DC that he has that he will not so long term deal was amongst themselves the president who fires got the corn is still there. So you know after two years moderate normalcy expect back. Back to what we can't go to the love they have got respect about threats came complete and utter mayhem night. It it's definitely talk about some of the team it's amazing Washington Chicago Cleveland and Cleveland. I'm trying to maybe do things differently but these demos and they all seem to just get their own way and and it doesn't seem. Like it should be that complicated we see other teams. Continuously make the right moves and yet teams continuously make the wrong mostly any idea why. Is it almost at the top it starts at the top if you look at teams like the patriots the Steelers the Packers. The ravens these are teams squared the owner. Get out of the way Packers have I don't have an owner but. They get out of the way and on the front office guys in the coaches do their job not firing guys to be two or three years. The rate of Britain via Redskins did recently gave Jacob a two year extension it's the first time that indeed coach under. Dan Snyder bought the team that night and has never got an extension they've generally been fired before them. So it is what all the people at par beginning consistency and you would think it's only gain a designer would say himself OK maybe you should try something different. And he did to his credit the chemical and Mateen sort of winning and I suppose that wasn't good enough and there was a power troubled pop. And they they had to go about it I would try to elect the way things used to be active there's no consistency consistency and fail. Right and why that point is that doesn't come across that the team owners are continually struggle I had no idea. I mean with McLellan it was just such a bizarre story because they were apparently couldn't find him and apparently he was not. He obviously wasn't there for the Columbine wasn't their first day of free agency. Reports that it was a death in the family now wants reports about army might all of this just makes so I mean it just sounds like such a dramatic soap opera situation can and bullet anybody blame Kirk cousins for wanting out as despite all this drama. They've they've got pretty good head coach and they've had a pretty good running even though they lost that their last game of the year added to potentially go back to class that would outlast two straight years and had a pretty good run. What is group gone and now looks like it's just gonna be completely dismantled and screwed up. Yeah no I haven't I have no I completely understand what pretend to be frustrated and gone either. He did dealer prima Donna he generally. It keeps himself he says though right thing community file count she works hard in his these things being but. Even he has the breaking point and I heard until we reached at Washington they blocked. Appeared our solemn and DeSean Jackson to sort of wide receivers had just signed. Terrelle Pryor today to one year deal but he's not gonna magically fit everything that that ale that team. And it's a situation where. Cut and if so distraught would Wear what with how things are that he's I want to settle long term deal been in the rec center back to square one or actually probably. Back to square zero to define a plan that offense has scored a plan after cousins and eventually leads which sounds like a B and 28 team. And Mort they go after that I mean who'd they have backing him up what they have on the roster or date they then have to look. In a draft drama free agent market and RG three just came available he angle megawatts and had. Last month Greg for the Columbine that day they undermine him on network a former folks out. So then there's a 5050 chance that that cousins played for the rest of this year he said to back up plan according to go to that he would talk workload. Drum roll please call boy so that really residents aren't sold on getting cut though that money. And some at least some people in the organization think the Concord can be short term solutions so that should tell you where that organization is saying how many games did exec WiMax here. And my short term solution for my dad is winning the lottery but that's OK no local figure kind of understated the better of course agents had a bout together. What do you make it a brought DOS well it's rated broke actually on the air a couple of days ago. And I I literally had to do the Scooby Doo double take where I shook my head went birth. And went what touted that you know I did that happen and. Com. I just can't believe it's come on what's will willingly take that salary. And now people are inside and out loud you could let him go and you could trade him and then you pay it but then they you know they're gonna wanna therapy contracts so. I'm Brock Oslo has got to agree to let the final two years of his contract be terminated massively there's no chance now he's doing that so. Where does this weekly and has brought Wyler and their next quarterback for three years. Now know there and I was exactly like you were last saw the news I think this can mean this is like the most browns never actually joked that the breathless just watch draft day again that terrible and you can concert. Where they and a blow these draft pick to Minnesota draft board. Yet this sort of play and it sounds like it's either that and tried to dump off and another team in pay part of the salary leftover or other than just an amount right they have some of salary cap space to basically. They they pulled an old NBA looted and destroyed the player to get to get the extra draft pick along with it. So that they're playing as if some terrible planning and relative Al brown that you had done business I think they're trying to be a little smarter with the new front office and sort of that. Heritage style approach to build teams will see. I thought it would have made a lot of sense today the ground that that forced Brock got solitude to give a press conference announcing that RG three had to cut that seem perfectly fitting for for sort of both players. But I can mess up close going to be there much longer. The team hasn't had a profound introducing them are the other players say besides I think that sort of hand it. He's not the long term plan that they can fact that right now. They're you know of this Jimmy grappled genocide was doesn't count is gonna have to do something crazy happens they're fine with going for Cody Kessler there. There a backlash or USA you've chosen Clinton Clinton has been OK but it and the electricity he struggled a lot. So that's a plan now I suspect that