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Jason & John - 3/13/17 - Hour 3 w/ FS1's Evan Daniels

Mar 13, 2017|

Jason & John open the 3rd hour taking your calls on what you would say to John Calipari should Kentucky make it to Memphis for the Sweet 16. FS1's Evan Daniels joins the show to talk College Basketball and NCAA Tournament.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You did you did a pac ten and the look they own from you right now Larry are you sure you need to give me that balance of skinny enough to where that now I do I get it back yeah I saw today it's clean I did see her tonight. Make sure titan didn't peel him or anything you've got your final four correct I've got in front of a job I. My bracket is so chalk it's disgusting day out like it well my question out my iPhone four is as follows. I've got duke and Arizona at the top of the bracket that's the two seeds new. The left side and then I've got Kansas and Kentucky in the bottom. My championship is duke and Kentucky and I've got duke when the championship. I've got the excellent well we have the same shifted. And considering that's two Arctic before the season I think you did to John Udall did that we passed the room up again. Mine is that it I didn't know was a basal cell I do have duke and Arizona both as number two seeds going to file for as well yeah on that side. I've got Kansas. Are got a three seed UCLA coming out of the south jar OK I've got Alonso ball went in that Alonso ball the air on fox matchup I'd. I just printed the bracket and now I just have to hope that the prayer works yes I wanna go all the space on our own mark Brenner a Wii well I absolutely do one day so I've got. Then duke beating Arizona. And I've got Kansas excuse me yes Kansas losing to UCLA semi final is do you select. I've got duke winning 82 descending on job. I got it the champion got that big ball or bring go all the way to the championship dating oh before and I've got duke went in over to 37 to 460 total fund benefits consecutive I just say I think I think Kentucky's. Inexperience the freshmen and always ends up coming back to haunt them when they catch when they catch an experienced hand. And maybe you know their belief market hit and everything they that's when they lose yeah two of two more experienced things. On that aren't intimidated by their talent I can't pick I can't pick and zag or. Arizona to be a final fourteen Arizona is an early date as team which is great but there they they cannot get over the hump. They cannot start Miller cannot make a final four for some reason and Inzaghi is the same way. I just cannot even though can jagr has amid you know tonight I cannot trust in Zagat. It's to make a final four I cannot do so. That's where I met with a a guy do governor Pataki I mean I've got one. I believe what do you final fours hit my final four is duke Arizona came upstairs I have you won't hear that crises may I don't I'm Megan Dag I tonight I connectors can dagger you you know about a four yet that duke and Arizona I've got Kansas and Kentucky I've got one that double. Digit seed making a sweet sixteen bizarre and that's Vermont. And the only reason why you saw higher raw because I watched them in their chance for some stupid reason I watch and their championship game on Saturday and they like big guard. They can defend man I mean they they're big they're good team I don't think they're particularly big but there between nine and five. You know like they're the give a good record in the league and they guarded in nets in that one game of them I. Watch someone for me is Middle Tennessee State and it's not that tough for road as a twelve seed that got Minnesota which obviously is playing great under thirteen other totally turned it around. Other than a Butler team you know edit it they would likely face Butler Hezbollah got of this I would brand is as I've got Butler being Winthrop. And so you just got to knock off Minnesota and Butler in here in the sweet sixteen and now I think middle Tennessee I'm rolling with a do best team in the state. And that's with the apologies to our our good friend Steve Forbes but I like would I like what Milton as he's done they've been fantastic all year long and they got beat a I mean. Twelve yeah I'm I it's it's not like old by gosh this thing is terrible there are twelve seed but come on make it a bit higher than twelve. They could have been items oil yet they could have been domino your loan I think this is is gonna be a very chalky. Tournament I think that the best teams are flight Florida's a force you know I mean I'm thankful Florida has not looked bandy just killed them. For Ellington has gone Betty over guns I don't know. Now on not one on Sunday may arms and all of us are actually got photo losing to he thought that unit in ST in the worst I've got a losing to Steve Forbes in the first rounds on just one. The way they finished the season Dell delivered I don't love Minnesota has a five. You know arkansas' got an infancy there and I just