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The Gary Parrish Show Hour 1 (3/13/17)

Mar 13, 2017|

Rob Dauser - NBC Sports' College Hoops joins GP at 4:25 4:44 - 4 Notable Stories

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Based on my because they. It's like to be. Hello everybody or 399. FM ESPN presents the unity is only national columnist who spends his afternoon bringing unique perspective. His radio. Sometimes made. Today tees forward. Studios take his brain break big oil big buddies living glad the way they hope you get through the day I would tell obstacles. No this rubs it. When you're a kid you have to. Bring it right you know whenever I. Instead of via port one about god but god got offered him. 31 minutes of talking it would try to bracket them. College basketball in general let him -- doctor NBC sports going to be here at Ford wanted to do just that and I'll do more notable story before. 44 which when other guys were previously on discuss stories among them. And she's seen by now the a viral self via video. Young person took with Chandler Parsons in a restaurant. I suppose that it would be a body you really just be in a chair. We'll get into that. During portable storage of 444. Meantime greatly the back inside FedEx Forum tonight. Tried to snap a five game losing streak it has its capital five game losing streak. Hey probably play the box is a good place startled me give back to play the guys that are supposed to be actually playing David Tisdale is committed to that it favored talk about it. Little later on this hour University of Memphis is losing a basketball player. Not Dieter lost that I mean Peter Lawson probably is deal gone bad and probably still is losing him but somebody else we'll talk about that. I just before 5 o'clock in. Two former Penn State officials pleading guilty to child endangerment charges today. All tied to that Jerry sandusky scandal. I give you details on that. Third Ford notable stories a full 445 o'clock just cog in gonna join me just like all waved them. But what if I will dive back into the instantly turn one of things that come about radio they said. Play the hit if you will Bennett. Play her dad's. Boy that hits us in an email from that they use the so there's emails once we've added deleted usually but everybody idea but I'm aware that played the hits is somewhere in there and I think of the day legislation Sunday. Play they hit. Can't get too much bracket talk today the legends they gave its top of mind so would get back that up by 25 act that we thought Jeff Hawkins will. I give you final four predictions national championship prediction also. I get into the Illinois State story Dan Muller of course his team was left at the instantly turn in the last night did not get an at large bid after losing Missouri Valley Conference tournament tied. Game two Wichita State he went on Twitter today started complaining hate the reason I can't get the tournament with a 33 RPI because nobody will play me. Dear every power five school in America call me I'll play any W home and home he actually got a phone call. We'll talk about that a during five a dead there in the 525 segment that we'll do dinner at ago. And we'll get out of here so that's the rundown this afternoon we got a lot to get to obviously don't want to start with. The NCAA tournament bracket of course was released. Yes today. I was a definite part of selection show with Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley it was a joint operation this year a ninety minute show. I've part of it originating in new York and a part of it originating in Atlanta in New York it was Greg Gumbel Clark Kellogg instead Davis. In Atlanta it was a very Johnson Charles Barkley. And me and so one of the neat things about being in a situation like that besides the obvious use it on television talk when Charles Barkley is that that we get access to the brackets earlier than anybody else like Pittsnogle darts at 5:30 PM for production reasons and and out preparation reasons. The scary part of it is like gave last year it got leaked by somebody they still don't know exactly who did it and think they know who did they don't know exactly who did it. But that is like it is really. I don't even think they faxed them anymore they actually pick up a phone and call somebody and say. The one seed here is the dais the two seed here is this the three seed here is this a because they found out that faxing it might be or emailing it could be. Susceptible to it being leaked again and some holding this thing it's it's interesting to weird feelings you've you've got this thing in your possession that. Millions of people are waiting to find out yeah yeah that's got to like sitting right in front of me and I had like buddy when he can't bracket Gillick text we got the break again and tell me what's that and I think you know what. Think going to be the way I lose my job pit them back at my job for a variety of reasons but it's not going to be because I texted a body that. Against Agha was the one seed in the west or that Syracuse was left out but Wake Forest got in as like you know what I'm just gonna -- ignore all of these text messages. Until after the selection show starts at 530 but it is an interest in deal when you're holding this piece of paper. Arm that has the answers to what literally millions if not tens of millions of people. Are waiting to find out. On national television so the first thing I did was. The same thing now is to when I get the bracket which is who have won seats and we found out that they weren't in Baghdad. And Kansas and Villanova and North Carolina. And if you don't follow me on Twitter at all this past week and you know that I wasn't down with all four of those schools to be clear I