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ESPN 92.9FM>Audio on Demand>>The Eric Hasseltine Show w/ Guest Host Jeffrey Wright 03/14/17 - Hour 1 w/ Elliot Perry

The Eric Hasseltine Show w/ Guest Host Jeffrey Wright 03/14/17 - Hour 1 w/ Elliot Perry

Mar 14, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Only under so if you about it won't need to lower your home loan payment or need to pull some cash at the equity in your home let mortgage investors group work for you call 90176169107616910. Or Memphis or go to MIT online dot com for the office nearest you that's mortgage investor group equal housing lender licensed in 91 left. On the night. Okay. 680. Welcome to the air castle fine. Program I'm Jeffrey Wright. Filling in for Aircastle time however have no fear you're still going to get. To hear Eric's thoughts of what happened last night what's transpiring talk to aired at the top of the second our air is now. In route to Chicago so we'll talk to him briefly. And then I'll be holding down the fort here we get for today tomorrow and Thursday really looking forward to it really looking excited I should they really am excited. Or. I very much enjoy this program too quick rundown of what we've got coming up on the program. This'll do it there always does. Mike and Mike leads us off here in the mornings than you can listen to the jump off the show from a nine to eleven on these negative producer of that program bing Jason and Jon right before us. And then we get you all set and ready for. The Gary Parrish experience. Coming up on today's show it is Tuesday and since it's Tuesday its grisly analysts Tuesday. We will have Elliot Perry Elliott is the radio analyst for the grizzlies radio network. Form of this tiger former tread well high standout. Briefly played for the grizzlies also nice connection a lot of his time was spent with the Milwaukee Bucks so I slow connection for him. Will join us at three before. We speak their organ do rendering it up and put three on the war really get to three stories that we haven't been able to get to you thus far. In the world of sports and what not. We have here are doing the lord's work in Texas will play it more about that in just a little bit. Then again at three will have aired at 325. We will have Mack Brown college. Basketball writer for sports on earth also covers college football is speak to him about the tournament. Then we're gonna do little rapid fire and then we're gonna set the table for actual talent. Gary pair shall come in here right after us I am Jeffrey Wright filling in at four air castle tied behind the blast is my good buddy. Ben Hogan pinned a day comment. What's going on Jeffrey I don't. Truth be told this. He'll allow me just a little bit to have a little bit of a diatribe or it. That's why we get to and earned 57 minutes okay. We of course one gets our fine sponsors as well site I can do it tight our fifty so we can run on these spots here and there. So that we're gonna talk about the grizzlies. By last night I might have made a calculated error in my A decision making process. So. I was covering the game last night for the website here the nineteen online you can guide and read. And fair to middling worked from from your boy and you carry that at the 99 line blight. I have been dog tired. Dog dog tired. And so starting in the second half. Gets a little cold up where I sit so I thought maybe coffee would be a good move. Well. One cup turned into a four. And I did that move where I was sitting in the locker room Alexis Morgan. Was. Noticing that time and the fact that I was clearly not on my first cup of coffee. Well turns out that was a poor decision. IA got home I was jacked wired till about 2 o'clock. Did was not able falsely I'd get to that you're that mood where. You're frustrated by the fact that you can't falsely. So you're thinking about not falling asleep and it just keeps you tired even longer and you're just restless. Well. Quick shout out to. The love of my life. Carly the dog. Carly at about 215 decided that. You know as you start pestering the moment. And she has this move now that I'm not sure exactly word comes from because it's very very new I think I've got a pretty good idea or comes from a comes from my parents thought it was not actually dog. That is aid. Half chocolate half golden retreating person. They just discovered refer accord so the movie is. To sit right by the door and then start barking. We didn't know Mort all they needed it starts with a growl stars of the error. And then after I try to ignore it for about 8510 minutes it just turns into just shouting match in which I'm literally yelling at a dog. She's yelling at me I'm yelling at her the lines of communication have been open it does not appear that either is receiving said message. So I get out of fear location is to be let out. IA he did mover a letter out in the backyard. She comes back enemy. Okay and have no idea what's going on here so I go back to our room and attempt to try to get you know 34 hours sleep for a come to work. Then. Same process. Yet again. We did this song and dance for another hour and fifteen minutes. I have I've no idea what she won it I've no idea was it to go to the bathroom was it was just a sewing indicts. Finally. I was able to get asleep about 330 got a bit. Six. Came here to the show and I've been working from ma. Been working ever since so. That's where Iowa so I appreciate you alone bill it and today I know it's offshore unhappy to be here it's just. It's the ultimate example of that ultimate example of you know. Any bigger scheme of things it's it's not like this is a a