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Jason & John - 3/13/17 - Hour 2

Mar 13, 2017|

Jason & John open the 2nd hour with The Rundown. Brandy Davis joins us in-studio to give us mascot picks for the NCAA Tournament.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Her right now RA. And I'm gonna ask you is this player. Back. OK and you're gonna you gonna give me the scoop would be useful exercise and it didn't dispute as to what I can expect on next year's roster just. KJ Lawson yes. Instead he says he's coming back and I believe them didn't lose K do us and them. These are close enough. And he's out not yet. A kilometer strike there that what what a shame. When it damn shame always you come back scenario raiders are idea would that he had an hour ago now. Need averaged more than the three or four it Jeremiah Marten. To be back he's back at Johnny's got to come back when the 2019 Bob Cousy award as that derail the WTO CI declared joke of it back cat. Now I don't know what he is but he's depth. Right I like young players are he's got a son of so that all season long they should've played him earlier in the year. And gotten had been you know develop had been slow more Tubby Smith did say that at the end of the game that. Maybe I should devote eventual more you think. Marcello Crawford. He said after the game he's coming back output output doubled up there because what he hadn't had yet is the schools that will. Frankly are gonna probably come at him and say I didn't know Palin roster next year or not. Osama negotiated in good thing go looking wishful thinking yes okay so you think Marco Crawford ultimately decides to finish out at the university at CNN he will graduate he's gonna graduate I'm gonna say I'm gonna say in this is that with any information but given the history of these things I've seen them it happens almost every time would not surprising I think Marc Crawford will not be on the rocks at us and I hope I'm wrong. Christian cast he's a graduate. Craig Randall. He has said he's coming back. I don't think you'll be back now for those of you who don't know who Greg right away is now imagine that most of you many people know he was like this is an awesome man in the first the best for Muslim leader may need to see this program he never started out ridden bodies yeah forty Zetterberg got better eyes final I mean like out he just may not be good enough. Like he just never got battered us I don't think you'll be a case an owner said he will be great Randall is now he's Greg. Craig Randall is the tiger story Daniel's no question I think he's worse EC world. Yet let's point out he's not in the NBA yet Troy yeah. I don't make the NBA. Club. But he did not even get an MBA it's gotta like. Shoot the breeze and if you're not making threes what I do not know what I'm doing. On the way one of the best players in the country this season Chad Wright could he be back. I don't think so that they did they apply for a waiver Arnold they said they have they're gonna drop down in like September to the parties it is senior day America Americans now that I don't know they're toddlers I want him back. Why would they do it another senior day for good behavior can that be awkward. Career days that. But I know the staffer that likes him and looked at put in so much warmer the big and get on with the NCAA in terms of trying to get in Belgium lucky I imagine you cast and assists and 113 hours absolutely he's got hands the hands of a public. Other potential and I am and then the rest are walk ons and and graduate so it sound as I should play as you got left wall right now I mean yeah bad and that they called the recruiting class the Jamal Johnson and David dingle Bay Area nickel buried it and it dry air pockets see who's nickel bury without his most recent all okay and our guy on an out of four victory out. And that puts you at 1234. 56789. Scholarship guy some. You got to not Digi cam do you think mark Phil's gone VG count him I cannot go down on ARAMARK on that's nine with a Martel now that's not nearly enough. You gotta get career for more. Credit transfers and she goes because there any 2000 sixteen's. High school seniors sitting out there that are better. There were certain things are this or you don't seem super confident in mark Albion back you just you just hoping he's back correct. And we think Craig Reynolds gone unease Al. And Egypt on. I hope those fresh and very to contribute early. You bit protective laws and the U a lot of shots which is a you know what Kate there wasn't a terribly good player cater laws and as a good player now he's at the kind of player you got to build your team around. But he's a perfectly good player and and those are what their mom aren't as common always you you tell me. Let's get minute mark let's move his pregnant girlfriend to Memphis let's get nick Marshall let's get his grades right. Let's move from here. And get nick Morris tobacco thing I'm gonna helped out via this is treated well you should help them out before the before the season it and he didn't reach out for console. But I'm helping them now welcome movement that I was in a Marshal that move