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Jason & John - 3/13/17 - Hour 1

Mar 13, 2017|

Jason & John open the show and spend the first hour talking about the NCAA Tournament, Grizzlies, and Tigers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know an initial payment card type license options for 1808620. Or 06 for details call friends 330 on seventeen. Infinity is an official partner of the NCAA men's basketball NCAA March Madness are registered trademarks of the national collegiate athletic association. Power to draw. In Memphis in sports station. That's real way of I'm mainly getting the stuff they. Listen language in the now you. And that really got we've now. Oh yeah. We have time. I'll take where John and I think that's Manhattan DS yeah. Coming off of a big weekend it is cold it is when Madonna we have got a big show to warn them all up yeah we do there is a you know. Million things to talk about that we need to get to today. There should be a lot of fun at 1245. Brandy Davis who was our social media girl. He's gonna join us in studio. For what I like to call radiology but let's say one thing she does social media woman's pain yes you me our social media woman that is an old girl. She's a real woman that's right so she will join us at 1245. And we're gonna get her fixed voice and because as you know I'm reading this book when I'm reading this book about fancy sports and gambling and as you know yeah. We had a guy out who wrote the. Last week and what we found them what I've done in this book is that if you got the less you know about. The sport and who. The better chance you have at making a rational decision that's the theory you've come up with. That's the theory updating us on the list that's that there that he came up with an Intel years of driving to talking to professionals yeah I mean I have yeah I I think what professionals say is more than likely true. And so we're gonna. Put that to the test with Brent. She does I don't even know when the last at least she said she used to watch 'cause bass while she's at Mississippi State I don't know how much she watched right. But our picks should be interest so we're gonna get excited about it at 1245 with radiology at 145. Evident as ever Daniels joins us every single Monday he would join us at once without we will break down the NCAA tournament. Who he likes him he doesn't like his final four picks I thought out my bracket this morning. I would say. If feels like it's a pretty. I guess it does every year but this I don't I don't know if I love you need double digit are lower seed this year I don't. That you a lot of chocolate like to me but it has a lot of chalk on your bracket. I'm not and come away effect. Look there's a just a lot of upsets in this thing I think he'll be one the most fun turning we've had a lot well and the good news. For the city of Memphis is that. The south region is by far goodness the best reach we did it. Right yet they the city of Memphis did like the quality of basketball that we've been subjected to. It's almost been worth it because the basketball gods smile down upon us yes they did and it has they did you're a man the end you are gonna be treated to some amazing basketball. And we and we sixteen and elite eight it ain't gonna be from the tigers. But there's going to be some amazing basketball played inside but it's formed in college. Next weekend so that should be a ton of fun. We're gonna talk about the grizzlies and the weekend and all of the developments very new easy weekend for your Memphis Grizzlies. We will talk about the video that I may you live right in the middle of the news Annan. We will talk about that. Sounds those take in my thinking about it I'm not. I'm a journalist. I'm a journalist I shine a light and on I'm not saying your decision of loaded up their arms and and shake my head about the act itself the act itself that white on white crime was indeed. Very nice thing. Balls lead to be honest with you are you have the word savage. It was says savagery it really was. We will talk about that woods David Israel's decision to. Weirdly go back to the original starting lineup I just don't understand. Let's say thank you have many guys he's lost it we will talk about that. In the very next segment but what we've first must discuss. Is. The likelihood. And Chris you know as well embraced this. The likelihood. Of Warner and John Vincent cal Perry he is making. Final four run pass me the route the city of Memphis this apparent ladies and gentlemen. I loved the way you're smiling through this whole thing and we'll get here you spot as long as Kentucky takes care of business units and they show you wanna. I thought they'd take care of business. He is going to calm and Memphis its done cal Perry make this retired. He has no idea he can have no idea how giving you are those guys because she doesn't know who he. The only new doesn't have to know how to get a I have faith is not about me it's not about me and all you look at McEnroe. It's about it adds another level. The montage and he's is one minute appearance. It is. Hey you could not write this better and now it's been almost ten years. They're TC. Nick has had the opportunity. To see North Carolina. Kentucky. And UCLA. You just could not advance for a better bracket and a better. The rest of the rest of the south region right there do I mean if you got middle Tennessee and everybody loves but but Cincinnati Arkansas that whole south region is. There's also a lucky thing for. It's. Dangerous somehow gonna make a magical run again due date travel and I mean it was. My dad they would clear it would have the same last time they were here is what 2014 yeah. There is coming back from bad to. Can we do. Like that we just. Is there anybody have any active mentor for him like what do you do if your