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NFL Network's Brian Baldinger on with Jason & John (3-14-17)

Mar 14, 2017|

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A longtime NFL offensive lineman twelve years I believe event in the NFL and you've seen him on NFL network doing every everything you see him all the time his name is Brian balding or. And he joins us now Brian how are you sir. They are dual brake Justin drew a tip thank you good afternoon. Cannot call you bald lead is that OK I like I know you already okay. All the take democratic candidates a what seems so far impressed you the most and in free agency whose stood out to Europe early on know it's early but who's who's made the early moves that you black. Well I mean you know Philadelphia. Yeah India around America Blanche. And really create seized up complete hope. There can be sold to the Tampa based in Philadelphia mean that the story older long it was. While Carson went slope like the real dual quarterback had no weapons until you want to get shot Jeffrey in a typical network he was our number one ranked. Free agent available we get more than one year deal and they're going to get cut Torrey Smith as well yeah they're of course quite tendency to get chance warm back to a belief. You know when healthy can be equality starting guards asleep so I Arctic Eagles right off the bat really helped themselves. But I mean even in the future look at Tennessee a mean Dirk or question all year long was secondary and yet. You know they're rotating corners all year the only team in the league guy so that rookie corners just because in Cilic had. Anybody that was starting worthy and if you can go up there. You know in acquire Leipzig is a great player Logan Ryan yes. You know I just think it's an unbelievable upgrade a deposition. I'm with you completely it's a perfect segue into talking about our beloved titans. I was going to be not a beloved oil somehow not a planet frontman as a raiders sweater on all I do not excuse what. But what with the with the titans then we we like what it is obviously in free agency then especially in the defensive backfield what do you think they should do with the five in the eighteen to. Well I mean so you got 21 round picks. Tom you don't like you're Michael Williams Ron's an appropriate constant. But I think he'd fit in real well as my last build this thing and try to add some explosion on the outside. A note or run based offense and they were very good last year. And that their offense like looks solid but you know I just think he's a great draft for titans. It is a great you know I think you can play a quality receivers so I mean you know Jay Howard. If you would spare let's say at eighteen. Deb you're great kick in at five. Arnold Solomon Thomas was there to pass some mop. You know I think you can you can address the defense line tight end wide receive worked five and eighteen in some combination right there. We are court talking to former NFL office of Lima Brian blogger here on it's none of them yes BI tell me about draft sheet. I'm a guy who's super interested in the elite fantasy. Draft he is designed to give the fantasy sports and sports gaming abuse is a level playing field. By taking the guesswork out of setting a lineup how exactly. Does that work Brian. The number and that the name of the technology strapped click the company is. Click screen all right so you can you know do the caller CL IS you can go online and check all that stuff out but it's. It's really predictive learning algorithm they create algorithms work. Every player. You know whether it's basketball baseball football. And you know they're putting god took the most quality information intruder computer. Great these algorithms big coming out with the best result so it's productive learning. And look secured a real good at filling this stuff out they got an auto fill feature that can do wood four yeah but it's really. Is popular is fantasy sports are right now. Fifty million people. Our plane fantasy football right now the whole lot more playing baseball basketball even soccer or cricket in some areas. This is really the wave of the future right here to take a some guesswork out. To really do a lot more information. Outward trying to either draft your your teams or be able to fill out your teams and in daily fantasy right now soak. You know it's an album mobile lap you can do it right on the phone it will age you win you're dealing you'll which graphically drafting right now. So which really to wait for the future. I to be look report draft click it'll be available in the App Store at some point. Yeah yeah and that it's it's it's it's really complain right now. Our plane fantasy basketball. But it really it'll be a mobile app will be rolled back out within the next three or four months will be ready for the distort the football season this year. Perfect whose I have the better career littered fort Leonard out and cook. How would go to. Just because an and it's not enough equity to one book. I just think doubled cook just passed a better skills that I think he catches the ball better. I think he's more elusive are picky makes people miss a little format I mean I love my loved him as a freshman at relish you. He dominate the SEC what he looks at you got it just wants to run people over not just. Now they are a long term success in the NFL. And what do you make of Adrian Peterson he's still out there looking for a free agency home. How much does he have left where do you think the best spot for him as. You know we know this doll a nuclear know how much he had left it probably started right now if we thought he had anything left look like Asian Peterson. I think to be off to market but nobody really knows who was not a good season last year. He suffered and other major injury a year ago mr. large large portion of the season. What you sold it you'll opt in Tennessee. Week one to whatever the laws and yell you couldn't get you know two yards to carry could give you our secure currencies and so. Thirteen years old with a lot of carries a lot of where terror. I just think somebody's will take a look at him eventually. But it'll be a contract structure based on performance and a based on health. Brian how much of a hole