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March 13, 2017 - Hour 1 with guests Kevin Arnovitz and Mark Giannatto

Mar 13, 2017|

Goeff opens his Monday show by discussing the state of the Grizzlies and his column on Chandler Parsons. Next, Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN joins the show to discuss his weekend in Memphis and his thoughts on the current state of the Grizzlies. Then, Mark Giannatto of The Commercial Appeal joins the program to discuss the state of Memphis Tiger basketball now that the season has officially concluded and more.

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By the goings on with your beloved Memphis Grizzlies and your beloved Memphis Tigers. Both of whom would have whom had a rough weekend. We are going to life. Like inches downward to change the lineup up a little bit today but we believe you will be thrilled. I'll with the lineup changes we have made we have lost unfortunately for the week because he's off on spring break. Chris Harrington to Chris Harrington and the night on a panel we will be forging on the night I wanted to had a one. We just won't have Chris Harry can canary for us but we do have on the show today given an attitude is such a spectacular job. Four ESPN I was here over the weekend to see the grizzlies. Debacle against latest debacle. Against Atlanta Kevin out of its gonna join us at 920 or so -- kid Otto who is with me in Hartford to watch that debacle. Against Central Florida the thirty. Point ass kicked him by Central Florida will join me he's the one by the way who after tubby did his official. Did his official press conference mark walked out with them. Because she was asked during the press conference. Are you happy and Memphis. Mark made a classic. He knows mr. and classic mistake of these said. He needed a two part question. Are you happy in Memphis or what did you think of the season so you basically say it's a the second part of the question right you just answered you happy in Memphis. Given all these rumors they might be pretty looking for a backdoor to leave. So he was able list is that let's say what ATP walked down the hallway them. And asked him. Point blank. Are you happy in Memphis. And tubby said well you know unhappy MB I'm very happy members are not happy with the way you know we lost those games and then he said that that tantalizing quote. There are some situation situations I inherited that I would have ended that I would've treated differently. And so you'll ask march you know what he thought that was about we have some ideas about that remark you know you'll join us. At 940 to talk about all manner of things. I had to do a Memphis Tigers and answering a fundamental question. Did they. Quit Iowa Ted I want will be different because no Chris Harrington but we will forge army at the NCAA. Tournaments talked about we get Kentucky. Probably probably depending on whether they get by Wichita State coming to town as everyone has already. Acknowledged the Memphis. Regional. Is absolutely. Brimming with glamour teams including UCLA. North Carolina Kentucky. Possibly Butler. So it really. It should be a hell of a lot of fun. At some point we will ask the basic the basic question. Dement feel as if they had a choice. Did they want. Let's say comes down to Kentucky and Wichita State plane to get to Memphis. Would mid teens prefer cal win the game. Or cal lose that game. It better from Memphis. Cal wins that game. Cal loses that game is the better for media. Cal went straight game our cal loses that game at some point maybe nightly mean I even get through today. Because they could lose that game Wichita State criminally under seeded. Yet still imagine Kentucky will win but Ahmed and a lot of NCAA tournament stuff talked about more NFL news over the weekend that we will. Get to. I mean did perish the thought did a fine job on the main selection show yesterday. We'll talk to has to talk a little bit about that. And is well. Before we do any of that however it did wanna start with the grizzlies I wrote a column today. About. Some happen over the weekend and that the biggest deal the world and I'm sure regardless. And I would hope it's not. Typical. Probably a momentary stupid laughs well part of me fanned himself so not like out of Hillary camera. Give his name either in or anything else. But she had a Parcells was out. At a restaurant. And there's a video in the video is of this twenty something young twenty something guy. Lane and then for herself. And Gemma Parsons being in a nice guy. Tom Orleans. And incorporate it's probably no fun like when you're at a restaurant about it all the time to Jim Bob Parsons of Xena mine he's been a nice guy he's on about he understands part of the job. He leans back again turns out it's not a picture of solace video guys taken Gemma Parsons flashed the peace sign that you know whatever. And then the guy says. The guy says. At that point he's laid it in any says. Say I ruined the visitor this season baby. Blaming them. He says there will smile to Cameron guesses to Parsons says I really vigorous even baby. Parsons just looks like kind of dumb struck a peace and say what many Serbs say what. And that was that. This. PS total utter BS. You can book income believe what you want about him a Parsons and whether he should be started about starting her. Whether they should sign him in the first place or not sign him in the first place or anything. This guy took cues. Fundamental decency which is which Chandler Parsons is spot. And heat it went in order to treat him. In DC he took it manager Chandler Parsons basic kindness. To do something on time he manipulated him. Is