his family to Memphis from Lexington and it is great right. In back on the team. And all of a sudden like you've got a team that if you had a gradual transfer here there. And as for starters their mark Gelman you couldn't make you talk yourself into a turn in the run nick Marshall. If not your run way and I teach her room and I didn't specify what is tired and didn't say whether there because we know not gonna play the CBI there are those other guys doing that debt like we don't pay to play here yeah those are don't pay to play. They can't afford to. Correct. But as Anderson I don't know what to make of it. It's it's it's it's Graham but well it's not like apocalyptic the good news if there are you looking for silver lining is that allows come about. That's the good news as Aetna and other people laid out other people that think oh my gosh what they had because he forces so many shots did. And yet it's one in sixteen games you can play like he can place third second rebounding you know he's he's so yeah brings back bad. And he's going to get better. You know maybe any has gotten better so yeah and it will be like you more health club back indeed about education losses if they tweet I just picnics on the ground here that I counted did you take forty. But take forty cent a day like you'd like you actually I would style that team around. The Chino Hills. High school team the balls I would just try to have KJ scored 92 a game. That's all there a play for all five and out is that Qaeda tries we're not into law does not have a double that is your mama and that's right who's a leader on the floor leader she's not allowed to do well that's the other people ask is for the post mortem that's the post mortem. And those four. You know we'll see what I got them. We'll see there's itself meanwhile they're skipping practice our moment you know what excels on the floor there's an odd yeah there's a lot still left the B figured out in the coming weeks so it should be there inching army come back. We will play for you the channel Parsons video to tell you how I came into it I would tell you what happened afterwards Jason and John that it's not a fan ESP at least. There's an issue important to deliver us Memphis get the WNFSF. Now can be sure and injured and I need to millions and ESPN sonic bracket challenge presented by its. 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All night regulatory and a little feel liberals a raft that they don't have to Bose radio willbros Iraq Israel I will tell you that rose around this is very real he's a vindictive person. You're bad person. Would say at in his junior year okay Iran Iraq. I want you invited me to your bachelor party so you're all right man got a via either that or you just don't have that many friends well I want to tell you about that. Yeah exhibit. I I don't have I think there's two strategies you can go with a lot actually there are 31. You have no threatens. You just made the decision to be hermit. That's cool. I respect that I I know that that's weak is that you just becomes socially awkward that's my dad my dad as a harm. Other strategy you can have a lot of friends you have lots of friends man. If so many friends is pollination everywhere yeah you have really really great friends he's got a lot of good friends or. You can have a small circle of people that you consider to be Brothers. Your own personal score four or five or six I'm not that's the last half and that's what I had that's what I have that as I know that's what I have. I am now that's what I had. They sound horrible blight. Oh what a gazillion friends and keep up with the everybody's night. Yeah man like. Enough in my own wallpaper every meeting and relatable what moral and almost fifty people like outside I I have a lot of like people that I consider like peripheral friends have people you get ambassadors of the there's a difference between a forehand. It's someone you know if someone that you would invite to a bachelor party right I mean like EA has a visitor guide there's a big difference there did that. He added there's a difference between your actual friends and they just people you know aren't exactly and so do elicit their people I know like I'm cool with the ability somebody get a sub like that I was over in double to me that I went right. Let ratings for NOK thirty. There if your point is that I struggled to get to six people want national party list and yet you're right and contracts like it is maybe for really bad about it. I'm sergeant arm went up for a while back all the we will have thank you so much every day around that somebody the rundown on the rundown now. And down presented by Matt Aslan nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. Jason and Jon. On 92 million is then looked ESP. It was Friday night. I was. I was all right I was feeling all right I was up here on the west side wants a little NBA. Playing a little PS four drink a little space dust I PA. And I get a message. I get a direct message from. A person who will remain nameless. And they direct me to a video. A man named Parker woods part for woods is a young man. Who I who I assume is a grizzlies