thought I was don't think like Maryland has a say they got a panel I can bigs got about a month taking down Purdue in the and then opening of yeah and then I got beaten Iowa State. And I got to lose and Kansas they got a mess completely just to have distaff and acts on doubled its right that's the only thing. That's another reason why we both have Kentucky at least in the sweet sixteen. And that means that John cal Perry will be making his return to the city of yeah. If that is the case here's the question we were asking earlier would you spend 300 or 400 dollars to sit low enough to tackle him well and if you did. And if you did. What would you say what would you set either that you spend the money or you could just go to the practice like the day before I women's open n.'s Fareed you're probably due within earshot you get thrown out. If I'm out. That's a good point you had practiced from instantly. And certainly you want nugget frantic and I kept thinking that she kept it clean it you cannot heckled cal Perry had its practice. You can head clinic gained Agassi might have them come over but you cannot heckled him. During a practice or you'll get as we go to because they are paying the money and you're sitting close and you can yell whatever you wanted him there for what he's done our program against Memphis your urine your goal is are ready to go visit. Yeah but my goal would be to give as much as my money's worth ran a forty minutes so I would try to stay in a knowledge of the arena there. But what would you say if you had a chance what would you say cal you spend the money you're sitting close enough to got a heck on ways at the sweet sixteen in Memphis at form. What would you say 53537765353776. Rows are. He's got he's got the dump button on standby. We're gonna he might but I can't wait to hear this back in a minute with your calls days and done anything benefit ESP. 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It's on your side nationwide mutual insurance company affiliates Columbus, Ohio subject underwriting guidelines as you enter from. Fans and invest more 62 AP but the bulls on high ground to build on. Man's mark six decades into the books and who represented. Don't tell the dissident. Who wins and now back to Jason and Jon and live from the bedroom in the studio. Espn.com. Fun night. CN. Can. Yeah it's been done did you edit them yes. The end. Evan Daniels of fox sports and scab would join us at one point five. A right now John cal Perry if he's as long as Kentucky takes care business he will be. Back in Memphis athletics form for a chance to make his run of about four in the right out of Memphis the road goes through Memphis. And it's gonna be the first time he's been back in that building since he left mute what would you say to a what would you like to say it's like yours you but you buy that you got about ticket now you got to pay 340 can't be intense level Saudi doubting me right you gotta spend the 30400 I would never ends up being. Had a chance but I think it could be closure I think this could be a good exercise five to 537765353776. What would you say. Steven. You're up first you said account. It Parker almost the life I'll pay a coat tail thank you so much. For the great you Baltimore's there's I'm not vetted yet I'm glad what do UK forget it might increase your dual wield. I'm critical appeal Rick I'm not they got that night Alabama people might old mosque he'd get it flat minor but Obama. They get a evil men daybook. Diebold Darby gave it. You cannot abuse I don't 200100. Will the blood even edit look at the problem the long way and problem while letting them. Kabul bank he brought closure of winning the minute relative. Obviously to navigate you don't really did go Carol go. So you would say thank you count. Mean that that right there would be a lot to say to him I don't know if then William -- the opportunities they all that to cal Perry they would be alive but you imagine that he stood in the Gregor gold had no. Money. I they didn't occur under a third saying everything Manson got down balls are stained yeah I'll have almost things good endorsing the guerrillas Breslin the rest a little personal for Tyler Stephen and unnecessary Raquel was a good player too I was totally unnecessary but do you should probably did Joseph Daniels or something their man why do you bring them into other 53776. About a five ESPN. You've got a chance to say to count. What ever you want whatever you want. Used you spend money you sick because again you're not gonna have this opportunity in your friendly confines export a truck possibly ever again. He night not come back legend gentlemen all right except it picks that. He's not coming back. This is your only taints the save what's on your mind. Let's get we're gonna get you ready we're gonna prepare you for that moment Daniel Daniel era. We're also available so would go well let's have brother. So you know I think our power to spend you know 400 dollars solid. Here she died after a year's Mubarak or Ben