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March 14, 2017 - Hour 2 with guest Ron Olson

Mar 14, 2017|

Memphis radio legend Ron Olson joins Geoff in studio to discuss his career in Memphis radio and relive some of Ron's best moments in the business. Next, Geoff presents the Take Five with Executive Producer Jeffrey Wright. Then, the show concludes with The Closing Argument presented by Ken Rash Memphis and the Byte of the Day.

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Q this has got to be that initial what is expected of me this is my role and I'm accepting that now packed up sleeper coaches do get an NBA player to accept the role put. For the most part on the roster and you have guys that have learned to accept those holes so. It's the best thing for this group moving forward. Eric your gracious to join us thanks very much a middles and and 2 o'clock thank you. It it was my pleasure understood laundry Jeff sort Bulger. Erica time from the Aircastle timed shot over the back and I know one antenna on the special guest. Ninety can and finish my game. Tuesday's 5 AM till 9 AM this is like my. Much different time of the year. Countries hey you know what I. Yeah I hope we can log on Friday at Saint Patrick's Day regarding these and other. Hires Bruins got famous writers beverages being geared much much smaller he's not a everything you any. Modern day basketball bottle Vijay and same time Thursday and Friday. 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Good luck contact Kordell and Cornell to schedule an appointment with one of our firm's Memphis attorneys' support Herman can count on on line and Cornell Kordell dot com that's Kordell Cornell dot com 6000 poplar avenue suite 225. Memphis Tennessee 38119. Back to the jets it's you know it's on an 82 millionaires and ESP NN through your App Store online and dikes and I'm SEC and I. Yeah on the shelves and I wanted to I want. Now it's been 901 at 1001. I know one commercial field outcome. Then listen Nintendo one from Chris Herrington and it's no yeah this very vanishes. Off on spring break the 901 today was written by David Williams energy reader or commercial appeal. Dot com he's select the song that is tiger man. But Rufus Thomas which is he said a young Elvis would have heard on Memphis radio in 1953 and later made a staple. Of his live show since Chris Harrington cannot be with us yet we are joined now. By the great run Olson do in the 901 rob how are you I'm doing great I saw Chris posted some while ago word for years it's no one. He hasn't really he has connections in Minnesota on that story is so we could well be in Minnesota but it's not a lot of places are very well be a minister knows spring breaks things that don't go to get let me ask you this ask me. What was your first kick left still you are hey you are able. Only respect a radio legend in this kind of what was your first radio I'm very first pain gay get paid gate and go back to how I want to school how was your first daytime first they gave was that a little bitty station in collier bill that no longer exists whose country station. There's WM SO. Somewhere on the dial in news it was like literally he's like something out of the movies how old are you. I was a sophomore in college sophomore Kyle yet. At Memphis and yet you will you have to humorous about this radius they yes yes lets you knew you wanted to do this was your first big. First big game was there from 100. At Howell. When I was a junior college. Now. You're the you and after it was an afternoon idea and I originally I didn't mornings for about six months. Which is crazy and they're in relief on about demolition I get to do next noticed unsecure if you didn't morning and scared but I have felt 100. You just made at age 21 had no idea what I was doing right it makes Jeremiah look like he's slowing up exactly exactly you warn is as young and immature as jam or else we did now know it might know me. Was it. Was it. Looks just how old the other Jack this Jack other probably in her twenties you know like maybe couple years older most sudden bushy clone. Seventy lower your client 71. Well what actually seventy fours an assertive monitored back then it was more before it was more of an album rock thing you know is more all the stuff issue here on like rock and a three now. That was our brand new backhand so. I was all love all the classic error this classic and how many differently if you good enough for 100%. Now I'm so I was I was down 100 from 74. He's 7979. And went. Except had a job to the afternoon guys in the program director of the station OK 97. And that went downstairs and started it if it was the mail room guy that got that Ellen did differ through four years and came back. To have from 100 in like 834. And started doing mourners have been here ever since ever since somebody different how many different any animated kid the Steve and I do Michelle how many. A bunch could have been more it's. Yes but she goes way back impressive Davis Keith Haney and David Page. Return to McKiver the original my original and crazies partner. He he kind of got his start here in Memphis Frederick BC news release partner. So when I went back in 83 to do mornings and it started back with parents McKiver numbers pretty crazy wild ride art and how much different is the job now then I mean like I look at the live in the newspapers very different to Gloria how different. How different is it well I'm back then in the day it was more wide open the no dirt there wasn't so much legal things going on in