bad decision or haunt you for the rest of your life. He knows that moment when you come there real station when your priest setting yourself up for bad a bad decision. I had that nice moment where I might you know what maybe this this. This third cup of coffee and they work there are small they would have been ordered at least Starbucks. Borders Ronde what's the middle and on day. They can't. He's gone yeah identity is the twenty else and then try auntie is. The I don't know whatever the heat of the bullet apparently the size of like a human heart. European stocks I don't. So yep that was that was mean but again I was there last night at FedEx Forum. And. Listen I. To me if you if you wanna sit here and put all the blame on Chandler Parsons I think number one. That's misguided. Number two I think it's unfair. However. You can not deny the fact I was there about an hour and a half for the game. News broke probably fifteen to twenty minutes before the starting lineups were announced. And you could just kind of sense as the peep or filing in the there was just kind of bug. It was like a sigh of relief that somehow like hurting like that he on bridled enthusiasm. And it was the most. Rocking. I've seen the starting lineups. Say it like non playoff game bright light. They're I'm gonna go in and say that was probably the most key dot FedEx forms then for the bucks coming to town. And I don't I get anything to do with a great freak who by the way you're a for some expert analysis. Think our kids got a chance he's he he's thinking might. He's got under watch a decade might turn around these forget that that might be a good draft pick it I think I think what it's all said and done and they're gonna be pleased that they made that pick. This could not get over the fact that there was this this energy that seemed to. Just kind of ignite and then. You know we. I'm waiting getting into the actual tip off yet but. This is coming through the starting lineup he does a massive chest bump. And as I'm sitting there and covering the game is slump group. But the grizzlies the win but of course at the end of the day it it if they lose it's you know. Unless I have four cups of coffee and a prescription strength focused medication. I'm going to be able to go to sleep at night. Why you couldn't help but just kinda did. I got out early it was it was so cool and surreal. And then you know he comes out of the gates blazing hot. You know he hits his first 23 easy as are versed dawned it was just it was so cool and it wasn't just the fact that. I don't I don't think it was simply the fact that they Chandler. Wasn't planning because let's be real Chandler's not played several games in this struggle. And right the guys like look the same 34. The season surely played 34 games this season and I mean that's part of what. Close to half. So far roughly I think we're gained 67 so that's that's that's about. I'm not I'm not good at math but I'm pretty sure that's that's one more than half. So. When you when you look at I guess half more than half. When you when you. When you're watching it there was this. This element that I think we've come didn't know and I love about this team if you're a fan the NBA this element of you know or they are they the best collection of talent in the league now and not even remotely close to that level blight. There was always this air that they they played together they eat. You know there was this there were they were fun to watch simply for that reason because. We we oftentimes I think gravitate towards in sports we gravitate towards. Things that we can relate to. Now we also can watch LeBron James. Takeover an NBA finals game and all and it. But it's tough to kind of relate the you can always surely TD. The scrappy team that has a you know. Arguably the rest the best center in the game. For my money's an outstanding game a team that as a top level point guard they're not sound like it's they're just rolling out college kids out there but. They have to get it done in ways that. Appeals to. The average sports fan and they they do it in you know. The cliche grating grinding Weydedat. It's also how they have to do it but there's also this element of a trust in their Zelman a playing together and you know when you look back on the swamp. That was that the most. The biggest cause of frustration forever when I felt like was the fact that. The eighteen. Sure the line changes or what they work it. The team became a recognizable. Even when he had the same faces out there it just didn't look and feel the same. And you know that to quote to cool to quote Gatsby why of course you can read or create the past but. Is that is that possible for the rest of the season I don't know but when I looked at what I was watching last night. You couldn't help but get the sense of a collective like. Okay. It is this team get a win NBA championship. Probably categorically. The odds are incredibly stacked against them. But their back to being what we all thought they could be come December. Which can be competitive and you've pretty much you go into any series. Probably except against the spurs in the get a shot and I say that against the warriors two because they're gonna have Brad Kevin Durant with the same issue that the grizzlies have a channel Parse. Yeah he's a back from an injury what you've already beaten the warriors twice this year you had been San Antonio but it was what. Without quiet Leonard. And any other team meat they keep you match up pretty well against them they have a fighting chance in the first round second round. You know it depends on whom you're right jeopardized by. You