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The Gary Parrish Show Hour 2 (3/13/17)

Mar 13, 2017|

Geoff joins GP in Hour 2 to talk Grizzlies and Cal's possible return to Memphis

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Things that. What he can get you in the presence of Jerry sandusky because he was a football coach who is molested by allegedly electric historic. Here's a lasted man another's name names ever been made public. But he was abused by Jerry sandusky. And as in his adult life develop all sorts of problems and I can't actually. Tie any of his problems truck stuff and all sorts of wild stuff back to that. But about Joba some doctors could do. And the idea that. If there were administrators that the state. And the idea that Joseph Paterno was a part of this is what that they were told. Hey I saw Jerry sandusky raking a little boy and they didn't take it to the police that is why Penn State. Fell away Penn State fell. When that came to light that is why those men all of them were fired and should have been that is why that Paterno statue came down. They led a rapists. Walk free. Mostly for around that campus and in that community for decades longer than he ever showed off. All they had to do was say we have an eyewitness to a child rape and Jerry sandusky who have been thrown in jail. Back in 2000. One. Instead. It took years and years and years to put him behind bars. And the work. Countless victims. Geoff Calkins is up next. That's finishing what more plutonium assessment just kidding W. ES TS I'm ready challenge presented by. It's. Wellness the it's important why not feel better with a therapeutic massage for massage envy you not only can massage therapy for men help alleviate stress and tension it's also been shown to relieve neck and back pain reduce heart rate and high blood pressure and improve athletic performance massage and the opposite Sasha is a deep muscle therapy aromatherapy should take care of yourself and call massage envy today after one of the three convenient meant dislocations. Midtown Germantown and call your bill. He's a massage envy dot com to find your most convenient location on a plane is now available. 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Author of after the jump it is Jeff Carter and Jeff how are you on this Monday afternoon. I'd really good you're going to Prescott. Now it's the least I can do is he tweeted earlier today I was on a plane or not you sit whole idea that Memphis is unhappy with the abandonment of old way of playing is false. Memphis love mark shooting threes Z go off the bench Memphis was unhappy with Chandler Parsons starting. And Andrew Harrison getting inserted into the lineup the source of the unhappiness was crazy lineup decisions. And resulting losses not a hunger for four years ago. So what is that in response to. Oh I'm old senators sponsor to David fidelity to bring him. And every lead that grew wonderful cure they would look around par and didn't studios is you know. It was very good unit get ready should read it. Column but the company's I don't that says you know you don't understand it out as a lot of we can't play that way anymore and I. Tumbled again I don't think there. There I think there are certain you know I think that's. That's not the battle that and we'll try to get him a fight only anyone. I don't think anyone. Is saying. Bet the real problem with the grizzlies. It is that we're not playing exactly the same slowdown basketball waited for you got well I don't bond that so that he felt that he. Depending contract children could hit from I think there's there's you know I I have largely been good and so. I just think right now the things he's shadows. Well the battle between the old way in the new way of whatever is this is really important. They're a complete support of moderate injection I think ironically the portable people direction of under control. Why actors Jack about better when it moved. I don't your original point. Whatever what was it like part of a global or ten days ago. And my dad what he did better than to Michael Greg benched benched. Tony Allen and to Michael Green Prater said Brenda right it was what blog Daniel had. And not go public objections. There wasn't. Definitely check back at the starting lineup we need you get to all the the quote or we need to stock quote stop shouldn't create. We need to have might just go back to the end of the distributor what do. Well oiled sand it was discussed why that question the people are connecting their. And and came back yeah and so if if you're depending on the basis of yeah I'll get your arguments but that. In other companies in a particularly argument. It is a little bit of a storm an argument like he keeps like Erica ridicule and I had thought it was really well done and I thought to extend the Q they can be well done you just have to type in the war urged. I don't know why they're caught a person like if you look it's early yeah I like him apart due they would go. Can I would like this guy but still a part glucose the line. Of. What the end it because he keeps gap like to do know he was screaming about slow it down to get back to Britain grind it was like yeah why then there are some