just Bennett Jack asks the totals. Jack ass and it's beneath. There's beneath him I hope. And it's beneath Matheson's do you communing and it was just ugly but. Seriously you're gonna do that to a guy who all he's doing is in erupting as dinner so you can get a picture of them. And you gonna treat him like. Estimates that four million in May be of our time and doesn't know anyone who makes 94 million. And you certainly take that kind of team if you made 94 million to we shouldn't have to have. Give should be Jack asses they shouldn't you shouldn't treat people brutally. As is embarrassed for Memphis honestly I was embarrassed for the guys a little bears from Memphis and and so I wrote a column about it that I that comes just about the kid comes what's appropriate like what is given the misery that people are going to give an a losing streak. I'm five straight now tonight they'll have try to break it. What's appropriate you read the game Saturday arena Jeffrey I was shuttled back from Hartford there were boos were there that there were aware where the boos. The first boos started the during the first quarter when base with the grizzlies got double bump me at one point they had. I think they had ten turnovers in five ovals and the blue birds came out. Clay clay. From a commercial appeal said that when Parsons missed his third shot and that's when the boos. Sort of projects started in in his recollection here's my view. I don't the weird thing is all think horrible intent. I ever I don't call last year they lost eighteen of the last 21 games. Could a glut. Are all single blow. Now one. Even the year before that no last year of course was injuries there wasn't any of the rosy outlook FL if there was a better understanding last year was their fault yeah well without their fault they're favored. The year before though when they went through that huge slump to Jeff Greene fan calmer going. They were polishing for BP and booed our college early or a big blow in town. Since Philadelphia it's the city of Goodell bode is very sudden and so I don't think we're a big board took I think this one. Is born of what your boy Jim Parsons. Learning would think most people aboard ship the questions they're blowing the fact of Chandler Parsons still starting and playing out there and being thrust upon us. You can't boom Chris Wallace because she's not dressed. So they're blowing the situation and they're bullying that feeling that they are what in God's name is happening here will. What they should doesn't have to be happening it's the exact opposite of last year when there was no choice they would they saw cheers everybody got hurt here. It's their own choices it feels like that have put in the situation so people are born into they just wanna rip that African hair out and say what is happening here. It's so it's just sort of this and Pinkston. Like why are you idiots do this to yourselves. It's that is what the Bruins coming from those who think that's appropriate yes I think it I think it 100% I'd be 100% stems from the fact it feel self inflicted. It's self inflicted and so they're blowing discovered this and they're going there you see they're going there. That's brewing. Iger did well well and if it's funny because today in the commercial appeal. Our rob tiller did a really. And didn't Tisdale combined on a very very thoughtful human. All of these manners. Now one of the things that emerged and we hinted that he can do that that Saturday is the Tony Allen will be back to the starting lineup so. The move away from two Michael Green and Tony Allen in favor of Brandan Wright NN Patterson. Has now been the hardest hit reversed so that was just what ever you know a wild hair and it's been on a percent reversed. Good good as I've said it whenever you find yourself caught and horror movie in the the you know if you're in on this horror movie the first thing you should do was turn back. For right. And so on Saturdays to suggest you're supposed to go on the spot it's deserted the deserted place the door girl girl Lockett and I don't like it and write with a farm implements hanging from the yeah I just go back get Chicago back to you. And and David Intel has now gone back to where he wants. I know it's got to be complete fixed by the way because the damage that has been done in the meantime in terms of connection and trust and belief in each other and confidence and all those things who knows whether that will be restored as quickly. Palm Pilot so this takes five. In addition to in addition to saying that Tony will absolutely. Be back he said a couple of things that were. There were really interest. A little I think is based she's defending something that I don't. Let me read you a little bit about it is that what folks have to understand is that we're at war between culture and comfort. Everybody wants to get comfortable and go back to what we're always it's always work will let me tell you something trying to score. What they were scoring and keep up with what the league has doubled now since. Two years ago. It's not just the same and I don't wanna get how to get their point across if people wanna stay the same it is better right now. We wouldn't be looking on the outside right now I promise you that it's not just me being stubborn the numbers just don't add up it's mathematics it's not me that's the truth. You have to adapt or die to study the city above or us alone in the spacing to give Mike that room to operate is all. Always helped us to to step in that direction we're still a long way from catching up to the end yeah. Everybody who say go back to the old stuff like we're playing good ever briseno the