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The Eric Hasseltine Show 03/13/17 - Hour 2

Mar 13, 2017|

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Do you have a drip about it this way there's a nickel. There's a done before you know this is getting expensive drugs or water release late this can add up quickly on your water bill in my eyes will be this and your money go on down the drain not a one plumbing concern is any problems that arise residential commercial and 24 hour emergency service trips drugs and even scores not one book give settle the score and on your water bill that is not a one plumbing but I know 12354200. Or 91 polling dot com. Literally man just keep health workers. Call amber. Searching for stuff. Out. What I think it'll figure talking about yeah. But that's the hits kept at 7800. Briefly because it says the umpire called her out re treated you things is they've had the softball game and it's a left handed batter. She basically kind of swinging bonds won in between the pitcher's mound and home play off. And just sprints down the line and clearly as safe by about not and it's not even remotely close like she's passed the umpire. When. Into first place and get to the ball and Gary is Manning goes out anime. A the only thing I can think Izzy just like had a mental lapse for a moment what he's all the first baseman had a ball is like all right so once he gets the ball. How it's yeah I'd get a read to read it you can check it out on Twitter at area as a dime at area has lenders is just right slow. And the funny thing business. The girls stayed on first base against you say. This they're dug out the barrier out. Are what do I would have absolutely. Lost my mind you the final score didn't matter I think it was eighteen if I was they learned at eight and a or an hour hour behind no they they want. May you can't take. You can't take it away from me dinner and I'll fight for every one of those that that's like getting hit and hard not to get rid. 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Came out film and in erupted. Their dinner and Chandler graciously announce insurer. And dad brought his phone out and basically take a video of him saying hey say I ruined the grisly season and then kind of walked off. John Mark Stockton young man I don't even care what the young man's name is I don't care what his story is. The heart of the problem is that everybody's frustrated so let's talk about that first because truthfully. A fan being a complete idiot in pool. It is not necessarily what I wanna fill up the until our entire. Radio program with bowl get to that momentarily the heart of the problem is the grizzlies are arguably playing. The worst basketball we've seen them play a very long time. And that's not lost on anybody in the locker room nor on the coaching staff. Again it I get the frustration. I understand. The people. Asking. And demanding for better. And I don't disagree with that I think David Tisdale is trying to push the right buttons to help this team take steps forward. He wants to create a culture of more than just accepting playoff runs and demanding excellence as well unfortunately sometimes when you push buttons and you make changes they don't always work. And when they don't work and it's a backfire of of what seems to be kind of disastrous. Outcomes. That's on people will get frustrated. It's the first time a long time I've heard. Boos in the stands its first and a long time I've seen people just seemed disinterested. In what's going on. The team themselves. I hate the notion of hearing people say well they're not trying they're not giving out an effort they're trying they're getting frustrated there's a big difference between just not trying. And not. You know and not being mentally strong. Strong enough to like let. A bad run roll off your back and that is something that we're seeing they are getting mentally broken down with frustration. I saw in the clipper game to be honest with you they got looks that they wanted they didn't make shots they didn't make shots again. Against Atlanta but the problem was it affected there. Performance on the other end of the floor they're doesn't seem to be an in laying of trust right now. And what they're having problems with their team's going well they call one in four out meaning one player in the middle and four guys on the perimeter. What's essentially happening is you're spreading it out so wide. That would dribble penetration. You're either getting a straight line drive to the basket which we are getting all the way to the rim pretty much uncontested for a layup. Someone comes to help so you make an extra pass to the wing it's a driving kick. And if someone that helps again there's an extra pass and someone as wide open or in the case Saturday night which was really frustrating to watch it's. It's absolutely. Inexplicable to me to see thirty foot skip passes getting through on a regular basis for wide open looks. Guys having plenty of time to set their feet on their shoulders and knocked down a shot. And again it's players. Damn it you wouldn't expect to be orient prince's. Nice rookie he's okay out of Baylor they have high expectations for him to get batters. The season Mars along. It career high in about ten minutes of action. A career highest previous career I had been eleven points he had twelve. And I think that's what's unsettling to fans is it's guys you never heard of that are beating up on your guys that aren't regular rotation players are not superstars beating up on. It's a five game losing streak and that's more