fan who root for those grizzlies. And he had stumbled upon Gemma Parsons in a restaurant that restaurant I believe he was red corner right there by the best this is not an episode of serial. But it was by the best spot we went there there are a lot of us deposit down the one on Ridgway. Not all is OK okay. The red Kuwait by the best spot on ritual and I didn't know what the video was about but here you take a listen. Today. They out through the current season maybe. Again I Parker. Head. Wasn't there but I can only assume that gone up the channel Parsons said hey man can I get a picture and I get a self. Parker leans in to Chandler Parsons who was at his table. And healing and then he's got his camera and the videos go what do you think their pitchers got the camera rolling and he says today. Say our ruin the grid season baby. They got his inspiration. I come from a guy who did this same thing to Kellyanne Conway this is what happened with Kellyanne Conway. Rudy America. Let me. Things here. So that is where Parker got the inside I know that yet so bad had a little background a couple weeks ago a guy walked up to Kellyanne Conway instead say Cameroon in America I had seen that day have I but I and I am. Parker would welcome the channel pars and instead say out ruin in the greatest season may be. And dumb. He has been he posted it I posted and I will tell you that a part of me nobody was killing me proposing it nobody was and I can't believe you post is I can't believe that you would. 'cause it was gonna come out so it and do it in if I wouldn't have done it bar stool would have done it somebody else would have done it absolutely. But I will tell you that he eats up one cent to two will we we interest we live in a society man where it is there is a system in case. And it is a reward system it is do something really rude. Disrespectful. Stupid. Since it to a media outlet sort of haven't posted because media outlets are in the same business. We're all trying to get lights were out trying to get follows broad try to get re tweet that we don't give a damn what we believe in our wake. I'm a victim of that I'm a part of that system just like Joseph Parsons was a victim in a part of that system. And called into the come up at the commercial appeal where. I mean listen. I could never imagine doing something like that by god I I could never imagine walking up to somebody like that sand. Hey I'd ruin that whenever a bit like that is sold yeah Rudy. And it especially when you consider. That Chandler had taken I mean he's at dinner. Yes you know he is he is well within his right to say. Hey man I'm on eleven there right now Ali do we do it after a huge going to be here do we do it after it's not sorry man I'm in armed with friends and with whoever. I had dinner first like you're well within your right to say that terrorists. And he doesn't during dinner businessman with. Rat and then he does that and what I will say to I don't think Parker was a bad person. I don't know when it's a port eighty. I just it's just it was a stupid thing to do it was it was stupid thought to be inform you thought to be cute or not we try to get apart on the show but he probably doesn't wanna be don't he he indeed he's do you mean he's he's he's taken a beaten four rightfully so I should. Now listened. He was product. I mean he was proud that he did you know if you look on Twitter account he's you know he says you know he eat this guy makes point two million dollars seized you know. What I've done. That rally that ours that have been an idiot glad to be an idiot again again I think it's more in it'd it is more of of an indictment on this. Aides wherein yeah well understand age were and I still couldn't I couldn't refuse I couldn't believe and I couldn't was left thinking. Man what it's analysts say right after that because I would have. Everybody I mean that you are you of the you look at the Basel where people like dude I it. It is grizzlies fans who are absolutely every brawl frustrated with Chandler yeah and there say it if he would o'clock decade if they probably had like eight well within his rights just. Or 'cause it's another scandal and another way. Love just to be blatant disrespect yeah. Even if he is ruling the grisly season that's that's something that you say to him at dinner like Leo when you when he's always agree take a picture with you. Like this just like it just violates so many things. Should have been a misdemeanor. A crime why don't why crime Mandela Roaf. Why don't why crime that's what this is not a lot alike aren't set. In an addict it's an epidemic. We've got to stop at missile stop it I think. Many feel bad for Jane I got out of what I wanna know is what happened right after that well okay so I'm church and a total dude okay. Do away from me that that's not cool like I'm Betty I Betty you know maybe drop the method that would have been fine to get that in that case. I'd make it didn't get away from it so Parker told me what happened after. I asked him. And because I wasn't there. I'm not gonna say wait home. I'm not gonna say what you thought because I can't know that Esther. You got a name and I cannot