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FOX Sports 1's Chris Broussard talks NBA with Jason & John (3-14-17)

Mar 14, 2017|

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As promised his name is Chris Broussard covers the NBA for fox sports once he joins us now Chris what's happened in man. Amber are here and I were doing great men appreciate you being here. As always I wish it was all under a little bit better circumstances Kazaa fortunately today we are lamenting the loss. Of Chandler Parsons his season is officially. Now they officially but more than likely over with a partially torn meniscus in his other. Need Chris I was so hopeful about Jim Parsons and everything he represented. And this franchise but this is another season loss to a knee injury. Is there any help man is there is there any hope left for this man and for these fans and man picked us up chorus. It. You can't and I actually I mean. I'd like Taylor. I think when he plays. He's a good player. Everybody with a Mac player. I think he's the most don't even know that despite that injury is one of the bulk black player in the NBA. Because how in the world he got suitable Max contracts. Are given the ability. He'd never healthy. How products that we beat. I guess I am am surprised they apparently had that run. I mean well I mean let. It's a big block of the heat he gave you an elderly that you lack. Even though we keep you really wet and shoot well from three but you know he gave you that at least that threat. Could theoretically spaced the floor widget that you guys sorely needed. By. It means. Big guys had injury problems he brutal and. I can't say shot. Shot may not even be surprised at how did what shocked me more that he got another Max contract after missing. Any of the games on the black Max contract. Was so let me let me ask you this then so through that wins. Do you think the grizzlies were wrong to sign him. I mean. He's just never out. And it didn't call what is to be take it and I'll take as shot that Taylor park and happy Chandler in the very good player. Edit yeah I mean I don't have been probably im getting the money get all you can do it moved. Plus it. What would I mean. He missed 21 games last year in doubt. The other 120 the year before. You know it yeah. I'm just. I don't think that god injury throw. And I felt that way. Last summer so I didn't you wanna give me what a big deal. That's sort of your prerogative but the Mac. Pat let that word certainly a bit. So so it I did this story wise. At the time. I remember it. It was the grizzlies verses the blazers right it was I think the blazers got the first meeting and then the grizzlies Matt Wear them in there were stories about. Possibly. Portland offering a Max deal in this in the grisly simply you just had to pay that because he had a Max deal. On the table from from Portland. Do you think this is a scenario where. Maybe he really didn't have the Max deal from Portland on the table. I mean as far as I know he had an again this it. You know several it and bit the grip we aren't the only thing that would really given it back. The Gergen mark the first thing we give me in the back of me I. I would like I don't think you look back player wind out of the gate bridge so Eddie was coming off relatively healthy. You know years we look sixteen point war. In the five rebound guy I don't really. An aunt and wind ripped apparently means I'd been working quite right. You saw even Whitney played are you done. Let me begin. Yeah and again. I wondered come off like I don't like Taylor I'd you don't bring you the Max player. And it would you put on top of that how fragile and brutal he is. I would apple. I that I'm I'm I'm sorry. So what do you think this means. For the grizzlies obviously I think. They they sort of mortgaged their future. On Taylor you know they may have they made a conscious decision that listen. Zach Randolph aging Tony Allen is waging this league is changing. And we need to try to keep but we're gonna change the way we play our core force going to be a court three of Mike mark in Chandler Parsons and unfortunately. 13 of that court three the new court three is not. Viable right now so what do you think this means for the grizzlies organization. Well problem. Bear bear got there pretty you know they're they're a pretty good shape. But they're not a contender by any extra. What they have going and you have to actually do bike yeah what they were trying to do. I mean it would take at shooters around at that you know mark in that. I mean if you're talking about it seemed really. You know could could be a spoiler in the playoffs. He added there is they've obviously hit this is now what the law six. History you know before a lap victory. I think. In general rule I'd like. Fact that degree of these are who they are. I think David is bell has done a terrific job were detained are being well people expected in the beat it good god and I know they could erupt acts. Would seem to get any rupture without Parsons but I. I like that. Back it they're like you know what we are who we are right and we got to play games and we don't play slow we're gonna beat you up and make you guard in the post. And it's no surprise is no coincidence that they've had more success against. Old stay in any other team in the west the last years. In 2 o'clock hour. I I wish more teams would take the group leash. You know the way they do it to try to beat goes they fight the war that to me should be plant like in Britain yet. You you big you