mouth I don't no amount above everything. Is there any way that we should just like. We re install him as life. Thank goodness they head coach Americans or something like anything. A short. For 201516. Honor him as part of a banquet that god or his hall of fame induction. And they bungle that news but you remember why. What gives us lose the backlash government public mass of people still want they couldn't stand it they didn't want him coming back home. Yeah I didn't want a banquet twelve when they left president would know about it I have to. We did get a Kentucky North Carolina. Holy days which would be asked to. I mean that's like that would be the that would be probably to that point to help pay for the game of the turn. Have a very polite you don't really believe he's really gonna make an earlier powerful. Oh yes I've consumer. This is who do you feel thing that could possibly happen this. But the food and there's a couple questions. Why. Historians will be in the building today who have. It's Kentucky North Carolina visited my day. So we hope I don't think we thought it was very few left I don't see all their will be a dramatic. Blue wing of Khaled variants athletic sport because it's got to beat Kentucky fans that's who's got a big. Yes that is an athlete got limited tickets remaining for the south remotely if everything's on the bottom so fast. I doubt we'll be doing and tiger and stated you have purchased those before who. You really made it may well I'll make some money like I begged I pleaded yesterday that he did that he got a 300 dollar lower level ticket and he's gonna make bank. Sans cheese name on the path is gonna make bank. I wish I'd done that. Yeah so that. What are. That is going to be fun you know we're gonna we're gonna make sure. That he doesn't leave this town because we're all assuming he's gonna make you you're John will wind it's it's at the stars at certain stones are we to make sure before he leaves they'll. He knows who you won't believe we need to he promised us he'd come back on this he did he promised us that he would. Making its all armed an upsurge our calendars that are broken a promise before night's epic John cal Perry is a man of his word. Yeah I'll tell that tell don't let the genie young who's your who's there was so funny. A disrespect when there's a man of his word do you love him. I I hold onto as well I think this job held very common back pathetic form for a sweet sixteen early date is the most interesting thing that happened. And that has happened in that building in the last five years period. Period it's been mostly a back three of sadness. Him and think some mouse over the last August and better he's played amateur and a little I don't know that I'm I'm I'm Tom I don't sit in that building every power play in hot wheels on the settlement NBA and is thought about how I'm Merrill a bit. You guys understood where I was coming from it wasn't like I was saying. The grizzlies always do what an out of your belly does feel like that a lot lately. That's what they don't let your immunity that was a lot of love and certainly you know unless you have a specific. Is a model but it is going to be something. I really hope I hope Wichita State Gregg Marshall does not get in the way of us. Because I won't meet Erik yeah device that and that's the popular thing is that was just ain't gonna be Kentucky no they're not. They're not prevent bleeding Ron baker are gone I got to be excited stupid I got I cannot imagine not having the man like to tell people are so stupid. That's what pisses me off people are stupid you think Wichita State you're gonna beat Kentucky. Do you really think that. Does anybody really think that Wichita State any intimate and I. It's. Not music totally new class into this arts and take us all the way before cal Perry makes his return did it again. What is comment on the and a light. Years don't let. Do you get older coaches like if you did Gregg Marshall the rosters jarred Calgary's had picked out birdies like what made five bottle forced organ talkie. Duke horse would have like for national championships of theology brawl like like I mean yeah if it did you say they Gregg Marshall the better coach and I cal Perry sure I'll give you that. But I do think what's that's what's so ridiculous that the only one game setting their roster disparity is something that every great I mean all it takes for Kentucky is JR Smith have a like a terrible night keep in mind much to us they'd be Kentucky they had players they had guides and Fred band leading Ron baker light carmaker it has granted NBA at the early Atlanta they had real players I mean they won thirty games this year but this is. This is that your outside las Ron baker and prevent weight if your president if you're picking which star state to be Kentucky this year just don't like it I think I think Dayton would be the team that. Might be able to in all of that somebody could do it Dayton probably. But I have Dayton coming through this time when that when I saw when I saw that. Bachelor we seem Wichita State play a thousand times this year as we haven't found yet we tell you what which I want what else they play basketball ones on the until they got about bush I say that you know for me as we've won thirty games and studies assume the well coached they want to they are well coached they won thirty games and they lost rob baker fervently. But that's what I know about which I say this year. Yes it'll stick couldn't beat can talk well or don't say that. I think Kentucky play no. Details of that and off I eight. Well makes. They are Smith the league mark JR Smith I was iron delegate. Yeah days JR Smith will now. Mean Kentucky's going to be in the sweet tell you what you would imagine the two seed they should be in the sweet they've got you but I like that might