and people worry about being sued for this now and the other was just pretty much doing everyone do it then you know apologize or later. And what's stupid things did you didn't guy we dismay stupid things the system believe. And always has my a matter of fact it is funny at go to a radio convention in Chicago about her four years ago they want everybody in and renders like a 1000 morning showed these days there. More on the parts about the convention was they wanted Intel assume craziest funniest bit ever. And when there's gonna get big prize so I normally don't get after these things can you look like a fool threat in front of your peers so you just showed up in those same. So anyway and Terence McKay when I had the same one they were without it would be funny when there was a list out. It says you know you're gonna have a bad day win. And this says like your foreign gets stuck behind the ear drive and behind the hell's angels is up like a one of them was that you wake up in the morning. And your morning show radio guys are standing given your emergency exit routes from the city so we thought it was. Really funny to give emergency exit routes from the city. So this is the emphasis and stuff if all things. If so we started to 6 o'clock we you know at that time we had a newscast we never mentioned in news so we are not Smart people are gonna realize he that we that we should be delayed story self. We started announcing X erupts from the city if you're 38138. Roy your Windows 7 please drive to Jonesboro. And we just kept children is so we did for Bennett and but thirty minutes into it fifteen an incentive succeeds anybody's listen thing. You know they police department Carlson what's you know we're announcing emergency extra routes and city streets outside us must be at stake and yeah. We're died last and right so now my got his work and so then few minutes later fire department house are you announcing emergency exit of some sitting with that. Not us must be the we're laughing so hard were thinking this is crazy co owner of the bed right. Then about 7 o'clock a little after seven done marshals are general manager. I remember hearing in outside the control room and sort of run union. I heard two door slam and I looked and he was blood red in the face. Veins pop and around his neck in using some very bad language let us look. And ask is that we are blank in Krejci and do you know how well do you know how much shuttle we can get in this morning they get on the air right now. And tell a message out and was that okay all right all right so. Anyways I've their Chicago concert told us if you wanna. Be a famous and get on potentially go really well early in the city oh yeah it was crazy you know we scared of UC you know. You know you've. Why would you question. If a system that dumb stuff we did that. That he can do and the east field do you practical jokes and stuff he lied about it I pull the five most famous deeply Mac. Five most famous people I've just a lot of things people ask to have Lucy mig Jagger Bruce Springsteen. You know musically. Circumstances under which you view me as they come and like I concerts sometimes it can mothers if they would come by the station you know you know again back in the day those guys like him out. I just got all these photos since at home of everybody came by Willie Nelson on Boston. You know Bob Seger. Just the list goes on and on and on and everybody now and which of those people were particularly startlingly gracious and lovely and wonderful. Again really. Well tension involved were actually is and I don't on the hour that's two lines give me give me some back and asking who was jerks you can go out if you want to and it was nice. He. You know what Bruce Springsteen is pretty fill out I met him when he was just brand new and just a kid had been in and we're both kids and he news pretty remarkable musical story. And goes to show he's placed it out of turn north off the first time ever in Memphis. And a friend of mine who I also grew up with it was a big music guy was way ahead of her body music clean. He didn't tell me about this Bruce Springsteen got to where college and how Cooley was on a somewhat to the show. Go the show afterwards I go backstage and I'm kind of like forget it's pretty solid commercials for all accounts are tried. And I go back there and there's nobody back there but the promoter and myself. And shrinks say just what on this most amazing one of a lifetime which showed that meant ever right. He comes out he's already had showery condemn in his genes in the and they just getting owed no shirt at the talent just by himself fry. So he sent an airline asked on good in my church about a block. And then there's another show over to corner there's a couple say another guy and a girl. And also hadn't the guy comes over Texas head off us like this lets his hair down as Bob Seger and his wife. So Bob Sears backers may Bob Seger Bruce ranks thing. And Bob is seen Springsteen for the first time to be heard about this young guy when he came to town to see what's gone on Bob was king. As Soto now got to see this kind of the senior many of in an MI handing you the torch kind of sort and a was an article that Billy Scholl used to play here all the time the time he was then another regular F 100 out of time. And again you know the color by sure about life plus a few people they played Lafayette so all the time I mean it was like three or four times so he when he was. Well look why the jewel in Memphis what was the kind of he's just you know Long