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March 14, 2017 - Hour 1 with guests Gary Parrish and Eric Hasseltine

Mar 14, 2017|

Geoff opens his Tuesday show by discussing "The Core Four and Four-Oh's" performance during a 113-93 win over the Milwaukee Bucks at FedExForum. Next, Gary Parrish of CBS Sports and the Gary Parrish Show joins Geoff to discuss the Grizzlies' impressive performance, the health of Chandler Parsons, the impact of Parsons' injury both presently and in the future for the Memphis Grizzlies, and more. Then, the Memphis Grizzlies Radio Network Play-by-Play Announcer, Eric Hasseltine, joins the the show to discuss last night's events at FedExForum, the health of Chandler Parsons, and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WM FSF now through the store and Internet 929 SN ESPN sonic bracket challenge presented by tough. And ESP. Sports columnist Terry. The award winning Jeff cook you. And Geoff Calkins should go into here. 829. ESPN. Com. The book game. What that feels like I guess they did it again. Sound then you have perished in the giants as they and I taught me. Talk about so much that also must combat. The NCAA tournament. She's the world's expert. And I'm not and. And and Charles Barkley certainly is not great but they jet crash is. And I'll talk to him about that I'll talk to him about them because his at all kinds of things at cast times give to join us. Excuse to do regular get on this on our show he was kind enough to do a regular thing on our show. And we still. A love it when he joins us from time to time he had the pleasure. Calling the disease victory last night he's gonna jump on and I'm forty dark bobbled that means for the Memphis basketball franchise. Just ten. Still goof off spring break. Don't worry is he was join in the universe about Twitter last night as the grizzlies played. That means that the 901. At 1001. We need to substitute we will discuss what is in the mail one Albert partial deal that come I think David Williams actually wrote that today. So hit on some of those palace but also Brian Olson. Famous Latvian is gonna come in here and join us and help us with a 901 at 1001 will do take five after that. Including all kinds of things we have to talk about the new bloom and under an atrocity. At at with that in their place I'll take a public figure if you like topics they says they I have no problem out expect no problem. It is you know exactly you're getting into enabling them only been once they are maybe twice in my life dice clay like I like movies and execute yeah. It's so it's a restaurant makes its you're not in it's it knows what it is it knows it's like. They have a new blooming onion atrocity that blue that we can and we can discuss jet right cook will not be. Returning we basically knew that I'm told that. But that is now. Formal lease so. What new survey. On what profession. Men and women find to be on the sexiest in Vietnam and radio producer radio producer was high analyst at sports com slash radio hosts always a big one. If only because the snappy dressing. But anyway we will discuss that. At that point. As well so. Last to get to. First the matter last night. Pullen and the amend their grizzlies and and the news comes over the transom. In the form of a press release. It began like this. Grizzlies forward Chandler Parsons has been diagnosed with a partial tear of the meniscus in his left knee. Parsons will be out indefinitely. That wasn't the started the evening and let's be honest that defined even. It's hard to talk about this without jobs. This rating Chandler Parsons. And and therefore it's unfortunate because. I really don't mean to eviscerate Chandler Parsons. Healthy Chandler Parsons. Would have been out of fast. Boost. To this franchise. A healthy Chandler Parsons really would have. Complemented the the talent was in place really would have raised the ceiling Willy would have changed the the arc of what is possible. Healthy Chandler Parsons would have done almost things would have been a fan favorite would've been love. And and and one big get any of this crap. That person hasn't existed in Memphis. There has been no such thing as a healthy Jim Parsons. Instead there's been an agenda Parsons. Who can't. Isn't well. To participate in the basketball game. It's as simple as that. And at first you were thinking and all well. In you just put up with the I and that first game sounds very and you said you know what it's fine we're gonna work and back he's going to be great by the end of the year. And it kept. He just kept in that Chandler Parsons would necessarily overly. But couldn't guard. Couldn't get a rebound. Trade issues. All of that. And disrupted is as Brevin Knight would tell you on broadcast of a broadcaster for brush because it was impossible to set the rotation. 