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March 13, 2017 - Hour 2 with "The 9:01" at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing

Mar 13, 2017|

Chris Herrington is on Spring Break with his family, so Geoff discusses today's edition of "The 9:01" with Jeffrey Wright before Jeffrey presents Geoff with a Buy or Sell regarding Tubby Smith. Next, Geoff presents today's Take Five. Then, the show concludes with Geoff's Closing Argument presented by Ken Rash Memphis and the Byte of the Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Part of it you know mark up Crawford with the leader this team and really struggled down the stretch. So I think that affected being that. I think a problem with this team that diedrich law that was the best player but when you're around and it's pretty obvious. He's not really the leader type either really talented player. But he wasn't a guy who was gonna lead this team out of them away peace Egypt are really talented player I don't think he. And that they need yet to be a leader. So I actually do with a lack of leadership and it was just in general I think you know. I think some there was a disconnect between men and Tubby Smith. Even if it's even if they said you know they've settled a late Payne. Obviously I didn't think. There was a disconnect between what they were saying and what they would do. And then the last question and I've kept along you got back and do. Our recruiting what's the after what's he doing what's happening now. So he was this past week and humid day in Georgia. He went to a junior college in Chiron Davenport I think they. Junior college guys at 2813. Point gunpoint. Thirteen rebound he offered him on the spot there. I think you're gonna see a picture I think. Wanted to know you wanna keep an eye on you know Princeton Illinois just fired their coach they ever really get the inquirer I think he I could see them trying to get involved with. Kid like that when you know with the coaching terror of going on I think they're gonna look to the junior college ranks. In grad transfers Buckeyes I think tubby knows that he needs some guidance for next year. I mean you lose deedrick. You need an interior player for next year. And you needed shooter for next it's kind of being issued they had going into the seat and I mean they're the worst three point shooting team in the country. And that the way to gain of going back not a formula for success he need to add some shooters on the launcher. And that they need simple I mean. Eager put a player on the team and even playing out of position that the spies and now you're more than likely gonna lose ten. Om OK and Karine a but some days that it Egyptian kid who is ineligible this year. But I think you're gonna see I think it could it be junior college kid I think it's gonna be grad transfers. I don't know you know but if there's an. Pressure incoming actually available right now unless it's someone from like someone you recruiting class that. Got fired there's a reason why there are still available right now I don't know if you wanna use scholarship on a guy. You know EE it's got to be the right person because of technically speaking it is a 22 team recruited available right now they're you read and why they're available. I think they're gonna add at least two players that coffee on whether it's junior college grad transferred or another 2017 record won a combination. Mark you're awfully nice to join us safe trip as you make your way back to Memphis good luck back and thank you very much we'll talk on the road. Our area under that is mark GA and auto MG and not go on Twitter has stepped in some of said to me the other day that they don't know that. There's a lot of awfully good B raiders. In this. Town covering the Memphis Tigers in Memphis football. Teams but. The combination of time shouted marching and now is as good as I think the paper has. Ever so thrilled to have him to a site relate for a break not a one at 1001 coming up next we gotta get into the we got to get in the cal Perry. And the NCAA tournament is just talking showed ninety minutes of music. Mike and Mike in the morning weekdays at 5 AM till 9 AM. This is my life. That drip about it this way. There's a nickel. 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Infinity is an official partner of the NCAA men's basketball NCAA March Madness are registered trademarks of the national collegiate athletic association. Empowered to draw. Back to the jets coaches. Three US stores. Oh man 680. On 92 million everything. No lines. Now it's been 901 at 1001. Then 901 commercial appeal dot com. Then listen Nintendo laundry Chris Harrington 90 wall. It's no doubt because narrow agendas on spring break it for him it is spring break week my kids are on spring break. Thank god for spring break. Him but what that means is that others are filling in on the 901 today was mark regions. For the commercial appeal wrote and I want to urge you to read it over commercial appeal dot com that song. We normally ask Chris Harrington what the fate out one as well that song was that song. Is called Memphis in winter. But a British singer songwriter Michael Chapman. An elder statesman from the UK folk scene of the sixties the seventies tuchman Chad reported a medicine album called wrecked began in 1971. And now he is a new record on bad publicity for hunting Memphis in winter that was. Was Memphis and their winter also on the night no one. John by