know would. David Tisdale said Majid with the lineup you roll out this lineup. They had last night instead of organ key channel Parsons the starting lineup and they were gonna enter hairs and I think they've even if it failed then. I think they may have been OK with it because you knew Tony almost going to be back in the starting lineup last night before the games are before you arrived because that hospital's already made. And then just start locker like all Vince Carter's in the start Taylor Parsons I think that was also part of the excitement last night inside FedEx Forum. That's that's very fair because. David is still meets with the media around 5 o'clock. And that was when it is announced that Parsons wouldn't be starting that Vince would be starting in this place at that point. We didn't know. The injury situation right and so perhaps maybe that was that was the air and you know we live in this day and age wherever ruins. Getting their news almost instantaneously if he had Twitter you probably it probably came into the building last night yet eight. You know what let's shake it up and this is this is one of the lineups a lot of people led had been asking for and perhaps that was it but one last final thought. That that struck me because we're gonna speak when Elliot Perry who. Has forgotten more basketball than I've ever known so I'm gonna ask the bass while questions for him but. I do. You know this is this is my. Fifth year covering competitive you know high level sports and ever SEC football now uncovering NBA basketball so I. I do feel. Somewhat educated on the fact that I can. Take woods said post game kind of take the read the tea leaves read the re read the atmosphere and and draw a conclusion. And one thing that really really really struck me last night was. The sense of relief. That came over dated this. And maybe perhaps some in the minority in this and are all I think I'll ask Eliot office. I got the sense last week when we got the kiss my ass line. I got the sense. Not of a man that was. Quote unquote defiant. As I went back and watch the video that the cents a man that was frustrated. Because. The slot that we saw last night was one of them the first lineups that the grizzlies used when Chandler. Took some time off the beginning of the season and this is one of those lineups that you can tell there's still felt very very confident with he was he was comfortable with it and I think. What I what I look back and I sense. I since the or not I am reading into the body language you're reading and everything that counted eighty saying and then you consider. The QNA with Ronald Hillary from Sunday in which she essentially mention eight. We decided as an organization were Chandler Chandler's. Chandler positives outweigh his negatives. As positive czar should he regain form. He's going to make us a legitimate threat that the grizzlies haven't been before a final. You also got the sense. They mentioned William got a plan with the starters because those of the better players and it's easier to hide like down. Like in Little League the guy that goes out to right field. You're in you put about right field and pray that no whatever hits it 20 yeah. Now and obviously a hollow Gator shirt shift sure AND you know obviously hit it high level baseball you're right fielder usually the guy that has the bazooka. That they can play in right field and and it's also it's a corner outfielders orbit not in Little League and so he kinda got that sense. And then when he got into a post game and he mentioned that. There was this there was almost this calming effect for him in a lottery the exact quote because. I thought it was. On paper maybe it wasn't so much. It wasn't as telling as it was neat to see him deliver the line. There's no way am changing this lineup are you kidding me a superstitious like that right now about this when I wouldn't change the lineup for nothing. I always kind of sets things in motion when you lose a guy that was in irritation. It kind of simplifies it for coach a lot of times. He gets to go back to listen when you're losing. And you're losing in the manner in which the grizzlies were losing their frustrating losses. I have to imagine that there's. This element of if it it's human nature to me it seems human nature to me that you would. If you were in a position to do something you would try to do something and perhaps in that moment of panic eat. You did something that may be on paper made sense OK I wanna move Mike to the two because mites but come legitimate scoring threat for me. But if I had my could the two at Chandler there. I am I really can't put Toney Douglas at the point because then we are really really. Really really liable defense. So I've got this this young athletic kid an injury paerson. That I can have guard twos while having might play the two on offense and so you start seeing these things that. That I can on paper. I can understand. But in practice. You go. But now you're asking to Revere. Took your lesser players and injure hairs and Toney Douglas to play extended minutes so it it doesn't make sense from from that perspective but I'd keep the idea. Of what Dave was doing and now it feels like this proverbial. Just this proverbial load has been lifted off their shoulders they can take this cyber this this deep sigh of relief and now they can get back. To what they ever when you conceal last night everyone knew their role there was. There was cohesion and there was they looked like the team they look like the team that was winning all of those close super clutch games if you will. During the first part of the season and