number one defense of this that is good note or whatever so. Ego conflicts. He's he's acting as if Memphis fans are saying. Go back to everything that you did last year and the year before and the year before I go back and not shooting three pointers. Go back to playing purely grit and grind go back had exactly enough in the starting line up. And just do with the way you did four years ago. I don't think that's why Memphis fans are bad I don't think any of this man. Up until. Two weeks ago. Was complaining about it things he did I think Mets fans were thrilled. To see the way he opened up. Marks offensive arsenal I think led the stands were thrilled to see the way he would he would unleash my camera I think understands understood. That you had to move and a certain direction I don't actually think this is a big fight between. We knew any old. All I'm actually even add that it's a fight until that is what it's a fight between this. People little one and are good people it's two things people that want Schiller Parsons in the starting lineup when he apparently couldn't play. That's not a fight between the new and old actually they would let them do it the new couldn't walk right and could get a jumper. And and people didn't want Andrew Harrison and the starting lineup what he can apply for other reasons credit. This wasn't some big. Go back to the old what it was to go wait a week no one knew what playing decently and were playing it like that's what it wasn't why. Well did you have to open up right now why did you do that everyone understood it wasn't some of and a delight in. Good the new mark and Mike the new scoring the new three point shooting. That was no won't battling against that early in the season I all people just don't why didn't they were mad about two things. Chandler starting when he can't Larry. And this weird ass all the sudden what the hell you Dylan playing games left in the season I don't change. That's what they Urbana. Now. In terms of the the. The first one of those detail the Parsons didn't plaid. I David is there for the first time said in this Q and I what a lot of us certainly suspected if not new. On Chandler he said right now. The Chandler Bing is organizational. I'd been taken a lot of conscious of that and I'm okay would that. But let's but that's all of us saying let's give it a look this isn't me being stubborn Chandler's not my favorite I don't have favorites I'm trying to win. But we see the Jenna has a ceiling. With Janet I'm back from injury rebel that you goes on to say with Jenna came back from injury. Our best players protect him he put him in the second unit and always got to see well there's who's gonna be exposed more. So our best players of protecting him in the starting lineup and allowing him to come along. He said do things that you say one is. This isn't me. This is Sam. Admitting I'm a part of it but it's clearly be organizations same as low relative. I'd take a lot of bullets for this but stop blaming me too but Parsons mom the first thing he said this sort of thing they which is really amazing. Is he said I have to play a with the starters. Because he's so bad that if he were playing with a second unit. He is known to protect the two starters. There's other good players around him so he's not as explodes. Which is really telling given to the first point. So. So I found that to be absolutely remarkable but those are my two plus one is he. The disheveled Parsons thing is that him and I agree it's not him. But to the other thing this idea that at some cool great debate between the new and old I think it's up. Is a falsity. I think it's rigged debate between. About it's it does except it was angry that I hear about him a question. And their angry about this weird ass. Inexplicable. Lineup change from a week ago. Fox yeah. I can really hurt him now as you add that even wins Tebow was kind of crumbling a little bit about he should be on the starters I think most people accepted hey you know his role was at productivity to the second year. You have people got to work yeah. Plaza so supportive as one of the most bull hook players franchise's history. It met members fans are not stuck in the mud or stuck and let's not a bad play play that play it all comes down to the fact of. No one was upset. No I was upset about this changing of the guard ever owned was upset that just completely out of nowhere. You decided to. No one can even understand the thought process behind it but I watched here live at that that's exactly did this this this great debate between the new world something. I understand that he's making up and it that he eagle thinks is happening but it's not much happening everyone is on ever wanted to out with a new on the Dow with a name. They just on talent Harrison give the representation of the left the manifestation of that right. Wanna come back Kevin out of its gonna join us after that margin out of we have the NCAA tournaments talked to talk about. And more stuff blockage or nineteen and if I missed you welcome. Monday enjoyed also embryo wood chips and salsa for only five dollars all day if anyone there border area locations welcome the. And even try to pin. 