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The Eric Hasseltine Show 03/13/17 - Hour 1 w/ CBS Sports' Kyle Boone

Mar 13, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a pretty colder my lips would probably. Increased at a glass. That's three Jeff. But this is a romance relationship talk show. Well I really do love that car. Treasure Landis a long day. For America's long. And the Rambo. Or management system in the ram 15100. There's a perfect place to store your valuables. Five and a certain. Based on Mikey because it. Residency restrictions apply to. It'll be my fourth three. Ninety okay. Yeah. 680. Cloudy overcast cold chilly rain me. Monday afternoon. As we now known what the NCAA brackets look like. The grizzlies have not tasted victory in what seems like forever a five game losing streak. We'll try to snap that tonight against one of the NBA's hottest teams. Chad Wright looked down at the University of Memphis. You apparently announces he will not. Pursue another year. I'm sure that's like a huge news or not. You know unfortunately. Get the kids battled injuries that it is what it is. And more on the Chandler Parsons from this time. If you listen adjacent carries out over the weekend. And over. Zealous fan thinking he's funny. With a video. That the probably should've gotten is asking for. Honest with. M outside but that a little bit I don't wanna get it too much. Too much headway because truthfully. It's stupid. It's childish. People are fired off back the putter it's not necessary. But apparently against proud of it so giving him any. Attention over it is borderline ridiculous. People that think that's fawning herb. You're just an idiot and it's not funny and his old shouted. It's this society stuff on it. Some thought. If if you were if you were hampered by something at your job or school what if you had a learning disability. And you tried you tried you tried you just simply couldn't get something and someone came up and said hey dummy. Way to get you know way to screw up everybody's bell curve or something or whatever man bent right. What if you're at a job and you're hurt you can perform. Somewhat doubles today erode and everybody else's thing and yet you're yet you are tried. They that's funny you say it's funny because he makes. Point plus million dollars he's subject to ridicule. Not. Alamo as people try to justify they only mention of Monique and he can handle it. Making enough money doesn't make you less humid. And doesn't mean that. You. Don't care about things and that that doesn't mean people should have a right to say whatever hell they want if they don't. And so I just it's it's it just struck a nerve with me today I'd I'd heard about it and I watched it today I was listen to Jason and Jon. So talk about that a little bit as well. I get it man everybody's frustrated. Dark times. Right now for the grizzlies it's been it's been tough. Everybody in that locker room every coach in the coaches' offices everybody around that building wants us to stop and stop instantaneously. But it's not gonna get any easier got a hot team coming in today. Tonight six straight wins they're looking for their first seven game win streak since 2002. They haven't swept the grizzlies in a season series since 2009. And the opportunity that and then got one of the best young players in the game. Kenyatta son a coma he's getting better and better. Every night out there so as not going to be an easy task tonight hopefully will well suited he's bounced back but it did not look good. And I get in my thoughts as a lot I'm here coming up. Later on in the program we've got Kyle Boone joining us from CBS sports. Not an NCAA tournament. Joseph and RD basically had just about perfect except he had USC out. And Syracuse in Syracuse did not. Indeed make it and then in the most ironic twist. Of hilarious mess over the weekend to me. Instead the play UNC Greensboro. In the first rowdy and I think those that don't now. It was to date time that in a press conference basically said there's no reason to have. The ACC tournament in Greensboro it does nothing for us we need to keep having it in places like New York like Atlanta like Washington DC. Where there's major media coverage where your going in and were hurting us. How many teams are going to grow in Greensboro to recruit. You know it's just because the offices are there and it's always been this kind of easy way to go about it. As says that he's right. You get the best basketball conference arguably in the country some of the most recognizable teams without a doubt the country to the big blue blood programs in the country. You have played in Greensboro. Really when you can plant in Brooklyn very compliant New York where he can play Washington DC pretty complaint in Atlanta. Where people can go and easily find nice hotels easily find other things that you. I didn't have a big problem with what Jim bad times and I know people in Greensboro were upset about that but me. Kamal left. It is what it is they've been out that if the play UNC greens were on the first round of the and I to get other coaches though frustrated. Can't say I blame him. Was great to see my alma mater get their first ever bid to the NCAA tournament they get the playing the blame game on Wednesday night which. I gotta be honest with you I know nothing about north Carolina central. At all. But I can you know at this would just be exactly how it goes the first time here there I would imagine they