forest remembers the pub crawls of the same for the infamous saint patty's pub crawls. Which were a thing of the past. I think in the past but were quite a scene of the buttery. We gonna talk about in the segment though we do have to get the NCAA tournament cal Perry. But as we were going to break. Jeffrey Wright ask me questions Jeffrey asked me that question. Jeff byers cell at the beginning of the 201819. Basketball season that Tubby Smith will be the head coach of the Memphis Tigers. So that's that this coming year that's the next correct. I. Think you will be kept. Listen there war. While it's only baca. I wrote a column in Sunday's paper. Saying that the Memphis Tigers. Will be good. That I mean let's be honest it's painful you simply wants a selection Sunday show. And you see all those names of all those teams. People fill out their brackets and they don't know where they're going and then. All those teams. Collected for their watch parties and and when you're left out. It a little painful. It is a little painful. And so after pounding the tigers for the last couple. Weeks for their efforts which have been abysmal. I thought it was important write something that I believe. Which is that ultimately this program will be relevant again and I say that because. I'm in will be good again. And I say that because of two things. People care too much for not to be as you look at sports in college sports. The programs fundamentally do best other programs they care the most is a reason that Alabama. Is best of football it makes a good you have a historically best of football. It's because. This Alabama the state produces some bigger football players now. It does Alabama wants to be great football more than anybody else like they don't you think that's truly care more than anyone else fantastic point. I'm and that usually translates ultimately translate that degree of passion visits it means that they put resources to it. Means that they keep trying means that they fire coaches. Who who don't live up to that standard it means a day don't ask don't have patience and put pressure on coaches don't live up to that standard. It's. That kind of anecdote why it's like the weird to me when people talk about the unfair expectations of coaches and how awful it is that the University of Memphis. Not understanding that it's those expectations that have helped drive driven the drive the success over the years those expectations. Fuel the success and reward those expectations that you'd be southern us or whoever else you know and basketball like. That's a huge part of the difference Memphis caters immensely about basketball and as long as it does. It will ultimately be good at basketball and then the second reason they do ultimately be good a basketball. Is that. The Taliban has produced here. Is. You don't never stops they're good they're better years are worse years. But you should despite what anyone don't let anyone tell you that Memphis kids don't wanna go to the universe loves have you given a reason to go to university loves the wanna go to the universe in Memphis. And and so between the passion and the talent pool. And the history just look at them like they've always been like that device had moments of being down and they always come back. After gene Bartow is championship brother went years without leaving incidentally general wind suitably tournament appearance. But they came back in the had a Dana Kirk years. And then they had six years I think it was was at six I wrote about in my column six years after the after. Italy and at the end of the the very end of the finch area and through the start. The John cal Perry I think was six years without going to an NCAA tournament but then they came back they always come back and they welcome back so I ultimately do believe. This program will be. But again if there are there are impediments the third in use today. One is the presence of the grizzlies. It's simply competition continues to exist. That simply true once upon a time if you were eight year old or six year old or twelve year old you're gonna from Memphis there was one team mature fan out and it was the Memphis tiger basketball team. Now it tends to be the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team that's an impediment to competition this is a great partners there's there's cooperative as they can possibly be. But their presence does not help. The universe Memphis is just doesn't the other impediment and I think the larger one is the conference structure and that's I've been much more money to. To power five schools. Where the money to glamorize how does look absolutely determined. This this this year and and you'll see it just look at the under seedings. Of teams not in the Palestine conference it is a power front announces it is harder and harder and harder when you're outside. The par five to compete so a new challenges the universe announcers but. But I think fundamentally as I said I think glory days will return not jump cal Perry glory days but there will be glory days of overturn. The second question then is will they return under tubby. I did not say that in my column. Because I'm deeply skeptical. I'm skeptical. At the moment he was tired. I was skeptical at. You know like. We just talk about. The girl thing is basically. Is wonder if he was fit. A program that needed a you know they needed a jolt. Got a knack. And and so I do worry about that. And I I worry about. His unwillingness