'cause she'd have these minutes many just around the you have been and if so everything from behind everything around him also felt in the state of turmoil. And I'm. So. At some point it wore down the players. It wore down fans I even think by David is Dell's comments to run celery Sunday. That award I'm a coach who finally said listen this their organizational decision. And so that we have the news last night that he's done for the year now we will talk later about. What that means the Chandler Parsons. Issue. Because it is a organizational. Organizational. It is a gut punch when you have spent 94 million dollars. On someone who improves your team by leading. That is hell of a gut punch. And it is imperative. That he. Come back healthy Jim Parsons again. Or it will be crippling before this French press. And so we'll talk about the injury we'll talk about. The outlook from here. I think there's significant questions about the injury how was caused how long habit. Is it light is and he did really just using his excuse to shut him Darren. What is. What's all behind that. Because those are things that are really more important let's be honest. In terms of the franchise itself more important long term health of Jim Parsons than the name had last night. In terms of last night. It could have been like it could not have been more predictable. Indeed it's what all of us be at least most of us your 99 have been screaming about solar oven same. I am. Put Toney Douglas starting lineup. Puts a Michael Green back in the starting lineup. And then as Chris Erik and I discussed it with the options are. Put Vince in the starting line up. And see what happens. At what happens was. You hit it shocking shocking. They play with a sense of joy and connected this. The quotes from last night were really. Incur incredibly telling. You have. You have Mike Conley there's a different energy for the beginning of the game in warm ups we added different positive vibe going. Vince Carter we just play together we played hard and paid carefree out there it was just a different vibe. His tail we got after tonight it was almost like I didn't recognize this I haven't seen that from us for awhile. Etc. etc. etc. it was visit a giant and bill had been removed from around their necks. And they were able to play basketball again. And as just because they that rotation is made sense. You knew what. Skill a lot of flaws. But it was like. Giant exhale last night and you could feel it in throughout the building. Kitna presence is missed game before by the way and they still stumped. And I'm not a that's certainly true. But the Chandler Parsons situation has not been resolved before. It has been resolved now they are who they are the starting lineup is the right starting lineup. And they are they may not be good enough to beat the warriors indeed they are not good enough to be two wars. But they're good enough to beat Milwaukee at home they would have been good enough to Brooklyn at home it would have been good enough to be Dallas on the road. You or Memphis Grizzlies. We're back. Are back a lot of that was Vince Carter let's have pilots. At Hewlett. Don't buy another three it is. On no good we got a bye to Michael Green agreed to pay him back out smarter smarter lastly please play. We cannot put. It doesn't want kids. Always feel there is a great office. They don't have to simplify Khalil before he got hit hard to stop my car. As we speak for a for the night he was six for six from three no one over forty never. Every other right wing's season. It's. Grizzly beautiful. Tonight 1915 grisly crime for. It is amazing he's got to say this once already and now look how religious those guerrilla America. Excuse me nineteen and scary answer. Great play by my count for the first. But then the more people. Other night and grizzlies back up my six point 590. We have a perfect right America as well that's the question. Arizona cannot put me out of a short period. Carter who's got a lot of it has start tonight his first start at grizzlies Jersey he's 44 from the field free free from the obvious backup. 4839. Sort of on the same not a perfect game the best time was it wasn't just as other birdies though everybody is playing looser more freely. There's a left wing or get remaining half. Going right for our. Giants three regular. Long ball the first Davenport beat track. It was this is maybe my favorite part because it was. As a member who's. Be my dream is best. Tony Allen has benched and instead it was brought up it's. Combined for this month. The balance is behind Carl Pope John McCain. The trailer three. It's part of behind him over. Over his head you guys. And the first half. Might sound it was a dozen guys with more on the shot clock guy. Three on the back up slightly harder vegetative pretty good. You baby. We are the only ones so far that hasn't gotten an. His glove with the reverse stock price. Otherwise I think he's got 123. Spot for six or they just once. Now the third quarter business should be an issue with the field they did god awful. Last night. In the first quarter 31 reported on the second quarter 31 point seven handle on the court order play nineteen and sure enough they won the third quarter. Only 443. Vince was part of that. Today announced it was Carter. In the right yeah the dust. He's got a free. I don't buy yeah they've written up. Granted there are headed there on midnight ride this thing he's taking good shots are really facing the local basketball game. Doctor you don't just want to listen points down. All makes. It's a there are big problems for the big divisions ever hasn't your backup point garlic is okay. And I ask that. There are some of my brother him play Nintendo we'll let you play and now he's my brother John Douglas. I play Daniels didn't shoot well but he actually did you we'll get back to shoot well. Shooter or shooters on the god awful. Last night quickly. So all falling into place. Sometimes the writing answers the opposite. And give more credit than we did yeah the