planes are much. If that's really where our legacy that is that about like 18 yeah eight to take what the past didn't include. Andrew there's a plan. Put in Google and guy out here are gonna get there however as well. But that's not it is true what you read look a little the whole time I was talking I was trying to think about it a technical word straw may have. After I couldn't think of it. And I think that you're there just straw man you'd be shut look there's like there's a lot of them a lot of volatility and that should go well he's brought in here to modernize its culture changer whatever else. Well you had anything that was really go out at its culture like. Could what could have been consistently. Was we have more game than it should based on point differential talent whatever else that speech to a strong culture. You know that's that's one of the things this team has had but they haven't had is. Childers. Had an element wing. And as sort of an hour and an office that mentality. And approach. But enables them to go deep in the clubhouse and I think he was caught leader in part. To bring those things and he didn't like any guilt that he would market might put everything I had with it over the bench and whatever else but. Really the only convince people argue about whichever Parsons (%expletive) and somewhat more toward Daniels whatever like that. That's the part of it to about the other really revealing part of your marriage was for the first time ever. He said about. Jim apart from our pick probable optical well in whatever else but this little organizational decisions that I could either mean. They heat it is part of an organization and they all agree with planes have a partisan or it could mean pit. It's getting the hard would it be dictated to him and he would not otherwise do it but a moment but it at least what I have an employee of with the first group. Because you know back. In the first group as to how you bet you know put it if you go there's no high end. And he just got black out there at a budget whatever outlet look at the western what you have already put them appreciate. It was an awesome like quote in it and you know as I was reading it earlier today I was like OK is it feels like he's never said these things before but I wasn't a 100% sure but you're confirming what I thought. Took me you can say and if I were him I would when I got the phone call from Joseph body or whoever's gonna make that phone call. I think show all that was like we all in this together as an organization I'm part of the organization. That's the way I would say it now if I were him. What is that like to me was yeoman stock like listen I see what you'll see channeling my favorite by the way that's a quote tailoring my favorite. If you don't get that what you gotta get the full size that it. It is just my favorite I don't have a seat but these guys are thinking contributed to do bowl last. But I respect Eric I didn't read it right there. I'm very if you fed. Fed chairman of that I've favorite I don't have favored that's fine but like East Asia and I'm if I'm trying to win but he kept going back to this is organizational to say what that satellite was. All right. I'm level with you as best I care. I don't wanna keep doing what is the. All right I try to whatever day what's gonna talk about plate barked at on about a second out of about the that would all of you thought I was stupid because I wanted to win the game. That's how badly I wanna we gave you think I wanna play Jim the part of point two minutes. This couple from up top talkative. Am that's what is that like the main. Look at holiday thank you. I don't know what I get that what that they can buy it come on man. We what you're thinking is it that you can think is that you want to show that you gonna end up being wrong. Like you can you can ticket if you look too but you'll be well I think you're gonna win the lottery on Wednesday but you're not going to. OK you can take park you can buy your ticket. You go walking the gas station guess what you're not going to win the lottery and so I understand what they're thinking like there's a chance that may be it'll click if he'll get his rhythm. The men to start making shy. Odd that men. We're a better version of us that we've ever been. Let's go buy a lottery ticket but that's what they're only and I understand that in the sense of dreaming. But like what I go by a lottery ticket it doesn't come at the expense of my more hitch. They're pretty broad holding a lottery ticket at the expense of opposition. And that's irresponsible. What they're what they're holding on to is this hope that it's just going to happen. And it might happen some day but it happened this year there is no scenario in my mind when we looked up at the playoffs is starting and we go. Who they got they've been all that time try to get him apart is ready for this moment to these about to go put 24 points on the Houston Rockets I just don't envision that I would love to see it it would be awesome I hope that the shows I've done what it. But. I can't imagine that's the latest gonna go down but that is what they're still holding on to I just think they're holding onto it. Idiotic. Right where it already available