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I'm in discussions about acquiring once that is not to go all articulate also right I had to carry on looking at this he sure like one of those. Whatever those forecasts include Michael weapons on us on an aircraft so. How might have that issue as well I and I mean this advanced discussions. About acquiring. They'll sit. I would think I would think I would think like like Kelly socks for example like you could do that you could certainly bring up. A Parsons yoga mat home they'll all look any number of things that airlines are now objective. But sharp objects. Even if they're decorated with a face mark saw probably. I would be an issue so what did you make of what she saw Saturday night in Memphis Tennessee. You know there's always this question when you have season. There 82 games long and whether invariably it was interns like are you seeing the outlined her. Like over the course of an 82 games even at age 5045. Win team like. Like the release invariably gonna have a couple of games is really terrible and enjoy that's true. Hollywood comedy consistency to the coaches that part of the red in this for the long pink or are you talking about systemic issues that are plaguing this team. There are are far more fatal than okay they've they've hit a rough patch in March. Com I'm Leon concerned. Largely because you with the absence you know included with the exception of the parson they're fairly healthy group and and generally when they've gone south the last few years it's been. When the wheels and it came off. The health situation and you know it's tough because they just. Like you look at the personnel I was talking with somebody from the hawks to that there's a great admirer of of the the grizzlies Communists all the loot. The core four you know preaches continuity and they were sort of like Billy they were sort of debated whether or not this is a bad team. That does lack the requisite talent to compete in the Western Conference or for that matter against the Atlanta Hawks. To support their team there's sort of figuring things out on the I'm somewhat more charitable with fidelity. You talk a lot of changes the last few weeks and like I do believe that the realist do you need a laboratory like you're gonna be at six or seven seed most likely. You need to answer a certain sort of questions to know what can work a playoff series yes you're gonna throw. Lineups. Take your opponents that they confuse your fans there are your you know your hardcore observers. There's just no I'm not crazy right now about the personnel. You know like it goes back to wait united see the last several years is like who were the wings on this team. If who are the wings anyone else there's at the two in the three positions. Com win win win the series of the game is on the line. And you once again have a sort of menagerie of characters. On all of whom have access and an old who work. None of whom are in and of themselves just terrible basketball players most of them at least. By all present complications. To the team or compromise certain strength or insinuate. Certain weaknesses. It's a startling and we really when he when you think about it not just the wings in terms of perimeter players. The only perimeter player they ask who they can count on when any consistency that is my darling that's. Let the let everybody else is. Is sort of flop so you know they all of some strengths and weaknesses and their journey manner there are older they're injured or whatever else. Outside of the bigs it's my count that's really all you can count on and it is. That's the essence of the issue let me start to the bigger than the Chandler Parsons thing. In that it is very clearly David Tisdale said to yesterday or today whenever the interview was with her artillery. What I think all of us knew which is that it's not me it's lost its organizational the way we're treating Chandler Parsons is organizational. Actually can understand number when you see what your own eyes it's harder to understand but Julie's understand the theory behind that don't shoot the theory behind. We have no ceiling without you know whether that we have such a limited ceiling without him our best chance to be good is to hope he knocked the rust off for whatever else it is. I struggled with a wanna watch imply. I saw at least here it won't tell me what you think about the genachowski. Well look look at the first question which is like okay. Like okay killing us why don't we have so and so when there or so and so frankly if you're asking me. Too late to right throat parsed out there continue to try to figure out if you can can give his team rhythmically or get healthy by playing which is itself an issue. Or you don't because why would deprive myself we'll see what this team could really be with teams and it's. The veto any film school. Okay that's not a part of the problem that I'm for continuing to obviously you don't have to compromise the ball further which Hillary obviously a problem but you know it's not. He took place Parsons did and it's terrible piece did. Like I'm still sport because they do think. Exactly it shows your best chance to. Succeed. And it'd get you had better options and even if it is kind of like you don't sitting Courtney Lee who feel not a three heavy. Or to try to do the best we know who's been in this team. Until the last several years not including Tony Allen you know what he's what he's well and younger for that matter. And that the Tea Party doesn't deprive you of playing time than anybody else. Who who who could make a difference. I'm in terms of the laboratory. While I. While I agree the regular season as a laboratory. I think what people objected to what I objected to it that way it was. It's the last twenty games a laboratory. And and end. It doesn't really is and Harrison's something which you ready ease you've seen him many many times you've seen it you decided. To go get Toney Douglas off the scrappy because you didn't want to play him. To me. The laboratory thing is yeah tinker all you want to put shouldn't the last twenty games be a little bit about buckling