I have to imagine for David says dale you're not cited that. A gala Chandler Parsons that you invest in any guy that is the Jeep franchises invests in a guy that. Potentially if healthy becomes a big difference maker I got to imagine that that's. Not. Losing a guy like that to injury I can't imagine makes you feel good but when you look at. The rest of the season moving forward which is what the grizzlies have I can't imagine that there was a sensible. Yeah. And you look at this lineup. The starting lineup. And it provides the one thing that you want the most going into the post either provide stability because. These guys are all sides to Michael Green these guys are all. That's of the NBA they've all played together for a while. Site bowl bids. You're saying yes and dog yeah ode to Michael is this approach probe data did fizzles or some on and two Michael greens. Good with the lineup I do I imagine mean Zach Randolph would be the only god he can plug in that provide more stability I think in more. I guess. And you made a nice clear in my in my opinion you made a nice move by moving into the second unit because I guess it doesn't have that leadership in that. That calming presence and then you get where you Zito in that part of the lineup. However that's enough of my name. I should say and fair to middling opinions we're gonna bring in somebody that truly knows the game. We're gonna bring in Elliot Perry were to ask him about his thoughts were asked him what he thought was encouraging from a basketball perspective. Coming up next right here on the Aircastle timeshare 99 Afghan ESPN. 99 saga described did not do nine espn.com. Or do the magnitude nine and Demi is CNN is bringing the good prices rebounded prizes for misogyny. Free golf and more into the 99 son Greg. Presented by Nvidia members and Papa John's pizza. The number one fresh ingredient recipe delivery service in the country's image and make incredible on cocaine. Accessible to every one blue aprons and delivered a 99%. Of the continental United States in 99 point 5%. Of food desert of food desert as a place where it's hard to get quality ingredients to make. 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Infinity is an official partner of NCAA men's basketball NCAA March Madness are registered trademarks of the national collegiate athletic association. Powers to draw. Show here on 99 FM ESPN's Jeffrey Wright filling in for Aircastle time who is on his way to Chicago with. In Memphis Grizzlies but it is Tuesday and on Tuesday. The Aircastle time show it is grizzly analysts Tuesday we are privileged today. To be joined by former Memphis Grizzlies former Memphis tiger Elliot Perry. It's time for prayers analysts Tuesday now on the Eric Cassell tonight show. Or in the inner workings of the grizzlies on their. Ship radio all night 829 FM am ESPN. I'm still out there you. And I'm doing well especially considering. The player Vince Carter last night when you. We think about a guy at the age of forty that is able to. I mean let's let's let's keep it real and he he essentially spearheaded an effort team that was struggling a team that was sliding into those slumping he was able to you. And a single handily get the Mo Jo going. Well when you're watching that you're calling that as an analyst what's running through your mind given the fact that you know that yeah that's a forty year old out there. Out an album base that you know the level of play. It's. It is that you can continue to produce at that nature if they took out Garrett will be their careers start to lie down somewhere around at 35. That you suggest is just succession that the immunity before carnage crafty he continued to take here is body. He has a good night for the game he understands how to play. And you know carping about Jeffrey is dead is EE EPT in order to continue to compete. Incomplete though we're going to be have a cap like that yes creating a lock whom. Not only that they can be productive on the court and got a double bonus. Yeah when we need to think about it solely. It's not just the fact he's forty it's you know this guy that at the age of 38 had another you know pretty. Career threatening knee injury and yet he's he's able to compete against guys that are you know half his age and it's just. It's truly remarkable when you sit back watch. Yeah it's remarkable to me out I'll stock that he had it and Jewish kid forty gig yesterday just. Though talk in doubt and say whatever you take it you know what everywhere or whatever you're doing drought we shall order done and I never been working out with duke. You know without playing but I but I do have to say that you know their certain player in the game. I you think about Gallic reluctant to your car dealer guy Kevin Garnett you know Catholic Vince Carter be who've been able to beat. Could talk for a long period of time. And it again I think this stick it is a combination of being bored you know followed his love the launch preparation is it your particular your body in terms of what you eat Italian couturier. Your body where you also think the second thing is you know is just. You know really respect any game ended in going out there and I didn't bite out and already working to compete that I love. Elliott Perry and the Memphis Grizzlies radio network is joining us he was there last night at FedEx form when the grizzlies snapped their five game slide. Elliott if I'm cheers seats for your opinion because EEU have lived a very unique view of of not only being an analyst but a former player you you know what it's like in these types of situations but. To me sitting sitting kind of in