think they're all great at a any of them could win the national championship. Like I only think there's about eighteen pick to win a national title whole bunch can go to a final four. I don't think there's about eighteen they can go to when the national championship like actually gets the final four they went to war games. And all for the number one seed would be on my list North Carolina a Villanova on. Against Agha. And Kansas at different points this season they've all look like the best team in the country. I don't know that any of them are that much better than each other. Or that much better than the two seats. But they've all at some point look like real national championship contenders so I think they're all tremendous but as I pointed out. Over the weekend at CBS sports dot com and then yesterday on the selection show I don't understand why do wasn't a one seed given the way that duke closed. The regular season and the ACC. A tournament because all I've ever heard from selection committee when they tried to explain what it is they care about. They'd make an emphasis on. They put an emphasis on. Of the November games count just as much as the march games. The December games count just as much as the February games we don't just look at your first ten games or your last ten games or your conference games. What we focus on as a committee is your total body of work total body of work total body of work total body of work. And let's play it always been OK I don't know that's the way I would do what. But that is the way you do it so that's I that's the way I'll evaluate things look like the Electoral College right I don't know if I think that's the best way to elect the president. Particularly these days but it. It's what we know so you should look at everything through their scope. So I'm looking at everything through the scope of total body of work why because that's what deflation debate tells me matters total body of work. We start what they do total body of work. Last week it income they're North Carolina. But on selection Sunday did. In fact it was better and that's because they went on a wrong. They won four games in four days in the ACC tournament. And notched 325. RPI wins on a neutral court they enhance their resume in the final week. Of the season before selection Sunday. Probably as much as any team in modern history. Speak if only because most teams don't have an opportunity to play four games against quality opponents in the conference tournament play three games against top 45 RPI opponents. In their conference tournament. They did something that has literally never been done before. ACC team win four games of forties to when the ACC tournament but while doing so they also added three top 25 RPI when it. So give folks an on total body of work in musical selection Sunday to look at total body of work. Well here's the total body of work. Duke had more top 25 RPI wins more top fifty RPI wins. It say about sub fifty RPI losses to reachable. Higher strength of schedule rating that a two and one record against North Carolina. Like almost whatever way you looked at it. It was duke over North Carolina unless you said you have but North Carolina won the league championship. And you didn't so it's got to be North Carolina. And that's fine if you wanna do it that way if you will respect the regular season champion despite that it is one with unbalanced schedules and anybody who looks at it. Understands that duke play much tougher ACC schedule than the schedule the North Carolina play especially what did you notice I it's just not the way you've been saying you were going to do it. It be like it they said we're gonna have a Electoral College. That's the way we're gonna. Elect the president. And then on the night of the election they show all nevermind we're just gonna look at total votes. Why but it's fine but like what what this is different this is different than what you explained what the select committee and it doing was different than what they. Explained. Because duke even with his remorse that's William. Their top seven scores combining to miss 25 games they're hoping coach. Missing seven games in January. Which resulted in three of their eight losses. Even with all that they showed more top 25 went in Carolina what top fifty wins for Carolina. In a 21 record against North Carolina. Duke I thought should have been the fourth number one seed but to be clear it ain't the biggest thing. In the bracket it ain't the most controversial thing in the bracket it ain't the dumbest thing in the bracket because the dumbest thing in the bracket is having Wichita State. As eight concede this they Wichita State team that is. Eight they can bomb eleventh and saccharine. And even if you value RPI over both of those. And RPI that doesn't properly value Wichita State. And an RPI that it's fundamentally flawed more than any other mainstream formula that is connected to college basketball. My point being you should evaluate. Over sacker compiled but even if you do. It still had Wichita State it's 31. In the RPI. Do the math on that that HC. So cute look at coupon they should have been a two seat sag and the receipt. RPI NHC and the committee gives an urgency it's nonsensical. And you'll have to take my word for just a look at the point spread right now Wichita State is a ten seed concede the Celtics had double digit seed. Playing Dayton. Which is seven see the Atlantic ten champ. And we shall state as a six and a half point favorite as a ten seed over the seven seat when Las Vegas thinks you're ten seed is six and a half points better. Then your seven seat that means you have messed up one way or another you either overvalued your seven C. Which I don't think is necessarily true I think Dayton's about