to brought the program and I worry about more importantly. Whether he can recruit because that's the main part. Where he can recruit effectively to the program. As we've seen here have been the sweet sixteen since Kentucky Evans is when it resumed any one everywhere is that is that one of the Memphis level of who has done. The numbers the level that's expected here. He squeaked in NCAA tournaments. At Texas second minute Minnesota. It's got a sweet sixteen. And in his last eight. Conference tournaments game last eight conference tournament games. He's one and seven. So I think there are things to be worried about tubby. And I think it's why he these wild fire rumors about tubby looking for another job. You know message board it's gone nuts with the Todd is looking for a way out that he's looking for a way out now make moment make make no mistake I think Mercury and I was right. This job is harder than he thought it was gonna be. And I think if the Missouri and LSU or you name it. Came and offered an NC state was the big on the people were loving to throw around offered to be a jab to I think he'd leave Memphis. After one year I absolutely them. I think there's a crater that a school like that's gonna offer to do the job. Given that what they observed this year Memphis not a prayer. If they dill Memphis will of escaped in a bad escaped twice played last last year they escaped but they were given a gift. And do I believe that they will be given a gift again no I do not. And two I believe the tub is gonna walk away from three million bucks. A year nine million bucks total no I do not and I don't believe the mud Memphis has either the money. Or the stomach to fire him. I do not. I don't think you shoot fire out. I mean even if they had the money other whatever the fire now would be insanity I'd Ali insanity. So. So so here's what I believe. I believe we have to get a barn tubby ball and I mean he is going to be bill is very clearly gonna rebuild. And he is. Gonna bring in his own guys and he's got Garrett Killen. And who knows if in the end JJ will return or not he was saying he would return. But to the circumstances to the changing circumstances meaning you won't go to I don't I don't know. I think it's it's open to question. I think deedrick we'll certainly be gone I think mark cal cal set absolutely in the locker room afterwards that he would be back it is never plans are no plans are leading. He's a graduate Chancery in May. Makes sense to communicate Jim Martell comeback in the latter minutes Jeremiah has been really good never quit never stop planned. And then he'll get his own guys. And I think it will be slower rebuild does that bring in a five star guys that bring in Derrick Rose is gonna come used a dumb dumb people's Edwin Mason freshman. He's gonna bring in here people here he's gonna mold them into a team and in years three. Or four. He's gonna get to an NCAA tournament. What could possibly happen you ask me he's gonna be here at the start of 201819. Does that. So what are your what are what are the circumstances under which she would not be here. The one thing that mark so that I had that caused some red flags or fuel pump my antennas up. I don't like when I hear gonna have to go to the junior college ranks. I don't think it's good book what circumstances would cause him to leave. Under what circumstances would he leave those let's say he has a year next year it's worse than this year you just plausible which is most big loses best player. Odds are next you'll be worse than this year right I still don't understand what. So I made a situation in which both parties come to the table. On May not unlike what happened to pastor obviously it would have been much more quickly and the difference there the difference there. Is that. Pastor was coming to the table with another job off it's good chip to greased palm a little bit to leaf sure they what they were just trying to derail the past and to pay him off from they don't have the kind of money. So they ever have among the kind of money or make someone go away that a kind of money and it's premature anyway there impediment to make Tubby Smith go Y future. To pay in a tubby after next year. Would still be owed I think you got forty years and you get 66 million dollars and has the kind of money. They already know they can't they can't build a football practice facility they had to take the the new new athletic. Back Rex this Rex senator and they had to scale down the senate backs did come back cheaper. I'm not criticizing the U which is reality know that grow on trees over there can't let it doesn't and SEC school and so there have. So so. There are 33 way silicon leaf. And get another gig now the study has a worse year next year. He's not get another gate ideally you're older does that get another excellent get another day that's one way. The delete secondly they can leave as they did just retired. Held off on their homes had had enough. That does not strike me as the person who's just gonna apparently money on the table agreed and so that the third way believe it is to fire him and they don't have the money to fire him so. I don't think he's Lleyton I think after years three. It might be a discussion in other words if you two or more ahead years right it might be a discussion. To see if we can encourage tubby belief. But I don't see. Many east circumstances under which W will not be back not just come in this coming year when I fully