upset so I got top ten picks like only animals without him Tennessee Michigan State western Michigan State was most people picked on the national championship what's your magazine be it and it cannot happen. It cannot happen. Because we cannot be robbed of that possibility. Itself it can happen it's not about Perry help get it checked in Tokyo go through them I they've got to happen. I need you got a daughter about Kentucky to make a final bus ride around him is it's gonna happen and I don't know like. But let me let me make this part of it clear to I don't want them to. When it when they get here. I want them to lose when they get here on North Carolina would be what I just what they have to do it here and because I want that I want that storyline and it'd be awesome just to see you on the ball. It dude here's the other thing if Arkansas makes threw out the first two North Carolina is going to kick the living crap or it's all. Yeah like North Carolina say that they're gonna put the same style north Carolina's got way better player must beat north Carolina's going to beat the older couple hundred points against Arkansas to be like a 175. Or something. But that's fans will not attend any Kentucky right like there will be able night there is this is how best welfare to the but I mean like. This it limited tickets are available the rest of North Carolina Kentucky there's a bottom all out why I think that's what I would you like I would I would if I was and in the end what I know those schools travel incredibly well I would yeah you're right Dayton to. Dayton dugout UCLA is that I made it through well that you show it's only at the right we thousand miles away doesn't leave it out the twelve and I've got mechanisms to stand that's going to be here middle Tennessee home. When that and that's good middle and he's gonna be Atlanta's only hours Zomorodi. They're gonna beat Butler and their rants on the folks and middle Tennessee a beer went Ocala if you look at the if you look at the metrics. You can make that case that the south a region is the toughest. Its terms of talent level in terms of numbers that's ever been like it is the most like low base I mean the NBA talent and there's. It's like if it can pop numbers right like North Carolina third in Kampala Kentucky. Four's thing can come lets us say eight UCLA eighteenth Cincinnati 22 Butler 26. I guess acceptable reloaded and and you're exactly it's not just like it's not just. Good teams either its name brands move its NBA players the big ball or brand and my god it's John cal Perry. And Roy Williams. You don't have sand like real. Coaches that have cash day. Like I'd love the fact that the basketball gods smiled down on Memphis and said. You had been through this solid marks frank you have been through so much the last three years with that awful basketball team. But if you can't give it good basketball just the last three weeks four weeks yeah if you kick a game if you can't get gig could get the basketball from your hometown team room or an egg. We're gonna import. The gods smile down about spoke out smiled alms we're gonna imported and. I mean you get by Jack held pairs is gonna get their talk about UBS on his arm and on the podium but like you can get wrong would they won't williams' press conferences are that dumb. They are gold yeah I mean I this is the one for the ACC tournament. Everybody's got social media we don't need me to New York Times to find out what the defense is going on in the country you are prison tweets global. About it. Well I and I and I thought. What does random might infect somebody gets the biblical city goes problem since president goes on their heads out on his chest an and I heard. Was it was it the it was cal Perry complaining again last night I saw him on ESPN last night and I swear. I thought I was I was I was I was told her about Bob's house. They were what we both like Omar guy he is so full of these complain about a week turn and what he says he says. I don't know we just we just had to be Georgia I got beat Georgia. You ought to Georgia. But an eight seed okay good and aids right media is sure I saw the match. Are manufactured SEC socks found what I would say like. No league tournaments don't mean much to a team like. Arizona or Kentucky that's already pretty much done their work come let's put their body of work in the haze in the barn. What league tournament the purpose of league tournaments existing. Is to give teams it adds a chance. That would otherwise not have want to make retirement like that's why they exist they don't exist for the teams have already sealed their fate. It's it's like. That's the best thing about march is when a Jacksonville State and when's the obesity turn and there you know and and they make it. More adult and be run last year when it was Tennessee State like that's why didn't they exist. Armed they don't exist for that for that you know I salute and in other teams and party. Done their work right so like I get why he complained that is paying come march. We're used to that kind of that kind of posturing from John cal fair but it would be glorious we know when to tune it out onto the net it would be absolutely glorious if he made a return to the city of Memphis for the. Textainer it was a three seed we don't foresee that part of it yeah I got there we were told champions in the regular season so it didn't matter and all we beat America ever heard of it and his days as it does matter when you're an accomplished Herman. Why did seem like he'd be miffed in that I'd I'd I'd get that you have but I mean like. They are screw him exactly like it's you know their body of work the regular season was its better like. It makes sense to put more weight into a regular season over. Thirty games that's why didn't one week yet what people wonder I think some