know what he told me is true. So I'm not gonna say what he said. But I did see a response from Taylor's got. I think is famous process and that's how you say it again he tweeted Parker instead pray you don't see me funny guy. That's cameras dude yeah dad he's got a tell got a couple bloody day he's been like lifelong friends they'd been friends with Palestinian. Our guys and average them for a long time yeah he has every right. As it's as I guess policy wasn't there to be upset with the dude man absolutely lights are so I can't say you know your overreact because I mean that's. EE MP. Because he said that because not him but because the video was sent to meet mom and I posted at. Because like that's what media does what we do unfortunately that's what that's what our job entails. Chip Taylor looks humiliated like he's embarrassed yeah it out and and not necessarily because. He took a of he agreed to a picture with them as what he thought was a faint. And that you know and it ended up. You know pennant back on and so. I've felt sorry for channel Parsons there it is because I've said that. He's a professional and he should know how to deal with the situation in terms of you not being productive so on social media tell them down all of the right Egypt it's just the common sense and I didn't and he hadn't done that until. Until what do we could go we showdown with the whatever guys like us violate every week I've been you know what whatever happens happens I'll feels are a fills our format for this because it too because. He liked to yells point. The mayor and gives it got me it would have been in total just to prop eight about how would expect him to say now meant until my dinner right now this guy gives you the tiny smile and your picture to to to do it with you. And you you do on like this so so. That's the best part for for all that that's happened earlier on you know whatever wouldn't make it fun I'm not shed a tear whatever. I feel bad form on this one and I NFL felt embarrassed for our city quite frank well but like that's not. Memphis. Fans. Like that that that's one nice if you're not nobody anybody get that really gets it it goes by that nationals royal yeah yeah he goes spiral makes us look bad yeah all the slogans if you look at the responding John got his judged by looking at the responses a year to year two we have an I mean it's. I mean ever ever wanna like dude that's not funny well so that's not cool so the mix of it was. The mix wise. People that did not live in Memphis. Thought it was away area. Like former mavericks ban comes on at Rockefeller has matters into your line of funny people outside of Memphis and people who are not grizzlies fans they got a real kick out of it. People who were almost every grizzlies fan. There are a couple exceptions but for just about every grizzlies fails like yo man that was wrong that's messed up yeah like that was unnecessary. And I I cannot imagine doing it. I would never I would never do get it away is this almost a good thing for Chandler. There's also says he fans actually had some zip it and hit it on the I think but yeah yeah the same every once it's you know basically cherry much here. They. Yeah it. It's absolutely torn the time for channel that. Yeah massive debts at Herat guidance jump up. There is bill being. Make him feel good yeah. Backed him up and make them feel good home and welcome do you understand that reference what I'm doing right now I do you just now you know you do a lot of the leave Britney alone video. Ali lead Brit you know. Me Jack yeah. To me that at bat or did this ditty he. It's. That's what it that's what Calkins college on the other hand doesn't atop its golly other data in its statement in its stakes it sucks that hammer this is. Their red Kuwait. Just period a restaurant is do or doing it to an athlete period my mental care they do put the groceries or not it's. My man responds I have to go to the partial thing with Bobby at the right yeah that's why did I gathered around here he acted all like oh no problem on the that's why I'm saying that he was and value now you hide and I wonder if he worked there. I wondered. Park. So that was because I don't do if you were gonna restaurant beauty you do not do that went right is because I'm out you do not do Bible. They're out there yet so. That was that was mild weekend. My Twitter was blowing up all all weekend but it just seriously if you see Chandler Parsons and public. Give it two weeks before you ask for another picture let this subside. I never take a picture with a pass of how this thing about like if you see a dude coming up to you with a camera you're gonna have been your he rational and how to do this Amanda please note photos. Right it is really a ruinous for the rest of the everything that's certainly not Colin Powell that. That's so that's how you get around like well this is what I'd like to do sand. Warner premiere in a brokered merged 22 point three million dollars a year where in whatever dude do you see this giant. Breaking braves wrapped around his left my knee. Right and a and I'll and I'll say it out and also. Hurt I think everybody in life has