last. I sideline smarter. Why not bring and a small. There. Anything. On earth did not sign. I'll bring it back half they have made. Its interest because there is cut also by the way. More supportive of after practice every single day those who can. Whichever first occurs in the bars. And I think that's cracked the kids came back. Don't like Gemma Parsons. Let's give everyone a little but I hope. It wasn't just went up more old school. At 17100 got a little yeah. Yes OK boys. I'm going to pass Jason Kidd. 79 in NBA history. That's the. Torre. Another record was against people. The city ultimately pass I know he's tied. Tire and I think probably path rather. On the Altay feels less about the old also tied TV analyst Greta night for said he gets tagged for seven eighths an all time assists history being made. Morsi about it. I'll get back. It's. Like hey wait what are okay rebound after I ran off like so good they don't take my. Good Dion says it's. Grandfathered till the end. It was yeah does he bonus thing yet we Gloria yeah. I got to start back up red flag and ran out working on. It's. His third team. Right now Renaissance got out of hand and the grizzlies existing collegiate world classic it's not out. Wanted to remain here in the ball game tonight and I 86. Not just. Down the stretch to this game. It was the core four. Four it was the core four and four. Who was when this game down there and it was. It was Z Bo destroying people whose side. It was Tony Allen doing Tony Allen things. It was fantastic breeze. It was might run and everything it was. They look like your Memphis Grizzlies maybe places domino into TA games formal myself. It's. That's my talent myers' latest big enough to look at Baylor for a Tony and a. Yeah. About it for thirteen points. Just kept up it was taken note taking what the people's business. One more from Tony. I'm really just the right exactly arcades Leslie Carter the drive myself seated love for Alan but basically. Spent tackling the maybe they show. The lights out in Milwaukee tonight. It was just on those. It was just funded a bit of feel like the Chris I really hate to use that cliche and I know everybody did not include that it's just the turn back the clock you know if they can't go home who says one side it did last night. Not good enough to win. This is small secret. Easier they weren't we. I'm surprised you actually decided that they were never gonna win a title he wanted to do that. Nice of competitiveness. And. You know and triumph. And they did last night when we can back we'll look good ownership of that castle time two Jeff Hawkins showed 99 SO ME SP. Take on the 99 experts in the sunny bracket challenge in winless season. I did for sales ratio leading Smart TVs and aggressive solution for you tonight nine FM ESPN's sunny bracket challenge. We promised us that gore had 929 espn.com. Presented by infinity of Memphis and Papa John's pizza. Wellness the it's important why not feel better with a therapeutic massage for massage envy you not only can massage therapy for men help alleviate stress and tension it's also been shown to relieve your neck and back pain reduce heart rate and high blood pressure and improve athletic performance massage and the opposite Sasha is a deep muscle therapy aromatherapy should take care of yourself and call massage envy today after one of the three convenient masses location. 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You're the animal and I guess the market and early and I guess I'm okay so are you surprised. It seems cool. It seems cool to say that Chandler Parsons left the lineup and everything returned to trip to attempt to goodness and and health. And and yet it seems unavoidable yes. Yeah I think both of those things are true that you don't wanna say oh look what happened until about a round but it what kind of what happens whichever Iraq elite soccer ball and get caught a plane flight back to that deletes but there it seemed to be a certain energy with a team like eight likely. Not something out of their way. That had been in their way Aaron you know or somebody. Connected to the team last night text me and say it's too badly organization. It's Patrick Chandler. But it could put this particular team because they don't have that except that not playing anymore they can do go out and play and the trick is and then David that don't like. If citizens felt on Sunday like yeah we all know he was completely ineffective on the court but the head coach says. You got to understand the reason I've started and so much is because I can hide him with the starter can't hiding with the second day. I've literally never heard a coach explained but it attack starting a play airport that repeated itself to have Chandler now. You'll completely out of the picture Patrick Chan are back for the long term. Hopes of the franchise. But probably I think definitely good but this particular version of the grips. Yeah. Underneath the French as part and just a minute I'm in terms of this particular version of the grizzlies. It's obviously isn't gonna play like this put it does make me he is the player who makes the most sense in that slot doesn't Niemi did James and this is obviously not. You know not been playing well. But yeah it is sort of I mean it's weird that here you are you've been looking for a piece to go with the core for forever. And the peace you find this pretty year old Vince