people thought duke would get the one seed down over North Carolina as they beat Carolina twice but clearly the committee took. Winning the ACC regular season Nazi gang was just yet once you any advice you guys are way to bigger than not winning the ACC tournament what are you gonna say decal when he comes back man when he sets foot in Memphis what's gonna be the first thing you say man. I'd been agreed on. Home you said you were coming on the show. How bad are you gonna need it does not command the other girl if there Orman the fans of those games I hope they give electable because he's treatment. To start yell and Adam and ask you this if you're the coaches are very sensitive these days like if you're just joke coaches they sucked and they get angry now. A lot Rick Pitino John can opener like the ones that are not going. How does this and a some green guy yelled at Tom Green that you destroyed this program it just it was awful as you try to make his way off but I that's that's on its outside the and that's a comfortable down at it's that's going around apparently that yeah type of in Iraq bunch of let me ask you this we got to get a break and about the grizzlies. Is there admit this fan out there who would have to who would pay yes we do there. Is there admit this and that would pay a 30300 dollars four dollars to set the lower level to heckled cap how. There he'd thirty year I hope not I'm serious I bet there's a couple of different pyramid percent of you pay 300 border dollars a sit in the lower bowl near Kentucky just Ecuador Calgary. You're a loser no I I disagree I don't know I think there's debt closure. That is closure now you've paid so let go of me so that I can never got to have an opportunity to do it in Memphis probably ever again exactly you don't have been so we want to just be cheaper like. Drive the Lexington. And heckling. And then you get like then you'd be like you beyond LA people would try to fight. There being you know eight Kentucky fans very accurate happier in your home you know failure. Can't stay put your name like if you're near Kentucky you're gonna be in the Kentucky section. Yeah I mean you can listen you can navigated you can get around that. But odds I'm serious. If I was just a normal fan and I had the if I had the resources and I would absolutely spent 400 dollars if they admit me getting close enough to cal Perry to tell him how I really don't know if you don't forty minutes if you've got a lower dollar suspended its nothing do you go for even if assuming most people don't just have 400 dollars to blow like that even if it's something to you. Happy I mean like there was a lot of pain. There's a lot of pains also so you do it our money and what would you say. What what I say. You've gotten the OK good when you're good. With your voice cracked and yeah yeah leg out and amenities and you can't like give us the more you can't hear us and I think the best would be hit by cars you're representing us. I think the best I mean that I think sometimes. It's it's it the Phillies fan would Russell west I think that's the way to go he's walking to the tunnel in your leader of that total. You can see him come and he's like. You're looking down at him he's probably like five feet from you just go. Out. What your foot from the doesn't work out you guys on why the younger but just hats and mugs yeah. Anyway you're probably gonna get thrown out you can you can you can you can be subtle about it and make it last for one minute you lay out how we feel you don't do that at the end of the game. Due to the into the game with a welcome. I wanna see his reaction now I wanna see him deal with it. That's what I'll I might bring us Buddha like a plastics there you go and our desire I'm gonna bring a plastic spoon or fork and I'm gonna make his throat slash yeah. Now I'm gonna make on the leg out. The kids table. And I'm gonna make a throat with last plastic with a plastic fork or knife now there's a state or somebody should come dressed up like a snow cone machine. Boom alike yeah. Other clever I'd only could you could change it. Red zero red zero or read you know there's there's actually a lot I'm actually gonna give this some thought. And and we will all come up with Sonny we should have some if you have any like what you might say to cow. You guys been 400 bucks you within ear shot he's gonna hear you now you don't you kick cars now. No jailers and what do you I don't know I don't need not only as must I imagine security is gonna be ramp up for my game which severed whenever one it is. Arms on board and be creative and not use those first word yeah we might we suggest and don't. When we come back and I'd be renewed is. Dick is Q did he sign with ESPN ever tell my journalist's words that are ice cubes about sports well he's doing he's from on that big story in words when there's like Hebert was well let's we don't know the movie and now he's promoting this tip pops squares. Show or something nice yeah. Man he's this he's O'Shea he gets there OJ's it. Nor do in the car last time we come back we will talk about the video we've talked about the grisly we will talk about the U native David says they'll did. With a commercial appeal we will talk about. Tony Allen lots to get to hear on days and down back and mennonite not a fan ESP NJ's Jason Smith from nineteen. 99 sonics bracket challenge at 99 ESPN dot. In the App Store before. Huge prizes including thousand dollars for the visa gift cards of 55 inch HD Smart TV 500 dollars a Christian brother. His round by round. What's the term limits on your body angling yeah east world famous hooters girls here. Fearful are you. Smoke doing better nothing. Feature of butter bunny like. 1899. Your game day. They search vessels time for new. Did concepts in Memphis haired doctor dot com it's the new years so why not make it anew you have you been thinking about hair restoration. 