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Clay Travis on with Jason & John (3-14-17)

Mar 14, 2017|

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He's great Travis from a man kicks his coverage claims radio show. Listen to would weekdays from six till 9 PM on ESPN 7:9 PM here and now. Always Jason and Jon are unlikely to nine ESPN. Fight Travis how are you sir. Excellent thank you for joining us clay I wanna start with the most important news of the day you have been wronged our talkers dot com. Which claims to be in the Bible of talk radio and new top media. Play has you ranked 29 in its 2017 sports talk in the hundred now. For our listeners clay Travis beat out Mike and Mike were 35 all find bomb. The white station high graduate all the way down at 79 in this top 100 play you got jobs does just on strengthened. Hanson this alone you'd be number one I should you be man U but seriously you should be higher than two and a. Tiger Crocker and I mean you know I'm humble wheel a worker there electorate. I don't say eight in English people started up and it could be rid of the morning. ID pipe bomb and incredibly talented guys obviously won up there ten or fifteen most significant reassure close. I'll I think they're a lot to god and that list. Better play undervalued now. This I think their a lot of really how to eat or local market all over the country who don't get a lot of attention you know what they do and I do appreciate it back if they're trying to get attention in China and spotlight. On a lot of guys in the local market yeah you look really good work. Guy. They can my patient I used to work network or rock tour in natural or Clark a goal. And if people they get our job. But I've always enjoyed. Every gallon that we that was Ers committed that it studios are all too ye and this wet it would come out on their morale about to hit it in a way where you recognize that they could suddenly had. At this recognition. I think it Patrick has talked about the report but lingering beauty yeah. And if you sit down in front of my that the talk every day you rapidly learned you have to develop a lot of a lot of a lot of ability in order to do this job reliving. I've ever be a Patrick saying you know tell somebody to do it big men. They've been so early hours tell every story that ever happened to them at the end of the day you know they're physically rain it you say okay. Good luck good job by that got to come to a formal date as we ended it before we could hear. And it suddenly they're not took up we're. The craziest place you've seen that the deep that the bat. Movement as you know I you're you're always reach we do a seat in the snow everywhere whether it's on on a suburban down in Texas. But what's the craziest place you've seen it because you've spread play you your world wide now it's not just national where were all obviously we're the crazy. Yet somebody today had it on their they're they're they're white was giving birth people don't know. Obviously we either show in the morning nor younger sister station air the air station and it don't be pussy willow. So I happen or it will all. Probably sent or what that. And for. And and if we if you desperate zero. Regulation. I don't know where it actually exceeded it but but we saw the park jerked up you have and it started to argue that the guy here that I why don't like the cartilage so people. And a lot of hard on girls why do you come pouring it always upset about being. And the idea that woke you losers stop complaining control what you can control record so yeah. How many different articles of clothing have you sold. Like you've got the shirt right the deep absurd you've got the pants what else am I missing. What are you more than I ever anticipated economic art. Like the only place but I closed so that I would over the apparel company. Ever at any point Michael Prager ordered. Oh yeah are questionable and all I put it it. It speaks capital loyalty. Yeah out it audience spoke. At the University of Tennessee I guess it was a couple of weeks ago. And we got 500 college kids show up to come to be tall and you know our audience. Just continue to grow and accounted site. I'm you know. Don't take it for granted because when you're a writer like I am who's written books about downside but there's always liked to eat equal to re I do. Subtle social appetite or what it is they're you know like it it always. Constantly like a verdict on yourself in some way when Euro writer that you see exactly how Beagle she's so yeah see exactly how many people chill up your to bookstore. And not done fighting before where nobody showed up. On a deciding at Birmingham Alabama once some but a million. Back in 2007. What I screwed up there that there people art books and nobody ball on the whole hour hour that I order and act like treatment of any you know any time pocketbook and war and actually get all their signing a book. I just bought one even I don't have any interest in it because it's early it's a humbling experience at all. To be sitting there with your books. And have everybody just walking by and you're not there at all I mean you're at it any writer that