to well. That would both be if she darted down Q and that it is there is president to park street. Try to defend something that I didn't think was really apply and then. Jeff Parsons. Which was which was used as revealing. As you've ever done. Talking to Jeff talk until 99 PM EST don't switch gears with you because there is a chance we could be talking. A week from today. And preparing. For John cal Perry to come back to Memphis. It. I think there's a means clue there they would do they'll be favored to get here now it is not as good chances that ought to be. For the record I hate with a which ultimately not going to talk. Yes well I mean I've picked Kentucky but can't what little bit yeah that's all you are told that he can score there. Like ten times they play ten times what does big Turkey quake and a how he doesn't which has similar. For Kentucky when six which toss they want for. Very yeah I mean that but he does get pretty got a pretty good pretty damn good are we at a real almost all but dead. If you get to that game the point spread will be like Kentucky minus careers. I mean it's it is a one possession game like what you think eight that can pump Kentucky's fourth two of the top. Eight teams in America according to can bomb. Which is essentially. Like apple wants certain can't you do Kampala that let you know but I think that part of it. It is day is great if they are for reflection of how good these induct. Nothing's perfect so what can come is though is a reflection of who should be favored on a neutral court over whom. It can Obama lines up almost perfectly. I guess I would say that's what can comes out perfect but it does lineup almost perfectly with Las Vegas. Like they they have projections on every game that schedule. And when you look at the predictions of the projections on that game like right now you go to get Zach. And get back to get ready to play South Dakota State and Kim Palmer has a projected score on the game of 88 to 65%. To 43 point spread. I don't I have no idea what it is and it'll look right now because I haven't looked all that. Guns Agha. Is a 23 point favorite over South Dakota State. It is it is always exactly like within a half a point or point within each other. So what Kim bum winds up with perfectly it's not perfect but what are lines of what perfectly is lost Vegas. And that is why you see Wichita State is a ten seed at least six and a half point favorite over seventh seeded Dayton so Q public not the best way to rink rat race. Or or. Because it doesn't take into account wins and losses it does not geared. Terms of quality team you can't go. Yes it is it is the most reliable thing out there it's not the best way to. Decide who's been should be ranked where like in in in any people or who she deserves its that there is not a good way to figure out who deserves what. Because ultimately everything comes down to wins and losses. If any can bomb. There is no real difference between a one point win at one point loss. In in real life there's a difference between a one point win it will want what Eagles in the loss column of the bulls sold out but attempt on it doesn't care who wins or loses the game. It only cares like how how'd you do probe on points for possession and it comes up with that advanced. I'm efficiency and margin and that's held and that's how you're right they they rake you buy your adjusted efficiency margin. And all that is a byproduct of your points per possession on offense and your points for possession on defense adjusted for the competition. But it is essentially what what what ever Los Vegas uses it is it is what they're where it can vomit replicated. Base certainly. And so it's not about like so what it'll tell you here is that West Virginia is the fifth best team in the country. Wolf West Virginia is 25 and eight they got some bad losses on the rest of the but so that they they shouldn't be ranked in the top spot. But if you put West Virginia. In a neutral court game against. Kansas tomorrow. West Virginia might be. Favor over Kansas or at least like a chicken game even OK earth is clearly got the better resident and so. There's no great way to do this. But there's got to be a better way than taking the team that Vegas basically thinks is eighth best in the country and making it a ten seat are committed a killer for Dayton. And it's also weigh her war it's a hurdle for Kentucky but let's assume for a second Jack cal Perry does come here I heard you earlier today I was listening. You said like you or you're you you start at a place I don't like John Carroll appeared to enjoy good thanks so I don't want to become an advocate I would read. Entertaining at this point I don't believe I actually around here warned about cartels very. Rude against. For and against people of life and you just forming on the region so you're about what that. Evict the so the alternative to John and getting the Memphis is O John losing or really early in the NCAA tournament which is what you're downpour. And I understand unlike what did he just beat fallen like a spectacle that John countered back in memo. I I in the end I came down on the opposite side of that retro look. To me they're too big walk and I don't want Janet