Island boy well because they were just looking in acts they are there but then lot of you know people there are on the way up that Jackson was very popular so Billy Joseph used to come by the station. And every college plated three or four times when you I never forget it. The switchboard operator Ron yes Billy gels allowed me. Just saw still some times can we interview and he was just here. Like couple weeks ago I mean again OK welcome home mom we've got that now and that kind of thing that's the level where he was. But again you know saying I would Barry Manilow Barry Mann was the same big thing left from 100 he was a big star Nadal became all that came off he gets in the. Amazing talking around Olson because Harrington is not here for the nine wanna tell when he's on spring breaks around its gracious enough. Two jobs and kept coupled with anyone ask you about an analogy affect one news. When did you start trapping animals. People may not notice from well she has offered also at one point I think this will as well as in the morning showed lapidus or something. I had to save about I had an apostle. Yes it made of regular appearance in my kitchen kitchen and so Ron said I'll go home and and catch it for you. And any brings like what you become mr. terminator I had to kill party you do I don't know he trap on live land you know you don't have a hard did where did this come from what happened I don't know what sparked dollar. I remember terrible roommate announced later drilled. And your house and kids are like this their guys well and their like that shaft and and house you know it is a member and would put some grapes or something in there and the next morning and sure enough the posthumous Los aviation yeah I had a crazy it's funny story I've I've I've started my tracking again over at my house in Germantown. And because I had the incident with the repressive. Month ago where I get shot to the ceiling that we shot just feel a little bit. So I hope. I I've I started trap and then again and then don't I'm trying to get the out route presses squirrels they're the same thing I just wanna get him don't come in my house has taken. I take him over to a Shelby farms let me and what's of confetti at the clock. Regardless little rap rockers like the regular rest. Please take Michelle besides look at well that refresh go to Ruth redhead then they don't play I don't know how they get that Ellen yeah I'm usually out. Pioneer in other. I'm not connect I don't have emerged. We aired deadly that we think of squirrels which it will just animals God's creatures and you and the squirrel don't we let go as you do have a roof that we should we shoot I had my own that's that's way again. It is believed he can't argue with him I can you reveal but until Texas that it's not about PR there's a world that the better they are they're much better data are needed an art the and then you pay to do I have a brown also the original I did in my house which was kicked out. I had professional I'm an hour later and now I know I might not I know. Did announce now it's beautiful it's fantastic dark I think Islam. Exhibit eleven that it's fun once you want to give Russia a look a matter fact we do there we're gonna hang if the Crocs senator I'm starting to morrow. Which would be it'll be there yet to be there for about threw for only thesis. Probably to. 1012 some like that and then and they were do another show us. I mean my wife Vicki my lovely wife she's my sorry okay yeah. Nor do I think over on broad for the broad avenue art walk thing we're going to be just some other shows throughout the year they're all over the place and then the last question since you grumpier yes and let alone we often we talk yes what we asked about the state of the city jets. It looks a better place loves you growth. It's different yeah I think it is yeah I got to be just from the fact the it is no longer a need to grow really grew up in a segregated Memphis I personally and I did and but it's it's changed for the better I think I can listen you know ten or 15 things that I am proud of that I'm really like. Email and it it's just different cultures you know. If you could go back then any to have one like. Ride one rider either one place or do once. Singh seem basketball game of the do nothing that you can't do anymore that you once could do and the coach Kurt connect coliseum I mean that was is as good as he gets basketball wise I mean nothing better than that and it was just. And I can remember I was thinking about it today how sad it was that the tigers are in this thing I. I know it's old school stuff but I managed to paint my face I can remember gonna see the big game the coliseum was Wayman Tisdale. From Oklahoma. Come on in town and and that and and just all those and it was just there was a show I remember the swing and share incident at the palace there for the so yes I mean I mean just isn't as good as it gets. All the Louisville match ups the day any crimes all that was just it was imagine one thing you go back and see Dana Kirk met team to Collison had absolutely a funny story when I was a cane and seven we did this 3300. Basketball and we start this thing the program are sitting right. And so one day this is may be running Robinson might have been. I don't know I think you might have been out of basketball for a couple of years but still famous trying to Ryerson and he's I deadbeat friends who have been so weird in this big thing probably about a thousand people at this outdoor court. And K 97 the team we're gonna get down