than frustrating because it's at the absolute worst time of the year to have that five game losing streak when your fighting. A playoff positioning but it is safe. Five game losing streak it's not like a ten game losing streak not a twelve game losing streak it's not like they're never going to win another game. But you're not left with a lot of hope in these high losses it's the manner of the five losses and that needs to change. Stopping the players today document James en us this morning on our grizzlies game they lab which we do our on our our web site before every home game. Even said look it's got to start with a us everybody's frustrated. Everybody's moving forward and we've heard all the same things about a couple of good days of practice had a good practice yesterday had a good practice today Tony Allen's going to be back. In the starting lineup I don't blame David Brazil for trying to make some. Some changes. And I also don't necessarily. Blame him for all of the struggles. At all. Had them rolling at one point where everybody is talking about him as a potential coach of the year candidate along with Mike and Tony. Obviously that award is going to be and Tony if anybody is paying attention to me maybe Scott Brooks in Washington has an outside shot but pretty much seems like it's. By the end Tonys and right now the grizzlies are struggling they're not playing playoff basketball now whether that's the T your occurred just. Any other than the likes. If your player on this team right now you've got to be accountable for you and nobody else and do what you are paid to do what your assignment is. And what your role on this ballclub as you can't worry about. Whether or not. Other guys are starting whether or not other guys are playing or whether or not other guys are getting more of an opportunity getting your mind they showed that's where it's got to stop. That's where it's got to stop at the frustration is because you feel like Chandler Parsons is in giving us enough out there yet we keep trotting him out there. Get over. If the frustration is a guy keeps getting beaten off the dribble and you feel like you're out and health and now you don't trust him so you're over committing develop earlier and you should get over it. Just get over it and move forward. With what you know you're capable of doing which is beating some high level basketball teams which is something we've seen on a regular basis out of this team. This team has beaten Golden State twice this team has beaten Houston twice they beat San Antonio albeit without quite there but they beat San Antonio. They have beaten good basketball teams this year. It's the games against the bad teams that have left you scratching your head and now it's the lopsided losses. Where teams are routinely shooting 50% or better. And scoring well over a hundred points. Everybody always wants a label like great grinds dad this is all illicit. To be perfectly frank and honest with you I know it's a monitor that everybody's been around. But grit grinding and in of itself. To me wasn't always say hey let's just slowdown it was just kind of mentality were gonna get down we're gonna fight we're gonna scratch and claw. That doesn't mean you can't beat a grit and grind tight team while scoring a lot of points. You can still play solid defense. Solace notion like this is as horrible thing that it's gonna that was in the game as he is change. You're seeing a lot more the one in four out guys on the perimeters keeping four guys beyond the three point line. Guys and lay ups are in breakaway layups looking more for three point shots and looking to go to the Rehman fast break opportunities. That's just the nature of where the NBA is right now. And when teams are routinely making 1213 fourteen threes on you or a night in general you've got to be able to keep up with that. And when they were keeping up with that that's when they were winning at a very high clip. There is still time to turn this around but it's got to start tonight there's no doubt about that they know that everybody in that locker room knows that and everybody. Past than now kind of be accountable for their own actions and it's gotta start with the guys in grisly jerseys before you worry about the guys and other jerseys tonight's not a picnic. Milwaukee has won six straight. They're looking for their first seven game win streak in fifteen years. They've played themselves back into the Eastern Conference playoff picture of the word and today they would be the eight seat and they would be a team not a lot of teams wanna face because they have. A dynamic young superstar in Yana sonic Kumble. They're good basketball team they beat the grizzlies earlier this year they're looking for their first sweep of the grizzlies. And eight years. 