Goodwin. And that that would mean early who lose an early. That's what it is. The spectacle will be. Could be fantastic. Hopefully just in terms of in terms of glamour the outcome of the Memphis in terms. All I'm sort of on the map first. That are written the rugged roads and reliable polls and everything else. If he is here and so what actually conclude it was what are you wouldn't like because I want to tell me. Guaranteeing. He would lose in the final into North Carolina and then I'd like him to be here all time and I will be bitterly as you know our computer. But in the end. I hope he beat Wichita State. Because I do wonder come here just took it'll create. It'll be a spectacle I look at these two were pretty good comes from me and you know what I can cut People's Court. Oh sure they do. A deep elm and mark every once in awhile here from people. And they'll say. A what you read about Kentucky so much that's what people read. Let's look at what a time I was I was like now I don't I don't write is much as I used to like it died in a really tell story I just there at the time doesn't exist. Is only so many hours a day. You know but like when I did I would go to tell stories from all over the places like I'd be the guy telling that. Real mid major story and I still do some of that but not nearly as much because now. Like I'm not under orders I can do whatever I want. But it is it is always preferred. Right about. Write columns that include multiple teams. As you multiple fan bases. So like what's preferred is don't just write about Kentucky right about Kentucky how relates to duke and North Carolina. That's what really what you want today get three fan bases. It basically read about NBA prospects right about duke Kentucky North Carolina. Right about Alonso balls much you can. And and oh and then just right stuff just with stuff. Just let you we we we do so latter breaking stuff that CBS sports deck on the pathway for hours like I think I noted today I was like. Hey what if I decided to rank everything that we Brent so far. Would that be a good column this new world of journalism and that put a gun and I had Jesus Christ I can't believe that we if it's if anyway actually to cal Perry gets in that's the point I was trying to make. Well I think you respond and I mean you know I mean it he. You know the great. Credit. Bury you think that. Yeah never a question would you ask you questions. I'm mighty if I won't force a question just ask the question you know. I won't do that. I think it has questions you get asked judge elevator. He would be day to remember in a retail. Not gonna go act you know you feel IE yeah now let me go to let me help you and your job all right usually we're gonna. You know what you America. K so we're the regional finals like it's a it's an elaborate setup like they have a stage in a table and it's all done on microphone it's not like. The grab a coach and cry. Okay so you're gonna grab your microphone they weren't like they'll have thought I don't wreck. John this is Geoff Calkins from that commercial tale it's good to have you back in Memphis I'm just curious. Do you regret being so dismissive of of me. What I asked if you were actually Dennis has been Jeremy hunt after he beat. Do you I'm you can never predict this your first question. If it's a good all the other media he's going what is. Outfit yeah you won't be here. Emphasized that the big trade imbalance corporate matters are one given get a read write stuff I'm wondering what you were here. And you didn't get you didn't take domestic violence seriously. And we're dismissed there's a bit walk is back here because you can keep this as a yeah predictable that it. Berkshire alienates collection next I hope that John. Geoff Calkins commercial pill again I don't. I. I don't know if you're aware of but former University of Memphis standout Sean banks is now in jail for a string of home burglaries and and and armed robbery. And I just wonder like looking back given that he was identified by police in New Jersey as an active gang member. Do you regret bringing a person like that on the campus at the university in my office. Beautiful Jarrett does so beautiful that you are accused you give us a bit. I'm just carrier. When you. When you left the university America and then hit a you called back Qatar and the apple to bring the so called legends which you can read your national secure with local machine and they didn't refused to do. Because aren't Obama as he makes it. He knew yeah. A giant Geoff Calkins commercial appeal again just curious. Com. ERC Johnson would have leaked. The fact that your program. Just like your program at UMass was under investigation by the NCAA take your program at Memphis was under investigation of the NCAA do you still think Kentucky would have been able to hire you. Good question. You. Can't attack. You have a medal of honor those questions not at all. Although these are all the good questions he's all be good course a little bit more. As they go more. Oh how about that but this one. Put on. Think you're good ones oh. It get Jack and Geoff Calkins kick commercial appeal again. I know. How much you talk about family when it comes to the basketball and in your players and