cover how successful they are. Had been there at a point where you're literally at the bottom of the totem pole trying to attract all work so well. Well look it's now collect. Look at look at you now number 28 day is not a went on earth was artfully done I didn't read our our collective you think do you think the six clock sports in the six. Which amount or Michael Smith do you like it do you think it's gonna work in an enhanced thing. Well I like him now law I figured well it. The most talented people that yes yes but it would be that would that I agree with everything bitch about sensor I I always say that it is yours or. I will put beer and walk. And here are actually very funny Tom and Joseph happened company to make be laugh. Michael that your totalitarian dictators who don't have their country humor that probably turned. Permit that you correct right I don't think that they're Saturday suicide bomber they're. Could come on and make me laugh and that we would have had a couple years. So it'll I didn't really give Patrick. I don't want I I I mean I have my paper showed I want go into the air in. Other far right now you got called into your title while the did not but he or. And I watch that and an accurate with that. It. I got a wife I gotta there a web site I got a lot of them all day. And so so I. Want that marks or television programming and I honestly I'll walk. Other than some clips on the show like as a public on at six in outcry. At responsible for acute and subway time whether they remember the soccer practice or great ball records or swim practice to work. Or does that sort of watching it like that that arc arc yet. And clay Travis. He is can be heard on ESP into the 9 AM every morning and out of coverage reduced up and out kick. The coverage dot com all right interesting story. Out of Golden State Andre Iguodala was asked. Why he was not playing in a game. He said he knew he had no clue he does what the master say anywhere on the use in word a couple different times and he has come under. A lot of scrutiny. Since that time what do you make of of that situation is that just. What Steve Kerr said to be Andre Iguodala being on Iguodala is it worse what did you make of that in tires exchange. Yet what Bernard I'm back on here that morning and I'll probably talk about it Obama after show at well I think they're the Georgia the slavery and collect a million dollar year. It is patently absurd. Come to that it must baseline level yet artery the dollar is what just about every single person is in this country today and important. And if he doesn't like the rules and requirements of is in order any yet read to quit being an important. That is the most basic right that all mayor can have in this country we don't allow slightly. So comparing your situation when you're highly 80 billion dollar athlete. To racially current situation is I think that certainly see it happen it be like a couple of times beat your order. I think we say that about the Kerr who happens to a white guy. He wants him and allegations of the racism and it definitely talks about how our dynamics and debt and Albert. An addict in this country per century so that that what I can rupture or. I now. A matchup at the situations are imagine that occur after eighteen point 88 or basketball. Says I'm gonna have to give it a whipped out and with the boy into of the plate better. You'd probably get by right he probably get fired. Regain the our of those comments being made the guys that's not inappropriate comment to make in the context of sports we don't want a white guy who has the the head coach other obsolete black team. To be referring to them at that they are away so I also think we don't want the players themselves who clearly are not be Mercury to themselves slate including. The copper in the onset of and quite patient so. I thought it was sort comment I. What you got the right to say whatever you want so I'm not elaborate. Saying. But it a marketplace of ideas and somebody that something down at the right that the commitment the first commitment well. Returned fire indoor and or experience all of his comments and I thought they were very articulate think it would com. And and I beat that that there's something that the there's no point or in Libya he could play great every war. But I think you mediate probably should have fine him or army and the. I do think you're right. About the dynamic between him and Steve Kerr because there's absolutely no way he would have used that. Very bid if his coach was tie Lou for example. I percent accident on the circuit board that are no way got in the editing I would say it. About as confident. Lose I thought I I can get past Tokyo. And so you come out and I and I should act as well. I've read all that comic I haven't seen it it is common sense yes and yeah. Quite literally that'll beat you spoken to the media. But I read all talk at the gate yesterday in Kuwait Iraq clerk at the topic caught. And that report got joking it was probably adult or say a joke about it locker room and it was probably something that what can be debate very well yet. And I all I'm not a business. Of being a guy go after