Carter. Right I mean per team that did it has always been older at least there's a lot of right to remember at an old. The key to make it better even older like at the bit that runs counter to everything they know about basketball I'd really. So big dip and the best option Kevin grant writing that option. Because. That's that's how it's. It's not get available right in so. I don't know I've always thought that I don't pretend like I've been screaming from the beginning of the seed and you got to play Vince Carter in that spot but. It does make some sense and it looked great last night and I do think. You know direct it back around. It. This can that is that the rest of that I put players. There's an old saying like game recognize game right like there what that means is basically the public players know we play you learn who's good rhythm. Crews great it was OK you like the players know. So like if you could recognize. How ineffective Chandler was from the upper deck ethics warm. What age you look at Mike Tomlin knows open markets almost nothing Tony Allen those critics frustrated or they have the brought out there every time and like. It was somebody who can't play with Devin again that it's not the Sox or that he's not eat just got to hope the he's not if you're not able apply to look at what could play right now Kevin Garnett. He hurt. Right now you try not to roll him out there he looked totally ineffective in the democratic tickets governor of the right now and look it up. Active it would be bad for the lawyer the reason is because he didn't your chair Bartlett as an I know we have a bit injured. Two bit sixty and the off season. But he has not been healthy weight for eight minutes this season not helping it out to actually contribute. The NBA level and so of the players clearly knew that 100% knew that. And now. You know he's out of the way activate it probably. Reenergize but a little better. Images they lose and people are Cecile wasn't Chandler Parsons officials think like they're holding games they lose because they're not they're not like they stood got under inner Harrison the backup point guard James and this is not playing well and and Troy Daniels is not like they got a bunch of spare parts look behind I think all of us old guys. And spare parts is sort of in out what their what they've meant what they're made they're not going to be a perfect team. People have suggested to me boy. It reflects poorly. On the players and particularly obviously the wanted to talk about more than anyone else is mark. It reflects poorly on the other players and mark that they didn't play well just just Chandler was out there and the they'd let it get to them. Do you think it reflects poorly on them or do you think it's human nature. What I think it's human nature and also part of basketball like I've battled through the you know particular team oriented sport like in baseball. If you had a terrible catcher. That would necessarily messy well if you're the right fielder batting terror. You know in Asia Europe the box he got back which are all the Mal Mike let's let's go hit they've got what we really had any aspect aren't you individual. Angela what the catch her daughter is hitting eight and being behind the plate has literally no look back on right over are basically no affect on the outside on the right so. In basketball it or or clean can't make sharks or can't move or can't you know they can't guard a careful line. It has an effect on you as another basketball player whether your point guard or center or anybody on a course record a hard guy to work together what your all time. A oh accurately Kuwait be preemptively when they are great if principally. If current market out there directing traffic like unity Sheen game it's it it it some of the most Timor into games and so when you have somebody on the court. Who can't flight. If it has an effect on you in like. Tangible ways but I think also have their effect on them aren't there like. Typically terrible analogy but I. If you're at a football game. That guy you have to come up every four are asking it again. Like it bright and quick seat you're like oh man like you just got the first out I got the second out wire two years. Right you're the only thing bad thing. Gonna believe we don't know exactly why am I yeah I got a couple of Google. It sound like a hit that drive me crazy and I'm leaning blue. A ball game how could not guard mark talk radio and an MBA primetime gig. Right I think that lives there. So it was fun last night. And yet it is bittersweet because. As the first part of that text from however was in the organization takes the deal. Salomon thing for the organization when when. Literally you have spent 94 million dollars on a guy who improved your team by leaving it. That is devastating. And it's now the thirty year in Iraq I like it I guess I can say it is the last three years were ended by knees knee injuries but this will never was really gonna get done this one was destroyed by. So it took two years ago he had micro fracture surgery. Last year he had meniscus surgery both of those are on the left knee the minister surgeon was supposed to be nothing and yet he's still dealing with that. And now on the right knee he has a torn meniscus. It's it's another way to put it is I've organizationally it's crippling. If you Chandler now you've got to start really questioning whether you're ever gonna be