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Listen and just all about the chicken Phillies took about some fantastic gourmet burgers he's got the delicious fried green tomatoes but this fast it's. Are fantastic of course you've got to try as legendary banana putting. From single worst corporate deliveries are done junior has you covered get over there today are you column of not a one bottle night. When he for a five again that's not a one bottle nine point 405 also follow them on FaceBook or on my go to a match honey suicide dot com that's Don Don junior. 569 out of Iraq. Plus format was tiger. And some got deleted Jason Smith sentient. My man Jay thanks tweet me and says you're gonna look like a real Don masks idiots. If we win at Wichita State beats Cal-Maine and spoils. Your precious carrying it in Memphis. Nobody. I'm not about that I wonder how much hate. They're still is here how much anger how much vitriol there still is for cal I mean come over and over I am nobody but again we talked about 2015 you had the president come on say hey we're honoring callous part of a banquet up in was part of the Tulane game and then. And he got they got killed I got up slowly killed on Twitter. By fans a ton of it came out I just wonder how much of that is still there how many people like you and he rose or there's kind of moved almost. I don't at all enough I mean I've moved on and it and I'm over with it but. An idol that was stupid. I can do that. Our anthem about yeah open might not while he's still like it like WikiLeaks retired from coaching now the reason why I think there it they. There is still this resentment or him. Is that their program has not fully like recovered yeah cents what's once gave it Memphis can get back on track. Then people. Totally forget about it like that that would be the closer the closure is when Memphis is program can come back and make a sweet sixteen million a day but until then those wounds are still going to be OK I think I guess so maybe that at. Actively they'll be reopened when he got what if and when he comes especially when you see like he's great leveler for far funnel force. Yeah like our hockey stick is if he comes here and he makes a final four. In Memphis yes that will be down will be very hard to swallow it's not that that is and it's never been that he did was the way he did. Well there was stick our parents that's what people say about every. But that's not poses operate. The only coach I mean I even heard people say they didn't like the weight when they left. Like are you serious. Handled about as well as you could yeah like you Kiki let's for a infinitely better job. He won ACC coach of the year you took issue with the way he left he didn't even want to address the rumors until at three taught these seniors are. Almost like you cannot possibly handle it any bad people say well the team was checked out in that people do. Fans literally say this about every single coach fancied about every single player when Kevin Durant left. It wasn't that you left it's the way he left. He told Russell Westbrook he was komen Beck he wrote the thing in the players Tribune aren't. It's always. And this is this is people not being real with themselves. This is people looking for rationalizations. About their feelings and anger there but just that you understand. Now. I don't gently put it with a bit like that but be real about why your anger. Run it ain't the way he laugh though that was certainly more clumsy it's always been normal. But we have we may actually it's. It calls on this a little bit later. In this Albert. Right now it was a very busy weekend for your Memphis Grizzlies they got rolled by Atlanta as we said they would. Made yet another change to the starting lineup that did not include Tony Allen's and I agree was back in the starting lineup for Brad right after which David is dale. Finally throughout the white flag and says hey. May be this line up saying a work may be the experimentation and word anymore not that it ever was but. We've got enough of a sample size now to know it's definitely right now and work on. Tony Allen it's gonna be back are starting lineup tonight against Milwaukee thank goodness and it is it is a good thing because. Don't look now but Milwaukee is rolling. They are so it's a row six in a row they're seven and oh I believe seven order or a no win Chris Middleton is the starting line they're right yes. So what he's the starting lineup. Because he's hurt for the majority if of the of the year. So they're big they're good it did there in the apple they're not like an eight seed in the east no other grizzlies try to sell us on and Toney Douglas being a trade deadline acquisition yeah. Chris Middleton is a trade deadline back was yes because he was hurt and he's really good. Well yeah he's good yeah like this is good debt and play and so the books are better than their record right now. And so tonight and the greens are four point favorite this is this is a very very if I was in India your life very important enough game tonight. I heard Kevin Garnett bits from ESPN only Geoff Calkins earlier this morning it. An affront Kevin does not hide the fact that he is they David there's Doug I run nose is so well he's heard about David is deaf. This point Kevin out of his point was that the regular season is sort of meant to be a laboratory that it's meant to be. Of a place where you tinker and you experiment try things you see you accommodations work and which ones you can trust in the playoffs. Arm and I don't think that's madness I don't think that's a crazy thing to say. He went on to say though that. Hey may be no matter what may be regardless of who's in the starting lineup. The grizzlies are 45 when team like we didn't want