we're sponsored and so we're gonna end play low with them now told Ronnie said. In the favor let let's play low but let me guard you and then at the right moment when she go up and wanna pay to reject the ball. We can and should okay an hour workweek itself. You were playing a plan also weekends and he goes up and I'd I'd take it a liking 120 people deep into the ground place goes dessert I look at. Or you can just the greatest moment. Thank them yes yes brown also you know the united to join us do you wanna tell people the emergency routes out of Memphis just one more now from just everybody takes place today as they say don't pay attention I figure I'm also the battle I had kind of want to thank you will be back of the net where they. I was just gone to Germany and NFL history. Hey Jason Smith from night to now. It in the 99 sonics bracket challenge. On ESPN dot. In the App Store before. Huge prizes including thousand dollars for the visa gift cards of 55 inch HD Smart TV 500 dollars a Christian Brothers. And more why this round and round. Tommy and I love these sonic night's six or have price after 8 PM yeah but so are the ice creams flushes and they're better sound what did you say ice cream -- is or bad stakes are ice creams lotions. Aides here has. That's it let's take this outside. Lovely spring day I don't love that was put you on his plant and I can't actually had dangerous hunt down. 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And looking forward to your Carlson column 870018669018700186. Danny mores a proving they're on the web. At Morse and roofing dot com that's Morse and roofing dot com. Now back to the jets coaches show dates on the night BT nine FM ESP NF three or App Store online midnight eastern nine espn.com. And six ADM. On nine. Duncan show many thanks drown Olson for joining us. When you look around also addressed the lesser degree alleged nine. He's the very first man I ever loved on the radio. Well yes I won his caller of the day when I was in second grade caller of the day first caller of the day out. How we'll tell you what came of that was some sort of a process for the prize packet was looking at the moment he shared my composite I think. It is funny is there an age when people try to win radio contests particularly I don't know like. Well people did column terrible and covered only traditional ball all ages IA. Have you ever won any else already. That's all let's all opinion from one of cellophane I think if not one. I think 55 dollars wants. It was 55 dollars this college it was WGR 55 was stationed in was those sports station and and buffalo and you called him. And they would play a highlight of the sabres. And you would have to guess which Saber is gonna school. So they'd say it's gonna be. You know what he knows the it was that the French connection was going to be on and today you knew it was going to be Perot. It was either gonna Breaux mart admiral Blair we're gonna score and you had a pet and then they played it and if you've got the goal score correct. Then you got 55 bucks I think considering able barely granny are available on the 55 bucks that may be the only thing I've ever won on the radio. That story he till like it's unfathomable for us to think about that today that. Think about let her know highlight shows there's no Internet even and that if you must were at the game you didn't know Rangel and right this is also rained once it wasn't from the like a game from the night shirt they just pull one out there. They're they're closet of highlights let's say potato that gonna yet who's gonna hit it whatever but. But I Iran also is a is already a legend and I appreciate him and are disinterested in how people sort of make their way in the world woman most interest in things that they. It's how people sort of carve out their lives and the choices they make and how they end up doing what they do him. I am and I appreciate him Satan and then let's do pick up. Fine stories. It's day five on the Geoff Calkins show on 92 night. Or one I wanted to talk about it all day grizzlies one last night got back on the winning side of things as they head out now on a road trip a half game back of oak city bad news Oklahoma City gets Brooklyn next. On the grizzlies off on a road trip which will take the Chicago and Atlanta and that if you could if you look at the grizzlies schedule. I think now that. You know now that the team is what it is we know what the team that's right yes. I think your focus on OK let's try to get Houston let's try to get in the six spot. When you have to flounder around anymore figure it out lineups or anything else actually do think. It could come back. The idea. Did that. That that nets game could cost them. Is. Is appalled. Right yes but I think that nets game could in the end cost them but right now you look at who they kept coming up there at the bulls. We're struggling right now yet bold that's easy okay yeah bullets that bulls are imploding just but it just struggling they're imploding. Indiana at the hawks will we saw what happened the last time. That you've got spurs' home. That Tebow wrestle and buddy nighter whatever that things Kollek as magnificent palace. That is going to be a hot item at Saturday night he would be as Tebow wrestling doll. But that he got at the pelicans there can imploding too they boo because something has not worked well. Then you've got at spurs. Warriors. Act kinks so you've got the road trip. It is you know you've got. You get two games of this first game of the warriors. And the game of