the in the media center. Let's Heidi you know that the news breaks shortly before. For the starting out lineups are announced that the Chandler Parsons will most likely miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. The new lineup is announced the it just immediate felt like sitting up top that. And it was completely different energy in the building and we're talking about eighteen that was booed off the floor at halftime on Saturday night they. I mean honestly what they played like last night was something that we've not seen the last month. If you're absolutely right it may have been a part of a lot of those losses it and it is dictating play within 888. But more. Sense of urgency that night but but more importantly get back. You know what I got out that the worst is dealt with back to his original location. You know before channel partner was playing without at the beginning of the year this is the location your mind is current starting lineup that was changing emissions starting lineup before. But he went back to that same rotation. And gray hairs and coming up the pinch. You know the retro Castro. The Pakistan army is it. You know it was a testament to him and the coast to be able to make adjustments on the fly like that it didn't didn't just say hey look maybe. You know something didn't work a maniac yard unbeatable that yet don't order privy to what we're doing. Oh in terms of waiting for a little street and he went back to what what quarter. And show every game that's a testament to him. You since. Maybe I'm projecting a little bit bit. When it went out here did this stills comments during. During the midst of losing streak and obviously everyone's frustrated during losing but yeah Timmy evil one thing that kind of stood out I think. I think he kind of alluded to it on Sunday when yet is Q and they were drawn artillery in which she basically explain hey you know. In Chandler Keller as a chance to be a difference maker Bert right now he's not were essentially he was saying that he had to hide him. I felt like last night eight. Kind of validated this original thought that I had in which. Everyone's obviously part of the organization but to need it if it if this had his way that a lot of these saw last night probably would have been as Lana. Yeah well edited it used to have to realize and he is this is you know. Cherished you're dealing with or injury just it gives you about proper level of of a surgery so. They will when he got that he not able to play at the level that we should change a play or that we would hope. He would try to get it dedicated cable welcome you into the that we sign that we had a lot of contradictions that it and it could take it to the next level. You can play at that they'll within you know would be a no brainer. And not just can't get you know you know a lot of weight as a coach you'd have to you have to. I mean tickets is to exit to sit juggling act as you know from turn to do you have categorically he's got a week. Who are not so great defense certainly think we have to hide from current. On the Internet or the alternative band but it also you know you you have Garrett. You know it didn't challenge Kate stay at glued. Can't play at that local hadn't played at that level that you would hope to eat he would play effort which it is still you were hoping bitch. You were quick out of their whatever quote if it was sloppy Rupert our national open people spoke out this smoke. We would be at duke basketball team itself. I think it is in addition by subtraction. Now that he doesn't have to worry about Chandler playing you can just go with you know his original location Eddie start without getting a procedure. Stephen Elliot Perry former tread well high standout form of this tiger. Ten year Indy a veteran he is now the color analyst for the Memphis Grizzlies radio network. It when you look at this team and now now that the Chandler Parsons issue has presumably at. Then laid to rest that that will no longer be a talking point. For guys like me has like the rest of us at the station but. When you look at this team now as it is and it seems to be pretty solidify feel like they kind of have a better sense of of rolls wherever got Bert where every guy is and how every eye fits and when you look at this team as it's currently assembled. What do you think what what's the ceiling for them what what's the outlook looking forward it through these next I believe I counter right I believe what would be. Seventeen games. Sixteen games aren't. You know. That's I think we're we're we're very unique basketball team intact. There we've we've always had eyed Guinea where we we we can't handle the anticipated in ink ink it in and I know we're moving sort of moving. I would sit moving away from being a good defensive team but I think trying to be a more contrition offensive peak. If so are kind of like when you're right and it blew up that you know changing our community if you you have the you know you have that short gray area where. Everything doesn't click I think we did get a initially came in. Your best two player market followed my current were playing at a really high level. And they get little really good coach Jake heating gas to accept their role well sometimes we have at Park City. He change a lot of things are not working. You know actually don't go to Lee if you thought they would call they don't continue to grow we've got a card just like a marriage just camera BP just to get back to. Change it he is what we can press. Here's what we've been doing we can show you takes 00 what week it will we do all we do really well we are very