ideology out. I think I'd I've. No oh. No moon. Coal mine Danielle. Wool the did. And you. You know this is not serious sex then and then. I was savage. They felt that no that you earlier on them out Ali I've felt that men. You should've brought some dinner. Before you asked us. And he'd dated. People are 230 lead a. I think there's probably a bunch of field of both are folks feeling him oh my god. That was absolutely. Awesome. He dropped the Michael why people want a curse on our show. Anti anything comes and did he think this is free and for the breakfast club for what he drove what did you dollars and eighty billion dollars every question yeah like he was they would for like they did we're on the air out of some like did you realize will get aren't. It. I hear. He's fair profit dropped out all day without it operated arm and a damn fun and it's MFF. But he thought he was frustrated man by the way you know where the programs don't hide that every other not win as well ladies and gentlemen you know the drill you know how this works you cannot cursor over the air RA. So yeah ideally. Please edit. Your comments. Appropriately pleased that we don't have that don't you. Does that fine we're submitted to you Daniel but they're 53776. What would you say well Casey Casey you're on. Was yeah was another. I'd sell com. I'd much about I'd want to be mean to demand. Given the state that the climate. Of the program right now out of luck I'd let them and say they become back when they all army. All in May and you're gonna blame yourself you're gonna say. It was my fault your take that. I think will take the blame to get him back Arpey got a happen on live in and of all paradise split. May and you are desperate type back you are you have you are you are allowed more desperate that I would have thought but I'm with you though I'll join you. Even if you would just get like a chorus there on the front line on the front row we'll do we'll see you will sing until you are Singtel it. All offering a boombox it. Would like like god judge you said get they get the you like you're right outside the girls went down. Lou leading. While it like that idea case to pursue the comments a good idea stuff we can get him back. We're concerned that's on baby come back then come back. 5253776. 5353776. John Tyler Perry's gonna be in Memphis ladies and gentlemen it's gonna happen he's got to make the sweet 16%. We're not gonna be robbed of this. And you're gonna have an opportunity to buy tickets and be close enough to him to say what you've been one to say to him but never had the opportunity to say to him for eight years. The memo about that eight years it's been almost a full decade what would you say. Brian Iran. That would carry out don't listen around. Well athletic coach cal is when don't look at Wichita State the second round. Bobby and upset pig but also can you bring back the glory days. Amid this. Every march target that they get about this and so usually Al Fatah. I will by the time he gets here when started as yet so that wouldn't have that wouldn't be a thing. But I'm surprised I'm here and this just this is what I asked coincidence he's gotten so bad you got some closure in and were so did they it's been so down that people are still men and maybe let's back up but I think the fact it has been so down so long. You like Laura for those days people are just like the position and I go back to that if I could. I think it's shift a little bit jar it's like any other way that it's an air of desperation. It's three years I spent a post season we'll do that to you. It's sort slight. Man I wish for the old days by the class when we're here yeah no doubt about it five mumps shot Exxon from a one man. So for the one guy Daniel who brought it today I am dead and a manual 5353776. About the five ESP in what would you like to say to John cal Perry when he comes back to Memphis and makes his glorious return. Gerald Iran. It was a let's just. Need this now prominent Jewish and I would say jail if conduct a great become coach I left to battle Specter welcome coach Rick. Joy yeah yeah donor. I don't care what nobody is red ran their lives and anybody in their position that there I don't care what they talk about they hadn't built the program yet Tibet point. And they were able to go through one of the blue water over the top and let effect probably be Trout come to doubt. In the enemy America better after 2000 mosaic like uncle which. Blood Jarrell we appreciate it started. I'm a little I'll be honest I'm a little surprised. And disappointed. I'm disappointed that there's an. I think ray how things aren't. Ray you got one of those he got in stride even more and more rage where Ahmad mad maybe in that were. Were relegated did anger I think Daniel broke got a maybe. It got out he did it for the right as eight years that's that's been building up. Others gladly give people an opportunity he would wore lipstick and wanna dinner. He knew it was gonna happen to a much I go to Mary exactly. And I think he'd