know and now that when you were championship could rip the guy that Alley yet. Are at this point. But because at least regular decent policies contain. So it and everybody group read it didn't orbit saying trying to. This shooters. So put around their bay yeah. That that means it obviously bodies you did today in trying to you're. Are. But that's really what it boiled down to me. Chris did you expect to see Golden State struggled this much without Katie epic they're two and five now steps steps gone from shooting 40% within moment Florida think 27 point seven. He's lost the shot I expect that come back soon but. Did you strep expecting to struggle this much in. That said they've got a nice three game home stand coming up against some teams that they obviously compete so a chance to get it to get it right to get it corrected hum. But nobody gained any concerns with them with what 1516 games left and where they are right now without KB thumb. Yeah I didn't expect them to struggle this badly how good it's an adjustment have you adapted part. The play it would Cady the how he's gone and that is just the union back. Playing without any when he comes back. Either early in the play also laid the regular season going to be another adjustment that's why players that are what these teams are eating out of the west. We're dispersed play in the way they are. But I'm a bit surprised. I expected step. You know I gave you the first few games pay it or take a few games yeah and get back into the flow without the ring it. But he just had not shot well not only recently but it's all these. I've been in that January run where he lit it up it was kind of the old steps. He had not sat well and I think that is typical. After that superstar player into your mixed boom that's a lot harder than average ad in a role player. And I thought that. Not that it's a negative because they're rant fit and well in any superstar couldn't. You know I mean they were playing great nobody looked worried about. He hit it well why. If they would just step after this are a bit step had to make sure to get him shots. That wasn't initially play it would that swagger that we scene played with over the last couple years. I thought it would come back with direct how where they have. And now the scary thing and I'm with you eat two good average shooter. To get it back but the interesting thing this year. Is that he has bit the opened shop. Now you're content that that did not until he. You know that he drove up and you're lightly look at the ability need to goad it into an open looks. That he did this thing. And I don't know the explanation I don't think the warriors go to the nation hoping that though because well it worked just as part. Let it eat you got up are now back to be dubbed it. India and have a tough time would derail or not. And I think he will again used to bit of a suitor but that's great you know let the team that been sloppy with the basketball. For the past few years right Beasley step yet and they've been able to overcome. Bears here replay your careless play out but it's our colleague. They've been able Albert comic that lack of execution. Because of the issue be a stepping clay and knows three point bound. We don't sue coming back to our. They haven't been able to overcome those things and that's really what it will look down and so right now their goal is less cheap. Our basic right let's get art that are screened better that make our cuts are. I admit that got to trust that those two will find their stroke. We of course talking to Chris for sort of covers the NBA for fox sports weighs on Twitter or Chris underscore Broussard are right Chris pelicans are three and six. Since the deal forward DeMarcus Cousins many people believed. At the time of the trade. They it was a foregone conclusion that bode would resigning in New Orleans because it was close to mobile where he's from. I never bought and that in the main reason and everybody and that is because New Orleans is really bad once you get outside of her early aid the Davis and Jrue Holiday. What do you make of that situation and do you think that DeMarcus Cousins will resign and want to do you look we think he will seek employment elsewhere. Well I let it sit in the trial for both sides. Because. Obviously they're marketed the tremendous tablet. But he added issue right in Sacramento we all know that the world back. So I would edit right in no way he's gonna get that shot him if he likes it out there. It bit of hit ordinary obviously had a bit of you don't beat it operate at much more money than anyone else. And it on the other hand I thought they could charge you about this being dubbed the acclimate himself well and our locker room that he you don't fit into our culture building not any problem. And so I think it on both sides and ended it I didn't really think it would be an issue but the thing. But it delicately consider. It we wind whipping. Yeah now that we're just really been a problem. Well I do think it take you figured it now that they've got a great chance that he could bode. And at that they had earlier to me. And not make outrageous street view it is document ready to go off. But I think he's going about it the wrong way. And how would does either pelicans play the lakers. Weaker so we get a half ago and gentry it it. Symbolically. I felt like yeah I'll halted drone in our hands and duke because. Other besides starting bolt it together and each have. Eat he got to a point where they work play and again you know the yeah