have more experience in these situations and UC Davis doesn't he just. UC Davis has never been there but I was very proud to be. An Aggie alone that night very proud of another. Colleagues in years past. Eric muscle man who was really one of my favorite all time grizzlies assistant coaches and and that's known very well. I during his time with the greatest and he is now the head coach at the University of Nevada. I used to be UNR Nevada Reno. And they not only won their regular season they won their conference tournament knocked off Colorado State the finals and air muscle of we'll take his team to the big dance and very likely. Will be moving on from there but big congrats to you it's Eric mar cement. And his team trying I reached out to them trying to see if maybe we can get him on his aghast. But I was basically told that it's doubtful just because they've already had like thirty requests may turn most of them down who knows hopefully he'll he'll. Find some time but if not I totally understand when apple we're trying to get him on us if we can talk about Nevada. And what they bring to table I think they get Iowa State in the first game if I'm not mistaken I was listen that analysts and that's. That's going to be fun matchup. To be to be 100% honest with you. That that will be a matchup to. I would love to watch and I had some great week of the year are gonna get it started tomorrow night and Wednesday and everybody will be filling out brackets and productivity and office places for the next. Two or three days old radical or dramatically less well off and then now Thursday and Friday ability of the office at the. If you want to do and as would you take Thursday and Friday off. I'm all for mild like yeah yeah if it. You know sometimes I am really worried about you what I just said. If you weren't doing message so let's assume you have a nine that I eight got my normal office job. Outside sports media your. Dean accountants for some firm in your your door on the books and all that and you got to eight to five job would you take the two days that it is this something you would take. Two days off for you can't say you're sick I'm glad I got let's be honest but it every bus out there that here's somebody sick this week is gonna go yeah right. Unless you're legitimately like you got to go to the doctor and get an out. Let's say you can't take sick days would you be willing to use two of your sic their vacation days to sit home or Washington term yeah. Really I'm not. I love it I absolutely love it I would find a way to follow it at. On the on the computer work. He knows best like daughter listen to it. I don't think you can't be productive life while listening to a broadcast of the Thurman I'd radio wise as they'll have all the you know the have a game on all times. And you can even do it all the watch whatever app you can watch it turn on your phone now. I don't think you can't be I wouldn't I don't think I think my vacation time would be so valuable to me it I don't want to burn two days just to sit. NA in a sports bar and and my favorite Bob just hit and smash from 11 AM until you know 7 PM that night and and use that as to vacation days. One reason to vacation days at fox because we let me we have a decent amount vacation days we have limited time more can use them. And I dated July sweeps again yeah different ear and a different world and then being kept out you know being accounting more delegates at the watch like anti. More or less because. I go to work at midnight so I would I would I got it sleeping between now and or I guess between the end of the shift and now. My go to that one song what is said I don't watch the game so I am taking off. Bored by guys it's a different situation I understand that but. I don't go to bit I guess how many vacation days you have but I do enjoy the yeah I just enjoy watching it live because especially when this war games on same time. Because you never know what's gonna happen it's always fun to watch it you know. Yep buddies that are. You know alumni have some of these schools and everything like that they have a lot more right on than just leave because. Restaurants are making that they animated ever and good for your. On Alex Haley I watch matches that we take at another. Asked what the let's be honest Saturday night against Atlanta which scared me because. Going into the game under and the one thing you've had problems with is keeping guys Atlanta aggressive Friday it has finishers very good getting himself. Into the limited outplayed Dwight Howard was even made it more aware there are one in four outside just standing around the perimeter type blockages a lot of stuff the EC was San Antonio. So we take that beating IA I've got to go and pick up to go food. At east and grow old by my house aspect Jefferies and girl Aaron hall hacks for us Winchester and and my body fits in the bartender. Basically turn on the taste it as that I'd like you wanna watch this like that I went to school there. And sells weight while I was waiting because I wanted to go home watch because I didn't wanna be the one guy. I phenomenal borrows a history southerners tell it like everything out of nowhere. You like Baghdad but it's it's neat it was me I feel bad that that you don't get to experience that puts. Obviously it's it's fun I mean it is a fun day in and and it's it's neat scene of the announcing teams are they got some really good broadcasters I think. Com you know he is that he can