good basketball team. And. How best to play at market might. Gas have to accept their role in play at a high level every night I think it took a big shots every night that you have to play at a high level to put pressure on opposing each pitch every. So that's a role players care and do their job. And you know I think network where. He as good as we approach the post season it is illegal are there and do what we're supposed to do on the defense and you know the court. I think we can conclude that initially. Did you sense during the you know the last 34 weeks in which the grizzlies were starting to struggle. Did you sense frustration in the player Marta saw. Absolutely you know but but but better what you think about your apartment yeah I mean I played all Tino played on the eighteen to work with great players. And what you don't go whale and that's why a leadership role he'd be in the locker room on the coaching staff. Or or or your stopped play here. You know it has to be expected that the leader. Is you'd need to get intimidated. You know I've always said that it is that the one good thing about you know great leadership that they cricket battle a great coach issues that they recognize what these are corn oil. And they don't cedar getting back on track each national. Mean it's become I've that the company. A personal issue Dana let me by the idea strategic tactical nuclear als sit down with their parsley and have a real into the conversation. Try all of it is about basketball but you know a lot of things about life and bottom is about the big picture because when you picture best player to buy it in his mind is clear. EE jacket when he high level eating gate at a basketball game. It makes a big difference for your basketball team because it gave it allowed her role players to go out and do their job control last night Marc Gasol or engaged. My current board gave both look at got off to a fantastic start. In its early days Carter. You know getting off to a really good car everybody have just chip they had nobody there it's it's not try to soak up pressure they would if they were at their role. Speaking and Elliot Perry at the Memphis Grizzlies radio network. All along those same lines like I I don't I'm not the type of guy that thinks that every single issue that the grizzlies had. As of recent as it pertains their struggles can be blamed on Chandler Parsons channel it in play are now several dogs and analytic. And hate and the grizzlies still struggled but. And eat it just you got the sense when you're watching the grizzlies last night that. There was just. Almost at times it seemed like during the slump that the grizzlies looked confused almost hit it either confused and at times apathetic but. Last night even you know even when Milwaukee starts to make the Iran. No one really blanked it just seemed like it seemed like every room was very comfortable with his role. And it just it it seemed like everything was clicking did you see the same things. Salute and follow the same thing play a gig goes back to okay now we're back into a comfortable. And not get too comfortable spot for the players you know we had our best player market site down to a good start even more engaged in became both offensively and defense are. Currently playing well you know in game. You factor in the territory did not get kids active player by talking to coaches were actually figured territory at least it ilk. Going to actually is a regional rotation are no cracked lower going to put indicate. I can look at an injury Harrison you know give the credit given to the right out could he get it but I give him a lot of credit there again. Been out of the rotation now back into location became our plates and Patrick let it choke. I can say young guys to stay ready. Stay engaged the vast market in Indian in the technical staff just continue to try to juggle that I don't wage to. To get back out to motivate I have to play play and how levels I didn't burnout too. Steve Elliot Perry of that is grizzlies are radio network well when you look at it from a basketball mind perspective outside obviously snapping. Snapping the losing streak kind of getting the proverbial weight lifted off the shoulders you could kind of sense that throughout the course of the game that. But the actual on court play. What did you think was the most encouraging aspect moving forward beyond just making shots because he you know as you played a whole lot. Long enough to know that sometimes you make of sometimes you don't but when you when you actually were watching. The way to degrees is replaying what encouraging the most moving forward. That the incident they were they were more engaged on the deep is it in. Not just. You know individual case is about fourteen BKG Soledad coming weeks. Being in the spot where they need to be a paternity to be there they were helping in not giving up idol good looks they didn't give up a lot of you know architecture straight on track to the basket. It didn't give up a lot of uncontested layup. They want to hustle game return the recounted ask all of altered to intellectual. You know all of those things only on the eve incident and they execute. And into what you have to do for a team right. They can we currently have constructed is because. We get back to being admitted Chris is what we truly different creek Garnet and that's how we've been able to win basketball game goat and actually she is. It really has been Greek all heart great Kernen beat quality physically gadgets in 888. You know very typical these different I didn't ask quoting me bare all physically we've always had problems scored a fact or altered a bit. Oh we made up for her because it is such a backlash from left right solid getting back to beat. That description fit everybody in that city used to seeing. LA your very gracious and it's not really appreciate you taking a little bit of it and spending it with us here really appreciate don't have. Absolutely thank you get credit Michelle as Elliot Perry of the Memphis Grizzlies radio network. Coming up next though. We get that we are going to just like Vince did six times last night organize. Bring it up and put three on the board sicker idols in the Aircastle time chef on 99 FM ESPN. 