where not to be or you've. Significantly. Undervalued. You're conceit which is exactly what's happened Wichita State is thirty and four if you asked the committee. Why did you. Conclude that Wichita State should be AT and see what they say is if you look at the body of work. Wichita State only beat one team in the entire field at South Dakota State. So what are we supposed to do with a team that only beat one. NCAA tournament team all season long answer might answer at least is in vogue common sense. Ask yourself why did they only beat one NCAA tournament team all year long day because you also left Illinois stayed out. For the same reasons that you see Wichita State to blow elect Illinois State out you put Illinois State again. An Illinois State team that they get a top 35 and RPI put them in and suddenly it's three wins against the film is a better. So why is which lasted only have one maybe could you screwed Illinois State. But beyond that. Because of their league affiliation. That's sick the only reason. They had opportunities early I know they put mobile in November Michigan State in November. But they were also learning how to play. This Wichita stating. It will spread them believe Ron baker. It lost Evan west so that's three starters. So they've lost three starters off last year's team and then also Anton Grady so they've lost three starters and three of their top four scores. Bring new basketball team relying on people to do things that they had never done before and relying on people play together in ways that they never played before. You know what happened we open this NBA season. In the off singles they were went on a Kevin Durant right Eric they moved out some players they added Kevin Doran. Still a lot of nice pieces there at stepped Currie and Klay Thompson Kevin Durant. Dream on dream. Based try to figure things out and hello to double games yet you have muttered opening night they don't buy or build you up to San Antonio right. One other fine they figured some stuff out pretty but it took a minute to finish it took to figure out. Don't let LeBron with the Miami Big Three oh yeah. LeBron James into Wayne Wayne Chris spots. They ultimately won two world championships. They look great on paper and they became great in time they were great at the beginning. They didn't know how to play with each other to know who should be doing white it took him awhile to figure out. My point being this to take steps curry Kevin Durant remind green and Klay Thompson a little while to figure things out when they're all playing together for the first time. And it takes LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in. Chris Bosh a little time to figure things out when they're playing together for the first time. Why it's so hard to understand why it might take markets make Duffy. And should kill more if and Landry sham. A little while to figure things out. When they're not only played together for the first time but playing without three starters for the first time playing without two pros Ron baker Fred van fleet for the first time. It took a little while figured out. So they lost a couple of games in November but guess what ultimately they figured it out. But because of the league there are and they're not allowed to get quality wins going forward because of the league there where it. They could not add what the selection committee wanted at any point past December 17. It was three months ago. The selection committee deemed them the way they deemed them. Because they said well they don't have wins against teams in the film. Guess every game I think. Biggest teams in the field since December 18 the opium could get a you could take the Golden State Warriors give a Wichita State threat schedule. And that's what would happen on selection Sunday after December 18. They would have zero wins against teams and of so you say well I don't think they're very good Miami wins against teams that are simply about. The warriors beat all these other teams if it were the warriors they beat southern Illinois Missouri State and Illinois stated Evan did beat him by a million and you say whether or not any good. Why won't that they haven't recorded wins over teams in the tournament. Yet they're awesome like are you watching them do you understand the metrics like right there clearly very good yet they don't have the label they can get the wins. It's like complaining about somebody not having any home runs. And then him hold his hand up and then yet but you never let me back to. How much of their home runs you don't ever let me hold the back which I don't think doesn't have a back. Not their fault. If that Bill Hall is Missouri State ball it's northern I don't fall. If you and updating them. Because they didn't do something that was literally impossible for them to. At what point do you invoke comments tension that disable this is. Crazy. Because here's the truth in this is the most important thing to remember every time the committee does something like this. You're not really hurting Wichita State and any kind are. Because they should probably be a four seater five C like split the difference that's what I would do. I'd split the difference educate the body works as this but the metrics say this with just split the difference may have a sixty. He kind of hurt them because in the round of 32 bit of a plan probably Kentucky who as opposed to it in up. If they were 05 C did you plan foresee. But you know you really hurt. The Atlantic ten champions. Dayton. Because here's Dayton. In scratching clawing all year yeah injuries a player I in the offseason. Still poured all together. When the Atlantic ten. Do enough to secure a seven seat. In the NCAA tournament which is huge because it keeps you up 89 line we just