how if anybody whoever plays with you always has. A home with you in like I even saw you lecture hall of fame ceremony with all those former players. Upon the stage and so. I'm just curious because I went back to watch the other day I didn't seeking a young they are one of the things you might remember about Kim the youngest he was signed to the University of Memphis you had promised him a scholarship. But when Kendrick Perkins decide in the NBA draft and in instead. Even though Kenny young head. Boy U haul. And packet and was prepared to move down here you told them that there was no place at the University of Memphis. For him I'm just curious. Yet they always do I'm just curious. I'm just curious. What is he part of the family like a break that down for me how win somebody actually does become part of the payment like they kicked. This happened back if it actually you Paula not become part of I am I actually have to be allowed yet. Like let the cat who signed with you at Kentucky in back in November. Or they already part of your family and if not don't they know that you could tell it not to come to Kentucky at any time. Even after they had acted much of a two part question. Are our best. Won't you weren't simply a joy was not clip in the game. And that they're really young for him to be put in the game. What do people are holding you can we didn't come can't bottom he could appear in the Ottoman Turkish you want simple and simply. So bad after game picked you put your hands on them. And you again. And you can go Gary Carter did it Jeff Hawkins of right about that simply will never play again. If you want to use and there are so it's not a time like you were you know my kid to sort of. You know for your own devices at a human shield the book I think you regret or the fees through this part of our people the last. The best way to do it is always given him out like I'm sure you regret that get the initiative that. We by the time he gets here we can have a list of like fifty questions. If we all huddle. We can give them like we get good karma wind. Well we we get my say the couple. You know we get we you do it we could we could just get them all like all late pass them out throughout all the local one that allowed him ever pitched. Up until you actually had to stop it spreads got into the equation we just do ridiculous. Over and over again they are all about stuff Brooke is valued at the university amendment would that be the first ever in the history of breast cover this up. Oh all right I keep braced all right maybe we should start emails came. Sometimes when embraced a more table in order Warrick question if they are all right the question the top of the previous fourth I don't if people aren't very dear it. See you later. I've either demagogue it from the words of very good reback in studio tomorrow morning I'll join him at 925 we come back. Who do I have going to the final four and winning the national I don't know if I'll tell you also wouldn't say any story about Illinois State and the Ole miss rebels. Take on the 929 experts in the sunny bracket challenge and will massive price. I didn't foresee ultra HD Elise Martinis and interactive solutions it's kind of fend ESPN's sonic bracket challenge. Or I 99 espn.com. Presented by infinity of Memphis and part of John's pizza. And Apple's. Today. You know did tell it for awhile about mortgage investors group about the superior home loans and sex exceptional. Customer service you're gonna receive when you use MIG but you have to take my word for you can. 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He foundation repair crawl space repair basement waterproofing your concrete leveling redeem his group can help you fought 5187654518765. That's redeem his groove on the way the re gamers group dot com to get back to the. NCAA tournament bracket in a moment that neat story. Happened today actually on Twitter of all places Dan Muller is the head coach pat. Illinois State they were co champions desert out conferences here along with Wichita State and of course they lost to Wichita State in the NBC title game. And then yesterday. Which a state was in understated but for the same reason which shall say was under seeded Illinois State was left out of the bracket completely and it wasn't that big of a surprise because. You understand what the committee looks for and you looked at Illinois State's resume and it just wasn't there. And unlike Wichita State which had unbelievable Metrix. Make its case Illinois State really did and they were around fiftieth. In Cannes Palme. Saccharine. As for the but it just wasn't a whole lot of it there to get them in the NCAA tournament so they were left out. I am predictably. As a demo jump from Twitter earlier today. Because essentially wall. What's the committee is telling Illinois State is that you don't have enough quality wins at Illinois State responses. Nobody in our league qualified as a quality win annual rise outside of Wichita State we be don't want. I'm sorry we couldn't beat a team that's top ten can bomb twice. Sar who wanted to against him instead of two and one against him a three and oh against them but like most teams in the country would have gone one and two