the hawks. In the next six. Many easy net that would be and understand so. AM pretty soon you got two more games of the spurs got a game of the fund are coming up. It will be I would not predict at this point I would not predict. That. That they will finish sixth. But I do think that that team the team is the team last night is unfortunately and here's the bad. Chandler Parsons allowed you to drink. He allowed you to dream that the grizzlies will be something other than what they've always been what they've been it's been wonderful gritty tough out. Lovable old. May be went around the playoffs. No wants to play him they give you are all but ultimately they don't have enough. In Chandler Parsons. Enabled you to dream of something. Other than something where they do have enough whether or not just greedy yes they are gritty and hard working in all let me give it their all. But they're also good enough to make a deep. Run in the playoffs. That's what he allowed you to drink. The idea of him allowed you to dream on that day in this summer when you heard Chandler Parsons. Was agreeing to terms of the grizzlies. You all the sudden could think almighty god. What is possible. And that seal. Item is no longer there for this team. The truth of the matter is. Com it hasn't been there if you've been watching with your eyeballs for a long time so nothing in the sense died yesterday and no dreams died yesterday and they'd mind maybe died a month before they stayed at some point somewhere over the last two months as you watch this play out they died. But here's what they and they are back to being that team. That this city has embraced but that is limited in how far they can go and I think what you're hoping now I do think that team is good enough. Like the team is good enough. To possibly. Certainly we give them the rockets Iran right this team is good enough to give the right every rental place they can beat the rockets and something answered yeah. I wouldn't take it right we'll pick up the play similar laws that could be the racquet but it's not impossible. And you need Troy Daniels all it took to refine this strike you need lots of things to happen and you need. Vince to continue to be effective and you need like not that affect them but effective and but that team that's what they are now. And will will say. If they can get six if they can win around at center and that's the sad thing is. Is that in the off season. What will all but the entire focus of the off season. Because they have no first round pick and they likely that I don't have a second round pick the focus of the offseason will be. I hate saying this ladies and gentlemen. Chandler should pay like that's wood that's again and we're gonna be back to Tim there's many. Can't he baby back and being an effective player. But that's where we are and at least at the very least it was a blast last night and and so much of what was a blast last night was. You know just seeing mark re engaged him and seen Z Bo and like literally got down the stretch it was the core four. And Vince Carter. And it worked and it was fun out war against Milwaukee. Doesn't mean it's got a lot of work against Houston. But that's who the grizzlies are it's who they will be David is dale said he is not changing Matt lineup I'm superstitious. He said I'm not change in that lineup I'm superstitious. And so the disease will go forward with the with with that it was interesting to hear him last night. He said I don't regret the lineup changes because we've learned something culturally. But all due respect. That's the BS it strikes me as its. They they've they learned they shouldn't start that'll. You know the culture here has always been strong hasn't been a problem the culture here. A man. They screwed around a lineup. They lost at least one game that they should not have lost. We will hope it will not cost them in the standings but now they have a line about they should have and will see how far it can carry it what's next number two you know I'd should like. Is not going to be released last yesterday. The Memphis Tigers did that he will not be returning for his sixth year will not be applying for. A hardship. It to get a sixty year. I don't think there's any surprise there. I don't think it's necessarily Chad. Tubby Smith realizes in the end Chad was limited player. Who's suffered an injury problems. And was not particularly effective when he was healthy and so nice kid. And and wishing the best. But I think it very clearly understand the to have fortify their roster and they need that. Scholarship. For. Someone else and so he will not be returning it's interesting to hear. Unto me. Rattle some talking about. Memphis Tigers and a whole lot of other people talking about the Memphis Tigers because there is. Is justice with syphilis. When people talk about the tigers now the basketball tigers now. I think you sit down Sunday. And they are not at all part of the conversation. For selection Sunday. And it just feels a little anti this week feels a little and the NL next week the NCAA Trammell will be coming into an even match. You'll notice the contrast between the teams that are coming here and what this Memphis program is at center it does feel. It does feel a little wistful. And I think that's unavoidable and so you gotta hope that. That tubby can go out and you. Chad scholarship to get someone who is more useful. Over at the 901 today David Williams wrote a piece that was not dissimilar from what I wrote Sunday sort of were counting the history. Of basketball coaches