I even you know. We believed he would in the game and David who won the biggest company at a bookie and. And I felt like I mean that's definitely not what you wanna do right because you're losing decade. And he knows he used to play with each other I'd bet wait wait what are they might end up edit when they aren't what they are born. Forget the eight seat did you get a great. But we don't get beat Michael. But that that not what the Pope it is. Focus should be giving it muggy in here yet are earning his trust. Make ensuring that there witness called Shirley and all of that so or. And making sure Ian David developed some chemistry. And figuring out the best way to play. I'm not get too long winter but let me say that. This season is a testament. Just knowing what the bat spit the bit where you're like. Look at San Antonio Spurs are there are perhaps the best record in the league because they have the ball out. Add to what dead means starting at center. David beard certain planes. Being admitted. I've ever been sentiment that paddy metal plate big bad. And they have a bit about the best record in the league why because grip a bit notebook part exists that went bad roster. The good lord I mean bill last year ever go looking very good payment of Mark Jackson. In Kirk herb and give them a great system are better at them but that hurt the now it will happen. They go to win the next level I did Tony and you've been made lewd look very good player Dwight Howard. You know we're injury plagued here and there Brian Anderson air court. And they put me in the right I'm an old tired and now American gender or a lake. Got into our first client or paper clip remark that pertaining. Well I got freaked out our art our our our thing on my computer JJ Redick yeah right. Bring him now while the record did not. Outlet built right wait for him the plight of accurate map it out. That Butler back. The topic public Tibet is. Not Libya paid to do. But he had about the rights that within a black credited in day out. Earlier and even book or it's you know I mean I thought I would have been Amy Hager. You do don't. Own stated I have all. Well and I've been trying to do that to some degree in Portland. He need to slow it down play like it it's. Is at play go to the average shot up routine and beat it means. It's interesting you say that because. It's been sort of a Tug O war here in Memphis the last week and a half because they'll fix failed no longer wanted to play like Memphis he was trying to get away from that sort of old way of playing and so he put into Harrison's are a lot of people bring Iran as our autumn but at some point like you just have to accept and embrace who you are happy that's sort of what has happened here in the last a couple days. Let's agree let ego and you were talking to Chris Broussard covers the NBA for fox sports want if the spurs do get the one seed. We've had spirited debate here on this show if they do end up getting the one seed. Is Cole while littered the MVP. No I'm lean mean and I've been whip James Harden all year. Our up until recently. And you're right you could make most of the same argument what coli live. I'd never be when no one of those that think that in BP is always the best player on the best team to team with the best record. I look at several being calm and they're different obviously art collide at me. Is that a wide depth at the eye popping number. 46 point to game a great but he shouldn't 48% would you drink it but you know that job at U. Six rebounds a game. Bring it fit and you know what it when their other guys that are right there with you that that factor now I've come to the conclusion especially would give. Winning that really think about as much as they could be expected to win. And we have now in the six seed in the west and maybe they can catch a clip from the get up at five. I've kind of come to the conclusion. That if it Russell Westbrook continues that resist triple double. You know there's a part of me that there Bobble pat that you did too especially if they're winning a decent number game. Chris you are now. What that your genius are your G it's absolutely Westbrook rather it's being. A triple dot but let we are not the but I'll repeat that a kid in utter basketball are right. And any and it certainly not from a 63 point arc. And so I've come a little bit apple and they're. Already people being the Bebo a Little League. This achievement are Russell Westbrook. This is absolutely what Kabul and don't look at their let me. Six and six according Robinson the 26 and six you know when he gets a triple double lead to put up in being number. I highly talented cast around him. And they're gonna make the playoffs in a wet and you know be a pretty good playoff team. So. Bad tower leaning in the outlook it. Westbrook aggregate. Point desperate. And this is it. Bolton opening lightly for James art. Because you know if people get what why and what one here one Margaret winter Aruba hopefully it'll make that much of an average yet. Be glad to meet its triple double average. Is like averages batting 400 at baseball yeah. We would wildly celebrate anyone who hit 400 baseball. But it he hit 319. When I don't know but not nearly the same celebration right I think Westbrook. Is anything but what. It's gonna be really itching to see how and politics out he is Chris Broussard covers the NBA for fox sports a one Chris appreciate your time and gonna talk to you as always. Is Chris Broussard.

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