got he Tokyo at dinner picketed in a lot. Did you around the world he flew you out to San Antonio he put you out to Houston he flew you out to California. Never to tell you never leave it. That's that's life or 50%. Of all marriages end in divorce. So that's why we were surprised on or not we want surprised. Judge Joseph parent should you across the world to dude if the man tells you woman who's gonna be with you forever you know it's not a believer if your mad he left that's fine. But don't say he didn't do right by you while he was with RD drive because he did it. Say what would you like to say to John cal Perry. It is you. By god and what you wanted you asked for are you kidding me you don't you don't have a nice guys that you're telling people would curse like I do not generally viewed what I tell us. You are awarding rage that's what happens when people are re write a personal note I think today you what's yeah. And one segment about doc out there without haven't used that dump button multiple times where you. More new news German all know I asked people to edit out their comments please. I'll rage you can be given a clean ready. No one. Rage. What is it then. Not lazy. OK I can not cars on the radio and still be upset you're asking for like Wal-Mart versions of CDs which are asking for. There's just not saying I don't even get that reference. Did you ever go to war that in so brutal larger cities there's only we had every day we edit edit edit thing it's not all that if you're asking them if you're asking for rage that you say. Eddie yourself what it is not being Belgian not being true. I we want we want the truth you're not people off betting browser got to the dumb on the farm I don't do it it's a good come on folks like. There's got to be a middle ground you let him have it both ways you know Muslims and that's what you why I'm asking you are asking for the full. A parental advisory unedited version on this show there are people their family you save that for the actual court. You save that for bird that day. Give me something and in between please. OK so you want it edited the definition of rage is a violent end on controlled anger so if you ask for controlled rage school that was not rage. I I'm not asking for raids and I'm asking for irrational rage and that's what you got for that guy I'd we have time for a couple morrow. Doing this anymore and this you're done. Browsers don't have taken their call we've tapped into what the screen plus we got it gets to gets here. While I appreciate everybody who called and even the ones who have. And I got a damn bracket to fill out yes you do just try to just try to prepare a little bit man spam it seems like this you need to look at a bracket. And I think I saw this outrage in and that's about it I'm about to hit you with some rain though you're not yeah he's don't Dahlia some real Wal-Mart version rage. I'm so disappointed I am now disappointed that people cannot help themselves but the cars on our show our show has been desecrated cannot have it both ways John. Families. I just wanted people he wanted the Rio and you got the real and so we got. Have you ever had to use the done button in twice in one segment. Yeah sure I'm sure there means are we the next on this year's on this show we have not had to do that I don't accept. But we made history and a lot of people I had you know we don't know myself for the first time in my radio lettering is going to come that's right you're on your priority is self inflict disgruntled guard who fondly. Exactly the same we learned is that for a lot of people still. When you talk about how it's going to win when you when I wanna talk to them it's going to involve. The F word and that's just the facts with the mayor and people still in and paint and then it's like don't pay like even though I know is I mean I think that goes over the stream right like people who were screaming her all day goes on mr. and so for those people. Who hired to be a stream. You can feel the pain. Behind them but behind the utterances. It out I mean it's still so raw and I apologize for opening it up and but this is something that and that's probably gonna come to fruition could be therapy and it I did it could be. I would come back Evan Daniels is a very very nice man that never uses profanity when in any way shape or form. Not on the show yet we will we will we will exactly we will talk to him. Next about his college basketball picks in the tournament this final four coaching changes all that and more within a day of next Jason Dunn IT FN BSP yet we. 1000 dollars worth of did you. CNN Sunday bracket challenge now. ESPN it's familiar in the best in the story. 