against Wichita State if they were lucky. The idea that we're not in NCAA tournament team. Because we couldn't consistently beat Wichita State or B which costing more times which to us they beat us that seems like a pretty high bar to set. It has worked on those they also took some bad losses so some of this is self inflicted but ultimately it was mostly about. He got to show you can be people and you have been consistently shown that. In effect the rationale. Of for the selection committee then it comes down opportunities you gotta have opportunity to engage killed when quality game he'll play quality and it's a demo jump on Twitter earlier today and had a demo Gian. That said I am waiting and underneath it it said ACC Big Ten. Big twelve. SEC pac twelve big east it's me again because this point yes. Last year I called everybody. Try to get gains and everybody on the label claiming. So you say I don't play anybody elect whose fault is that we just saw a long thought as it is an issue within college basketball. But how five conferences refuse to play the good teams. Like Illinois staying at a selection setting the screen literally sit and play anybody and that's that you'll play the almost want anybody could you'll play them biblical things rigged it's a great system chair hey we're not gonna play. They were not gonna play it we're not gonna play the best sports legends that hey you can play anybody. Let's not try. You you wouldn't let me. Like the fact I think not playing people has more to do with the power five leagues and has do will always stay so he jumps on Twitter says hey it's me again. Looking for home and home for next year police common for chance to get a quality road win we had a top 33 RPI. And he got retreated bunched on because the coach basically got their say and yell I'm trying yet publicly artist I have just publicly. Offered to play in our five. School or any big east school they're playing a home at all. Elvis actually took him up on on Twitter rub your cool the oldest ever director tweeted back again Mueller said. Dan I'm sitting here with any Kennedy he's not on Twitter but he told me to reach out to you give us a call. We're ready to play as an out Illinois signal missing Oklahoma home. And there's a com and that the red there between those two programs. Dan Muller the former SEC since he was a favorite book. Is a little fact for you before he got the only state job. He was like a few days away. From being associate head coach of the universe to Memphis and he. Josh offered the job. And usually better able to can be associate head coach at the University of Memphis. For just passed. And then Illinois State job open and he got Illinois say definitely don't want to babble like literally within days he was it was a day either way from being the associate coach at the University of Memphis. Speaking openly I was the one that put Josh and Dan and touching each other. I was the intermediary between those I have relation but then just in really no one. Just asked me about MS he's really good if you beginning you should and the next thing you know like he was gonna make Dan Mullen associate head coach of a pending at Illinois State opportunity. And when they got killed a state job when the people we hire was Torrey ward. Is a former almost assist. In that they might sound familiar because Torre. A guide the plane crash. Couple years ago. And not the national championship game he was with some Illinois State boosters and administrators are seven people seven million total in the plane. And still unclear exactly what happened but they were flying home from the national championship game. Back Illinois State and the plane crashes foggy like it looks like it. With the pilot might just got a little confused yeah. There's been no. I. Definitive ruling on what happened but. They and results the same the plane crash also and then die. And and that's been hard for federal state program and especially hard on Dan. But that's the common thread between Ole miss. And Dan Muller the common I mean almost an Illinois State commentary between Kennedy and Dan Muller is that toward was in the system for anti. And then he was assistant to Dan he's worked at both places and so they're gonna get together they won't make this a tribute to Torrey ward and play a home and home that's pretty cool. And it's all happened on Twitter today in a very public way dangerously yelled somebody call me an Elvis had all collier got the phone or make this happen. And so. That's awesome and it works out well. But the larger point. Is. This is an issue for programs like. Illinois State. And to a lesser extent Wichita because which tells become a brand. To a lesser extent in Zagreb because you can sag has become a brand they can go out and get big neutral court game yeah get in those events. In how they can get and appreciate that I see and there. Battling Atlantis. Illinois State still has trouble breaking down those barriers was gonna say mean America's again zag east and the series going and I guess though because they were such big brands it's kind of both have put out was they were they were actually. They were in the same boat. They were national brands through Memphis with cal can