their own decisions to make but I think just because a person makes. A lot of money doesn't give you license to be an ass absolutely. And that's the fundamental decisions Lou every morning we have the wake up in the side here's O here's I tell you so what is what is the grizzlies. What does Zack Randolph had never played Memphis and Zach Randolph was agrees these big free agent acquisition. It's that great I was doing the same thing. You think you got the ball a walk up and do that does that prey and all of them. Oh yeah have a permanent tattoo of like a goal exact gold watch base pay raise have a Rolex and British Wright Brothers and then what you get that then you blowers on that just says. Can't say what happened after just to appease our are just curiosity was there was an altercation nervous. If people have to be separated out enough and might that the last minute court but it but it's so like I just I can only get 1 side of exactly am I gonna on the sent out there and nobody's gonna ask him about it yeah and I and that's clearly that well it wasn't anything super extra blows everything like that I just don't wanna. I don't wanna put it out there in the event that it's not. Andrew let let the record show John roses opinion he deserved his ass kicked. GAAP as I've Avi dessert is actually hit a Taylor should popped up in knocked that dude out and handed those desert and he should have done any if you. If he wanted to do and he did it. I have no problem you'll never be a crisis manager publicist I don't know like you're just gonna tell my class to just fight everybody that I'm not a PR person I'm not appear. Clearly at all about the challenge for Hamels as he did yeah actually how he handled he handled that the right Ali it was say they work so say if if he did happen that did jump ball and do something. He's well within his right to do not add that I'd have no problem. I'm clearly been kicked his deeds tale like he could have some shutout and for the way he handled that's all we really got time for you the rundown we got to get radiology radiology. Bring it out one story today are associated files and they want the couple won down there it's go one down today. Brady Davis as our social media woman she has picked. Her it's time we we asked her to pick a bracket but specifically elite eight and then we're gonna Whittle it down upon a fourth she does not. She does not watch college basketball couldn't and so I think if you go with birdies picks. You will be edited bandits. You will be edited and it's ready Davis in studio when we come back Jason enzyme 929 FM ESP. Into the 99 setting up his racquet tonight to night espn.com. Or through the night to night and good news CNN is bringing it. Good prices rebounded prizes for misogyny. Great golf and more into the 929 Sunday. Presented my video members and Papa John's pizza. I it's a sad little town this weekend and that's troubling in more ways than 11 of them is had this been any other. Time of year before I discovered blue apron I would be panic and what MI going to eat. For dinner thankfully I did discover blue apron and so I don't have to worry about what I'm gonna do for Dan another tea that a town blue apron. 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Our picks that will undoubtedly be true and right 100% across the board. Isn't one and only the grey brandy Davis. ESPN presents more. Jason and I'm sure. Is another there it's glad to have you I. Having made real quick brandy. Every so. They need you to tone down to snatch got a little bit loose. What is happening on that snapped Jan let's keep it PG while what do you do if there's evidence he ran out there are sound and well let's pull ups that Chad right here. Who rose and I residues Andy Pickler and Helmand whilst you had ever had. I don't know do I have a publicity they announced that had like over I don't have a snapshot and he's usually just to have it you all about it way back and I'd like 34 years ago so. We've put Brady Davis a well. Where they shirtless dude. And branding wow. Well their bodies and faces a Donaldson black paint or something not all right so why aren't all we only your poll are as high levels and holiness now an uncertain I don't know I don't know I don't know. Does well amazed what guys that's like I can. We'll have the shape yeah there yeah it's that it Brady Davis I want you may get to see another. Picture of her bed with a service it charcoal banking Aaron and. I you can five ready Davis because I know so many of you are curious when you hear a woman on on its united you can find her on Twitter. Brandy Davis zero. One OK Brandi ingredients are open RB ER LA and she will undoubtedly day as an hour we'll tell you if you slot that we know we we. Those slot don't try to get slick up that says elections and they was yesterday even field is set. Before we get into your picks back. As you know we had a guy and author of a fantasy that a daily fancy sports book on last week in one of the professionals that he talked to and worked with said. You are almost at an advantage. If you don't. Watch or care about the sport that you're betting. When is the last time you