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Every Monday at this time we talked to the one and only evidence he covers college basketball college at college basketball recruiting. For scout and fox sports he joins us now Evan what's going on brother. What double man help orient. I I were doing well man all right so overall thoughts on the tournament. What do you like studio like what should we know in Memphis. All home. What do I know who go out like. I mean I think that you're seeing they're really like it won't determine or duke and North Carolina probably not. Real surprising and computers from the heart in the country I would actually kinda surprised when all the overall seed. That they were seeded seventh I thought they would if they weren't gonna be a wall and thought they'd be more fit. I think those are the two teams that are really like heading into the turn meant that are filled out one bracket but all go back changes. Is there a double digits it can I fill mine out this morning I think I guess we go through this exercise. Every single year. But I don't see a lower seeded team that I really like like I think I got Vermont I'm Deborah Mott in my sweet sixteen just to say I have some action on O'Donnell. Double digit seed. But this feels like more maybe more so than other years that the best teams the cream of the crop. Are there just better and I and I know it's a one game setting but I get feels like there's a massive gap. Between you know the top four seeds this year everybody else. What do you think you know I I think that it varies from war albeit the wonder who's in the three feet. I think are all very close we really really well I think there's a drop off after respond and not think those popped receipts are all really good and our most Obama ain't. Potentially win a national championship. There's maybe it. Water true that I would say our I wouldn't pick one and all but the other one I think they're great shot but I think it's interesting. In terms those. Higher speed that I liked. I like UNC Wilmington but I don't let there like their first round match up. But Virginia yeah Virginia always trolls tempo and your entombed and really want to get up and down I like EPA if you and I think that they can do some damage. And you know middle and that he's kind of the trendy pick but I have watched them play a couple times and and they're really talented so awful look at Nevada. They've they've got talent from the had a heck of a year. What do you think of that just the south reason over the south regional role in general just that the quality comes is in there there's some people saying it's the most sounded region. We've ever seen it's loaded I know Memphis is happy you're talking about. You know potential North Carolina Kentucky got UCLA and there as well. How loaded is that south region. I mean I think the first three are loaded back to bad I think it. OK okay not often the best region never I mean obviously North Carolina. Is tremendous but people or they lost to duke in the ACC turnabout thought they were probably the favorite heading into into the will determine hectic it even. Educate them. At that now you. He's been good lately but they basically got battle for EU partners schedule. But. You know not taking their work and they are playing much better and it obviously I think you body thank you she'll lay the past to receive alerts that the school. On the could have easily of been up to achieve I think those top receiver they're good but after that I think it's still okay. Well you got coming out of that and just tells you got for the for file for coming on the south and then and then the rest of the. Well I've got North Carolina coming out of the out the top Arizona. Coming out of the west. They eat got duped in the midwest I honestly cannot decide between came the cool what they get early cup call yeah although I think. Pathetic here either either make it there both of those schools or for both of those scenes are scenes and I could see going out in the sec around or making it to the final four. But you're like me years and maybe like germ onto a that we both had theirs and you're not bind and zag and there are those the final file got to make it to the final four Oslo does that team has come on what I'm I don't have it either I just can't pull muscle to do it but. What do you think about the zags. Well I think that they're gonna have a tough sweet sixteen game materialize in Notre Dame thing that happens yeah. But I also think that we can that in Arizona played earth. There was no longer a Trier the leader Parker back and car right didn't play either the Iran and that. I think of that Arizona will be licking their chops to play in value again and I think that you I would take it if they do you match up. Thought it through Evan Daniels. He covers college basketball college basketball recruiting for scout and fox sports in terms of Kentucky. They obviously are in the south region which means if they make. A sweet sixteen you have but it they will be right here the final four goes through. The city of Memphis for Kentucky. Number one at doubt there's a better story possibly in this tournament. Do you think Kentucky because a lot of people I think attorney thing to do is when they see the Kentucky draw. To say that we star state will will be Dem in the sake around do you do you