get that was ranked last eagle boarded up. On now the big lead and obviously my buddy spear Adidas is gonna be part of that I'll try to see if I came to Spiro. Scheduled for an interview as well see where he's going. A there's some inching you know just match Epson and anything else is there any announcer you don't like to listen dirty preferred an idea they announce as we're watching those four games or is there someone you feel like you wanna hear. I love your rafter rafter to. Go around very. A life lesson. Not herself and I did for me I'm fine with the community thinks the best. Like property a decoy. But I'd plant my blue eyes again as it teams that work well together you know it's like. Man's. Name tiny eagle they added Brian Brian de asserted and I was inexperienced or he's also down. I'll look at the list right now I think I think Harlan and Reggie Miller actually pretty good together I mean they're gonna really yeah most it'll mount a fan Reginald. He's he's very blunt with the is commentary and yes but I I I think they were quoted others were saying about. Yeah I see it's it's inching it big they can add and enhance I think Gary had ammonium today. Premieres there is not doing penalties on the terror and all but Sean Farnham I think is getting really go into a it's hard for me now having heard the stories about Dan back edge. From aryan Greg taught health. Now look at just think the guys like he's just a master right every time I see of knowledge I hear your opinions completely jam right completely change it's amazing how that works like. You hear a negative story about a channels and you're gone policy as it just at the leaderboard people say like Sony people. Some people say the same thing yeah. Did get sent out it's a great timing here like the playing games tomorrow and and Wednesday and I think what it's tomorrow you get. The the first two it's a mount Saint Mary's and university New Orleans. I the other two playing games or the USC Providence game which I just like Providence is like their coach had always rate. And they got Kansas State and wake. I'm in the playing game winner will get Cincinnati a winner on the USC Protestant gets SMU and I'm Baylor battling I'm pissed off. Is it an Emmy or three seed which is fine but you had some SN muses succeed at teams player out of their minds right now they absolutely. Jumped all over Cincinnati. An American athletic. Tournament final and never let them up for air and that's a good Cincinnati team and they made them just they dominated. So and listening to see that instant see some of the other seedings come out about as well. I was watching destiny Cincinnati initially with the body money was like. To listen you man they're gonna they're making nice front of the terminator yeah but they're gonna be like a sixty dozen BI RS they're gonna like Irish succeed because really they should be like a four seat. That now man they're going to be yet figured if I think they're gonna be understated just because. Was that Gregory coming in it goes all these things factor going any knowledge all the rankings RPI and all that but you also think like that don't. And in the rankings are pretty solid right usually it's a pretty good determining factor. You've got teams that war pretty hotly ranked today. You know are they finish highly ranked that week you figure there's only four rights of you figure you're in the top money should be at least a five seed right. Right as simulate an upset came out and they've you know. I know. That's on the on the selection committee but I don't get that in that a lot of other reasons but that's a expect exports geography still continuing her son had with exactly they like him I worry that you'll notice and attain its exact. We'll take a south regional my number one seed in general be likens that it is you think it's in the so yeah. Scientists are. I don't know how it goes and all that and want Marty is amazing because he gets everything right and the only thing I literally 67 out of 68 teams he had incorrect and I'm the one he did not was Syracuse we've got other things going on do about that will not more and I think there's a pretty good case. When you're the coach of a mid major team to. To gripe a little bit especially when you feel like you can't. Likely you can't. Catch a break and you can't. You don't get teams to play you they can boost your RP out of the point where you know you don't win your conference tourney still have a shot at getting in there and it's. It's really kind of too bad to watch that happen like it he might Illinois State. It knows that they're not getting in because. They quote unquote don't have this or don't have that you know. Ranked the winner highly enough rank to win. And that's you know a tough pill to swallow because everybody wants to be in the tournament right. Everybody wants to be. Part of the big Danson and as much as you in the schools will take an MIT bid it's not the way you. You envision a season when you absolutely. Play terrific basketball season long and that the enemy is go at sigh you didn't get. You didn't get the win when you needed the most and so you're going to be in the other tournament and I will be doing some things over yourself. I'll get in all of that coming up also talk grizzlies. As well it is a Monday edition of the program cow bones gonna join us next we'll get his thoughts on the seedings and the brackets and who he thinks. And pulls an upset there's some potential