want to God's best when it. And I'll miss it to say because we have Eddie and for salads all you're doing your big a deep balls to fan. I did. A thumb so you went to every Todd Hewitt every mr. Sid Bass whatever I'm games act but that it's it's been three years. You have not watched a single cause basketball game since he graduated from Mississippi State not intently on a cousin of armada clients and it can you and can you name one in the current college basketball coach not name junk out there. And not named Tubby Smith. Okay yeah all I'd give them a series they Curtis. I came into the hangar how to perfect his name's Ben Howland. Yeah are there and I hired him OK big beautiful so what we have done is we have asked you to come up because there's so many. Like it we don't need you to give us the whole pick we thank you give us an ever from our round if you'd like you can go to -- ideas being that come and enter to win. We have it we have thousands of dollars in gift card that you probably become what a nice television. Are starting bracket challenge to play against media Jason and browser in Gary and all those guys have eyes and liberation any as well. So you have your you lead weights adding did you have a method. I'd limit and said so obviously ad down and we think about what else. I think that they're qualified to tease about Scott's. Yeah you only have a guy on the comedic talent you were met this guy I would do it cheap way to mall I was she went numb all four of about eight basketball season snapping her experience and yes I'm. Thing not get enough credit of course not. I love mascots actually Saturday night aside from the grizzlies getting beat down by the hawks it was bruises birthday. You had other mascots and sound Franklin from Philadelphia was into. I don't know if Franklin from Philadelphia is a dog who treated me back today I got to me about dog today is pretty cool that it all jazz bear not a soldier as there was then. And a crutch for Minnesota Timberwolves for a town burgers is birthday. Weird name but to yell a lot like I don't understand the fronts thing I tell you you as you're you're drawing on your experiences as the former chief when a mall at north. Mississippi. It element in Colonia is is that like a rivalry yet a gated driveway the day at a Lama affect our rob and I got art. So you who grew who are your elite eight picks. Region by region let's do let's do it. In peace I have urging you tank barge is back I think you take the ER since the Baylor Bears okay. That's going to be an easy pick there. That's good so. That's going to be an easy pick but I am I she between the Hokies and the bears a hokey as like a Turkey. Not that he's a big problem doppler and a lot of that mascot knowledge but we'll get to. The par four to I did not know that there were once on call -- or dad they are so out of the east you've got Virginia Tech against Baylor that they got Blair's against the mayor Stephen OK so she's gone nine seed against authority yet. Nine and three okay and that's not likely that crazy. OK woody who mostly on the west. The last I have. Gone dot bulldogs yup I say is a day here must years okay bulldogs vs the musketeers are okay. All right so this is our like this this is contrary and I'm like this all right in the midwest where that these insights are sparse is or acts. Iowa tea that is never a bad bet to go with Tom Izzo in March. And I like that so and except last year except lasted as a threat but generally speaking like he's always in the final four casualties on the some of organ and then I love organ I really do but they're they're they're down one of their better players that's their that's the only thing that Don scares me about organ I do love the way they played out so you've got disbarred and the ducks. And then in the south. Who do you like the one that the Memphis region. I have they win or eight pills probably not. Isn't which is state soccer home I'm okay I'm thirteen ten matchup we have a really thirteen. Two in their matchup in the elite eight so just give you guys are recap brandy Davis has in her elite eight out of the east. The Virginia Tech Hokies vs the Baylor Bears. In the west can jagr. Verses. Big big big Xavier Musketeers in the midwest Michigan State. Against organs Farnsworth the ducks and then in the south the radar. Double both double digit at home you lead a match up. The Winthrop Eagles against Wichita State charters okay well I like it it's an important for it's different are run now it's time for you to justify this. Your final four. Who's go who's going to the final four out of the east region. Tyler. Big eyes as impaired as because. I am now holiday seeking name and that has fixer upper edge Elena gains Lisa Taylor and and I had a little sun noon my. Also the fact that like a bear would destroy a Turkey right yet again there's not even if you can't run from a bear you can fly away from a bear now. You're just dear dead okay. So you that the and I had a real air America. Let's try and she has a tiger. They do not. Yeah Memphis has the tiger had been does have a tiger penis in the tiger Tom just an cares about this Baylor has a bare all