down who you are. Putting those the the and although the final shine on you while whatever that is. Rather then all of a sudden taking a guy who hadn't played in ten games and saying well let's see what he can do I think that. It was the sort of randomness with a guy who was a bit player who has been out for a or at least a sub mediocre NBA player at this point in his career. And that's why. Again if you want if you want if you wanna move away from Tony Allen ultimately and I suspect they will this summer. That's fine but 4444. Under Arizona's little bit like the Chandler Parsons thing why leave that. You don't normally I I I I do agree I just. But it in an ideal world view that you would be set and ready to go he'll go to Billy V8 they wouldn't you know the first 54 games is too. The sort of on the evaluate you know who we do have the second 54 games as. It is just sort of and I forget the thing. Basically the idea that you beat you in your last twelve games you should essentially be in rehearsals for a playoff series. So hot but I they still have these holes I mean I think there are unanswered questions. And I you know people say this and I'm not a fan of Paris and Eddie long term option in any respect me. He's kind of one of the top few positive plus minus guys in that mix in that and that part of the section like it's. If parable it looks again I. You know if you don't believe in dangled his defense tonight would rather have dangled out there but it if you don't have other options and if you don't have a he'll win that they conceivably give you to win work. Pomp IV yet you ideally you're you're kind of set for the playoffs but this team isn't you know they still have to figure this out particularly because they had to be brutal. And more than the other teams I think there's always sort of an scandal hanging over where you don't know what you might get from Tony Allen. When the time comes. Is that if this team have to sort of have more depth in more to more potential combinations. In case you have to. There's an emergency you have to break the glass. And look he didn't play on though he can boil Saturday night for the most part so I mean you know listen more to me I think I think stuff is being figured out. I'm sort of looked detailed guy and you know I've ever on the huge and huge for colored it is in Miami he's been for years and we're getting ahead job. And I do think that look why however the team. Is in on April 15. Like I don't know that he was gonna look back in early march and say OK it was you know it was it was playing Ericsson Bert 28 minutes. You know one up on on a Monday night against brook that really sunk this team. Like I think we we sometimes get caught and then sort of at the urgency now. And yeah again I don't know they figure they're and it is for the players to get meaningful minutes for a playoff team at any rate again I'd I just look at the roster and look at potential combinations. Our money and looking up at right down right now you truly Daniel's arm really can compromise the team to. It was also in regards. Sometimes shouted an opportunity to. He that we go to the identity like you everybody members want to play their identity right everyone talks about the identity. Com and is it iPad look Daniel Judy like everybody dance she's like either way that's not that the grizzlies basketball throwing out of the other two guard who can get hot but by the way like doesn't really offer any peripheral. The skills. To do mitigated if he's not getting you know so so when you got that that that therein lies again the problem. It's a NN I remember that you are immoral and have benefits they'll die and in fact when you first wrote both the columns about up and coming assistance. Who might someday be fabulous head coaches. Really made the inspiration for that I think you said was David Tisdale. And if that we think here is is that. Since he arrived in Memphis. Until the last three weeks one. When all's on the pack it's it's it's it's torches and pitchforks he has done everything just brilliantly. I mean he is is you know is is answers to everything are thoughtful he could confront things head on he negotiated. The you know ED unleashed mark is a different kind of player he negotiated that. The Z go to the best thing gracefully. And I think in so it's really was it's sort of been jarring. 'cause. That Taylor Parsons thing has gotten under people's skin there's no question just watching a guy who. So physically hurt your eyes because it seems you can't apply and is afraid to shoot. After a while I think that's created bit of a backlash and then the lineup change. The what seemed curious line of change I think is exacerbated everything. And now he's gone back now it's a Michael Green back there and now it's Tony Allen back there. I don't know do you think I hit it that they can. He can put this back together to be whatever they weren't noticed claiming they're going to be a championship team this year but can they be the proverbial tough out again this year. Yeah I did look AK press so this will it was a burden on the a couple of days ago which is coming up what we might be finding is is this is a 4520. They were 45 win team to most prognosticators coming in I think you've given truth Arum. You know to even those on the inside and let it certainly would be a party were 45 to 48 win team in the Western Conference. They were not they're not as good as they were when they were playing incredibly. Competent basketball this some months ago when they're certainly not as terrible they looked on Saturday and Thursday night. And if this is what happens we have a team look like against