what everybody else to question that guy a lot of black or the quicker. But like it must just be demoralizing right. After the break I think there. I mean a bit left out of the current debate mashed up here you know we're there are other franchises that wanted no part of Jim apart because of his niece. And Immelt who we are in third straight year he's going. And it has seen and ended early because of his knee. The question about whether they messed up like. It'll it it it is because they got a lucky it was a Campbell that they were willing to take a great. You know lately they hit on sixteen inmates to separate cards that Obama. You know like pretzel apparently corporate they're like hey we're gonna we're hit. If they don't work out but you know particular might not punitive that can't camp. Come. Or do they suspect something. And I think that's something because I know like what do I know other franchises saw something. And so look other freight Geithner is also in order to do something that led them away from Chandler Parsons. Did that by definition mean secretly met up so it doesn't mean that. You know elect. It doesn't mean that it's everything worked we're good we're gonna check out what may gamble worth taking but it midst of something. I mean that's unforgivable like that up pyro pulpit to admit that something somebody else's fault but you miss. I mean that's that's I think that's devastating. To a player who headed into repair. And who had something go up somewhere that other print target or willing to trust and come polo or maxed it out here we are again I mean that's just. That's that's really really bad. Well. You could say that they someone's. It's a possible symptoms if this is a hard one to sort out because in other words did it. Did other franchises see something that didn't make them want to take the risk and add it into that did that they didn't know necessarily that he was gonna be crippled. Maybe they saw something Lou yeah now we're not gonna roll the dice there we know for sure that the disease didn't see that same thing and say you know what we roll the dice there. I like the Olympic Kevin Adams is on here yesterday and obviously he is close to Tisdale and so he was putting that. The most optimistic face on every. But the way the most optimistic way to look at it is this disables the grizzlies knew it was a risk. This is new was a risk they can't get Kevin Durant perfect player who's not a risk to come here. So the only what it is and and they've got this certain window with a marker is old and and Mike whose old and you know and they they need it they needed and they needed that person and if he. Happened to be healthy. It was the perfect guy. And those so they said whatever they shoot 40% chance you that guy I don't know what they said maybe 60% TNT that you know he's gonna be that guy. We have the role this we have to roll the dice this a just and putting the best football best face on and I can't for them and they decided you know what. We have to roll the dice otherwise we're just gonna slog along the media. Yeah I can live and all that I don't. Again all I know is that at the very leap without membership no way. To save it we can't apart and look at Mark Cuban and their Macs are now. And Mark Cuban offered nothing like literally offered up into like they didn't like put a seventy million dollar contract whom they. What ended up to him they wanted to adopt him but then they offered nothing so they get wired opt in which have been one year sixteen million dollars that's all the revenue alluded. But I'm with you on this understandably tells the advocate. Like what what happened here that. You know it's. It clearly you know they were gambling baker or not. Totally incompetent like they were aware like Elliott if you would like pull the Wikipedia page you could find out but he got a huge market thing they're dumping in the medical. They're scared other team talks like I know that to be true. I've been told that from people around the NBA there was something to the medical that made people go. Some like it is this is not going to work out. And the fact by the way but he's never been helping I didn't Carey and nick gives it the preaching you don't have to have her every bit. He has been quote. Healthy. Like since the day you signed with the group which. But never looked like a basketball player that's what scared of other franchises it's not that let you know he might hurt and it could march. That would scare anybody what people live. You never going to be the same and you never won this thing so you can say that I know what senator duke but like people say. Well you look quickly we're gambling big missile roll the dice and it gets the cracked out wait until except. So what people do not even take up about that's my point that. When he I don't want any part of the package. People look Smart grid we will not ask. I mean to me the most. The most stunning quote was from Jimmy commanders and Barry did that marvelous story that he did on the dissolution of of the mavs and Jim Parsons and the quote from champ the Parse Chandler Parse. Says it's way too much of a risk for me to turn down guaranteed 94 million right now. Said that it right wage too much of a risk for me to turn them Guerin. He led to four million right now. It would make no sense and no fan no human no one in their right mind would do what I did and it's it would be it