is to Marcus where his retirement going to leave in that Denver defense we know what he is one of the best eight all time and sex. Up first career but but. In that Denver defense had been so good now it feels like Furl for a long time. How much of a boy does that leave and and and what can they do to replaces. Is that kind of production. Well you know I picked up the biggest the bigger hole just going to be is leadership what kind of person was but I mean two years ago we dropped chain re the first round true. You know I mean things and eventually gonna replace him ashamed right now. You know if he's not a guy that Shaquille bear some guy that. You know the Wade Phillips a lot out there are started as a rookie free agent appear in Denver and it started started some games played a lot. So I think they've they've got a position will man to me Bob Miller still he'll lead pass rusher this whole business right now. The use similar variety of ways we'll see what do you know the new defense according to Joseph woods does what banjo is those but. How articulate they drafted for you the future retirement of two markets where Mitchell chain re in the development Shaquille Barrett. We are of course talking to former NFL offensive lineman Brian bought here on 99 FM ESP and I. What's gonna happen with Tony Romo at one point the report was that the cowboys to release something now it appears that they're a little bit of a stalemate because of the salary cap a complicated things like that what do you think happens with Tony Roma. Well I don't believe that California we're gonna release proposal Jerry Jones slopes of Microsoft and so. It was dark in an but the business in college applications to put. I told Tony Romo has released I don't think there's going to be any interest I don't think any team secretary told. 37 years old cease starts you know serious injury history. You know very little football being played the last ten years I mean everybody can remember 2014. Season cowboys 124 and he'll Romo looked like you all star. And then you know the injuries occurred in 2015 a serious back injury last year operations. So I just think right now or totally police took. Whether virtue in that may be interested in Denver certainly isn't interested in trading floor that's been very very clearly state like John Elway and others in Denver. This'll title to distribute any movement correction. I just think it may be it may take an injury like a you know unfortunately Teddy Bridgewater injury last year that. Minnesota Vikings streak samba for eight days before the cease and it may be one of those type situations worry it may be. In injury or just player that just doesn't pan out in the offseason. That makes eighteen ticket chance at Tony Romo. We're a little partial obviously we're with Paxton lynch over in Denver you think he's the guy for the future as far as the future of that franchise ball that you got competence and excellence and what they'll do their. Eventually. You know I I trust John and hopefully when it comes to quarterbacks and that was the guy that John L which freed up to go Jack. And W I watched the Memphis full time they mean. Nobody but he had a bigger and better arm. You don't know he's gonna go to appeal aimed to retire early the better than he does but the athletic ability New York we got a chance to play some last year. I just think it's a guy that you know Denver's first serious about developing and I think his stable column. What do you think is the is the end game with Kirk cousins and and the Washington Redskins. Well I Ullah. Nobody wants to know what's decide to franchise tag and we want to long term deal at the other to a two years to grow it really. Gotta make you wonder or that you only serious about me and others that a lot of money tied up that he signed Kirk cousins too long term deal. In Washington they've got a lot of issues here who's the general manager who should get ourselves Scott McCain voted out. You know your side to ordeal of stone four point five million dollars this year he's still got to think about him all term. You know it took her cousins speculate too early really serious about VP of the franchise guide to the pay me the money. You know Mike to be here after next year so there's some hesitancy on Kirk's part. He's got so you know a partner in. It just an hour and Kyle Shanahan who who really liked and what he coached him and I like playing for so. I don't pick that's gonna happen to me it's been told that it's soccer happens I don't know Kirk has any other option this year. Put aside the franchise and who probably do that but going forward after this year to be on the market again into yet another great year in Washington plays well. He's Camille or god keep. Last thing for we let you go on a die hard raiders fan and I've been that for a long time did not just happen this year I'm curious to know what the NFL brain trust thinks they are are they. Do you think they won't be. In Oakland and is that is that like a done deal and secondly do you think the Derek Carr era. Will yield a Super Bowl at some point. Well I don't think we all the way to play a team last year before dirge injury against Indianapolis. And it would assume you know commute suppose these and you can win when their defense got to be a lot better for them to work too seriously would Super Bowl. You know that's that's what it is in this business right now it's Super Bowl to me the pictures for the number one defense in football all year long to wanna suitable. You before I mean you look at what Denver Seattle these teams have done they've they've. You leak defense is in Oakland is superior. Long term plans for Oakland I don't either gonna get a stadium built in the Bay Area I think Las Vegas makes sense. Together pills op or four I think actually Oakland Raiders could end up I think Oakland Raiders will be Las Vegas is seen. Well that that will certainly be interesting to see he is Bryant bought a year from former NFL office of climate download the app. Draft kill draft click now Brian appreciate the time it takes so much so much volley great stuff. OK cars yeah are trapped but merits a future left Garcia present. He is Brian Campbell on the.

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