see that as a possibility what do you make of Kentucky's straw. Well here's the thing and asking a lot of complaining about which all state. And I I know the Wichita State is good. Because I've seen them like my old bait and I bet I know they're good. But if you look at their rep Sunday it. Not that good even I mean either they're bet to win or Illinois almost didn't make our remit you know Colorado State who did it make tournament. And. Oklahoma who did it make it part of it so it's hard for me fit to get quit. In the complaint about them being a C ten C based on the red bag now I know there go to become watch them. Remark Olympic coach and he got a budget shooters and a really good post player. But I think it will look man in India target. You're second round game is going to be pretty talk about what. I mean even the one seed but they'll know what continent and zero that's not a cakewalk. Can't visit to play Miami that I cakewalk. I mean I think it is an almost like around game and measures term. Wizard Greg Marcia gonna leave with prostate. Great question. To be good. It's gonna have to be big time job that he feels upper left and it is. I think Greg marshals or is situation is similar art you know it may get eight month. And maybe like. Butler is well. Is that a big better bigger conference but they get so much quicker cohort in Denver comparable man I think people think it because bigger jobs and actor got. That they're just automatically jump at it for a little more money out of that but a lot to be said about being in a comparable situation. Where you know you you're familiar with what what with your surroundings you're familiar with your team player. With your administration. So upbeat set of that and I think that that would Gregg Marshall situation well. And then he has a unique situation. To him that he's in the Missouri valley. But he has you know top five top ten salary like he's one of the highest paid basketball coaches in America and he's also got it set up where. Like they're gonna win Missouri the Missouri valley every single year you know they're gonna they're gonna I mean unless there's some catastrophic upset he's gonna be the turn it. Every single year you couple that with the fact that. You know he has had so much success there he's making so much money. You know he's got to get the players is gonna have these gonna have the best players far away in the Missouri Valley Conference. It is almost like war you know if if if Gregg Marshall wanted to retire at Wichita State. It would not even be the craziest thing ever because you go from having your entire life set up like he could have a down year Wichita State. And nobody we've about it not because he's been so awesome for his tenure there. Like you go to another job if they Kansas or Kentucky whatever it may be that's a pressure cooker it's a lot different. No question well courtside it their upper level of these jobs and it it could be people on all the factor that in sort of I mean if entry page up that Archie Miller and he says no which I think what happened. You know people are gonna at the inquest why wouldn't go to a better job in Dayton what if it. Is it a better job in Dayton won when you're you're comfortable in your winning in your your paid well and you know you can't like that there just so many other factors than you know is this job better than that job. And and you see a lot more now to let you see like has now it's it's more it's less about prestige. That it is your year. I did to your relative ease. Like I can win or I can win it Dayton and I can work Wichita State for the rest of my life I mean in theory is that what I've been doing. I take it I I go off into another job and it's just like it's you like what it's like Shaka for example. Shaka Smart with Timmy would be the biggest deterrent if I'm Greg martial arts about sex smarts are really good coach. He's at VCU he he made daily date deep runs in the tournament he goes to Texas. And it's not happening and it's not happen right now right now it may next year but it's taken some time it's not the home run and thereby thought it was an you know that's an idea than us. All the dump it on that you know I thought like yeah had a bad first year they're offering that would permit to laugh or shot. Obviously affecting year than it spent some struggles and it agree that jumping on the terrace. I've had a lot of my friends as well look about opera's always shopping gonna make it actually is gonna make it. It has been a second area one bad season. Right at duke players summit then next year they didn't have a point guard their biggest problem this year I think in the end will be fine I know that up appoint your make and John but. The most important question and all the seven is where will the sharp dressed and and Daniels via what Diaz is divvy it up when you get your big. And we expect to see you in Memphis what's what's the plan for Evan Daniels and how you cover this tournament. I drivel but planet to sit in front of a few via watch