play one of the round of thirty to. You look up if you go whoa whoa loan. Where the seventy were six apple an underdog in our first game. We should be playing at ten feet somebody that looks like a ten seed Wichita State doesn't look like a ten seed Wichita State looks like. A two seat we should we play Virginia Tech or Maryland. A middle Tennessee. Or VC URC. Hole. We should be playing Wichita State. So those people that really gets screwed here it is bold statement and then Kentucky. Could have let this. Let's assume Wichita State as a six airport Faber gets passed Dayton. Now Kentucky has to play Wichita State. In the round of 32. Those are two top eight can bomb teams playing in the round of 32 against each other why. Why would you do that. You got all these Smart people in the room they have access to all of these numbers the same things on spitting out. And you still listen to every bit of it. And put Wichita state of the thin do we get the same argument a couple years ago with the same two teams Wichita State in Kentucky whereas big games played too early it will be yet as route 32 day Kentucky to eight it was like. Why is Kentucky and HC. I know that they didn't look good early and they took some losses in the because the SEC was down they weren't able to to get but like look at them the way they're playing now. In in the in the talent on the court shouldn't be an eight feet. Is that you which tells you what an undefeated into the NCAA tournament that you looked up at eagle holed out belly up like it to the pre season number one team. With all these pros. Played in the round of 32 that was equal. Actually I think this is dumber. But could you could just say like they can take the power five school they did have opportunities they didn't win numb Alibaba Obama. This is dumber that was dumb this is dumber because here. Your penalize the team. For not doing something that they couldn't possibly do. Your your your. Seeking a team in March. Based off the stuff that happened in November. In what sport do things that change over four marks. Are the grisly different than they were two months ago and look at don't resolutely. In basketball but really an all sports for most teams things can change drastically. Over a few months period of time. In college basketball it's especially true. But if you come from a league like the American athletic conference and SMU getting a six feet is another less drastic example this is the better than that. If you come from a league like the Missouri valley like the American athletic conference like the mountain west. Like the eight tend to some extent. You don't have an opportunity. After Christmas. To improve your resume. In the ways that the selection committee is going to evaluate. You can improve as a team. You can improve with your metrics you'd think from the come away better. But it will show up with a way to committee evaluates. And it creates these issues within the brackets that are unfair to teams that had nothing to do with that that's a problem. A because guys' careers. Are tied to this type of stuff. Players' memories are tied to this type of stuff. Big paychecks worth millions of dollars are tied to this type of stuff. So if every year we sit here and say the same thing. How could you look at that team in sees it that way. It's got to be past time to figure out a new way to do it while recognizing that there is no perfect way to do. But there is a better way than this. When you look at a team that's ranked eight that can pump which essentially means a Los Vegas would make Wichita State. A favored on a neutral court overall but seventeens in America that's what that means by the way. There are six and a half point favorite over the 72. They're the Tim. When when your process leads you to making that decision your process is messed up. It's something that they need to figure out or at least try to improve. Are asked from duster about it next phase. Jason Smith from night you know. It in the 99 sonics. My bracket challenge at 99 ESPN dot. 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Terrible person thought it would be a funny but would really just being a that's a itself via a video with Chandler Parsons probably thought this weekend we're gonna talk about the next segment Geoff Calkins he'll be here five we'll dive back into the instantly turn to stop. At 525 right now. He's my friend who covers college basketball for NBC sports the great rob dots to make in the big interview. Award winning. Columnists and okay. Names and spoil our season Gary Parrish no okay. Appreciated by thank you loose on an 82 million SM ESPN. I doorman. I am so great man a march beyond here on the radio with a new case that. I'm all right I I did not trying to take in your checks job but it was fun to at least sit on that does said that it is sort of a cool moment like you do you watch Ernie and and Charles and in Kinney and Shaq every week in May have. A one of the most successful and probably the best studio shows there isn't so just to be in that building and then. You know be sitting right in the middle of on the ad that says that's a pretty neat experience you can you can they act there was a moment where I said this is pretty cool. There was viewed triggered the two men you know not not great not great. Do you solve these plots. Good people I've felt they to be above I get there Doug your toaster broke in BC sports but a lot of the opening segment talking about to do things that. Stood out to me when I saw the bracket one was North Carolina won over duke go we've been through that a million times I don't feel like going over again particularly because I have at least in the selection committee's eyes. Been proven wrong but the other what is Wichita State which