would not do what I did and it's not even say because. And the reason if you look at it like yeah tell that it's too much ever rest and the busy didn't didn't think it was too much or. The idea that Chandler Parsons recognize what kind of risky blood but secretly bitten I think it a bad side and again. You know at the very least they missed I know something because when you signed him in July. A ER nobody says boy gaggle we don't know he's gonna be able to us. You know play on opening night we don't know if you gonna be able to play back the backs until February. Look at what they've all been so even without him like tiger we get the only grew one apple but like to put whatever. Even before that he would never quite a bit that you skirted it may want to contract you have all been like. How it's not know that you would never be right. And how to other franchises assumed that he would never be right to meet at the perfectly reasonable question that. What if you are GM right now and Chandler Parsons were free agent this Chandler Parsons. How much would you offer to play for your team next. I wanna be a prisoner at the moment. Once you're not a one year you got for what you village had for one year and he's sitting in invading your bidding war for channel public what do you think. Does it still rest there might he might come back let's hear what would you pay for that risk right now. How come to a much bigger country or would you give. A minimum I mean it wouldn't be like that I would I would be debating between nothing and animal. While assuming that hey you probably won't be LB opal won't make it took a year could be literally haven't done it restrictive now I like I'll just you know I'll just. You know but if I hit or strike out three straight time to get the picture I'll just assume that it might be the outcome of that future. Other next time and in the Bakken well and an even if you get healthy he looked pretty good coming off the other circuit like he got because coming out of that. So like I would be debating between minimum and nothing you might I might settle an epic Eric again and I try to be dramatic actor. You can look he's now at the corner and it if they're probably gonna require speed and a big circle that the reports. If you what they're good before that. How he could be good at. Well thank you Gary appreciate this entry through secrecy was great and I know that we are just an extension they'll talk good luck. Bart that he can't perished. With your local with your dose of enough and enough and he says is. Nothing he said is that true I'd say that's it it's a tough one. Because it will help define. What happens in the next three years for this organization I Cassell signed the angels won only comeback Jeff Glock Germany cnnfn has been. It's not designed into the 99 saga was driving tonight tonight espn.com. Or through the magnitude nine and Jimmy is CNN is free you can. Good prices rebounded prizes for misogyny. Get into the 99 Sunday. Presented by Nvidia members and Papa John's pizza. We finally reached the really great part of basketball season NBA teams of badminton player opposition NCAA tournament is here it's a busy time but also fun times in. 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In some ways we went through the same thing that was dynamite he wasn't as big signings Gemma Parsons but he was a pretty big thing at the time. There was great rejoicing there was a press conference with then watched him play he was limping we saw what the hell happened. Never gonna be worth it should be by amount whatever else. And stretch stretch for that whatever. And here he is doing what he was doing. Last night I do think that maybe it's naive of me to say that gives me hope when I was in medically it's a very different situation and Gemma Parsons. But it does show you can come back from an injury can you describe what you saw of Vince Carter last night. Just the defiance of father time I think our arms. In his bunker somewhere regrouping. At all. In a man's undefeated and then generally comes out on top and that's Carter's. And coming out of there he's got it's it's it's amazing. You're right though. It was it was hard to watch since that first here. I was told that first jury he was patriotic to retrain your ankle. On how to move after having bone spurs removed as equate with them so long. Just kind of gotten used to it and not suddenly had this different range of mobility again and so. You are realistic option and then then turned his foot in and he came back and I remember sitting on them this year and I asked him. Let I saw the first practice as much of it is because at the time could look at new coaching staff wasn't as open as the current. Which was finally Anderson that the should man he he he look like your move and a lot about this this training Japanese so obviously this is as good as I've felt them by the and I exit c'mon seriously and and it could not seriously like he would he would honest about that so yeah act if you all put. Personally I. I've heard all of this stuff you said and then Jerry said and oranges and are certain and yeah you're all right it's east champ car wasn't right and nobody wanted to be right more than he did which was a hard thing for me to hear people just you know kill them and and what actually killed I'm not just. Well what you get into the game than what we've also this is mellow compared to some of