them to be better than that but with their personnel that is just what they are. And I don't think that's true. Because what the starting five that David is there has been rolling out there the last week or so. They're not a 4520. Mer thirty win team. And there are 1235 win team like you're not that actually run you know you're not just no matter what your 451 team that's not true. And I think that's the fundamental. Part where this targets sideways. David Fay still wants them to be this 50551. Team right that's what he wants he's the coach he aspires for greatness he got a championship pedigree did in Miami. And he knows that. With the starting lineup there is a certain limitation on what you can achieve but no the one he had been used in for the majority of the C a and so he's just turning take anything. That could shake that up grasping at straws the one thing I mean frankly. We've we've talked about this you sure that that's the part of that I respect is having the vision you see something you wanna change it even it even if the rest of us don't see it all right. He sees something once but if you're limited in what you can change it with with with the way their rosters currently structured and look I'd love for channel to come out here and average you know 1516 points the rest the white he is the upside he's what can change your Siewert I agree with you completely. Andrew Harrison those other guys don't. Look you tried it it didn't work I think you it took a little too long to come back to a but I think you'll finally see the lift now that you throw Tony Allen back there that's what we set it all week less like he's the one you gotta get him back in the starting lineup he's actually what can lift you up right now with his energy. A rose or talk about not talked about it is a spirited just took too long haul is a suspect. Again I understand what this was doing the shakeup was needed but it took too long to see appease the those pieces don't work either well. What you have to understand is that. You cannot as a modest trailer Parsons is not who you thought he was going to be you cannot expedite this process. No you can't put its its go I didn't know what what Tisdale is. You know about putting Tony Allen back in the story a lot of what what he probably is realizing is that he he knows there is a ceiling on what that can do this you know what that line yes you. But it still the best they have exactly it's the best they had it is the way for you when the most about a game that people who win and it's not gonna win you a title. If he may be realizing that. The other thing is with you know. In her art of its talk about this. They're banking on Chandler you know the wings are not that great insular kind of banking on Chandler would be that Wayne well absolutely right. And your bake your guys' attorneys surgeries and I like right now like his right knee is fine the need it's been surgically repaired that's the one that follows the essence some sort of let Elena and he has that thing. I I actually said it Saturday night. Two Devin and Jon Mills and Darby. That left knee was so heavily wrapped and he had a brace on under at. I said shut him down. I did that it will decked and well worth it right there man right when he did that thing was so I mean he would sell so yeah heavily wrapped like that's the first I'd seen a slap bet only with a brace there'd it's so heavily regulate this work fit man like. Yeah worst thing I did it B ports that let me ask you might. This work thing that's that need that set him back about a month that is the you are in the Dallas area there yet the deep bow and that's what I ads like this this is what why I am now further convinced. When the all season it's. Tony's Acker and Michael at least one of those guys is not gonna be back next year. Because they have you can not just bake everything we'll Chandler with you winks you have to find more play making enough. Let us as well you have to assume you're at that point of foreign it is noted that will be moving off Yemen at this point that's what we've been Monfils yeah I mean I mean we're we're assuming here but I mean give us a lot of sense John you need to shut them down two weeks ago. Well I should if there's like soreness like if if that exists that's what set him down because that's what preceded the markets all injured. When he broke his foot like if there are indicators are that there's chances for re injury or something serious than yet like you've you've got into this have any effect on them next year. You've killed it I would children's best I would say there's a question about that I would say. That's the sort of wrestling match that we're seeing here is not the old guard vs the new guard its. It's. I don't know if David is Dell really thought this team could win a championship. I mean that would be. That be a leap to say the least and a because I mean they'd like their their. I mean it's possible I mean step curry Kevin Durant get hurt Colombo and in the market will LaMarcus Aldridge you know pray for him Palin a hard stuff the series that's a serious thing. I can't quite Leonard gets hurt. You know James Harden gets injured LeBron James carrier ring we're. McNabb and that's the way you were the that literally went 31 like everything has to break right for you like. Every thing best player on like sixteenth has to keep her I think getting so bad that have been then yeah you take your shot. But I didn't know what the spurs this. Show featured a series without going on whether there. That out exactly. But I think it is I don't know if you really thought that but it seems that yeah like he's he's he's coming back down to earth but I would tell you this. This is a franchise that should be very very proud. Of what they've done the last seven seasons and none of it included a