tackle Mark Few. Who. Were dominating the early and so what they decided mark can -- is play a. Every year like in late January and another conference so we can get to get back on national television like when they was game day we've. We get back on national television so way we're back on the national radar or who would give each other quality. Game and then what to get a good what does that they once I'd also like whatever they were doing it to enhance the resonates test themselves you back on. It would catch people's attention again because. For the most format is just roll into C is saying is that it was just roll into the double seasick but that was Memphis and in fact right. When Illinois he's not there yet nor should they be and other things and everything that they've gotten. But and the worst thing you can be in college basketball is a program like Illinois State here's what I mean. A program is really good. But not a breath. Of broke frog and it's connector to Beecher but not good enough to have begun TV. As they can do games. So when data that here. It's as I wanna homer homer and anybody but there's nobody like outside almost nobody else in taking up that offer my widget. I'm going to normal we will not wait to play you probably lose them and I'm regretting even play in the game like that I want to. And so. I've always wondered. Why coaches don't take a different approach this being approach coaches like Dan at Illinois State. Rather than every year stand up and screen nobody appliance. Hedo it's true. Does that it. Indeed if you just say like if you ask everybody again this year to do something that you already know nobody else will do. He's got that Fortis legends and enter without making everything the same thank you may go back and look at what we try. All just trying to doesn't accomplish anything. Like at some point like just trying if it doesn't work that you got to try something else. It's so I understand. That these programs get to a place where. They think that they shouldn't be somebody's by game and by about game but people don't really understand college basketball it's when a program just pays you to come play them. Okay we're not gonna play you at your place. But what Memphis and south Carolina's schedule a home and home that's like that's gonna go there platinum south Carolina's gonna come here employ. When Memphis and Oklahoma do want Obama's gonna come here and play the Matheson is gonna go their blood. The one man besides why would like UT Arlington. It's not you come here and play and then we'll go to Arlington implies it's you come here and play we'll give you 85000 opts. And programs like Illinois State get to a point where they say well that's not us we're not but we're not somebody spy game. Like we're a good program who we respect our program when I'm going to be year by game if you want us to come to your place you gotta come dollars. And that's a fine thing to say haven't you realize it doesn't get you anywhere. Syracuse income and your place Kansas think commandeer a place. So. If you know unique quality opportunities. And you know nobody's gonna give it to you and hormonal format what good is due to keep asking form every year. If the answers the same every time and so I've long believed that if your program like Illinois State you really think he deems good here's what I would do. And let me be clear at Hillary that would do this is because the alternative doesn't work begging for home and home from power by schools that won't get into and Doug were okay good. You tried real hard to gauge anyway are you still in the same boat tour. Last selection Sunday on this election Sunday. What I do this. Commit to being fueled by aliens. OK we got I quit because. You might lose those games that Europe against the Euro on the airplane to road games against good teams you might lose them but if you look at what is it did. Her to resonate to the point you're you can get an at large been guess what guess whatever that he'll play a same thing nothing yet so if you don't play him you can't get an at large. If you play a middle of them you can't get an at large if you plan to win them you care. So what. The downside of playing them. If you wouldn't number you got that large Reza man if you lose some worry worry anyway. Even when he covered tournament to make the NCAA tournament so I've long believed that if you're if I'm demo and this worked up to date for him to gonna get all the home dome has yet school. But like take that out drilled here. I've always said. If you can give people play home and home and you can't. You just gotta go if you think you've got a team that's good enough to go to and to return it you have to go. Just be people buy games. You have to say get on the phone with Kansas State and say give us 90000 dollars in won't complain in December and they get on the phone with Miami. And say give us 90000 dollars and will come play in December and then get on the phone with. USC. And say give me 90000 dollars in won't complain you and just get the checks and try to give them else. And if you win them guess what happens you get all this respect and the slicks committee says they got quality opportunities and they took advantage