upsets I mean a I wouldn't bomb Arizona. I sleep in on Saint Mary's if they've asked me then in the second round now obviously Saint Mary's has the win their first round game against ECU that's another tough team PC you can really get up and down and get your. Did your kitchen and and and plays great basketball. They lost the one of the hottest teams right now. In the country in Rhode Island in their conference championship game and at Rhode Island team is good they're fun to watch as well but VCU's got speed day. They get after you and they bring in honored you know night in night out basis so by no stretch the imagination I think it as Saint Mary's is gonna walk through. VCU either so it's eight I think there's going to be some terrific terrific. First round match of small talk a little bit about that with album we'll do rain out put thrill aborted due 45 and absolutely. Unbelievable story. In high school basketball tournament. That we will get into and some other non sports stories that we'll talk about there as well on in the second hour we'll talk grizzlies. And get into what seems to be troubling and plaguing this team there's a lot of things that everybody sees and we'll talk about all of that you can tweak program at Eric castles on. At not a golfer at Aircastle plans. Act not the gulf for bands on the other side of the glass on certain. In studio with you today on a Monday grizzlies wrapping up before game homestand tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks the tournament brackets are out. And literally the top story on espn.com and you'll you'll notice I guess would top story on ESPN that's out right now. Tim Tebow got his first baseball you've got it isn't really nice word of god top headlines Tebow gets first spring it. Unless dark I'd heard that old so much time on the song like 25 minutes ago somebody post it on Twitter here's. Finished fifth. Here's the rundown this is joining us Stanislav Newsday and everybody is a Saudi an apparent. Prior hopes to play with cousins on Redskins well I I hope to win the I hope to win the lottery to let let's rally near one of them are probably gonna happen. Illinois State coach tweets Dan malt Mueller is they because those are multi about that a little bit. And rain out put three on the board has got an excellent well actually bring it up a little bit with Bob Boone as well. Ex Penn State and man pleads guilty of abuse case at one point just a few minutes ago you know what else is there. UConn women's finish atop the poll number one after undefeated season like cool railway. There's a shot let me click on that like to reward to it holding your breath for extended amount of times can do some serious damage he would do what other what other brilliant headliner he had come up what today. Waters let the suns I'll stay right there yet sits sit by a pool all day without censoring you'll get sunburn cool pool. Expedite dipped a few stocks finish is not what we both can you imagine someone actually voted them number two of again and instantly take your vote away right there as that that's the candidate. It is right now some NBA and is battling on their Larry Sanders agreed to a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers are at this is one I I don't get we'll talk about it later on. But literally the guys that I'd well I would rather not play basketball anymore I never really out of love for basketball. Any sign this you know multi year. I'm ten million dollar a year contract with the Milwaukee Bucks he's bailed. He's bailed him touch like okay you know it is say just a while I don't love it I don't love playing and I don't want doing it now I. I remember saying on this very show. You watch you get away from the game for a couple years and those checks are roll on and and you're not making that kind of money you'll find a way to level again. You'll find a way to level again as Larry's Anders. Like long athletic and rebound not a great shooter but can block shots just apparently in my plan that's what would just fine. But it's awfully hard to find jobs out in the in the regular world making ten million dollars a year playing a game right. Just doesn't happen right so when you have the opportunity that. Let you know hey he'd eat it is he took his sabbatical now has come back east. It's been talked about it and you'll sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers and our place. Andrew Bogut who had about 45 seconds broke his leg and is no more Cleveland losing last night by the way to Houston who continues to look good Golden State. Gave up another game standings to San Antonio in game work literally none of the stars played. But San Antonio seems to have a very good chance if not. I am very likely chance of catching Golden State essentials are about all that too in our number two coming up next though Kyle bloom from CBS sports. Going to talk NCAA brackets in that tournament without us that's next 92 anatomy has payments. Into the 99 saga described it tonight to night espn.com. The magnitude nine and Demi is CNN is free you can. Prizes for misogyny. Into the 92 nines under. Presented by Nvidia members and Papa John's pizza. Lou I prison number one fresh ingredient recipe delivery service in the country it's their mission to make incredible on cooking. Accessible to every one blue aprons and delivered a 99%. Of the continental United States in 99 point 5%. Of food desert a food desert as a place where it's hard to get quality ingredients to make. Diane. A Leander and highly delicious and on nutritious meals for. 