championship I know. Date they a bit like the NBA has been a stat they establish the NBA in this city. Yeah like you have made it show it can work like and I and I and not one that. But like. It's a ton of fun to be. In the playoffs. What a night like and I just work I mean it's it's when when this city and that place is rocking in those towns away than it's as good as it gets in the NBA I keep I think we're right up there are good okay certain it's where we're really low point right now it is within the season but. Sis take take take. They were start the season and you look at the schedule. All 41 home games it is fun to know that all 41 of those you go to the seasoning. We can win that game this week you win that game we can go on and be competitive and no matter what play the war here's the catch the spurs whoever it. We can be competitive and have a chance to win the game and that's fun. I don't get insight Sacramento. Well we live isn't real or over the past few years and I think it's awful unattended dated fifth dealt. Comes from a certain organization where. It is a championship or bust like that is he comes from Pat Riley but they want tiles with LeBron right LeBron don't. Doesn't let it meant business and play for the grizzlies and you don't have LeBron James Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Memphis you got. Second tier guys like my colleague Marc Gasol and if he's healthy Taylor Parsons. That's got to yields. More than likely that's not gonna yield you a championship what it will yield you though is a floor that is really high. And that is playoffs and that is what this franchise has been predicated on the last seven seasons and it's been totally. Awesome yeah it's okay but if we if. We it is OK Jon your right. It is OK but but I love I love my coach having a vision for that right now I love my coat and an end and believing in coming from and and believing it that you can get their. I'm realized that. Yeah crazy about what I'm okay I'm right in India and he's come back down now any needed to obviously you got to figure out what she got around you what's realistic. But I want my coach to have that tab that vision that I don't have whether it's okay this is the way we get to Accenture here's the road I want a coach that knows the road there. What that every time I listened to Ottawa in the retail live too far so good reason why did this I was hired is because allegedly he she knows that while those visions. However make sure their visions and not hallucination grief a great of an injury hairs and paving the way through it NBA champions I salute because it's not gonna happen. So. My point is I I know I know it's having on saint are right. You need to settle it's like a they'd be realistic peerless the Andrea if we if we just grated everything I did you just said are right. We we can't win a championship that you might as well just it's so you don't rush Teradata rebuild it after every season like as if that was the mentality. The core porn doesn't exist. Right right it's does it because it was never at any point. The core four with never. Built about a championship. Now it so happened that they had amazing success them but nobody ever appointed to the core force like that's gonna be the nucleus that when you an NBA championship. They're just gonna be really good and if a couple things break right they're gonna have a shot. That's our you can ask for realistically in a market like Memphis where you don't have a superstar and that is totally acceptable to me. As a fan as a man being that's fun they have given us so many moments moon over the last seven years. And last I checked none of them came close to including a championship period. And that's that's great it beats the alternative all it's saying that what we are as good a sense. And it and you're in your basing on what we could be. We're happy with what we are I'm with you on which he's got to be realistic about things out but I. I would take that I would take this over the alternative what we were those first few years of McCain. And there was no excitement around Allah yeah like to take this and in the seventh seed over and over again every day whatever you have in a year if you think we have all the way like us subjected to like this proving. Where Tony goes to the bench to Michael goes to the Benson and we have sort of have the danger here of like if that's. You know believes it is a yellow Jericho Rolex in his muscles man you you see you see. It took a little too all on the come back down to earth right but you see it you understand it and at least he's finally come back down inside when you win or FedEx Forum tonight you're gonna see some very familiar faces and that's starting five and that is episode of positive. Development. 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The video for a head over to Audubon endorse before we get those cars you ride around the track at this thief Myles. In our there's nothing quite like in this city. It's like it's like extreme go Kart racing. I love to think that that's fast and makes you feel like command job we'll make grown women feel like what a real world. Yes well that's right this is real racist yeah it's like daggers and kids play. You're in the fast appears good Ricky Bobby and absolutely the day first or last. All the time. That's I was also would phrase that David says this is a definite winner recently. But that's what it's like I've got a lot industry went perfect for corporate events perfect for. It's an out of town that's a funny whatever the case may be united in the lead yet as we really points closing. Today is it is out there for everybody. Thought about it doors speedway where there's only one speed Jason what is this Maryland. You have a fastball was. Out there and has flights and I'll work on an every day before