of if you lose them. It's no different than not playing them. The only difference being that you actually got a bunch of checks for not for a actually play and if you lose them guess what you don't have that our president but without the opportunities. You don't have an outlook resume anyway. So I filled out a bracket last night. Which got. For my final four. I would duke in the east. And in sag in the west. Kansas in the midwest. And UCLA. In the south. So I got to one seeds a two seed and a three seed national championship game will be a two seed duke. Three seeded UCLA. And I got the Bruins as the national champions I just think. Animal run out of time here I think their best is better than anybody else is best when they're clicking I think they can out score anybody. They're not great defensively that I mean good but they're better than they were. They got a difference maker point guard pros at multiple positions. There historically great offensively. Inside the arc and outside the arc. They got a nice balance of experience. And youth. They got proper depth. They check every box I would prefer them being a little better defensively but I do think they're good enough. And if they're clicking on offense nobody in the country can keep up with them they've shown that multiple times this year against high level opponents when they're clicking offensively you can keep up. They can outscored. I can lay out score six teams in a row. I don't now. But I'm just to shore up them as I am anybody else because I don't care whether you like duke can stagger UCLA Kansas. Villanova Arizona North Carolina doesn't matter here's the truth about this into a bush term. There's a difference it resonates atop the ones that different from the twos and twos are different in threes in terms of quality teams. There's not much difference between a when we get to the elite eight if the seats were holdout and all that well. You would see. Duke Villanova and duke will probably be favored in the game as the two seed. You'd see Kansas global and it will be a total Paulson game mobile might actually even be favored we get to North Carolina and Kentucky total tossup game. And we'd get two games at Arizona told Paulson. The ones are the ones that they'd for the most part deserve the seeds they got. But. And there's about nine or ten teams in the country. And there's not one that's obviously better than any of the others should make for interest in a final couple weeks of the NCAA tournament will be back we're gonna go. Hey Jason Smith from night tonight. Sonic bracket challenge. On espn.com. Huge prizes including thousand dollars for the visa gift cards of 55 inch HP Smart TV 500 dollars a Christian Brothers automotive and more prizes round out. Around it's the most wonderful time of the year. Hey you know like how. I did sink hundreds. Hey guard he's been cut its highest ruins their families writers beverages being here. Much much smaller is Republicans have. Everything getting. 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What's the biggest game tonight desperately Milwaukee 32 and 33 overall grip at 36 and thirty don't five game losing streak. Brit tabloid favorite tip that seventeen to lift the right here. 929 of them ESPN. What should I watch on TV I don't know that the new episode of the first forty gates called deadly dealings and enhanced episode of Cincinnati teen is shot to death. During a football tournament I think Ottawa. Place to get shot. Triple play and watch those but if there ever on and I happen to see it. But it doesn't bore me like I never like how wise it but I don't I can't remember last summer like made and I. If they went out of my way to watch it but if you like put it right in front of me I'm always and mildly entertained so whatever you wanna watch that you can't 7 o'clock A and he is there anything I need to make sure I've read on him instead of Oneida report that other words of 68 things you need to know. About this NCAA tournament. You divided on my Twitter feed. What's on tap for tomorrow but it says there will look back on the grid these books. Fifth degree is. A one game winning streak or six game losing streak we'll also get ready to instantly turn because it does start technically. Tomorrow night is should be fun enjoy it I haven't enjoyed mine and by enjoy it I mean. I'm voicing. I'll be back here tomorrow for the out to be careful because I'm being good didn't rescue. Clinton is known for barbecue and I just okay barbecue great barbecue if you want great barbecue discretion it's never been frozen this is Gary Harrison Richard got Georgia's freshman. Entitled the address is H ninety was poplar avenue is on top of just west of I know you wrote when I say first barbecue I mean fresh barbecue and by the way it is now Memphis barbecue qualifies as. First barbecue I'm not gonna name names but not all the famous spots around them can. Can tell you. For freeze their meets the Georgia freshman probably you can say that we'll be forever frozen literally now. These are if same day barbecue only and sauces including the local favorite cola soft are all meeting. House sources egg rolls not just clean sport.

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