makes no sense to me. Hey is this an your Smart guy both with numbers and with your eyeballs when it comes to basketball. How ridiculous is that the Wichita State employees if you disagree tell me it's not ridiculous at all but that Wichita State is a ten seed in the NCAA tournament. It's been good it will dump. Well they are a top ten team on ten comma in there eight actually right now which is so why did he can do it. You know the most. Accurate metrics and then waited term before the best in the old ball I don't understand that he had in that popped kernel can probably go to ten team. Well he's in their own region. Not even the bracket in their own region and you have to be on the click I think would stop speaking to be okay at underwent at least to gain big two games in the a couple of group. The kingdom really get screwed by this are no date and Archie Miller named Kentucky what to play. A top ten caliber team in the second round of the incredibly turned and I don't know anybody got cut or draw the turn of the big if they're gonna get to the arm or they're probably get ftp which cost eight U Celia North Carolina and get their next. Not ideal but yet they did your question that Wichita State should not be conceit and hopefully this is. The the tedium the decision. That kind of you change go near it's more discussion about how we can use different metrics to more accurately. Lee and and CU and determine where the best they can keep duking it oracle to have the opportunity. You know Syracuse in week forcing some of these other bubble teams had. Two tell it to kind of doubled on their resolute. Hopefully this is what spurs launch it. To me that's the problem is that when you listen to Marc Collins yesterday who is someone I respect and I like I spent some time with them on and that. Maybe Friday in New York he was in studio with us for a little while we had a chat on camera we had a longer check off camera I I like mark Hollis. I listen to him rationalize Wichita state of the ten seed and I wanna punch in the Bible. Because it it's just it runs countered the common sense essentially what they say is. If you look at Wichita State they've only beaten one team that's in the field that South Dakota State. If you just sort of stopped right there. But like let's continue the conversation okay why did they only beat one team in the field. Hate because you left Illinois State outs. Otherwise that have three wins against the failed but huge huge huge huge lead Illinois State out for the same reasons yet not which tells big under the tent because of the lack of quality wins beyond. That if you meet them the main deal with the Wichita State was that they don't have wins over teams in the field and you've got to leave Illinois State out. That what you're telling me that past December 17. They hadn't there's no chance that they could have improved in your eyes and that is fundamentally fall. I know they had opportunities early global Michigan State and Oklahoma State they're still trying to figure things out it was a slow spread them believe. Ron baker it was to try to figure things out just like duke what try to figure things out early in Kentucky was trying to figure things that early but the good. As for doing it to you they get opportunities in February and march to include improved their resume in a way that shows they're an improved team. Wichita State if you standard is victories over teams in the Phil. They could not. Out of possibly. Got one past December 17 if that's the way you're gonna judge you gonna end up missing because everything else says the they've gotten way better but the way you do things doesn't. Doesn't acknowledge. Yeah and then I think the basic point of this is that. Baseball the way that the NCAA tournament committee does this golf. I think debt which cost they would accurately seated and people that tell you that the way that they are doing that this flawed and we need to find a way. That create an equalizer between what is always going to be weaker profiled and will be correct makers of these debate teams and the way to do that. It's a look at can be petitions can be metric Brittany can prompt bringing saccharine bringing some viewer numbers that are better at balancing. How good teams all war between different levels of basketball I think debt. At the end of the day which costly heating in this tournament proof do you that this process is it is not right stroking and sneak east sixth. Come around dusk to hear from NBC sports is on Twitter at the robbed ouster I agree completely missed the point I made that it did it this is the approach you take. And that approach in your mind. Reasonably leads you to Wichita State being attend that your approach needs to be adjusted while recognizing there is no perfect way to do this it is very difficult to. To compare teams from power leagues to teens from mid major leagues even if the teams of the mid major leagues are gored like Wichita State. It becomes very difficult to compare because. What has played low income a quality opponent after quality opponent to quality opponent and the other one just has it but there's got to be a better way to do. When you gotta be on the way to do that that the brain can all I didn't do that to bring it staggered it to bring you need numbers. It will be sole purpose is to find a way to giving ranking beat all the different levels of basketball BitTorrent and I know can argue the third for casual reader or I'd be back bought big major bet there's different there. Well we had put on a way to be able to judge those teams based on what they've gone. Indeed the same metric in using the dark guys in red made a couple of five wind it just as a war to tell you how good. The mid major teams are comparison to the