candidates get. I know them did and he's got his tiger died well they had that yeah it definitely does yeah they disputed it replaced yet if you say ambled out what do they keep the bay year. Have a special place for. Today the debate what are they doing at the Bear's den because they don't like well don't bring the bear out on the field did say he had that I doubt they just keep ever ever at all times. I will they're gonna there's gonna be a documentary about that. It's going to be similar to a black fish and yes in black fish about the SeaWorld whales have been sent them. That's now that's wrongly withholding of their captivity. Bible we got Baylor adjacent insured John Miller Peta for America west that you got coming out of the west. Guns out of old because he never had a state could not bulldogs. Called and exam has a sick Mary mascot was on the blue blob and that is exactly and this far with McGee that love is that he. It's okay it's just it's just as Xavier letter that he today. Behavior it's not a next manor yeah there. Back at. Named exam and that's why is it okay I'm done out. They are shirtless that we have usually download a memo about the blue blob. And I was not aware of this essay is it's a secondary NASCAR I giggled and stay steer me wrong but are you sure you didn't like it's not blue would don't Google blew waffle. Load I ask you do not want to Google. They away from boobs they. Yeah there's limited as there are some tough Marten is actually pull it off booed now it's blue waffle. You barely if the kids also don't Google for it yet. Yeah also denied Google had imported last thing I'm just trying to help you out I'll have a problem with this election laugh. A musketeers would of entail a Bulldog. Not necessarily they have swords. Well they called I think at arm's length and inhaled Arnold and they haven't musk yeah greatest try they all black team Obama. That's an outlet and it will be little more than just temporary pain now about the global move fast enough to like. OK that's fine I just think ideas they did in this situation of a musketeers might I think you've discovered I was not able to allow bias yeah there's no doubt about diet. Who do you like out of the midwest. The in depth. And I echo X. You like the ducks. Over spartans. Now. Explain to me how. A duck. Would be a Spartan. Just fly just haven't yet and I finally as fast. And Elaine as Barnes don't have guns job and ducks fly together so volumes SARS awards or war torn. Like they're experts in murder Greg would you would you want I like ducks fly together mostly not fight and one doc teens fight the whole flock. And your saying spartans can come of it can come apart at the Sam's if adversity strikes one Spartan fans. Ducks and I do not do that do what it and what it honestly what it was say say your sport and you have a sword. What are you gonna do if thirteen ducks fly your head. Not ever play again that's I think you become a shot and I kind of freaked out having thirteen ducks flying at your head is like Alfred Hitchcock you yeah birds. Yup you just lose your mind yeah. OK I say or you're coming from on that one now are and then your final final fourteen out of the south between the Winthrop Eagles and the Wichita State's shocker. I'm gonna have to and with the winter bagels because I am tired old ace aspired. If you know America of the meeting is getting out all right Donald Trump how. Yeah triple a affiliate in one you had done little to appreciate your own studio I mean have some subtleties and got. Up. Make America great did lazy just wanted to just go ahead. It Matt yeah I. As far as politics and Iman baptize your auto four is the mascot I am Baylor bear. Gonzaga bulldogs organ dogs and Winthrop Eagles I think three out of the four could happen. I think you're you ridiculous on the Winthrop Eagles losing their championship game as okay. Says. I amcats. Taylor actually went in my daughter does go into the title game one three can run it. Greg marshals are even there anymore when woods did what cardinal and there is look at a little bit of that found this plan says that Lee who like pristine age eight end it there. They're free days and their three point percentage is better than Taylor's. Wow mom the homework okay so you think Winthrop is gonna ride the three point wave to a national champion welfare and a you gotta be close games. Free throws Carol. Free throws and big and fast as with a sense we know so no the the ghost of Dave bliss in the championship game. Against the Winthrop Eagles. That's who you like. Ally and are you telling me right here on Jason and Jon Randy Davis and after all your research and all the hard work you've put into this that we are gonna get. A Winthrop eagle championship is that what you're telling me how Fannie that I have a partner. The Winthrop Eagles are gonna win the and simply turn it. It's they had just any 40 my god it's going to be decisive quarter pat Kelsey has any idea of the run that they're about to go all people with your fans. Cannot even imagine this level of optimism now wait already. Yes that's the but Butler is also the bulldogs have played Butler in the first