it Vince Carter's probably the answer and harder to play twenty minutes a game. And probably you know no war over a five game stretch that ninety minute. You know they keep it this is what happens when you don't really really truly have a backup point guard similar grumbling on the front office either I mean I. I understand the Parsons acquisition it. Right I mean if this assignment of blame that we all do legacy by virtue of circumstances. Speak to each of the core. On the limited resource is what you really go after that the best player you can get it but it discreetly if you asked them last march when the goal to create peace sake let's get. Get the best free agent that will come here and get to that question was Chandler Parsons but I know negligence of the organization. And but nothing you know that it's the city just the reality of certain small market franchise is that you know you're not gonna be in on the meeting with Kevin Durant. On it not because you failed to do anything fundamental that franchise into the go out they do that because they didn't use the money they lose it by virtue the salary cap so. He'll again and that this sounds that you can't see. Spotlight this is the key. Well I think this is what 8464547. Win team looks like I'm when he doesn't screw up royally when it does pat. Queer deficiencies in the roster I'm yes we can go back and say that you draft better you know where's the dream on green on the scene like where is the guy. We're with the one pick lowered down that they over you know will essentially that they've. They've they were performed on any answer is like there isn't one of the they're definitely deficiencies. Here but I I just feel like the assignment of blame what is different is sort. Or can the person's door. Every parent is terrible or or whatever that did the whoever wants ascribe the failure to reach just kind of these this is the bottom range I don't think it'll be this bad in the week. Under the wind some good basketball games no come back to being what we put they had been which it this is the sixth or seventh fifteen. In the Western Conference hopefully this sick for the public fighters. You put your chance against the Houston Rockets. Like we'll go from there and done but again just like I look at the rock. Dirk and I kind of agree with the one kind of Atlanta personally don't get mad I don't know much algorithm that roster. You know what was the comment you look at it okay yeah after the you know the first big to everybody either old. Perks or deficient. What and last question again talking to coming out and it's on Twitter at can and our minutes. What do you hear enough about what Chandler Parsons might be next she here. That's sort of where we are with Jim Parsons it's fine if he'd go limp along and missed jumpers and a flood jumpers and whatever else this year but just became the Parsons next year. You hear about the odds that he will be Chandler Parsons next. I mean embodied the mysterious thing in this is the one area where were we so called experts no doubt. Man I'm always reluctant to say oh well he'll be trying to fight I'm not a medical doctor. I don't also maybe even beyond that like I don't even know that like I don't know. What is recovery red regiment is like I don't know. Easily it's impossible to now and you hope for the best. And if not the Helm in two years we are becoming an initial thought about stretching Gemma Parsons. Salary. Across multiple years with a treated as he could be absolutely fine next year or this could be a persistent. And her little things. And we just don't know. Kevin you're awfully gracious join us really do appreciate lovely work thank you very much we'll put it on Arab and that is Kevin iron and it's from ESPN. On Twitter at chem and our time marching and I don't asked Tubby Smith. If he was happy. In Memphis. We'll talk about that conversation next with mark she announced Jeff Carpenter and I need to nine FM ESP. It's time design into the 99 so that was right in tonight's your night espn.com. Or through the magnitude nine and Jimmy is CNN is free you can. Good prices rebounding prizes homicides and 8000 dollars in visa gift card free golf and more into the 929 southern Iraq. 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Basically I can stand it when I came and joined the peace can secure a key. Are joined the deed right in and jumped in full stream and and is now moving into the car into the crossed on concourse building from Washington DC. But he is right now in Washington DC helping to move impact a you're nice to take amenable to be too long. I did want to ask you about that debacle in that. Hartford and in particular. Let's start with that post game press conference Tubby Smith. You asked him. I'm you asked them I think it was a two part question is he happy and what did you think about the c.s in general is he had be it Memphis and what did you think about disease and generally. He very strategically answered the second part. And not the first part. And so you followed him down the hallway. Ask him specifically. If he was happy and Memphis and what was their reaction. The dead tired exact word for yes yeah I'm happy I'm just not happy removing the better yet essentially articulate this in what an act in that moment but he parking in Memphis. I he I'd I even put it on Twitter take it for what it's worth you know because I was confronting him and you know what else would he really didn't say to the mountains reporter. And by. I think I think really if you if you put truth serum and on EE eight this was not our. And I don't know that I'm back in a bad way but this is not what you expect