all the games. All. You confide in Phoenix so. Well is it like to meet like 'cause I actually was talking to again cares about this Gary paerson also does the same thing that doesn't studio. But like god of love somebody gave out like a month ago but he won't be ended in an arena but you'll be watching the games you know I mean right like it that's the best that there. The event that's where you're gonna get to keep them oaks. And I you know we put off select a old almost we can't eat and just sat around and want to up its elements and how fond look back we sit and I'll let that but let me. It's like it's one of the bending to me it's when the best weekends and in sports is is 'cause bass while commerce championship week talking Evan Daniels who covers college basketball. And recruiting furs scout and fox sports he's on Twitter at Evan Daniels. Out of puts you on the spot here. What coach. Is going to benefit the most from an unexpected run. In the NCAA tournament losing got to be is it going to be pat Kelsey who is it going to be Steve Forbes is it going to be. Mitch Henderson Eric muscle when you tell me who's gonna be who's gonna benefit the most. That's a great question. I mean it could be any of those dark just named it could be Kermit David Middle Tennessee State yet I mean I I actually think that there's. A handful of twelve or thirteen feet. A that could do some damage and then you just mentioned multiple near you will return in East Tennessee State. A Middle Tennessee State. The secret certain. Or Sam got the chance what Vermont much that they portrait or conference. There's some pretty good I exceed that but maybe do some damage and a lot of those and you mentioned when per pack LT a lot of these guys that are. Are pretty hot coaches right now can keep. You're you're welcome doc coached before the East Tennessee State. I taco time and actually have it'll come out later today hammered it must Opel flood here. But I have Steve Forbes and beat Tennessee State and up actual people win Burton Jamie encryption from mount your marriage. Oh my podcast later date sort of be good. Good chance you know there are changed or the tournament. Of yeah that they'll definitely be taken after you subscribe. To the side lines of evidence. Really quickly on Steve because we have Steve on last week and he's obviously got that a lot of people think Cindy coaching Memphis right now. He's got he's got an amazing stories you know you know he got the one year show cause at Tennessee. It's one thing. I was asking this I does that say this you know objectively we all austere but it's one thing to be in the coach at East Tennessee State right it's it's another. If a power five university hires wick because there's. Undeniably Steve Forbes does have baggage he is he is associated with that Tennessee. Wave if you are caught a scandal is it's a scandal even though it may be it shouldn't be called a scandal on the card that maybe don't know I. I think it'd help I don't think I did not and all but it was branded immediately it's you know I guess Bruce Pearl bounce back pretty quickly and they hired him before he could even go out recruit. I guess my long winning question is do you think this will be a problem. When it comes did betting Steve Forbes. I don't know there will be a but I certainly don't think it should be look speak or can flat out coach. He can flat out recruit when he died in a different way you know he obviously had a pretty. Impressive junior college background we've been able rebuild this property and if he's very quick. He's he's got about getting OK got it done by getting junior college kid and developing our people are really seek out the roster. Minute it would Russert built to win a game in the NCAA tournament 82 look. I have won a major college coach that went down and watch these forward from here that northwest border they junior college. Tell me that he ran the best practice he'd ever saying. Or does that really good and I think you know he's gonna be able to have them and they'll be lucky you go law. No doubt about it and we'll see we'll see what happens he is David Daniels described to the sidelines follow on Twitter. At Evan Daniels he joins us every single Monday Evan you're the man appreciated brother and seven. The talk you of the budget next week. Yes sounds good he is evidence that should be an instinct I guess. There with Steve Forbes we have an update well law. A University of Memphis basketball player is leaving we will give you details when we get back Jason Dunn edited out of bed yes it. Is Jason Smith for nights now. It in the 99 sonics bracket challenge. On ESPN dot. In the App Store before you. 