expect him to be back but the next year. So what you hope. Is that thus. Vote tugging away. Which is fine and three starters and you pros and transfers and whatever else and coach them. You hope it works. Because that is that's all it is to do is to hope it works end. I don't have great confidence I suspect it's cubbies here for forty years he will get to an NCAA tournament. I think that I I would bet that lives for years he would get to an NCAA tournament. I don't know they'll be here for years. And I don't know the that would be a sweet sixteen and I think that's where the program aunts and I'm listen to what he said he complained about the expectations. In Memphis put to the matter is you can't. You lose to your last two games for 71 points it rips away any illusions and anything. And there's no way you can complain about fans griping when you just lost two games. By 71 points electing a break come back and take sides Jeff Hawkins showed Eddie Tina and has been face. Jason Smith from nineteen. Sonic bracket challenge. I'm ESPN dot. In the App Store before you. Huge prizes including thousand dollars for the visa gift cards of 55 inch HD Smart TV 500 dollars a Christian Brothers auto mode and more prizes round around. 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And the freedom of a cell phone with our iPhone and android apps features include multiple extensions for your team calls authority to your mobile phones bush mills transcribed to email and so much more see how it works it grasshopper dot com the entrepreneur numerous phone system. This you know. NFL NBA as CNN three restaurant. I see saving. The challenge he did not. Five story. On the Jeff cook and show. On the 829. Murder online in this giant cal Perry may be coming back to Memphis to bring his sticky wildcats to FedEx Forum. He was on TV last night live clip them on TV last night we did have a clip of him on TV this is from ESPN's. Bracket out. Oh. I hug them off. Yeah he was give a couple that he said so I don't have to hear Jake. I mean oh JJ. Hello. So that was fairly clear what he was indicate now wasn't that instead of six figure does Vista really failures indicating there. So. We feel about it how to feel about cal coming back to count it certainly will be great theater I'm of two months. On the one game and I think the fundamental question maybe later on illegal ask the people but it's. The fundamental question is do you want to make it to Memphis or now. And that would involve of course a game. I would just day to everyone agrees is growing understated as the tenth. I yes I am that that that they will play presumably they beat Dayton there there pat. It's a 710 game and the favored by six and a half points yes or state which suggest how badly. The committee screwed that one up. Mom. They are eleven to decide and ratings they're eight contend Tom and I. And yet they're Tennessee. And there's 34. And so it'll likely be Wichita State in Kentucky in the second round to get to Memphis. So. The Memphis fans who famously most of you still hate John cal Perry. Do you want him to win. And you get back here. Or do you want him to lose and not get back here. The argument for me. Goes lights. On the one hand. I was wondering who's. And so that's my consistent posture with John contrary. Our Islam is. And so. And and it had a wonderfully ignominious if he didn't get out of there get to the sweet sixteen into a lost which to escape. So that's the one argument. And then the further argument is is the whole John being back in Memphis will be a little revolts that they'll be such a show. Right chair. So those arguments for not wanting John to return tried stories and one not the arguments for awarding him to return. Our. It will be good for Memphis economically absolutely Kentucky fans com and they spend money. And lots of money they'll pack the place. All of you who've bought tickets can now scalp them to those Kentucky. Fans you'll make money around April make money hotels will make money. Everyone only money when Kentucky comes to town and it will be the biggest most glamorous show. Com rights to have to have Kentucky UCLA. On that first in that first game will be tremendous. Ranked yes and so we want the show we want. The fund we want the entertainment. End the flip side of having cal Perry back and having almost nauseating stories about cal Perry coming back. Is cal Perry coming back and having all those entertaining stories about cal Perry coming back casino he will say interesting things. It will be wildly entertaining but be the last of things to talk about. I think I will tell you that's my general statements. Is I want cal Perry will lose an all conference. Call me small petty. But on this particular. Issue. I want him to beat Wichita State who come to Memphis yet and lose. Against UCLA presumably organs are Carolina had a voice is at that point had not gonna risk him winning so there earlier he can go out the depth OK so. AZ it. The whole Kelly yeah I don't mind that. Kentucky fans will bought their tickets and everything else it's a little tough because then you're losing a loved some days are spending by Kentucky canceled this. Flying out of here right. After if they lose to UCL I put presumably that road North Carolina fans could buy it could be could buy them up don't you get a huge influx of UCLA fans. I think that's probably highly unlikely so. But should probably still get enough North Carolina fans that. That