I don't think he expected to acted do you. Our full rebuild the rebuilding job at mantra fighting to. Yeah and and what you're looking at here I think when you look at it big picture right now he looks a bit almost did it deep bite back at Texas Tech. And act to you know bring in a lot you know basically actor build a new foundation. And I ink. When he took this job. He didn't think he'd have to do to. Weirdly enough I think if you put truth serum and tubby he might say it's not the expected and if you put truth serum in Memphis fans indeed you wouldn't even have to put too soon narrow the president Richard here. That they they. They would say that Todd he's not been necessarily what they expected. And so we have there's a certain symmetry there he will say however which is a coat it or quote you including near I. In your Sunday piece. Something about situation what was the exact quote. The coal oil that would hurt and there were laying there where there were issues that I inherited that I would've dealt with it differently. I had a daughter Ella that you image in a way that they get that sound bite. You can I think you can read something into that I think you can you know pointed the law then situation. I think you can point to. You know just in general. The day he mentioned even his coat in crack guarantee prop eight. Again like I don't think he caught you live inheriting. Any true rebuilding project and LTE hit the ground running when he got near you mentioned that he and our strength and conditioning coach soon enough. And so they lost some time that they are you know obviously the recruiting of the twenty that the recruiting eight did initially when they got to Memphis wasn't. You know what they're up to what stands were expecting even though when a situation where he lives to rain you know kind of doing it on the fly. I think it you know he went back to eat but equally you know he I think he'd be more aggressive and sort of doing what he want to do he kind of went with the flow. You know okay well I inherited the law and I got I you know I got to keep keyword on I got to keep them happy. In a book courage he thought it was gonna you know I think he got fifteen of the going to be better. I mean he says you know EEE China he was trying to rewrite that expectation that the end of this even by ultimately. They played against Christian Brothers and an exhibition game and he said I expect that seem to be in the post season. In Erie are now in March and bear. Even at Dover and they're not in the group. Though. And and I think. In a situation where. I think now your gonna see him really you're gonna see. And I don't even know that parts gonna make meant to say that if you're gonna eat Tubby Smith do what. Tubby Smith does that mean I know they ended down on them but ultimately this is still the same coach who's taken the five other school he's been act and 800. And I think he fully expect to get them put back the NCAA tournament. Went to next year two years three years I don't know I think a lot of it depends on what a result seems. Yeah it's. I got that very same sense that he was gonna double down the entirety it was the I'm going to do it my way from here on out I'm not get a behind Evan. Losses on the staff I think it's pretty clear and if you want to look at Q1 loss since FaceBook page. He had holes sorts of a nostalgic. Don't look back and anger look forward and hope kind of things tacked posted on his. A post on his FaceBook page it's pretty clear to you is an ad. That keel and loss and at least part of this experiment and probably the Gator claws and a part of this experiment and who knows. About the KJ Larson's part of this experiment is over. I think so I think I think he'd want injured in KJ back what you want them back on it turned. You know you want them back it's been mentioned the day before a book before they even played Central Florida on Friday when he spoke he talked about how. He acted toward use would. I find describing the father son relationship but in mention pretty clear cut you know he had to address it sound like he had been director of kids that. You know if they even asked are you playing favorites. You know because Keeneland on the step each are you treating the law and get hurt me I think the other part it can't they didn't have. Debt that each truck stated. When guys played KJ even you know Martell Jeremiah made mistakes in game. There was no way to hold him accountable like putting them on the bench could be digging truck anyone else on the bench. Typing you saw them habit developed over the course the year culminating in the fact that. KJ and Peter were laughing at the end of that thirty point blowout and it and I know they're just you know 1920 year old kids. And Mike I don't I don't necessarily expect them to take losses this seriously it looked and do you. But I do expect them to be aware of the optics of what it looks like when you're lacking on the middle of the court coming out of a timeout when you're down thirty point. She's think it probably should take their losses artists fans do I mean you know if if if yeah they're they're the ones in the in the day two K games. Talking Margie and out out MGM out on Twitter. What do you think in the end. Well first of all the way it was the most bizarre locker room situation. That I'd ever seen because you went from we went from player to player to player. And you wouldn't even have to ask them this question they were just saying best they all said the same thing which was hey at least we left that out on the floor. Hey. Lead guy got a tip my hat to the guys are given a doll. Hey at least a week will lease we