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There are dancer in the Chinese media can do I. I would accept that got it a rip got me so it was it was a little awkward I had to get out of the bar 'cause I was the only guy yelling at a deviated obviously no one cared about the update west. Championship for town Saturday night up at Canada when watch this once what surprised you the most one that when the brackets did come out. A jewel and RD basically had it right the only when he missed was Syracuse who got left off the the dance card and Providence RC's new USC got put in. That spot but some of the seedings caught me off guard what's the biggest shock to you as you look at over. I I think probably the biggest shot is actually that shocker Wichita State at what's dark it is way too low in my opinion you. That my colleague if you get it or not normally next are you about. Which got state being our I did attend seed which is really bananas when you look at what would start they hadn't done this season. I think they're getting not for probably plane and then he named in the NBC in the Missouri Valley Conference. Chuck Berry won thirty games this year and and there had a top fifteen team and eight people. You know they've they've got a lot of debt they need to really get that lucky and they want to think eighteen games by Tony one more and they have been dominant. And to put amenity fees. The same pod is Kentucky the admitted to see I think it's. It's. It seems like a little bit of the planning. I don't know I think actually the committee would kind of keep millions Kentucky wouldn't. And actually. You know look I I look at it now with you I ate it seems so logical to go. Anyway you've got. A ranking system and obviously you know a lot of this goes in RPI and Kemp mom you know does all this stuff as well attempt palm dot com. But as I look and a I'm going like. Why are we not why are we seeing teams without point five. When there's four brackets eat you would think that anybody at that point fives essentially be no lower than a seven Gracie you gat which got ten Mikey said. I'm looking at Saint Mary's seven. Who grain and lost again zag and inside improve their better. But as I look at some of the other ones still won't likely ate that doesn't make sense to me. Why these guys are here late in and everybody had been talking about UCLA is a three seed which is what they end up. But up until that loss to Arizona and I think we're wanna tackle a tournament that would end the top five. Well. I think adding another kind of instinct they got I think a lot of good seating had a lot to do it. You know kind of wit what conference here and radically and and what we thought I would put solid state it is. It's scheduled aggressively nonconference that. They got beamed for being an NBC and they're really only competition had a good Illinois State and Illinois State didn't make the turn so. Same went back at them you out of out of the American. And probably at the news is it just has and that big of defense would stop state does as well aggravate. And 230 and for that you know well they want there American League. And you know they are sitting over there it looked like there at six feet. Which is probably use about where would stop say maybe you should use someone else. Yeah but even what should it even SMU is probably a little bit too too I think they're a little bit understated as well they can easily be a foresees. I would have no problem at all so. I thought outside talked about as in the earlier tonight and as I watched them absolutely. Dismantle. Since I mean they just words they were clearly the better team and I like bad Cincinnati team it's amazing to see that man see them ranked. On the same line and you know again it just goes to pay sometimes you should use the eye test because the other one I didn't get. Was Maryland Maryland to Maine and sat started out great. But has looked awful and you get the Big Ten. The Big Ten tournament that are Christmas again because we'll of course is seven and Maryland who has been playing incredibly inconsistent basketball. Is it six it again sometimes. It leaves you scratching your head I wanna talk about that Illinois State situation because I'd Dan Muller it has put out a tweet today. It says ACC Big Ten big twelve SEC pac twelve big east it's me again. Looking for home and home next year please call me for chance for quality road win top 33. RPI. It it's. It seemed it's a valid point you want these teams to schedule games but at Illinois State can't go out and get. Good teams to play them. And then they the teams they did get the plate and in nature of a college basketball season especially as you know it's damn near impossible to go on beat we've seen it when we haven't seen anybody adolescents Indiana did it. You're gonna lose some games went seventeen and one of their tournament and the team they lost do it Wichita State is really really good and their and their Powell it basically because of in all these things are factors that go land. It is is are we being unfair. To the non you know power conferences. When schools like this get bounce I mean obviously. You want household names and ratings and revenue drives the tournament there's no question about it. But man the Illinois State Maywood was a team I think that has won most legitimate gripes I've heard a long time. Yeah I think that I