78 years. And the way to grizzlies are playing. Their very well might do it but again. It'll feel a lot better the grizzlies go out and make something happen on the positive note right off the back. You forget about Chris Middleton against this game you're going to be in big trouble you let Greg Monroe just kind of roam the paint. By itself you're going to be in big trouble so they've got to go out and make. Make the moves a you know take care of the good things that they can control and not worry about the other stuff now. As far as this incident goes over the weekend. I saw somebody say I can't wait a year ago off on this. I don't have a problem. Ever. With fans. Coming in. And voicing their displeasure as long as you keep it relatively. Now relatively. Not polite. But just. Don't go over the top with it I agree with Gary it is absurd to me to think that because you bought. Eight ticket to a sporting event that you feel like you can say what ever you want. To a player let alone another human being it's just. Knots. To me. And I hear and we sit in the stands with our broadcast position in just about every damn arena in this country. And I hear it and there are most fans that do not do this. But there are other fans and here's some of the things they say the personal attacks that they Levy. Your purchase of a ticket to me despite give you the right to attack people personally. Gorgeous viciously over the top. Listen we all know it is not worked with the signing of Chandler Parsons this year there's no two ways about it. His knee is not right his knees are not right and you just hope that eventually they can't because if not it's a bust. It's a bust we get that. We get that. But it's even worse when it's outside of the arena it's bad enough that it'll happen inside the arena it's bad enough. And people will voice their displeasure I don't have a problem that you pay a ticket lead anyone to boo that's something it's not exactly what I would love to hear. But people are gonna voice their displeasure because what happens next is people voice their displeasure by not attending the games. So I'd get it we all me and want the same thing. But if you ever think it's okay to approach one of these guys in public and say something to what the extent of this kid said. Your so far out of bounds. You really need a reality check. I don't ever advocate violence there's obviously instant as I said on the show there are things that are instinct or pump you put your hands. On another guys wife girlfriend or do something like that you're getting a fight he spit in a man's face you better be prepared to dodge Blanche. Just two times three you know it's like instant no time you spent a guy's face the odds are you're gonna throw. The odds are overwhelmingly you're gonna throw you touched guy's girlfriend. Inappropriately or violently you're gonna throw. There's other times where guys just lose their cool that happens and we all know and it's stupid and I don't really approve it. This is one of the times where I would not about it from one bit. If either Chandler probably he wouldn't do it because he's got a lot to lose one of his friends had absolutely laid this kid out. Because to say that to somebody who won you don't know too it's not accurate what you're saying anyway that this guy ruined the grisly season. And three to do it in a public manner than put it on social media and think your phony about it. Is the most asinine. Clown like move I've ever seen and it's embarrassing it's embarrassing that this guy calls him a fan himself a fan of the grizzlies. Hear a joke. Here are Smart ass punk kid. That because he has a Smartphone in his hands thinks everybody in the world wants to hear what you have to say. Anybody egging this on going this is savages is great is just as big of a fool as this kid. I read a bunch of the quotes I read things that people set I read where his sister said that's my brother and then people or going after her and she said one. He's. You know for people telling my brother's a tool you know. 88 it's it's my brother not me to it was a joke it's not a joke it's not phony there's nothing about this it's a joke this is a guy trying to get his five minutes of fame. And truthfully I wondered deep down if he didn't actually hoped Chandler what are punched him in the face for what reason and it and so I'm ranked. Any consume. I mean it looks like instigating restaurant yes there is erupting right taser is clearly a restaurant and Taylor's. How we are obese eating or not but he's nice enough to take day hey I'll take this out of the political. I said before on the show and I'll say it again I had no problems. With people that sit there and go Chandler Parsons thinks out loud right now Chandler Parsons is this Chandler parson I have no problem. But if you think for 12 the guy is sitting back. And just laughing about this you're kidding yourself. You're kidding yourself. I've come out of my office. At various times of the day and seemed Chandler Parsons. Through the windows of the practice court out there trying to get right. I know is instant Graham account his social media accounts that he's all subsequently gotten off of it as of late. Did not tell that story but that's a story I am telling you from firsthand site one of the games he missed this year. Was because he practiced in March. And I venture to say that anybody out there listening to this. In their line of work were offered. Huge amount of money for what you do. But knew you may not be capable of doing it probably are gonna turn that money down. What those grizzlies felt like they needed Chandler Parsons looked like he fit that role and if they made a mistake. They made a mistake but that thanks for a second that this guy doesn't want to be contributing and helping this basketball team when is she just. Not true it's just not sure. You can hate them all you want for being a paroled you can hate him all you want. Forget involved in stupid social media stuff. With eighteen year old nineteen year old girls or whatever impulsive about bragging about all the fun things he does you can hate him for all you want for those things. But if you think for a second. That this guy doesn't wanna be on the basketball court contributing and helping this team win games and helping this team take the step forward that they thought they could when they signed him. You're