never did anything other than ever like like tool mania it was like living in does all. Crippled. It's really if you ask them that they also said we didn't quit but they would just volunteer it. The hell is that coming from. Yeah I think they were kind of record dictating what can't be accepted them in the kernel because B would you know. The brimstone and fire after the game yellen a ban you know you guys quit you know what the hell kind of effort is that I think he was. Tactic that quote he would have given us publicly was what he was saying to them whether you believe them or not. And you know we just hit a law. Thanks for giving me you're all I think they were kind burger king live eat and which is why are also being. I don't mark Allen cracked it in KJ of all that they're coming back. I think we might be a little premature on that I'm I'm I'm curious I have nothing to base that on budget debate on the fact that. It seemed like what they were saying to us after the game what it really wasn't realistic. Considering what we've just until the last week. Of action. I wonder if in the heat of the moment they just said that and you know now that they've had some time to digest. I still think it's gonna be kind of interest in the offseason. In terms who's back who's not occurred. And I told you that at every game I really think if you look at this roster I don't. People talk about how these recruiting and how. You know you've mentioned you probably you know he wouldn't get these are costs and if he had recruited into Memphis too if you would have been good to be years ago. But I think there's only like one or two guys to actually think he would recruit on the structure I think it Jeremiah Martin is the type is that each type of player. Maybe Marc Carroll. But other than that I got I think if you look but now on this roster I'd venture tubby would have recruited. Get in am talking more not in terms of star rating your Arab talking in terms of he looks I can do it it doesn't it in demeanor that he. You need a certain type of coach he's not gonna he's not out. I wouldn't save a player's coach he's more of old school Arnaud di and you gotta have a big kid and to deal him. And you know when you do any look at some of those Princeton Kentucky team that think you look at guys like Keith Bogans Tayshaun Prince trade on Rondo. They were guys who you know could handle. He is brand of coaching. And I think he's still I think he's more interest in locating military say kids. And going after fat star recruit the Boston. And so by yet that that locker room he would strange. I really thought. You know maybe they were just you know I maybe you're just putting on the possible create Barack but he didn't. It didn't refer it seemed like they were delusion a little bit out where they are that team because I think what they showed at the end of the year is that. You know that this under. For awhile there it seemed like this somewhat greater than the parts were fifteen and I think what you saw toward and then the year was. You know this team wandering correcting but two I think confronted with the reality that one they did have any shooters they didn't get true point guard they didn't and he. I. And I don't think they had a coach that national data and cleanly yet. Sometimes that happens in the first year and that's why I'm interested to see what tubby does this cost even. Good I don't know that the worst thing in the world you know not as they clean house but it like a clean slate and really. You know I have a new foundation because obviously. Something went terribly wrong here down the stretch you know complete it is what are the same team over the last couple weeks the team like he walked to a certain extent. Yeah I don't know how you define it quit lost them whatever else but you don't lose. By 71 points and in key combined in two games. Unless there's something more than hey we didn't quite have enough talent to keep up with Central Florida hit up central Florida's a good team but and had a thirty point better team. So something went wrong I don't know whether it was quitting. Or. Hitting a wall or. Do you wouldn't you have words to describe go to wondered what what what what went wrong of those last two games. I think they get I think they will be you have the same fight it and that they did earlier I mean you. They weren't you remember I just think back to the Central Florida deed in Memphis. When they went down eight nothing ever and we were sitting there next to each other and merlot whoa that could be ugly. And then repeated that came just clawed their way back in the game. I really point to and a lot of people point the order trip. When they've curfew after the South Florida game and probably got really mattered on. Bite they responded after that they have like one of their best game of the year and also. I really pointed UConn game one made when they just blew that lead in the second half. And then had an entire week to think about it including an entire week and worked hard in the staff went down recruiting. And these guys were just on their own in med sit and you know I think a lot had a lot of different people in their years about bowl being such a big lead and I think that's where you point to where. Something that can go where and they go out in Cincinnati get the barn doors blown off in the first half. And you know then they play two lane and it's you know I know they'd be to blame but it wasn't Billy crede you're trailing two lane at. Time and then not be the last two games. So. From I can't put a finger yet on what exactly happened I think.

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