this probably about a clinical quarterback Kyle and I'm much more so. We have it's it's going to be interesting to see. It plays out there who'll in your opinion as far as we talk with Ryan Wilson. Has won big in free agency. I think it the jaguars. Have. And I'm laughing because we had this conversation a year ago this day Tuesday's solutions for the Atlanta AJ believe that the quarterback from. The tactic is considered to be that the best available quarterback may get from Stephon Gilmore what the patriots they signed him police Campbell who was fantastically good line and Arizona. Richardson also. I think Putin bolstered that's secondary. So that those are names that sort of jump out at you and it makes young fast defense. Even better. But in the end of the day I don't think anyone gentleman Jack or the bandwagon because keyword like mortal days he'd ever play a lot better than he has. They're they're not gonna be very good teams so. They happen to this saying I think once again the jaguars for the second straight year that really won't free agency but they need a quarterback that can step up and play consistently. Yeah now I say that's that's always the key is in itself these teams that are looking for quarterbacks Tyrod Taylor stays in buffalo. I San Francisco sun on the hot on the trail of cousins is gone it seems to be that that would make the most logical sense for them to trade the number two overall pick. For that quarterback. Where else can anyone go who else is out there. That they can make it differences grapples thing obviously Tony Romo I'm now with the trade it didn't maybe Houston overplay their hand by trading house while we're now. That'd be cowboys are gonna we're gonna just tempest and when I and it's given leave for nothing does you got nothing else other than Tom savage. And by the way Denver's trying to trade Trevor semi and so they might be able to point something out. Did that move maybe also put the cowboys in a position of strength. I used to playing downplay any piece of chronicle wrote yesterday that the taxes are not gonna trade for Tony Roma they're not going to be in that business. It seems hard to believe given the current situation with. Brand in Sweden and cabbage is a quarterback but. I guess that's where they send anyone to take on the context the huge contract nag at that after the open the Broncos have been trade forms of that in a way to really gets released. And then sorted duke it out in free agency. Sort of like what happened between eleven with a look Peyton Manning and that the key to make it 22 million yielded first got to Denver and it could we will work itself. That's consideration I don't know what he's since plan B is employee you know I hit a suspect planned to use anybody that I Fossum that sense. That the success they cannot turn the contract which is also good to have that money had to spend elsewhere. Jake colors out there he seems to be linked to the jets have felt a lot like and I just heard John. The new GM John Lynch for the 49ers say that the Brian lawyers they're guy quote unquote life how is that religious employer. And the world and middle of the better option comes along. So yeah it's the first competitive like Lenin and open in Chicago I'm not crazy about that typically don't do they gave him no other and and and at their contact the grass is Patrick but you know we've seen those movies and they're pretty depressing. Jersey sales and she got on San Francisco not exactly going to be. At a hotbed of activity with Hoyer and Glenn in jerseys flying off the shelves and do you mean to tell me. It's you disparage the greatness of the movie draft day which is just. You know one of those late night movies rates are running out 'cause they're really nothing else on. Think that's what that's looked. It's not medicine expected epic but in general I don't watch turned villain out. Six back at night Cleland draft day and you'll hear insomnia that that's it and there. Document Brian Wilson hi Ryan I appreciate that is always there's a lot of moving and shaking going on should be a lot of fun let's catch up as we get closer to address as well thanks brother. And have a great weekend Ryan Wilson right there from CBS sports follow him. Pat Ryan Wilson underscore seven Brian Wilson underscore seven program brought to you. By Harry Ceres dot com where you can go to sign up for a shame plan their socal think you'll love their products that give you a free trials said Jeff and any created the company because they were tired. Of getting overcharged. For shaving products for razor blades having get able to unlock cases in drugstores and grocery stores you know what I'm talking about. These products are fantastic but they just are way too high priced and every time they make an improvement. They pass that cost on to the customer. 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On the WMS assets. 1688 AM. You're not just his voice is. Okay. Okay. Gas rich nice memories. I'm Josh imagery album. Plays so when I was in Switzerland for a year it's a little bar maid who is all of that I was but looks like Kelly Clarkson and like Clarkson was. Likes Denny and I. Yeah this is first off. Yeah actually had a son what this person's life. She did it some and would and so word baloney you're gonna talk to me where are you noticing or not sober valley now we need thank. But he had an international fairly anonymous users on the bus or was she couldn't speak English very well even hacker. It helps your game immensely great story was. So one of my best friends who was there a female. She was saying if he's producing eight. Played home and my friend guys Jeffrey. I ended she'd like did her hand like in the hide that I am a Playboy. He has I don't think we're talking about the same person. Valiant your friends next here who have been made clear out for almost out of this. Good trio. As a member of the high school dances with the split. Was always it's. It's nothing or you tees off plus pretty damn good. That album was I thinking actually the unforgettable fire was my favorite album which is the one before graduate treatment than Joshua Tree. I act on May be tonight so maybe it was good actually is there when how how old I am we actually waited outside the by our timidity when it was released at. Our records I'm in the early I just deadly terror records does the splendid work. Out it did that work well for. It was founded in now Sacramento are and it was well yet realized where it was found it. I sure until liberals out there and water. I don't want to say this is a viable sell to somebody else who does in the from a pleasant if you realize that around