just wrong. You're just wrong. It's not true. And no matter what you sit there and say oh he had is I promise you it's not. I'd have prop on everything. That I hold sacred to my heart my family my children my job my friendships I promise you on all of that it is not. True I'm not defending here sitting here how he's been playing great and we just need to cut him some slack now he hasn't played great. He doesn't look right he can't move he's not defending the way he's capable of he's not shooting the basketball the way we've seen him shoot the past he's not running. In the offense the way. That is conducive to having a winning lineup out there. I get that. And maybe it is time to just say hey enough is enough he got to shut him down and hope to complain next year I don't disagree with that notion either. But to think for 12 it's OK to go up to that guy. And do what this kid did. It's either the biggest sad statement about where our societies become with stupid social media. And phones and camera phones and everybody think him that they want their five minutes of fame. It's either the sat a statement about that or I'm just too old to be a part of this and I'm way off base and about one out base and somebody let me know. If you think for a minute you can go to another grown man. Anything it doesn't matter professional lastly say something as rude and obnoxious as that and just walk away. Because that's what happens. I would venture to say that had you stuck around and set it to his face. And done it. In his face like a grown man would have done you would have gotten the ever eleven spank beat Nadia. I'm sure he would. If somebody came up to him and we got it dead said hey Archie goes the I mean honestly it really is as is you go to him and say something like that to him or should I guy's gonna wanna go because you do is respected. Yeah well listen it's it's the bottom line pleasant. I don't advocates fighting just don't I think is dumb I don't know souls are nothing but you disrespect somebody to their face like that. And what would this kids say. If someone walked up to him and and just sit and by the way. You're the biggest goof ever you think you're cool you're a nerd who hasn't done anything with your life you're complete loser in your parents should be embarrassed that they had to piece. Actually say whatever you would ever write to try to kick that guy's ass. I would be on his side you don't save that stuff the people you don't know and contrary to popular belief. None of you know these guys personally unless you've actually add. Interaction with them. Talk to damp gotten to know them outside of what you see on a basketball court or television or hear on the radio on a night in night out basis there are people that actually know these guys. And there are fans to get to know them on a more personal level then fanned player but for the most part 99% of the people out there. Don't have off Reagan clue. About these guys their personal lives or who they are as people what you see happen on a basketball court does not define someone as a man or a person. And I will tell you this much about the guy. As bad as he's been and he's an awful he's owned it. He's owned it to me he's on to the people we travel with if he's talked about it he's talked about it with his friends he's talked about it ad nauseam. And the one notion again I give you is that. It is making him sick to his stomach that he cannot do what he wants to do. I get it. Fell as much as some around these guys I don't know what makes them tick. I don't know what goes on in their data daily lives. I feel like I if if anybody on this team I know pretty well. I would say it's probably might come. I had multiple conversations about non basketball things of Mike I'm the same of Marc Gasol saying was Zach Randolph. But I don't know all of them. Inside and out. And just because TV. Or radio or something creates this aura of familiarity about it doesn't make it right. It doesn't make it right. Saw conclude with this again I'd get the frustration. Man I'm feeling too. I want nothing more than this team to win every single night that they go out there when they don't perform to the level of their capability it is frustrating. I walked out of that arena Saturday night just shaking my had gone. What the hell is going on here. I'd get it but that does not empower you or give you the right. Thabeet over the top obnoxious rude and just be a complete. If you catch my address. You can do it. But there can be some consequences to have. And truthfully when it comes across it's not funny. You look like a complete jackass. Doing it. And that kind of crap keep it to yourself ma'am. Keep it to yourself but that's what you find funny if you think making fun of people and kicking people when they're down is funny. 