garbage can decode. Those numbers the next system inherently biased towards the bigger school. I'm now ready to commit to this. But given that I do believe the committee does a pretty good job most years and certainly this year of getting the right teams. I think they got the right 68 I think they get the right teams is just the seeding is always all over the place. I've almost to the point and I am not ready to commit to it but like I I think this would be better than what they're doing it's what it either way I do but it be better than what they're doing. Pick the teams have you pick them did you go to pretty good job that keep doing that that we get the teams let's just see them on some sort of combination of Kim pomp and staggering in whichever other computer form is you respect. Let's let's mix them all together and get a consensus seating. And let's see them based on the numbers as opposed to all what your eyes tell you or what a resonate page RPI page tells you. Again that's not perfect but I think you're the results would be better than what we're dealing with right now because any time the results have a tenth seed. As a six and a half point favorite over a seven see that which don't say the Dayton. Is something wrong. Yes that I don't wanna go all the way to the extreme to say day in need to be just you know the ten bomb numbers get the thing about and all that. Eight the difference there between. Back to bed that make you gained 23 point gain worsen point five or game. And an academic who gained one point ball bourses 81 point wind it actually runs and it will not. And I will also need to matter and giving downwind again never lacked what they use you. One point victory at the buzzer need to be. Significant correctly weighty you can combined the numbers that you get from terms something like Kampala which all pitched debate. And the number you get quote unquote RPI which district in Middle East and if there's a way you can buy those I'm not Smart not to figure out how to do that. There are people who support the odd way to do that you put those together and extra right. By the way to blend everything like that together and didn't come up with a better way of seeing what we're doing because if this is what you get in the post war. I agree on Tyrod duster from NBC sports I've told my friends who live here in Memphis that. I'm they've got the best possible regional we don't know ever who's gonna be at a regional but the idea that if it just play defeat. Inside FedEx Forum we'd have Kentucky. UCLA. North Carolina and Butler that's pretty good right. Yeah that's really good and I would go without further and say I don't think it what was gonna get there because in the middle current state can continue to look at eighteen out of that which would be in what you do is eighteen from what three hours away from Memphis that'd mid major tournament darling going to get plenty blood. That that hole yet that's foreign debt and a upbeat. The second we can assume that at all played out which of course means that North Carolina de you're gonna get upset or. I know right I mean it's just. You know that that did you know you always my goal while this is going to be great in the like inevitably something will happen but that that is the best case scenario. You get. Kentucky UCLA. Rematch in the sweet sixteen Friday night inside FedEx form. And then you get. Oh what was the other one North Carolina. As a one seat hall of fame coach. Blue blood. Against middle Tennessee middle Tennessee come at a Memphis Tennessee to take on North Carolina Kermit Davis is from Mississippi and Memphis Tennessee he's got friends and family here. To me that is the best case scenario you got the great middle Tennessee story and then you've got three and then Natalie three blue bloods tell me to do agree disagree with this. I said it. You know I don't know when the national championship I don't think any of us do but if you told me I could only take eight teams. I would take North Carolina Kentucky UCLA three teams that could be in Memphis those three would be on my list of eight. They would be on my most of it is a lot of probably added to villain old book. King and this small hole and you daggers last year who honestly did not give me not to be true but not yeah. I I with the eight and I was with the exact date you had minus global but if you told to go to nine I might add mobile too I might have batted Oregon before the crisp who say injury but I really do think there's about eight or nine teams that are legitimate like can realistically. Dream about winning a national championship and three of them. Could be here in Memphis for the sweet sixteen. Here in a couple of weeks and wrap up to a rod Oster from NBC sports and me ask you this before I let you go here. It is a massive story that John cal Perry might be coming back to Memphis to coaching side FedEx Forum. Is a story that even matters nationally at all. I honestly I have no idea that you can't have that control some people are asked earlier today on CBS sports and I didn't even. I didn't need it didn't even register I didn't think about it but are now day that you've mentioned didn't kind of media player be stopped and I think you is really really actually I'm really curious to see what he's put him what do you think they're talking going to be their daughter. Military bowl oh well we'll see here's the thing. In theory like that defense would both like if he were coming back at the Kentucky coach coach in Memphis the place would be filled and he would get booed out of the building he would be booed unlike any coach in the history of FedEx Forum. Or or or the pyramid or mid mid south coliseum like it would be as bad as you've ever seen. They issue of course with or that