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I don't know if you know this not mean the one mile Sumter football coaches. Is Jim Harbaugh and it's not dead. He. Is a great coach obviously. But it's mainly just because he's exactly. What would happen if your like high school offensive line football coach like. Had had the mental capacity to be FL coach. And now that a college head coach opposite Michigan but. This story that came from his brother on the in cutie podcast with Peter King is. Essentially in a nutshell everything that I love about Jim Harbaugh. He's insane obviously. And he is. I think some people think that it's an act. Like when he goes to a baseball game. And he brings his own glove and he fully expects to catch a foul ball. Like that's not an act that's that's what it is like he showed up at a Debbie Debbie event wearing a single. And I'm still 95%. Share he had no idea that he was watching pro wrestling rather than watching like amateur wrestling but this story comes from Jim. I should say from John about Jim quote notice more competitive than him is a bunch of kids now young kids just had a baby John Paul. Last Memorial Day we did a vacation together a wife and I have a cottage up north in Michigan. Unlike your. We get jammed at drive up with the kids and all that we have a basketball hoop in the front yard in the driveway and we're going to play a little game with the kids. And we just started shooting around next thing you know it was a four on four game wonder who sparked a packed game. It was Jack who is two and a half. Caddie who is six. Katie Lewis four and a half or five at the time. Allison who is thirteen or fourteen and she's a little basketball player and Jim and me and Sarah my wife. We're playing a nearly you can kind of pick should get how the game has right. Alison happens to hit a couple of nice jumpers and were playing to seventh were up 851. Next thing you know Jim Stewart go to over the top of ousted for rebounds he's boxing her out ten feet away from the basket. Picks you know it's five to five edge it is made all the shots for his team of course unlike you know maybe daddy. We'd like to touch the ball maybe Katie your Jack enjoyable bit now and then. It is 66 analogue rebound comes out. Turns out the side he goes and gets it I see Allison happens to be over there so I see him go to the basket he's courted big Allison the whole you don't. He's about 63 to 35 so I'm gonna cut him off and I did it with my right arm bar across his chest and try to body check event. Into the stricker bushes behind the driveway he just powered his way to the basket always join over the top are reverse layup off the board. And all he could talk about is how we won he picks up Jackson says doesn't feel great Jack two win doesn't feel great to win an hour later. We're crossing pass in the backyard to go get a suitors something he looks me right in the eyes and says hey John. Do you want anything yet. Fair question. Well luck. With the event of a Super Bowl but it. But hey with that played on the driveway machine now does not wish it was not that the cottage a little yacht that was not Memorial Day weekend. I I'm I'm I'm getting all hearing scoreboard comes. To say and now have been my response. All of your scoreboard out of it or just held on my right hand. It's not his fault that he. Had a shirt that is Jim Harbaugh move at such. Jim Harbaugh made. Story ever say NFL calendar year is well underway Seattle Seahawks have signed Eddie lacy for a one year deal. I believe it's worth 5000003. Million guaranteed. I think like pet poop but I'm not positive. What scares me about that. What reason why so many Alabama running backs I feel like don't have the level of success that's expected from them in the NFL is that. When they go from Alabama now it was different under Kiffin met. For the most part they played powerful all man blocking schemes and when you get the NFL because the defense of lime energy is absolute freaks. Most of the line blocking schemes or zone blocking schemes which required great vision and it it's something that. It's something that certainly takes a while to get adjusted to. It was one of the big reasons. Your your blood and Oakland Raiders won the big reasons that was cited for Darren McFadden having issues was that he really struggled with the zone blocking scheme. Under the out there I should say that that's why coach gable Tom gable is now the offensive line coach at Seattle got and then cable as their head coach pearl yeah and so. That was one of the reasons that was one of the reasons that was cited for Darren McFadden struggling and then one year they went back I would fingers you Jackson. They went. They they went to a system that was that was more fitting for damage and the actually had a pretty year but it. You know he's still punchline he still obviously the guy that all track because we're convinced that this is the year I think he's like not thirty something I'm so convinced. I am a little bit skeptical