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Some say is get America Pascal listen to someone touches my life then it's her job not to hit him that's there. If I didn't have a multi year contract that would take the job of I was clueless fired earns me less money over time. Merrill says British or channel video's recorded red coy it's a restaurants get sushi place actually asked again for a clam pressured to. His Khaled said I would say well I appreciate the constructive criticism. Panel thinks. Oh mom and Michael silliman says reverend hassles and bring the word today Jim says just remember while you are on that ran all the people that pay less for on the court and say he isn't the same. Off at all you know I can't resist but everyone gets this notion that they known because they want to play angry on the court he's a very different guy out what I can tell you about that about Russ. I'm for a fact because there. Their PR director was here Matt fumbles and an Mack Matt talked about Ross and the type of person he is outside of basketball and what he gives back to that community. It's change my opinion a little bit about I'm about that and I hear the things people say. The Russell was for coming. We had a fan this year in Philadelphia give him a double bird right there on the baseline which you know looked right it's not cool and it's not. It's not if it kind of makes you chuckle. Does not something you would necessarily do but again you bought a ticket you think he can say whatever you want you all you can't always do that people get ejected menace out for now or we just were. It mind I don't wanna say it was Houston it was did the trick before that sucked. Three guys from courtside seats basically a referee told security get these guys out of here. Like there are limits to what you can do my thing is. And this. Jackass. Disprove it mostly won't do it about. And certainly won't do it where you stand around and wait. Now what was said after no one's really sure apparently to kid and John Martin died but Jon didn't wanna say what you can pull them because it's only one side of the story. I have no problem asking Chandler about it when I see him and all docked him a little bit about it on. Tiger what he's comfortable with me tell you when he's not win I'll have a discussion but. I stick by it and first of all. Your foolish to say to talk somebody that's like me walking up till bouncer. And going. You're the biggest. Steaming pile of crap I've ever met in my life you're just the big dumb jock it all you do is guarded door all day congratulations on making it up your. That why would I do that. Why would say that I might absolutely despise someone on the offensive line for the Green Bay Packers to the point where by salmon Pollock initially put as there. But you don't I'm not gonna do lock up to Baghdad at six foot 53151000. Yo hey you suck. They read. Look at the camera saying I select say hey man bullet in my camera go I can't protect. Aaron Rodgers nor anything else only thing I can do is just to sit here and be fat and collect the paycheck awesome. The hole like my teeth in my mouth. Reversals not necessary anyway. I wanted to ask you would find it funny because the sisters are now form if someone broke his sister's heart and call her a bunch of bad names and and put it out there and everybody went Arianna. Take a picture they have video that this goes just got dumped you know why. She's not very attractive. What would you thank god would want it probably go beat the guys asked that are already and rightfully so but you don't kick people are down. This is I there's still a sister and a four. That's sister. Okay Benjamin says this and I hit it. I'm not trying to harp on it Benjamin again it but we gotta let go of the literate little Twitter spat he had with the Portland trailblazers. And with. Their social media group. Yeah and obviously CJ McCollum. Does that believe it for years 96 main guaranteed while saying we both won a lottery lessens my sympathies because I guarantee. He give up 28 and ninth of that 962 million to be the player he wants laws. OK listen. He got into a beef with they. Team because the team. Said something about an arable which will last time I checked. A lot of guys in the NBA shoot air balls a lot of guys stole them off the backboard it happens all. The time in fact in the previous game Portland had a player. Miss free throws worse than a three and air balled up. And so it's easy to sit there and try to be funny and make fun of somebody and all that great find I know what that those stupid but whatever. Sign in get a chuckle out of people. And Chandler fired back because when you insult someone they're going to tend to fire back. And so CJ McCollum fired back because he's sticking up for his team. And the fact of the matter is Chandler did. Pixel pottery. Any hit the lottery because he had a hell of a second half last year. And because it was the richest. Offseason in NBA history. We've got to let go of that notion because he stood up and got into a little suit that was someone that he said something that probably wishes he could take back. But overall. Again he's not sitting back on and I hit the lottery I don't have the play anymore a great school a big deal. I got guaranteed money. They put the paper in front of almonds and said sign this if you want this contract. Well the greatest lines amber heard as a sports fan in my life was when Ryan Sandberg sent a huge contract. With the Chicago Cubs is back and they were baseball players were making a mere paltry three to four million dollars into the cubs. And Sandburg for like five years and 25 million yen made in my five point 75 point eight million dollars in lies paid players in baseball. Some looked him directly and I said do you really think you're worth almost six million dollars in earning just now but I'm not stupid enough to say no woman offered to me either. Pretty fair point right. Right I mean listen I hear I hear some of the salaries of gas price. Calling games some of my buddies they did the what they get per game like the on national TV. Or national radio Moseley tell me and my last good money if you can get it sent women we also say thank you shares selling an attorney down. Rank right I any Eagles when I'd like close friends over the years and I allow client I had talked. On a regular basis and