the things I get. Texted him and occupied people on that it's Susan vitriol you just click. I just relax after August are a big guy took the money out of your pocket. But it gives you hope it may be that can happen but when you're dealing with knee injury like this. It makes you wonder I mean you can only you can only had surgery on the same part of the body so many times I'm not a doctor and I bureau crate that we have. Arguably it's not you bet me surgeon in the country wanna eat top resurgent and a country in credit dark. Over Campbell chronicling the man wrote the latest book on knee surgery. Did that they'll be able to figure out a way to try to fix this split. Last night was fun and I think part of it you know as you guys were talking about earlier. It may be a burden relieved that not because they people or chair alert to. Clearly to be right but you know he's not. Capable of doing what you need him to do at some point you know it's consistently happening. It kind of takes some pressure off of you takes a look at it takes some of the worry. About covering for that won't even Beirut there's also a keeper of the starting lineup as a lot expose them. Was another group couldn't and have those guys you know get beaten up I've got better play you know my best players are out there aside from what Zach Randolph. And we can kind of let them try to get into the red in the probably has. I don't care who you are in Asia client in the NBA you're essentially playing for a five. In terms of of the ability levels. It's hard to win and it's it's why when people certain electronic Davis and I wanna play. Four on five on wanted to have one guy out the other and the are nice and good luck with that because. If you platform filed against an NBA game or score a lot and they're gonna score regularly. I'm the only reason they're not gonna scores not because everything you do it because they admit now because you stop themselves. It's tough because again what is setting talk in the Chandler nobody wants to be right and nobody wanted to be helping mr. little more than he did. He feels a tremendous amount pressure because the contract he fuels. You know did he not. Helping the guys take the next step which is what he wanted to do and I know it does not come across some social media of beleaguered appetite does have a a a gym rat in him that they've wants to be out there playing basketball. And maybe the way he handled that isn't what we all what I cannot. Talk about things like Cancun and stuff like that but you know everybody handles their frustrations definitely you know. Yeah how much. I don't know like how much they want none none none of us can predict just maybe it's a silly question. How much faith you have that he will ever be an effective player. Plus great question. Stop because you know when you. It's not just me and it's its stock because you peacock the other guys and obviously I'm I'm on the road and the the other players. That I know I talked other coaches and other scalps won't sit there and he just doesn't look right and and you you know that. We've seen him look right at it that the same bed at 103 point shots and one half. Mr. Warren and and but unfortunately. For the rockets unfortunately for rigorously they they couldn't get on the ball the population are released a woman escape. But he is watching this dentist drove three after three and turn the corner and then. Watching him in Dallas run in my heart that can all work Rick Carlisle about really utilize his skill set to. To the utmost to be naive. You know he's not right so how much faced lie cabinet. In years sit there and I've seen guys come back from injury that I never thought you could see them be productive but yet. And it took awhile but it the best case I can get this. I never thought Shaun Livingston would walk again without a limp. Let alone played an NBA basketball game after or keep it is me when he was what a cool person and that was one of the most gruesome knee injuries. I've ever seen happen be watching that game. Our old colleague in Memphis at the time Michael Lee used had gone out there was working on the corporate broadcast and I remember him saying if you have a. Aid weak stomach don't watch this and I was like war in China are watching that I watch in slow motion and when you say that man's knee exploded that man's knee exploded. And he's operational performance so who knows I mean there's so much. Eight in terms of advancement that this happened in medicine recently. In reasonably good as possible. By everybody's body also Gil says something stands again like it did you keep having to have surgery on the same part of the body. It's good it's a pretty scary thing for sure. Yeah and it's too bad we're talking about well. You never know what medicine has kids. That I have soared down to. For Gemma Parsons in the meantime the rotation now does it made sense it you know it it makes sense. How much though do you worry obviously we're gonna get back from Vince ever again. Not at what we're gonna get it every night in the city angels won. I love I love the ages one and how dumb but how mom. Is there worry that he's gonna Wear them like in this new role that he's like how much is this gonna be capable of at age forty. That's a great question. He prepares his body as well as anybody else and I can be honestly I'd really have obviously no idea when that. Freight came into my mind when