that anyway so I guess that probably one of blues on the first on the first so bottom I want to come to you. I am I'm always the stage for Memphis it's better in my opinion if you could somehow create aid. Regional semifinal and final of North Carolina in TSU. Kentucky UCLA I think that's a huge win for. You could guarantee me that he would lose to you to go to North Carolina wanna. Don't ever take that right does that go ahead it is painful and you get doubled plus then you get the full weekend of what a tricky spending. If you let that Guerin TV that he would lose tonight Carolina. I would take that bias big events in if you get if you guide it'll be a big event I don't returning here is a big event okay garden number two who are at the rest of the NCAA. Field of course is that will be spending more time on it. Later this week things that stuck out. Is that you get a six stuck out to me I thought that was insane. But SMU and Cincinnati are sixes and they will both. Play the winner of playing games yet so I I'm I'm not. I'm not that and Cincinnati I can I am I I don't mind Cincinnati getting a six as much I think SMU was under seeded. As a sex I. And sandy. Today over seated as a nine. But they play my not a diplomat northwestern. Wildcats so that'll be that'll be entertaining South Carolina I thought over seated as a seven. But fundamentally there was basically no outrage. Over anyone who was left out in the the Ed particularly because the complain there's. And one of them was Jim behind who was such a freaking Weiner anyway taking shots. At Greensboro taken shots at the kid. Less of a question earlier this shows the NIT committed so. There's Syracuse now plays UNC Greensboro uncertain droughts and chatted on its fantastic. So. So. There was no complaining over anyone getting shafted there was not basically there was none. In my pants the great part about. The way they've determined is the way the tournament is essentially compiled today it's very magically driven you know Jeff today and this. Also like you left your you know attributed to the year before he knew the other but the still objections. This year I didn't because of the proverbial soft bubble yeah there was is such a soft bubble is just nobody who had a legitimate gripe. I did think that army and Gary Parrish who was on the show Charles what. That was a Larry I would surreal I looked up I got all my god that's Aires City. Hall hills and Carl's. It is just very coolly. That the reason they have Gary there. Apart from his dashing good looks stunning is rape your way at his best really of a breathtaking boardroom. Is. We're all due respect. Charles Barkley knows nothing. Like no thing he he. Absolutely he can't. See nothing. And so. And they needed someone there who know something we don't everything and it literally every bit. So it was if it was zip so I really did have this picture of Charles sitting standing in the middle and Gary just running circles around him yes it's what it felt like. This is also why it doesn't funny dude and everything else. And is opinions on the NBA you may not agree with you at least knows what's going on in the NB he's watched it he's passionate he or you literally had watched none of that. And so for Gary for Terry hatton because that's a heavy load child market for potato pocket put money back and carry him like that. He's got to be sorted out I just picture a shout out to GPS I just pictured a mind of Wendy wood breaks like highlights of Gary just. Like fiercely variety notes here charts they simply don't talk I didn't wonder if they fed him the things that he would sat. Because Ernie goes to him first as is Arnie. Is that your Charles had any problems with a one seed and he says I'll tell you what I am probably. He's bubbly for notes and he's he's that I would probably he's going about fuel which does state point Denny said in an up but first you have an Arab problem once he he wasn't. Prepared for that very difficult question and so he didn't really have a say about the once he messed. And so that later I'd come back to him to about and I did wonder if they fed him the Wichita State stuff the Wichita State adding that he might imagine there's a new thing as well. But that was just. A funny thing to watch his Gary literally knows everything and Charles literally knows nothing and so it was it was quite a scene Iowa exact numbers three and continues in the NFL I didn't weigh in on a lot of this happened last last late last week some of the dead. I continued to despise the New England Patriots knew. Who. Of all the players who moved. Teams yet. It. Did the patriots get the two best. Literally be single to best players. Who moved teams by train or by free agency. Clinton got that there's no debt to better players as a combination and they got was trying to go more branded cups. I think they may literally have gotten beat two best players to have changed teams I think it comes down to what do you think of Terrelle Pryor. Yeah but I think I knew that he he's poison and so I mean there's aspects of them that are poison and so I hate that I hate that of course of course I hate that. I loved what Cleveland did I don't know how anyone like the idea that anyone does along with Cleveland that is is silly to me they've got. A Brazilian. Draft picks now but they still have to hit on the quarterback shared and if I word. Them. I would. People still part of my problem. I mean the whole point of it is. Of getting