the problem with this possibility is that meant to stay and are gonna have those tickets. Kentucky fans are gonna have those ticket it's going to be fixed all waiting delegate keep fans. Which also makes it difficult for UCLA in North Carolina. It all be all Kentucky fans but it will be mostly Kentucky fans so there are going to be tiger fans inside FedEx former giant cal Perry is coaching. When and you know like so that talk radio callers will hate him all day long would easier and downed. People on message board will pay him all day long while he's in town. At two guys at the office down the street are going to be argued about a wise and down but instead of building it's just gonna look like did NBA arena doubling as rope arena. Yeah Islam walls really look at it later. Are you hoping to brought a lot of people. Oh no I do I Elliot B and let let let's pretend it was North Carolina UCLA. Kentucky and Butler or Middleton see either one. It'll be. 101000 Kentucky. 6000. North Carolina. And a thousand UCLA and a thousand Butler middle Tennessee. But that's about to come because right at the thing like if you're Bubba Pena go lot by those tickets Kentucky fans that had these ticket ball forever. Like it always like what you think you your pre season top two team which they were and you always assume you're gonna be yeah they're going to be the one seed in the south. But they always I mean I know could take event to have it all these Memphis regional tickets like in the pre season. So they the Kentucky fans I think are probably get out number everybody. To the Kentucky fans have had BC these tickets. Like really since before the season even started. And and then of course they'll pay whatever they got to pay to make it happen and they can drive here they want to give Roger from UCLA so that'll be the issue. For those things plus they barely dried apology for what it's so a lot of they're gonna travel remembers but either way it'll be. It'll be. I was gonna say maybe the toughest ticket of all the elite eights. If the possibilities of North Carolina against Kentucky but I think duke vs Villanova inside the guard might be a tougher ticket. Yeah we've been so happy to Villanova would be. We'll be right up there I don't know what would we if it would be tougher but I but it would be more expensive just because when you're New York there that you almost can't give Jack a hundred yards all the trouble might get. They're don't tell me I do I'm there half the week every week I know again you used but yeah I have wondering that eighteen dollars mr. there's really okay. The good thing got to get this expense account that drug duster from NBC's boys you can read this stuff NBC sports dugout did you listen to podcasts and they give a bit of. They show up to a given out. Jeff did Devin Downey for sure if you come to the Memphis regional if I happen to be and down. I'll buy something. Appreciate it about Leo body was the abrupt ouster in these these boards on Twitter. At robbed us we come back some jerk today's sell the video with Chandler Parsons. 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Went viral over the weekend featuring Chandler Parsons I'm sure you ever seen in my got to get it seen it by now you've at least heard about it by Arab by now it's. A young guy names apparently Parker Lloyds getting particle woods writes I'd bumps in Chandler Parsons. In a restaurant and does what people do often when they bump into famous people at a restaurant or anywhere that's the old man. Can I used to be an autograph now and sell their but it did sell it you're no okay Qaeda cell feat with human Gemma Parsons apparently says of course you can't if they hold the phone up like you walk that is if you take itself it is actually video and instead of taking a photo. And Chandler let smiling like trying to be cool to own a piece I'd like trying to Dexia it make what appears to be this guy's dream. Come true a cell be which had a Parsons and that of the guys is right say I'd ruin the grizzlies season or something like that and it's just you know whatever. And so. If the truth somebody said that to me last week. I don't know whether it was Wednesday Thursday but like I had that before it actually showed up. It before starting in pass right on Twitter announced like. Not okay like this is not funny it's just a guy being in church also an original. By the way because he clearly stole it from the Kellyanne Conway and the guy who you who did the exact same thing to Kellyanne Conway. Here in the past couple weeks so like it's not even a guy like coming up with his own jokes to the extent that their jokes he's just like copying something else she saw. On the Internet but you know one I'm not a big fan Kelly in Conway. I think she's a of of a really Smart woman who like uses her brilliance to do some really questionable stuff you. It's not my favorite person in the world. I thought when I saw that video I was like that's not cool saying let's play uncomfortable like I want I'd like I'd love to see killing Conway get what's coming to or whatever that means. But like that's our goal is that's not funny it's not cool it doesn't make me laugh that just makes me think you're a jerk but this Kellyanne Conway. Think about her she's nice enough when you walk up to like even look she's doing you a favor she had she had the president of the United States each year. If he's willing to talk to you. And you know nobody for even a second. And you can act like that like if you don't like Kelly cowboy just stay away from Kelly Callaway but don't walk up like mrs. Connelly can I take a picture with you and then try to make some viral video that just all it really shows is not her being an awful human it shows you being an awful human. And