he's been. Incredibly helpful. From the first time I met him before I ever got my breaks and in the late ninety's he was called a game in Oakland and mad at me gaming is number any we've just developed the French. And I Som in Brooklyn he he didn't come up with a and that's the last I Solomon Brooklyn as a let's Nancy is long gone and the French Open on the do Roland Garros and do the NCAA tournament you know also stuff I said. Eight is sometimes when they hate the assignments you get as an amount you know and I don't you and I said. You're never gonna slow down our unity is now he does well what I said you shouldn't when they put it in front of you you shouldn't say noting just. And it's ridiculous he is a lot of and it's ridiculous that we get paid to do it he's right. The same thing. The same thing if someone comes enemy goes by the way we wanna give you 25000 dollars to go host this event. My body mind to have that happen hosted an event. Analysts are we gonna get more point that thousand dollars is it here here's what it's it's been okay sure I'm not gonna go now that's too much you keep some of that for yourself. You offer that's there. That's there. If he didn't bring up the money so it wouldn't bother me on Basel I'd budgets allow me to get season tickets and someone going on. Saying he's had a lot of real trying to save face on social media rounds in the wrong way may be wrong but it just us I don't have a problem that it rubs you wrong again that. I get why that would rub some people the wrong idea. I do but that doesn't give some of the right to go up and go Maryland say I ruin a grizzly season it's just simply out a budget that is such. Is that your. Was running the season right now is a lack of trust on the president of basketball court. And a lack of making shots on the offensive end and a lack of making shots on the offensive end as a rubbing off on their defense. And it again grab it grab your steering wheel your desk or your pencil whatever you do one right now and and hold on tight when anti us. Next on the playoffs. I know they're playing terrible basketball right now but they are still the playoffs and there's still time to turn this around the season is not over. You're not in the lottery not getting a draft pick out of it. They're still. In the playoff picture as of now. And they still have a chance. If they fix. Some of the issues to make some noise in the post season out of they play like this. That they go back to the style that we saw in January in in December and into parts of genuine yes it. And Oreo seven. Well I've. They had the they had spent the grizzly has been the money and honestly. Who also is gonna come here. Now slated here's the thing date date date date targeted a few guys in and the thing was. Make no bones about it will never see a spanning tree like that again even at this hour this hour cabinet to just go up a Manson is never going to go up like that again. Because of anything to TV revenues going to go down here about all these cuts that people are made because they're paying these rights fees. In a ESPN's laying off of its people. Because they have overspent. On getting rights fees to carry games and they just can't afford to keep paying people look the way that they're paying. So. What ended up happening was basically every team had a brink's truck back up to their front door and say here's 35 million dollars. Back your selves out. It becoming an expensive but fans raising season ticket prices didn't come at the expense of you know anything other than signing a new TV deal on go here here's another. And here's a bunch more money to spend on your salary and oh by the way we're gonna line your pockets as well with 35 million dollars. That's what lies. And you have to spend a certain amount their teams making traits that for guys they can't play a lot like the grizzlies once had to do because they're below the floor. They're below the number you have to be at and when that happens. Like. You have to pay that money anyway. Thank you sister reverend Jim I forgot or roof there that they signed somebody and it it may cost everybody on the team on almost demand as it was Denver. When they picked up I think they've picked up never credited to somebody else. And they had to pick somebody up simply because they were below the floor. And every player on the roster if they were stable those slippery guy like him as two million dollars I got. I'm pretty sure he's rallied on the most popular Diana barker right now than miss him though probably not a story that's. So I think most people are are in nature Smart enough to figure out. That that was a clown move and we can move on. We can move up from. NBA news Larry Sanders gonna get a deal. With the cavs. After a two year absence where he would rather smoke weed. And just do nothing and play basketball even sent I don't really love the UMass well he actually penned. A pretty wrenching article I think what does that players. Union lawyers Tribune writers Tribune and a big story about it. And I as a bank eminently Serbian honest and you don't wanna take their money but I will all venture a guess that within the next employee years he wants to come back and play basketball which is exactly. What happened not surprised. That that's the way want he was cited for. Violation of the NBA's drug policy fourth time's a positive marijuana test just decided he would rather be able to smoke dope and let his life and now play basketball because he never really truly loved it. And then nine you know what reality sets and on the money runs out and you're not making money. It was something that you're pretty good that you and it's relatively easy to make that somebody will join the Cleveland Cavaliers and if if I find out Larry's if they win a championship in Larry Sanders begins an NBA champion it is just nothing is right the world. Take a break we'll come back. Well bill little thing we like to call rapid fire before we do that got to tell you about Kerry series or start of antibodies Jeff and Andy. Who or tired of getting ripped offer. Shaving products because high price razor blade cartridges and run four to five dollars for cartridge you gotta get a monologue where he got to go to the big box stores and buy him in ball. That's not the case of Mary so what they did was they put their money where their mouth was they bought a factory in Germany produced a five blade cartridge. 