in Memphis. I think it's useful to have to think about it they have all been. To some to some degree they have all been successful just faster. Forster NCAA tournaments. Averaged 46 point five victories during that stretch yes in the end it if floundered. John cal Perry air we know what that was about it was absolutely. Magnificent the Larry finch area. He was ultimately forced out. He coached the tigers to six NCAA tournaments in eleven seasons six NCAA tournaments and eleven seasons including Italy date including a sweet sixteen. He was forced out it's shocking to think about this now. Because it did seem obvious when he was support being fourth when he was forced out that he should have been forced out. He went to the NCAA tournament. One year a and he was forced out of the into the next. But that was that was like. She didn't have some extended run of missing NCAA tournaments. It's amazing and they lost to Drexel was at the very next year that he was forced out of the year after that but in any case it was. It was very recently after he had just been to the NCAA tournament. That he was forced out Dana Kirk air you all of you all heard Ron Olson talking about that. Round also looked at. I mean Ed Decker went to five straight NCAA tournaments five straight NCAA tournaments. An advanced every single year that he was in the term it was never won an app. Including the 1985 final four. Etc. we know how that ended the way he ate there I guess you could say that it wasn't successful. Only one NCAA tournament. In five years. I guess Wayne Yates floundered. But you have to go back a long way to find a coach. There tic price wasn't here barely long enough tears and make a difference. You have to go back a long way to find a coach who who coached here any length of time. And didn't at least have some success and so. I'm gonna cling to that as the as we think about the future of this team what's next number three. Number three I will tell you this. Over commercial appeal that count today. We are having. Podcast that I'm leaving right after the show I'm gonna to a podcast yelled topics going to be Memphis Grizzlies. Memphis football. Oh Memphis. Football is returning this week that we could have Mike ravel and we're gonna might or fell on tomorrow at 920 tomorrow at 920 we're gonna Mike ravel on they have a luncheon tomorrow. Spring practice cranks up. It is weird and people joke that it's a football town I don't want it to be if a bulletin in other words I don't want it to be. A football town because basketball's hawks like that that's not the way you wanted to come football down you wanna become a football town because the football as compelling. I'm not just because basketball sucks but the football has been compelling and right now. You think about. That Memphis tiger team coming back into Miller come back and like he was just death. Last year and he's coming back Riley Ferguson who people expected to be a place holder. He is coming back most of the offense is coming back the defense they got a lot of work to do the secondary obviously with with. With with three of the four starters gone and most of the back of scars of the a lot of work to do in the secondary. But it's fun to think that. Memphis football is cranking up again. And we will have a podcast. Toms Chad and I on Memphis football to commercial appeal that come. Leader on that to date what's next number four as a survey out ladies and gentlemen is a survey out. Jeffrey Wright call this to my attention he's he's revealed. But the of the of the leading answer because it was a surprise yes this is the profession. That women find it sexy is this some kind of a ranking is or how many choices to F I mean how many how many made the list. Ten Middle East ten made the list okay I'm gonna guess. Professions this according to home. This is according to illicit encounters dot com he hit OK he's been leading dating website parade people. So it's Ashley Madison for the brits the brits unchecked. The higher the hash. And as to what professions to women find. Sexiest. They're gonna. Married women find sexy list. I mean isn't like drummer isn't it musician and drummer is that sexy Dodi single women. I think. So all all of it I just brought her some might be married to the drummer who had their 42 set drummer well we are looking for stability here sexiness here. I don't look at it let me ask what would be that you're you're obviously yes you're out this list would be musician yes it struck me. Will be front man race second would be professional athlete yes right yes anyone successful at the camera on them and yes third would be. Actor yeah let's all that likely lead and then if you take away the public to the stock car yet I must our jobs and let's move into the to be the the regular price the people have right did you would think what's the status pretty server radio show that you would think to be honest you would think. Then you start thinking like. They're both cliche. Marry a doctor yet select a radiologist or something like that out there you know but they're sexy and our home page yet read. Or a a CEO of the company yet all are like that that would be what you get the star stuff out of the way then you move into the money stuff well that's what's sexy yes. Security secure stability so. So you tell me that that none other actor drummer. Actually category are on this list they are not cricket player. They are not a do not even see athlete I do nots the musician how deep does the list indeed one of which is other. Also the Golan security. So