that second round pick was hopefully that they can package it to make something enticing for Barack below. Or. Possibly move by the business on these guys I would just kept Patrick Holmes the guy's a monster. I'd I'd taken at twelve though LOK you know whatever you trade up in the medals at first the ball. Do you take it at twelve thing for a quarterback seems almost stupid to me. If he's a franchise quarterback you can take him at twelve chair if he's not a franchise quarterback don't take it at all. This idea. It's it's that the bill's always did just talked about we like Russell Wilson who liked well enough where I can take it three where it would take that full level that is double him. If you have a chance. If you think there is a reasonable chance that someone is that. A franchise quarterback take them whenever it doesn't. When you take them. Particularly if you think Patrick Holmes is a stud and is quite different as quarterback. If you take him twelve capital stupid. He turns out to be. But you should have that conviction one way or another item I would take him. Okay yeah you know what else I don't you'll still suck for next year and the next year you take whatever whatever Sandler or whoever it is what what whatever your quarterback for next year's. Draft you like as your sucked this year anyway so go ahead and suck again and I don't know probably the most elect. Well Paul. He puts a high premium on production. And and production at the college level I'm very very interested to see if they play it coy based on kind of the of the things that read about. I'd that he loves to Shawn Watson. He is a big believer of production matters. Watson produced. Yes he had some interceptions early but his second half of the season was fantastic I would be very I'll be very intrigued to see by production what do you think of of OJ Howard production matters he's he's a mom is aimed physical monsters but is not productive if I had an asterisk next to him because last year wasn't his fault. It is so why do you know what you say production yes but when that we knew. He's never produced it the glass. Last year last year was completely window when they brutal and he was some unbelievable but because jail Hertz was a freshman and basically they're lumped her dad and they weren't they certainly were brought over the middle the. Interesting story is. Is out of Washington. Whereas Villone where they fired the general manager of dodged a play and yet in the towards kids are. Oh that was an awful lot to do that but this fired Scott McLaughlin who is the a Redskins GM. And there's an argument over whether he was fired for being drunk and whether he was fired. 'cause he wanted to trade Kirk cousins and other rev rest of the management did not. I'll say this I went back and read a piece. That separately Kashin had done on Scott McLaughlin. Erin. He was GM of the 49ers. Was let go because of a house. He was then. Hired to be an executive with Seattle. Was let go because about calls. And so quick to slam champ Ben before he got this next gig in Washington went and visited him at a farm where he was living missile farmhouse and in Washington Oregon somewhere to the northwest. And he had been hired by teams within 75 grand to a security teams have been 75 grand to look at players. And he was coming to grips with the demons marriages fall apart whatever just as alcoholism whatever else is trying to decide whether you wanna get into it. And here's the thing. SF with December's inner feeling him. He was candlelight dinner. And he was sameness. What I realize is my problem is in the year I can drink beer I just can't drink vodka. That is the kind of law. That the person inside the third of the beast inside of an addict tells the that lets them to continue to be an ad. And so. When literally you are having a piece written on YouTube profile you to help you get back in the game. And you. That's what your common. You're talking about your alcoholism. As you are drinking a light beer and explaining to the reporter that you can drink beer just not by Coca. You've got a problem. And and it suggests to me. That as much as I think the Redskins are crap organization. There might well be something to the idea that he was fired. For being a continuing alcohol what's next number four. More NFL lose rob O'Leary former Memphis tiger. That read your movie can sit and hit her head and goes to Denver he gets four years. 35 million dollars for years 35 million dollar in bad not bad for proud Memphis Tigers because of its tightest resumes spring football not a moment too still live. Fair. This week we can turn our attention to football which lies mattered most in the city anyway what's next. Numbers fly once they have a distinction. So there's this game show on him nitrogen as this game show in England it's just about a story I heard this yesterday. And it the end of the game show. There's two contestants OK and they each have eight ball. And one ball says Steele yes and one balsa split at a camp. And so. They can unbeknownst to the other one may have picked one of those balls and then they reveal them at the same time okay. Both peoples they split they split the pot whether it is honored and 200 and whatever stood closest yet. If both say steal. Neither gets any none and it nobody gets out and got if one says Steele and the other says split. The guy who says Steele the woman who says Steele. Gets the money. And you are allowed before