round so. I had to take some Williams thanks to you is that besides clearly love Donald Trump so they hit the nation's bird is gonna come in over the second bulldogs know. Eat she is that there's where are the dog ever you're nations heard the second forming wow and this is your bracket. At 99 espn.com yes you've got ill and grading out well you're now when a TV. Well I can't eat I because I'm happy picture well even if you're good you're not gonna do in the TV. Mary I am not I'm not taken into in the championship. So both good onion we appraised I liked the fact that you you try to be a little different. I love them right alumnus I went I had no problem I got no prom with 75% of your final four I had a problem at all. If you're if you'd like to find ready Davis. And talk politics and how great this country is you can find her on Twitter at brandy Davis 01. It's Randy. Always have played outstanding and thanks gentlemen good luck you brandy good luck. I would back in just a minute Evan Daniels would join us at 145 we'll talk college basketball with him we'll get this final four picks we'll see if there's crazy is Brandi is. Back in it Jason's done any tennis and ESP NJ's Jason Smith from nights now. It in the 99 sonics bracket challenge. In the App Store before you. Huge prizes including thousand dollars with a visa gift cards of 55 inch HD Smart TV 500 dollars a Christian Brothers out of his round around welcomed him. It's no Monday enjoyed also embryo wood chips and salsa for only five dollars all day if anyone of their port area location welcome glad. 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Yeah I know he's yeah I don't give only Nugent get as of of a made it sound like armed ready Davis is now Chad is that right Reza that's what you're gonna get. That's exactly what you're gonna get on that's every index which you got last night it. What time of nearly 8 o'clock or some donate thirty subtle as a man and a charcoal mass one of which is good work for Google Brady go to bed early and role playing with her a bit like 8851. Sunday at 8:51 PM they were not Charlie Black people. My first thought. We are on their bodies were. Well a lot of faith spoke up until about a dozen on our chests at now that would be weird that would be that would be weird. It is thought they were trying to black sex or look love. What what's. Out of west away as a leader and I agree Iger and your little one says Don and you've got me thinking no role play and he said role play. More than poignant. They're they're not any irony in that I didn't even did I did not even know black sex with a game you'd play the plane Jay-Z and beyoncé his exit and you did you just said it is like that I cave in and things like that and raise again. I won't even say the phrase again I'm on you have the you're the guy who says black me on the show every chance he gets those one time as good you good will events to take data. Disgusting. You have disappoint in the helmet he didn't. You're a big hit and you're letting his sexual slump I'm in Saddam did everything coming up and out and the idea that you would want to bring you would want to bring race. Into something as sacred as sex. This is disgusting. I'm does tend to be ashamed he said role play and I'm Tony what else is showing it who has been the glass it's a charcoal mask. I don't understand what that is okay well let me explain to you you apply to your face. It cleans your face its targets real deep down in there on the boards that what you use for the black kids. I would not put that on my face cut out and out of that in my face. But a lot of people that and that's about it in the offensive and so I don't know what it looked like no you beauty would you chief Japan you receive. It's disgusting. We were we've been thought about instantly turn at all. Morning long and at 1 o'clock or to take your calls. On. What you might say to cal Payer what you might say to judge cal Perry on the wins an awesome thing to take calls he returns to. The city of Memphis all of the don't ready to go. And without a doubt. I had picked my final board Jason has picked his final four rows or do you picture Arafat I didn't look at the brackets perfect. There there is prepared and it's like I like I have not even really like I had I mean I know the south paid into the south the rest of my duty to look at a yet rose there is a lot in. Today. This dance. Part of hasn't even looked eyebrow I mean I may not fill out a bracket as your for the first time it ever. You're a mean this segment was literally better one when Jason was talking about black sex. You didn't even fit look at a bracket true. Bombing I think Jason talking about black sex is better than anything in sports right now. That's true. As I can only assume it's true I would never know. OK it's a you have not please fill out a bracket for the show ended I elevate her or golf and also and I hate to inconvenience you sports man. Eight immigrant story and that's about it now Gerry assures you guide you got did Jordan North Carolina charities don't while warning you have worn it I guess now you.

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