think it is same for college back on general that teams like Illinois State get left out because you would get. It seems they're on the bubble this year unity Kansas State and Vanderbilt. Team that barely squeaked and then in power strictly sit. Now we got to know what those teams can bring we know they're middle of the pack our current scheme they. Probably not gonna advanced past the round at 32 maybe this sweet sixteen but. Still generally don't wanna stay true they're the best team in the end you keep it either and I for one would like to see what they can do it a little bit of a projection I I think no I think. Rewarding them for their success this season would make a lot of sense and don't follow up that tweets from from Illinois State stand Mueller actually yeah Ole miss. A happy little hike actually responded in classic or. You've got coach Kennedy here and they're ready to schedule almost home now I don't know actually count will come about but that's it's interesting way to go about scheduling. Yeah I said dad coach Kennedy doesn't it Twitter buddies that give them a call will get it got. I mean granted there's a problem that I have with it and and again it's never your always gonna have somebody to gripe about I just think when. You're analyzing a team because they lost two of their first three games in November. Yet clearly get better as the season goes along they lost all of their losses. Except for the one against USF which is on a neutral court or on the road loss to Tulsa. Not a great law schools is not a great team this year but you lost by two you lost it TCU. By nine you lost at Murray State. By three and Murray State isn't in pretty solid mid mid Ager you know program that goes on and it's game one of the year you've got to leave teams room to get better so they do. And after that loss to US as the only two losses they have granted lopsided at Wichita State lopsided in the conference tournament final. Our which does state. Yeah they need everybody else. Yeah but yet it's a shame and out. I don't know that there's going to be any way to fix it really state you know I think. Now I think trying their best is scheduled aggressively out of out of leak play and I think that's the only solution for Illinois State took a prominent own Tawana scheduled because. You know they don't really good team they might end up upsetting Ballard power six sweet demon. You know if you could share our sixth head coach you don't want to lose to a mid major like Illinois State eat urge you can't be down the road so it could it kind of put too late bang like. I don't think any any coach want to schedule them because they're so good and you know I think you have a hard time until another and a very schedule a very heavy on non conference. Schedule I think it will favor. Dan come tournament time. Which bracket you think is the toughest is east midwest southwest. I would go to each got a I think he is preloaded. Just that the top you look at Villanova which is obviously the number one overall seed but duke duke in the number two seed not a lot of people are. There is some way to actually being an addiction about a number one seed so I just goes to top seeds in general and those. Those tools I think it's probably what makes that you had to cut creation. Plus the other Virginia in there who can lock you down defensively Florida just has not been the same. Since a Bonin got hurt and Baylor can get up and down the floor at that second round match of delegates by New Mexico State you know always guarantee of anything. Well yet SMU SMU in that next round if they beat the winner of USC Providence Bayless gonna have their hands full and that one to me. And I think duke. You know has a clear path and that sweet sixteenth I'm not sold right now on South Carolina way they've been playing nor Marquette. But I I would I would lean towards Marquette that once or should be inching match up. There I do think it's an ironic twist the face here in Memphis to John felt very very likely to be playing in the final four because I would promise you wanna watch that one. Because the vitriol in the stands from the nine Kentucky people that are just Memphis residents going to the game should be priceless they'd be almost as good as Greensboro. The day time. I love that. I love that if they had iron grip and on Greensboro and cash jogging into Greensboro on the first charity an idea isn't that exactly that I'm not in Sydney you know. Now I had it it's going to be along those lines and that was they today and very ironic twist of fate there as that went down listens to be a lot of fun Kyle thanks for take it down to join us. Looking forward to what is one of the best weeks of the year for college basketball fans without a doubt lowering the best. Three weeks four weeks really when you factor in championship week last week it's been a blast thanks man. You bet early on I album right there. From CBS sports socket NCAA tournament is he's right man as Saint Mary's is under seeded SMU's under seeded Wichita State's undersea they're Kentucky. You member of the year that they kind of jacked Wichita State they were the one seed. Was right mentally to steal cotton for Ron baker who's now the New York Knicks Wembley was what they think the Toronto Raptors. And they were the ones seen in Kentucky was the eighty there is a team I would you do that good team it's basically the number one all season long that Kentucky teams totally rounding into form. Now