that laughed at that led league man do they guys are liberals out of that time. The police who was league night that nine does something like afternoon and early evening and I believe started right around 6 o'clock 7 o'clock and the senators and these huge show opened. They got their own helmets gloves and they got their own loves. That I and there's like Daytona 500 stuff right here really is it's. It's really serious Jon and you have ahead sock that's what makes it feels there's yeah bedside. Underneath the helmet. Fill out the real race and absolutely no question what we're Reza we haven't discussed. The universe in Memphis men's basketball team and probably rightfully so I design do you realize that it's done. Tubby Smith's first seasons in the books the tigers finish the season nineteen and thirteen nineteen and thirteen. After a thirty point loss. TCI down and Elmo repeat that as a thirty point loss missed UCF what's worse. You love 41 S and you're thirty I think I might take the authority you see anything UCF on a neutral for absolute yeah like I am a UCF team that's under for the first year coach you know as and that's that's it isn't just low bidder or on absolute he's got just a guy that's done a great job with what he has. Tigers and only that's either not only NCAA tournament it's time to start thinking about next year ode to joy but before we do that and Al was up now I wrote my alone among 99 line. Our blog whatever you want column about the game I think you know you can you can you can. Shake your head at these players in the way they played down the stretch and didn't be about what a combined 71 points in the last two games. But I'm shaking my lord Tubby Smith. 'cause he is the guy that is supposed to as as I wrote the piece is supposed to be I wanna keep some Czech air and my mind. View is that he's been just I was checked out as they have are some. What they have learned about them outside and Joseph looked hard for for this tournament but one thing I did learn over the weekend. Was that. Do you realize. They didn't didn't you you're offered practice time in a shoot around time on the floor on the Axelsson a floor obviously because you wouldn't be playing on the float realized that they declined. Practice time on the floor they declined shoot around time on the floor. They went to an off campus location had a practice on dollars you're right it's a small gym it's nothing like what you're going to be it. Any of practice on Axelsson a flow. They declined. The opportunity to do that and that's what I'm talking about last say what why did you do that what would be their rationalizations are happy that I can I can't wrap my head around why you would decline. Right other than to say you know what. We don't need it like Oregon and whatever -- makes sense to me I don't understand it was it opened to the media or something was one of those things I could do the NCAA tournament shoot around usually you can see them in the shootaround and that kind of thing but you have an opportunity as well to have more than just -- they have like they should have an actual actual practice all on the court on Thursday it has ordinary old actual goal and liquidation you don't find it in listen this goes back to have to step up her to about getting ready for the Cincinnati game okay you remember this there. Hinkle Cincinnati's plays before that day and I made it felt like well we and you know we don't need to. Cincinnati comes on scores 51 points in the first half looked every bit like Memphis hadn't gone over the place. If you played a little more defense it maybe you have all over the place and that's a closer day in the first half. The second half your member of Memphis cut that huge lead down the downed an accident was six points four points again loves their Furman and that's what I'm saying for for as much as we can relocate bait and bit and have. You know deep roster they didn't have this and that they played so many minutes dude. It feels like that staff was his checked out as the players were at the end and that's rack. Time he's missed being paid too much money for that okay it's his job to keep them checked in that whole that whole team the coaching staff everybody clearly not on the same page the last two games. This opportunities like what it's like you said I. I cannot wrap my head around why you wouldn't practiced on a full so you so the only time that he's in rams did use the only time exactly that you get you'd have time to use those rams used to that better arena. Is the fifteen of thirty minutes between yes and you game in your game. Are you kidding me. I mean that's a disservice to those kids if you have the opportunity to practice or have a shootaround that floor before that your gonna play the game won't you damn well do it. I don't care if you feel like you're out of the turning you on a shot I don't care if you're already thinking about next season. You give those players that you'd you'd let them do that given the best opportunity to be comfortable and have a shot to go in the game. This reeks of checking out all right well this is what I wanna do is pathetic. A kind of yes and I'm glad the season is finally over to it it has come to a merciful end let's do this. You say could be attention has turned to next season correct but we're also we alternative. Okay 100 exercise events are. No guitar at all on deedrick Lawson and hoping braided deedrick also is coming back but I'm not belong out here on the king was well thank you what Anatolia where he's coming back we're gonna do. Bush to tell you there was some hope we're gonna go we're gonna go go through the 2017 to resonates in Memphis tiger basketball roster. Cut them off. I'm gonna ask you. A minute we're gonna go for the current or.

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