so I don't know why park was decided he'd take a cue from that person because all this video is done. It actually makes him apart look kind of cool. And made Parker woods looked like a I mean that it apart is going through and I know it from the smaller than most of our problems he's tall that's awesome he's great looking at must be nice. He's got a 94 million dollar contract I'd like to have one of those will sell it to. Did you get the parts of his happy right now. Absolutely I mean ME could be I mean yeah I'd be really highlight I think I mean you know to dig a bit like to know whether bella than that if somebody out there right at that it's possible. Joseph Barton is is happier than most of his given movies certain times of the deck. The remains the same struggle playing at a very visible way and very public way he's been beaten up on so he's going out in public he's eating just apparently like not raging just like eating dinner it appears. And somebody walks up and says hey this is essentially what you say take it ruptured did error. To take a picture with you some people might think now you know it meant a meeting right now. You know I mean like I'd be happy to do that ended different circumstance and the like and have a meal with my friends right now. Again that they very reasonable. Answer to hey can I interrupt your dinner and take a picture with you. Most of us go to dinner and we'll take a picture with us Gemma Parsons goes anywhere people to take pictures with him. But rather than be a jerk about you chose this course meant so are you a little down in the dumps them out playing so well. I'm just trying to have a general my friends. You're an erupting at the shore meant it could camera I'll smile even though we have beside. And he wanted to return in the that a right to a space XI you'll ruin the grisly season like that's not cool. Like I I have been just as frustrated by the Chandler Parsons situation as everybody. I don't think he should be starting. I don't think he's healthy enough to play. I'm not mad at Chandler Parsons I just think it's all unfortunate. And that it. On some level in response was a franchise to keep running him out there while I know you're chasing a certain ceiling and I get all that. They're also blowing play opposition by playing him consistently in the starting lineup. And in excess of twenty minutes. For games the exception being second nights of back to back so like if I come down on that like let's talk about that that's fine. Actual like real reasonable conversations that about the local NBA franchise. Walk of the Chandler Parsons face police camera and tell and he. Numb and he has ruined any thing he's just been injured basketball player. You on the other hand if you ruin your reputation because a week ago nobody knew Parker woods is and we from now perhaps nobody will know Markowitz is either. Of a right now there are folks who actually know his name and I can't imagine any album even people he thinks are friends. Think that there was in big cool about that that's not cool man and that it makes him apart look like it's jumped in major looked like itself. Story number two gripping the back inside FedEx form that I Milwaukee a boxer in town trying to snap a five. Game old losing streak territory to have point favorite and David is that gave a judge today to the commercial appeal. Yes today where he talked about all of this stuff at only instead some interesting things some things that he had not actually said before a much talked about that would Geoff Calkins we'd do it here in just a few minutes. Story number three Ted rocket the Baylor transfer who was safe graduate transfer for the University of Memphis basketball team this season announced on Twitter today. That he is not going to play another season. At the University of Memphis and listen this isn't the biggest loss of the season that'll probably be Dieter closet. But like I don't think there's any way to to say that is good. Because the truth is he played double digit minutes for you he was our bodies regardless of what you think he is he played eleven. And it was good enough to play eleven minutes per game for you so that's another body you've got to replace an if you gonna tell me about it hurt the team when he went out this year when an injury. And they can possibly help the team that he's disappearing so this isn't the biggest on the world. But it's not on the it's a good thing either. Story number four former Penn state athletic director Tim Curley and former vice president and Gary Schultz each have pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment. On Monday its earlier today according to the Associated Press the charge stems from their role in the Jerry sandusky child molestation case you might remember Curley Schultz. Or. A once upon a time back in 2001 told. By Mike McQueary. That he walked into. Eight Penn State football shower. And saw Jerry sandusky. Abusing the little boy right. A raking the little boy. And these administrators at the school. Did not actually. Take it to the police. They merely savior you have to not be around your so much anymore. But they allowed to walk free you get an eyewitness to a rape of a child that's what my career was it was an eyewitness to the rape of a child. And took it to his bosses. And his bosses took in nowhere. And because his bosses took it nowhere. A child molest her walked free. For decades. And abused. Who knows how many other children. And scarred them in ways that you can't possibly imagine actually have a friend of mine this is totally random friend of mine whose brother. Was abused by Jerry sandusky while. And the brother has was like. An athlete. A good student. All of the.

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