Kentucky gets them but what I saw first of all eight what I saw on the SEC tournament final the end of that. I know there is John going on Arkansas completely lost their composure taking cheap shots was just ridiculous I was. Really disappointed to see that because there are good basketball team they're an eight seed. In in the ass south region now take on. Who. Who are they playing in the first round they've got the seat hall. In the first round and the winner will face more than likely North Carolina must we have the unthinkable what is 161. Upset I don't think Texas Southern's gonna get that done. But. As I'm watching the aaron's sister frequently. Really go. Really go. And you know I am not a miles plan really well right now you we all know about bleak month a much nearer fox and he is is blowing by guys in and took the absolute. Unnecessary shot that he took at the end of that game and by Dallas right amount of neurons and again it was it was totally over the top. And is to see what happens when those two teams meet up by next year Arkansas's got to really. Nice flair I ally. Dusty has learned he's he's issued at Penn State they got some guys do blood. But it was not fun to watch that towards the end. Towards the end of that ball game to to say the least but should be instant C hey everybody was not allow Mike Anderson potentially be in on the Nazi there. Their plan while they're playing well Lee a four guys average in double figures are balanced team. And should be a single watch see what happens with them especially as they get their their winning NC nominate one matchup with North Carolina hogs are in the out of the SEC. 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So it's me again looking for a moment on next here please call me for chance for quality road went out 33 RPI Ross Bjork the athletic director Ed that all messed replied with SA at Daniel. We love to match up so there you go. I'm good to see that it is tough when a team. Seemingly can't get higher level opponents to play them now granted. They lost two of their first three games they lost to Murray State in the early part of the year and a loss to TCU they lost on the roads also they lawsuit. The University of San Francisco who actually at a vastly improved team but. You don't ever hear about it because only thing we know about the West Coast Conference is what gives that is awesome and Saint Mary's is pretty damn good two out nobody else in that conference made must always BYU is going. To the NIT. But it's a C a Wichita State in the Merv Missouri Valley Conference. Play the way they've been playing absolutely boat racing teams as of late in about 45 get a ten seed and literally see. There was. Is it Ken Pomeroy is obviously ten pomp. Dot com but Jerry palm zone guy and I talked to Gary about this little bit he had them on their first floor in his first four out. If they didn't win the Missouri valley covers certain. I did they would have been out and I would have been absolutely. No way I absolutely wanted to see Illinois State win to see what would have happened. With Wichita State had they not won their compass and that if they would have left off. People would have had. At what gone bananas I think and it it's just something that without a doubt or seeding already yet. It's it's never an exact science but when you eat you look at things and look at the way teams are playing. I'm sorry some of it does go to the eye test and I can't convince me that Maryland should be a higher seed this year in Michigan the way the wolverines are playing they did not start out well but they ruled. Went through a absolutely unbelievable traumatic experience and they feel like that UConn team from Kemba Walker that won five games in five days in the big east that determined then went on to win. The NCAA tournament I don't think Michigan will win the NCAA tournament but I watched a lot of that Big Ten. Tournament because of the story of Michigan and it was a great one and it turned out with a win. And a dominant win a game that was tied at halftime they blew the doors off of Wisconsin in the second half. And they'd in the proceedings of out of that. Of that tournament. They survived the African plane crash first of all they smoked Illinois. After arriving in Washington DC that day playing in practice jerseys they beat the number one seeded Purdue. They went on the beat totally Minnesota and then beat up on Wisconsin Wembley was the juicy. So you can tell me that Maryland. Is. A seed higher than I just don't buy and don't buy SMU was a sixth in Cincinnati is a six way SMU's well I don't buy what's our state as attempt I don't really even by Saint Mary's necessarily. As a seven but it's never an exact science and sometimes it's not but it is hard here when it's a team. Has a phenomenal season like that and the one thing that they all dream on this to make the NCAA tournament. And they can't get in for whatever reason so hopefully this works out for Dan Muir and hopefully. It does get them a little bit more in the limelight next here that similar season. They can avoid being let down once again not sports stories. I actually this is a sports story. Note two people that are in administration. It is not always the easiest. Job to be and I get and you also have to follow some fairly strict rules. But if you're running a high school basketball tournament and eighteen wins a state championship. And a five year old wants to go hog his sister and the girl