the country as relative does does not say look Norstrom went to the same thing before it's a rapid fire when I worked at Nordstrom down. Associates I sold you yet I did I did ice I started in the cafe I went to the full service restaurant. And I went to the young lady should apart it was a brass want Shia which was phenomenal. Phenomenal for a graduating high school senior going into college almost for childless because they're the exact same thing but went downstairs to many issues the next summer and Christmas because it was just more money. That was like they'll that it was more money and there was literally and and the Davis and we will take anything back or turn someone brought aid and if flat tire but brought a car tire and said I'd paid. 85 dollars for this and I wanna return it meant the world and then the ad did not specify an NBA and Russia. I'd literally to the parish is back that I knew two things about it one we didn't even carry that brand yet you nor that are that style of that brand issued to. I knew where they bought it from because I saw the receipt and the guys bagged. And as I told again I can't take this back home I said it's it it didn't come from our store line no my body and guys are getting adamant as an okay wolf is that honestly. It's out of my hands IS of my managers gone if you wanna go upstairs customer service and they'll take it back I'm sure that was your store credit I'm not trying to be. Anything other than help this but I can't I can't. At my job level take this back without approval from somebody about so why don't second floor and they'll take area I'll send up let me you wants them to drink like there's also some. I get called into the store manager's office as you said you you handled it right except for this she is do you think we're gonna close our doors over 65 bucks. And I said probably not buy it. It was pretty clear it wasn't from our stores are I think one in Zurich. It's yours you don't want it you don't want our reputation to take it for some stupid like that. And I went and orchards on those I went down and I am Muslim and say oh my friends and all the crappy shoes that you buy you somewhere else as well. And bring them on hit it in its rapid fire. Rapid fire is brought to you by pot roast I fresh he's done now these rapid fire attack. On the Eric Cassell signed Joseph Miller Lite name around the radio rapid fire yeah. On 929 FM ESPN and I will say this stuff that's out by the way yes it is. The women should apart. The other young ladies William was brutal cut throat because he could you could sell clothes you could sell the clothes that they brought him over. And I had a family that help and end one of the doubters just kind of broke away and found another sales girl. So she thought she was gonna and I'd been helped my whole family. Literally try to get me fired and I just went you can call the family in Assam I'd been with them for 45 minutes. And like we had a mutually girl and I had a mutual friend so that's why she came to see me off and it that's one of the reasons I went downstairs and out amends he didn't really have to be cut throat. Because those people have been selling shoes to the same guys for years like light years the day of sales of the keep track your sales. They would have like 6000 dollars in sales before the doors even opened. There's guys like RD pre ordered amenities you ran an amount. As a makes it gallop and it's amazing that was the spot all offered either worked at Nordstrom or they were to Tosca north and act as you are out there in California yet and actually. Bob I said on The Dan Patrick Show today that he hopes all the boss is that fired him are now dead rapid fire. Guys an incredible basketball coach may honestly be one of the in my opinion I don't know him personally sounds like one of the more to spec only human beings to ever grace is ports world needs just. Never. Made it look he was a passionate coach I never would have won in my son to play basketball forum unless it was a life wondering if some guys swear by ending was the greatest thing ever I think it's. It's the old school break them down below them backed up but I don't think he ever built people back compensating you wish people. There are any administration majesty got tired of your bullying were dead just proves that they were probably right your bully he's just always been a bully. 100% just a bully. Tiger Woods has withdrawn from the bay hill invitational sparking interest that he may officially now be done. Rapid fire for a year or wherever it's possible. And cannot easily just eat it's a physical side gives others as you were out and listen when you met some of the back. Yeah it's it's it's hard to get back in you have to once you start on Eritrea I had a herniated disk now still looking to get better and we can we can do listed to help get a better. Or you can actually answer your but once you start having surgery on your back. It's a process that continues year after year so I hope it's not over forever because if it is it would be arguably. The greatest career ever dean trailed by as severe injury like that or the potential of what could've then people talk about that forever and obviously the off the course stuff will get in the mix. But when you break it down it's the porky put on his body with that powerful swing. And finally. To inedible in and out of the hat Adriana Lima Nomar officially broken up reportedly because major honor when the children Angelina won did not. Rapid fire. That is a deal breaker in a lot of cases I'm not sure why Adriana Lima all the sudden was not that another kid as he has already but if her clock is ticking and Julian Edelman does well part of it. She's not gonna wanna go much later in life and have kids and so she's gonna move on to somebody else that doesn't for Julianna minorities those items on sale at about. Super Bowl champ here. That's a strong guard the players and oh my gosh if only. Thanks Jeffrey for zone and prevent TV up next Saturday against him. Limits as Memphis they're. And ES PSI Bradley's challenge presented body fit. Chris. 53537765353776. Feet callers number three and 43 and four. We have got tickets to give to you to the Atlanta Hawks to four packs so if you wanna take a family game tomorrow night 8 o'clock to agree as and hot. 5353776. Scholars number three and four ring him up now. For your next on a repair gold local to Christian Brothers automotive there's five locations are independently owned and operated in Bartley south haven colleague of the old Germantown and Lakeland. They live here. Work here and play here. 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