they do this to talk to your person to person they say here you go what he did so what happens is this a op system split. Where it is split. I I my mother's wouldn't mom on mother's life. I am telling you I'm gonna be split while we all this money out of the Clinton if I'm ball slugged right now whenever I'm introduced. And the other persist albums but to none of these people up any audience would be fired and didn't do split after I promised you I was gonna be split and then invariably one person's a steel orders a split while bush looks like an idiot. Right yes so that's what happened so there's this guy who goes on the show. And he has a new strategy in mind. He goes to show and he should get to get through this last stage and he says. And and the and the one that Abraham was that one was that this has could a person who's competing against his name and Ebert consistency split this is to split. And nurses and tell me what I'm gonna pick the steel. I'm going to do ski. I'm telling you right now you'll not allegedly offer ski. I'm gonna do ski if you also do steal we get nothing but if you do split after the show on that you have money. This criminal the what are we just to split or just both teams split. And we'll share the money to and I'll I'll I'll trust you. Let's do that game there I'm going to do steal period you're not going to pledged I'm gonna do Steele seemed to choices here. You can either I'll tell you undo once the and you can either. Split. In which case I'll get the money and I'll give you have. More fuel steel which was about that's fine I'm prepared to walk away when nothing. And they talked for off the air they get to talk they'll show the whole thing but they talked for like 45 minutes and even gotten better and matter and matter because he's had just pushed. And now I'm to a steel finally Abraham K. He said okay fine I'll just I'll do I'll displayed you do steal you I'm gonna have to trust you give me the money. Abraham turns every ball he disciplined. The other guy turns terrorist ball he display. Wild and a split. It was beautiful. And the guy the other guys are hero. He gives all the money he's been a forty forwarding ships or different kinds gives all his money to a children's charity care for all the money. But so the point is and they went back to Abraham and they interviewed him afterwards and has said what were you gonna do it and he said I'm absolutely gonna to steal. He said I I would have stole it I was going to do steal because it's one thing first both the walk away but no money. But for if if if if I had done split and he had done Steele I thought it eighty chump I wasn't gonna let that happen he's out of a 100% and reduce feel he only persuaded me to do split. By ice by telling me that he was actually introduced deal. And sell and then suddenly left and then of course he didn't want to do this thing we're at where at the end of the show they had to split the money so having made sure it Abraham did split. He was able to display until they split the money analyst happily after that I ever. That a brilliant but a game very. Axl I also love Iowa game shows like that that that force yeah. Force here basically agree each other and also reveal who you lie yes I was facing my whole nature thing. Average American minister doctor Sherman you can ask him is there. We in 1000 dollars worth fifty. CNN Sunday bracket challenge now. ESPN it's regularly in the best in the story. At a sonic bracket challenge jazz is just now. Or 929 espn.com. Welcome to my. 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Now back to the jets caught his show did based on the 929 FIMESTNN. Through your App Store online and 829 espn.com. And see exceedingly well. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Now here. Back when McCain. Voice away number. Trivia. Oh it's the closing arguments presented by ten ration Memphis. This play tonight against Milwaukee effects while I said this in my column today. Let's just be enthusiastic and nice tonight in Al. This they'll get the starting lineup back. There's no point Bowen people. I would give him the perception Gemma Parsons got the other day at a restaurant. I didn't allow this kid he's gotten so far enough this time you don't have to ones I just wanna have to know that we're better than that. And all the for the best. Well to finally get a victory and get off the show not a good as they say what's next few years there. Bite of the day. Just some kids according to USA today there's a video of kids trying to put out some of the hardest names in college basketball and I don't envy them at all. I admit. Carl last. Looks like make them. Like to remind you again you can sign up for the Sonics bracket challenge at 99 espn.com. It's right there on the top you can. Go against the experts of 99 in air quotes he could win 500 dollar visa gift cards authorities Samsung 55 inch TV coming up next on Jason and Jon. Brady Davis of radiology. Will join them at 1245171001. Tony five rob doctor. NBC sports we'll join GP at port 25 as well Jeff at 5 o'clock. Let's listen nobody we will be back to my allergies. Hay from our business. This is an easy one Bartlett dilemma as Memphis kid and I love this afternoon. And ESPN's son Bradley's challenge presented its Memphis title. I didn't see trouble agreeing to undermine save money at sunrise. I used cars election really took so. Cars and trucks that are. 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