people joked that all right about the context matters. I think the relationship matters between between player coach who can got a lot of everything else. Accurate. Yet they're not I got here like everybody else ever technically you're their. That they would not say on air because you're joking with your body and in the studio Borger and there's a bet that the eighty it would make all the years it would make all they're every now and it already situation happened and how the spot that guy. It'd certainly that might get on and so my exit joked that the it would make on air you'll like they got an epic human right everybody out. And talked about the joke about the but it is go out like the appropriate joke expected. What Iguodala had an opportunity to say what you would become a joke I thought it was going to be on your that a wise connected couple I wanted to do. And acted the senate opulent whatever you know I'm not I think historians. Would you comment actually wore the basically. Recent forty what you said before look at our ticket yet correct to say whatever report. But that we and I talked about it the first couple our show yesterday. Want now all about it. On our FaceBook impair scripture today that exactly and look at it this day I took I expect out. I died in the Tokyo that somebody could make up jokes all the time you don't know how all I don't like it and I'm not Jo Foley and I can't buy it but keeping it. Yeah any was find 101000 dollars that by the way so he paid for. On clay someone else's were ruffled feathers I guess with the amount maybe in a different way is Lavar ball was the father Alonso ball the UCLA freshman the great UCLA freshman to other. UCLA commitments. I'm I'm curious and your take about the way he's kind of gone about is this basically the business of turning his kids into a family business. You know he's been outspoken in you know in and said some things that cannot take the kind of rub people the wrong way what do you make of of of his efforts. In only eight they got he wants a one billion dollar shoe deal he's these values that that's his latest thing first verse three kids who knows that Phil did it. But what do you make of him kind of being out front being so outspoken. About what's clearly you know trying to monetize. His son's doubts. Well at all in favor people make it as much money up that talent as they can't cut but secondly I think. Parents need to see the war at some point virtual and when your target is going to the incredibly turner. And when Yi is as critically hurt in the Arctic outback in the coming Williams NBA draft no doubt. Any bidder assimilate what color particularly this year will start late talking at this point there is it time to promote her kids. Your son doesn't need to be promoted the higher you'll be dictate the better the current or he could increase the pressure on him. We a long history is that right in this country. It's real solid that I can't think of a ball audit all the troika like this whether or word whether it's our operator pitches bother you whether it is. Darnell when dad. I mean Archie Manning to a certain extent they're gonna watch dad got all professional or related issues. And in general my response certainly to Serena beat or your father. Title sort of the country thinks that. My response all. Is pretty much the same if you're not doing your arm. Or daughter in the case to the Williams sister in favor at all and I as it dat right up got to read it I can't. He'll like that technique or your game right and an aggressive action aren't I totally yeah. Like somebody is sitting down Wednesday you're not be you know a strong advocate now in the entertainment well. Certainly devote that their name that immediately come to market the book because they probable are expected to relatives. It would it be would it be. Stage mommy said. Yes and vomiting are decked out like somebody. Doing basically what oh our Paul is doing but doing it permanent or great spectacle sports Libby Britney Spears mom. Albert you're all that interest me when I think that you appears Christiane. Had an patriarchate the court actually currently. They got him the billion dollar by shepherding their careers later camp or other highly whether it quote low to halt the kid. Very careful they normally operate here and look at our addiction according. Aren't that breathing code article makes sense that a particular context. But in this context of people. Yeah I was in the there's no doubt about that should be I've got the thoughts on the long ball that we'll get into a little bit later here on the show he is clay Travis you can listen to him every morning. On 79 B out of the coverage dot com number twenty now we're gonna get fed up next year we're gonna go and do our part whatever they got to do right here Clint would crack the top twenty clay thanks so much like opera. I don't mention it I number eight overall the most powerful sports yet speak so what that might be worth 28 cuts were on the and we saw a I'm more comfortable out a battery better then you go little by now 1% decline. I thanks a pretty arbitrary.

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