is actually telling you that's my little brother. Don't deny that kid given her a ha I mean are we really so worried about people coming down and I five people that we have that he is strange on this happened. In I believe. Goes over the court Eric yet I am now. The kid trying to go give his sister who played in the game says it is as well I see on the Twitter. Didn't like Jalen give his sister sit behind after winning the state he gets excited under after every game he cried that's. That's from the coach nick Levy and then so as this goes viral. Immediately someone goes a bad that was in the lady's name is Dan Houser she's horrible and clearly has no heart fear for the little guy and as they have to sister. Instantaneously get that's ms. Hauser. And everybody talking about it. Still some they went ahead says why I play lag coach slash officiated in the Wisconsin. Obviously high school athletic association. And it says I love being involved with a WI AA because there's no better feeling than breaking a young boy's heart while he's trying to hug his sister and the lady is so cold. And callous about this I mean at some point you've got to adjust. Use common sense we are so wrapped up and we're gonna do things this Wimbledon go this way we're gonna be stringent. So sad moment and I mean this kid obviously. Things will move on but that's a pretty special family moment where your sister wins a state championship decayed gives her a hug after every single game. It's great to see a brother and sister were back kind of age gap still have that kind of relationship. And you deny giving up on come on stop it it's not like to get walked out in the middle of the game or in the middle of in awe of a ceremony they were walking on the baseline with their medals. And this lady truthfully should be embarrassed by her actions and and and what happened there but apparently according to everybody it's tweeted about it they say. She's kind of just that way. You know settled down a little bit with our power trip working in the Wisconsin with the inner cut you know interim and whatever secondaries what WIA whatever it stands for. In Wisconsin high school sports and you're not legion yeah at who knows who care and be honest with you let's but let's settle down with that and finally Ben if he ever get the notion that. You wanna pull a prank in your frank is do you take a picture of Ani in a bathtub or you of sprayed catch up all over the place. Put a ketchup stained knife next to her head. And start. Texting people and letting them now I don't know what happened I woke up today as I don't remember killing her but apparently I did and he said that the friends and family. Be prepared probably go to jail because. And see panic this happened. Believe it or not. I'm with a young man who decided that this would be a funny joke and in sandusky Ohio Mike arrives there and his fiancee Natalie shellac. Were arrested. After. Setting up the scene ranked so she's essentially make it in the bathtub and underwater but they can cover up the areas reach and do it they take his picture he sends the message to his sister his sister and immediately. Is about to go like. Criminal aid and abet right here and say get ready are close we'll get rid of the body. You didn't do this you know what was going on what's what the hell's going on the distraught mother sent somebody over there and out what the police don't tend to find funny. Is going in answering 911 calls about a potential murder scene where many people go and they find out. It is nothing more than a prank rise parish let were arrested and charged with inducing panic although it may seem funny. The problem is what you're doing is taking away officers who actually could be doing something meaningful because you think it's hilarious to try to prank your family. There's got to be better ways although there is a little side of humor and as you do you also have to use common sense of probably not a good idea. To a text here famine hits you just murdered your fiance you don't remember anything about it because the odds are when they let the police know that they need to go check on you and your wellbeing. Or what might have happened you'll probably be the one that's actually really going to jail. Wop. I don't understand like why anybody would think that it's funny excellent that's funny. Why do people think it's funny that they could camera to a professional athlete and saying hey say arrow on the grisly season. It's good segue I'm guessing into the next hour we'll talk about it next hour one on the books are number two coming up on its united ME SP announces. We'll visit Domenici when cordless delicious Memphis isn't WMS SF now from yes you're an interdenominational and offend ESPN Sunday bracket challenge presented by province. Thesis we finally reached a really great part of basketball season NBA teams of badminton player opposition NCAA tournament is here it's busy time but also fun times in. Sometimes are always more form with new Amsterdam Bakken to have Jim back to the premium April doctor Mehta the finest quality grains it's five times distill for unparalleled smoothness in tow to three times. To create a soft finish this is Gary perish from the Gary Parrish a land. When are walking a liquor store new Amsterdam market is legit what I purchase why because equality vodka that's reasonably priced that's why and if you're in the flavored pockets. 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