he couldn't shot and it just seems let. He prepares his body. As well as anybody I've ever seen he's he's constantly getting stretched working out. He knows what he needs to deal I don't think you can expect them to play thirty most but I do expect. You can get productivity out of him and I think that I'm up or so I think having him in the air works with that group and then you have. You know whether it be an answer or Daniels or whoever else is the wind comes Jen would. Was Jack in all it's going to be hander Harrison which was last night in that second unit. Then you know you're you're you're feeling okay granted rights currently has given them. Given them a boost. Bases. It's a remarkable and I know it was funny at one point. We have our guys in the beginning of the game I don't know if you've ever heard this boat. We've got to get like Monday Night Football we ought to be fun at stake kind of introduce themselves and starting lineup so they say they're number of their name and heighten their way what school they went to a I remember asking them they looked at me airlines started coming here I go or you might one day that goes I doubt it I'm. It's like a year and a half ago at the ballot in today on an unrelated event. He got me or are not out yet about respect what they're starting opened the little goodies. So he's funny about it. I just think it makes sense because what you were hoping to get out of Chandler in that role. This is the most capable of giving you. Resemblance of that and by that I mean he's the best perimeter threat out of the remaining guys. That can also defend the way you need him to Detroit Daniels clearly is. You know streaky shooter when he's on the look out and any can make them from 35 feet but. His defense isn't quite the same as it is an act not a knock on churches are we as you know there's a spot for Troy Daniel. In today's NBA where you can attack of a long run because he can be that guy readers bottom up and say knocked me down 33 that's when he due to do automatic debate this a you know we've seen him do that put witness's ability to play the pick and roll this ability and his intelligence on the defensive end. It's the right fit in the and you you kind of mix and match collapse and I liked what I saw last obviously it's just one game but after five games where you've. You didn't just lose you more competitive. You really want competitive other than the first quarter of a collaborative you weren't competitive part of that was making shots. I mean they they had I thought the clipper game they had good looks I thought the hawks game. Initially. They were getting looks they weren't defending well enough for the looks don't matter but they still weren't making their shots when they started making some shot clock are so okay. Well now they're making shots we'll see how they feed off back. They've got to turn the corner for mayor in terms of if they're not. Making chops are up and that they can't it just cannot. Get into frustration look like they spacing to do go to their defense was better last night we noted that well one thing I know you saw it in Saturday. How many. 3435. Foot crosscourt passes. And we seat get through the grizzly defense without getting culture or even remotely near touched and the last night. We saw those get deflected or tipped or at least somebody was there as the ball got there. That makes a massive difference so. The defensive principles came back in the end a lot of that I think is just because. You know finally figured I don't know what it was maybe just relax a little bit and so they we got a lot to do this because when you over think this game that's when you're in big trouble. On Troy Daniels wasn't very good last night let's be honest and James Ennis has not been very great very good lately either but you do wonder if given more defined roles. Yeah we'll see better versions of them. I think that's a great point here is what you said the two words together if they find schools. Is it trade because it's the thing that that is perk you read Brown's coaching career in terms so. Longevity but it's also the thing that made him. Incredibly successful that ten man rotation that you know what the funny thing about the dead man rotation was. Everybody knew. What their role was one they were common and our war and how much they were going the quiet. And you know it it was one of those situations where. Guys knew it and so you were ready to go now what are according it was. You guys would rather you play 789 man rotations so they can get those extra four but I can go from scored thirteen and right. Seventeen and I can that's dollars in her pocket. So what this now you. Got guys knowing what they're going to be feeling knowing when they're coming at one they're coming out. Who they're going to be on the floor was. And if you're not juggling it at that point you may have to make some adjustments because of foul trouble but for the most part when you're roles are defined believe it or not these guys. Live off of you are at stake. A player the caliber of an NBA player can just go high tech is guard play and do whatever I want I'm happy to get one of its its. It's their comfort zone when they get into it. That's one thereafter that won't think it's easier for them to get into their comfort zone when they are okay I'm coming in a comment for 67 minutes.

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