because. The Green Bay Packers are one of the few teams that that run a scheme that there was more similar to what Eddie lacy was used to Alabama. And they won't run that out and at Seattle so. Can't site if I like that or not but it. It's Seattle's lead is kind of get with Seattle are Smart so. Yeah I mean it. As as we're talking about Jordan shall pops up it's probably what thirty daily she averaged five point one yards per carry his first five games before injuring his ankle injuries like last season. I mean. We don't know what Eddie lacy would have been and we know two years ago it was a bad year he came into camp overweight and didn't he never really shed those pounds. In it was a down year last year bill is higher expectations for him and he came in and he was. You played well the first five games of your season and then he just kind of fell off because of injuries. Is that. It depends on what they Lacey you're gonna Getty if you can you completely healthy. Checked and locked in Eddie lacy I think is a good move. If you're gonna get a elation and it has many injuries becomes an overweight too bad move I think it just depends on what he shows up to camp like this is. Also while never in my life. From here on ever fault you running back for holding out and trying to get more money you have such a small window down. I mean he just really do it's what makes guys like Darren Sproles EE I know we marble like what Vince Carter did last night and I'm not taking anything away from. Like what Darren Sproles does. As many years as he's been in the league this whole sizes he is like I am blown away by guys like camp site. You know leak there the Ole the Ole ageless team. You know him and Elliott an quarterbacks. I mean well on no I'm still convinced the white Freeney 55 years old war on third down. Go and do his spin move against the left tackle and get to the quarterback he's always looked ever contend or you know if you want to tell you where pick somebody up for the stretch run Dwight freeze your one other little bit of NFL news. Is that the browns. You might call the suspends them here but it's not a love the smell of the browns. Or possibly. Looking at bringing in Gina Smith to be either quarterback. I'll tell you I love that. I don't love it because I love Gina Smith I love it because geno Smith is really bad quarterback and if I'm the browns I'm still in the middle of this rebuild. I want a guy that I I want a guy quarterback that I'm not ever concerned about. Perhaps winning a football game. How about the can't quarterback competition between geno Smith and Brock fossilized as the electric factor there LA brought place for them and then. Gotta fund trade partner right well no worse case near that this time. They take until he did I'm all I told air this on Friday when you when you're out I was I was fill in for yet. Until earlier this I am all in on buying draft picks. I'm all so. I. Make sure you the worst thing I hated to the like you Jackson. All right but I do think that. Everyone's everyone's making the mistake of of thinking that this Kurt regime that the browns has as that are running the roster management decisions. They're making the mistake of thinking that they're the old browns. They got to Harvard guys and Paul. So. I'll I'll mole little soap but that's where we are and quickly story number three before you to Aircastle time because. Eric is someone that you all want to hear from. How about this then. Do you think it yourself a nice guy I think so. All turns out 98%. Of us think we are nicer than the average person which is obviously statistically impossible. The most common quote nice things we do are give people directions hold an elevator and give up our seat on a bus according to the independent. We love studies. Where people ought to compare themselves to the average person whoever that person is we don't really think highly of them according to new study. Nanny percent of us think that we are nicer than the average person. The researchers found that speaking hearing nice person doesn't always correlated being nice. But they did find a link to how successful you are. People in the study who thought they were much nicer than the other people did it make more money and work happier in general. Three of the most common nice things we do in rolling elevator getting upper seat on the bus or train. 63%. Said they regularly donate their time or money to charity 41% would babysit. Or take care friend's pet for free while. That's throughout. And 33%. When offered help carry something heavy but just one heady thing and come on too much there and thought. I've done done done done bush heavy area I don't push your luck a couple of only 42% of us were offered help a friend move. Who all toll all it if there are if there are you young young guys out there young gals out there mainly this is too young guys. Before you go to college if you have a big car. Get rid of it get rid of it get rid of it give a truck. Get rid of it. I'm telling you this because I know from experience if you have a big car. One of two things happens number one you are designated chauffeur. His ever or just piles and your car and number two your designated personnel move. It's the best piece of dissecting to be here on the air assets on Chuck Berry we got to get. To where he's coming up next Rick talked to him about his thoughts of last night he had the called. You could sense something different was in the air even with spare key is calls last night I felt like you can tell line he was he was biting off the vibe at FedEx. Warm.

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