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News now coming out of the Memphis basketball program that one out dead. Right cook a man who I had high hopes for. I went what did you see at the beginning of the year what did you say he was goodies that five big man in the ANC are quick to jump on top five big man in the day. And every TF and he was he was Davis stay instance and all over again legs that's exactly what that fools. Says stances and I'll get a better year. And is there since I won't stand and let you guys ought to do it alone aren't barely. They barely did Ari Chad's in Europe and never instead Graham press conference how he had and it's a very impressed I guess as the this is from genetics can we get we gotta get some proper theme music on it because this is goodbye. Now we knew it was gonna happen you know but we didn't know we'll come like this not as emotional for you guys and as for me. Okay. I mean you also have this is Chad Wright could cents a gram press conference. As this season. Has now ended the first of all thank you to god allow me to place in college basketball this year helping me get through the year as soon as I could have done an otherwise. Perspective respect that and secondly to my teammates I appreciate you all for welcoming me it's come down and rocket with me this year. I love you know I love all young man we've Brothers for life we have this pass and we growth for life come home chefs and I'm Michelle for sure. Here's part it's as tough as news of all. So this is a hearts. For me it's a but I chosen not to. To use my last year of eligibility here in Memphis. As I want instead pursue other options for next year I'm happy valley Tennessee it's been a real and Chad ride Goss is leaving us jar he's drive Korean air track your process down a level that. These drives and he's doing he's going home on me and he's gonna play like divisions in basketball. Always not good enough patsy special times this year some some moments with Chad Iraq if you remember and probably one of the most touching and was when he blocked John and I own Twitter. That was about as productive as he was all season long and on the I hate to say that because I had big hopes for war. Just like I did for stance and so in all sincerity. I will never forget. That time. That Chad Wright good. If that thing that's not sincere at all but you better be serious. I can I'll never forget it I'll never forget it for the rest of my life but he was he was instrumental that come out against all messed up and lost the game. What happened to be instrumental man and was instrumental in the come whenever there's a little bit jail. He wasn't that difficult for the head. Into the L. He tried to prevent DL does not enough. How many more big gains we have no. There's not many years that I get a more usability and they would get senile or something he had ten against Savannah Saint John Q. That aren't yet twelve against Monmouth ten against prop a monster game against Monmouth was twelve and 4 rebounds all 4 o'clock. He was huge against Monmouth in the long about it at all if they lost I saw right through your crown. At the beginning of the year when you try to crowned this man's castle right through do you know how good he wasn't the most garments great show my. Tiger bowl before. A lot of bragging guys. Your final four rows there. Melanoma. Arizona. Louisville. And North Carolina I wanted to pick Oklahoma State to beat Louisville the second round but I look at us and today solid lately they've also last three days are big issues because. Kansas went out the second round is it'll never do crap out of little self determination for 2800. Champion North Carolina over Villanova three guys. You're at North Carolina gets revenge this year I would doubt an awesome game last year. As we sign up today we do it was. Amid a US forces that. There has come to an end our University of Memphis blues together play with a guy out of all yeah. Biden is the general Goodell to. For the afternoon you will you do animal. Almost goofy clothes that's what sort of call me an AA it scared just signed up next for days and I'm done we're done. Finishing one Bartlett the limits as much as kids. Yeah ME SPN's son Bradley's challenge presented by. It's. Hey it's only ship from polices things restaurant food the last time you again. Once you stop sign and say yeah we're located on main street between Madison and I have. Parking on extra stuff I'm happy hour daily air bar the import 36. Featuring two dollars off all my other classical model appeared in daily if he could tell. 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Tom and I love these sounded nice sheiks are half price after 8 PM yes but so are the ice creams flushes and they're better south what did you say ice cream slashes or that shakes our ice cream slosh it. Nice here. That's it let's take this outside. A lovely spring day I don't love those. Those would kill his you plan to OK they're actually had changes slugged out. It's not a nice featuring shakes a new ice creams lessons have priced at 3 PM this is a sonic limited time only because in some drug and. OK our next caller is Jeff from Memphis. She and big fan I'm calling about Sammy Hagar is red rocker bar and grill itself apart. They've got like 55 HDTVs also food and edit the B.

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