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Grizzlies take a Milwaukee Bucks a night is this where they snapped their losing streak rapid fire. Yeah out so. Milwaukee's won six straight down on their look at Miller sevens and seven game win streak. In fifteen years. They can't they certainly can't assisting you can't let Chris Middleton gets free can't let Greg Monroe. Roam freely and listen got Osama could well you just have to make things difficult for me let him get a full head of steam on an up and on the floor it's going to be dog on your possible stop them. Clippers jazz tonight rapids fire. On your clippers jazz have a real problem what what playoff basketball teams even though it's a new Celtic clippers as much as I hate thing. Have the NASCAR fine over the weekend rapid fire was it bush go cowboys usually gone differently down 01. Like blue literally it was news outlets get. Cattle blood on his forehead there yeah but he's that's totally racist guy walked up to the cruel. I don't know what accomplishments as I keep hearing I I hear people talk about the Kyle Busch all time and they hate Kyle Busch say I don't know who's hated on that circuit like that but. It seems to me and I think alleges that Tony Stewart you add insult somebody in somebody somebody long along those lines interesting rank and just as Italy's. A DeMarcus Ware announcing his retirement from the NFL that happened during. The show. First bottle favorite. Rapids fire. If not first very close to that it is. A lot. And it's a lot of. Bork to back that up in he was tremendous when he was there he was fantastic. And he was one of the best defensive players of his generation so it's hard for me not to see animals in Perry Ellis talked about first ballots and hearing your hands. All right now it says. Broncos Texans draw a line in the sand on Tony romo's trade so looks like. Dallas is gonna be able to draw a trade Tony Romo. Rapid fire. That cancer at them than you might as lying on the right here take GAAP net in the us you've really feel and they were dynamo once you change Josh McCown talent and c'mon and I'd I'd rather have. I don't Tony wants the play but it. If they release him it's his it's his cap hit spread over two years and about you know I'll call their bluff. What what's Houston got to go to the battle it. Was Denver gonna go into administration to penetrate it doesn't end here and there entry Trevor Ximian. To the jets which is apparently they were trying to do toxin that. If they're comfortable back there lynch I I'd be like OK be my guest somebody a thank Tony I'll transfer for a trade. Let's fact if not we'll just keep them that's what I wrote I think houses and more the position of strength that's just me. Do you have a problem with her driver's kicking people out of their claw her rapid fire. I do if it's not justified. Many people may not notice. There was a summer where because my father's. Health care is not cheap I'm I did some overdrive and I was always wondering about that but. You gotta have a little bit of the thick skin but. The one of the things I did not do was drive at night because people are intoxicated and people are stupid woman inducted so. I think if you're out of line and you you cross a line over American German idea. It's there rating that's gonna take it may concern at the right right there you're in their car right you're in their car you're paying them for mature in their car. And finally. High school kid. Really didn't play very often. He's played a guy from the stands goes they don't worry that their work shooter at the lines after not the first one down. Grown man just tackling him right and they know second one down and said. That's for your wife. Rapid fire. Yet again I was given a budget got the guy came and knocked down both free throws after he made the first when he made the second rim buyer again because that second one. Was for your wife we've got packs of four packs the giveaway three of them. We'll give a pointy collars 56 and 756 and 7535377653537760. Tees up next for that America see. Mike and Mike in the Tuesday's 5 AM till 9 AM this is my life. So if you look at his DirecTV now. I guess it lets you stream all your entertainment so you can watch all your favorites live on our. Our weakest economy in Iraq but I heard it's not exactly all your entertainment DirecTV now has some limited live broadcast and know CBS programming what so ever. We need you can't watch the Big Bang theory no not at all. Well how about survivor and CIS or blue plus note note and note. Oh and you also can't watch AB CNBC fox or the CW like either. No life CBS AB CNBC fonts or CW TV that sounds like some serious viewing limitations. 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