that Alsace CEO of company number two number two. You just say what what's 16% when you say what possesses make it basically you know yes I exception. To maybe you could make an argument okay who else is that what else that. Position positions got to be a man number three. It's just this is just money grab him or talking about here yes the funny thing is is if you're having an illicit affair and they're not why that's so sexy if you got married them. That would be appealing right right but if you're just having an illicit affair with a why do you care you're just mood you know whatever meeting in some hotel room trading up. But you're not trading up you don't get the paycheck opens the greatest and worst of human emotions okay so wells unless they do from the bottom up go from cannot because I don't know idea never ten. Police man. Oh man in uniform yes I can see that number that seems like illicit affair that I should just cut out a whole category that I missed and and military spent. Our military is not on there are no guy is Gardiner I would not you couldn't get me a thousand guesses are never gotten there. Number eight was other. Number seven. IT professional. But again the models come on money they usually most has gotten it on my book that's fine but who was the always the let's be honest who was the quintessential geek in the world. Anti Russian because keep national chair so we're just talk in my ear okay when he left gonna ever six firemen. Number Spider-Man in uniform and yet builder. Good to enhance the phrase number four lawyer. Number three doctor number two CEO and number one as well as you know this is the world's number one. Accountant I'll com. This still is you know this a list of is a list of that your mother makes for you to marry. This is the best group of listless this list with that's how my mama grizzlies who just say in this is on the list that a mother would make for her daughter to marry it's not a list. Of illicit. Liaisons by brits. Poppycock what's next. Number five yeah. And number five we talked about this earlier the new blooming onion just for March Madness your typical blooming onion field blooming onion fan I am an anti onion acts like one of the one Kurt I total gear anti is so you know any any election period download any of the the it has a three point blooming onion which is your basic blooming onion. It has on top of that. She's for it's now. Which is Monterey Jack chatter and Fries and bacon and then on top of it. Bytes of sirloin steak. So it's not an. Thanks to his that would out of the blue canyon it's just hard to think I'd like to bloom and learn about the element of the three what boom unload the blooming onion he's cheese Fries at stake. The. The bases loaded blooming onion was. 2300. Calories for the basic element below are who god knows whether god knows what this would dispute I shouldn't talk about chain restaurants here. 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Some blame and his injury and and I'm blaming the grizzlies for continuing to stardom when it was obvious that you've done. What I said last night played it was a form of FedEx Forum. And people love this team. And I hope that Taylor Parsons can get to feel I can get to be an active part of that someday. Because of the blocks got. Here's the mind of the. Today well just speaking of the Braves a little show dog in England captain is getting famous online because he was in competition and got a little out of control. We have beat Paul play my delight and guess what by flying via via its electorate. We'll Jack Russell hale always for. Cross. Closes out the group this blossom this won't help us these are all over the place and so we should be. Well roadways you know alone doesn't really matter does it. What do doctors know they changed his name to walk even JC two only so. These ten new plays and as you can see. Listen in. Look at his own boss at nose dive and he couldn't care less. If we go yeah. Does sort of best shows. So you download time. Quick shout out to my dog last night you at 3 o'clock decided that dom we were down in the sleeping less than I sudden shout to Harlan. Also shot out to all the Wiener dogs all the factions who participated in ten last night in the halftime weird dog race I was lucky enough to meet Jack. Who is. Owned by one of the grizzlies employees. Jack is fifteen carries a boy and you would have thought that Jack on a night when Vince Carter. Was proving the ageless ones yet was what it was was defeating father time. Jack. Jeff is more interest didn't end and visiting someone. If yeah he didn't get away Jeff didn't work and put it was a wonderful scene wasn't an oh absolutely but again you can put dogs in front of an idea anyone yet but what about the public about gonna join us we'll talk Memphis football thanks to listen everybody. I work your stuff. Best of anything more importantly in my assessment just hit it goes. Yes CSI Bradley's challenge presented its. Face an even try to finish your degree are you busy working adult trying to balance your busy schedule tell leaving university offers its. Accelerated evening classes one night per week in Memphis south payment and online classes are forming now for us. Spring and summer to learn more give us a call today at 9018960184. And this stuff. I'm ED there's no time like the presence or call us today we're here to support human help you achieve your educational goals still living universities to a place to achieve your purpose. 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