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ESPN 92.9FM>Audio on Demand>>The Eric Hasseltine Show w/ Guest Host Jeffrey Wright 03/14/17 - Hour 2 w/ Sports on Earth's Matt Brown

The Eric Hasseltine Show w/ Guest Host Jeffrey Wright 03/14/17 - Hour 2 w/ Sports on Earth's Matt Brown

Mar 14, 2017|

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    Eric begins his second hour discussing the state of the Memphis Tigers with John Martin of the Jason and John Show. Next, he welcomes Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports to the show to discuss the opening of the NFL calendar year and more. Then, Eric plays a round of Rapid Fire with Jeffrey Wright.


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Many choose to listen to the Mother's Day aspect of that knocking gays and aspect of that while I would beat goods and should not dating anybody and I wouldn't wish you did go by choice and I two weeks I get married don't do that. I find you do that you and I'll I don't know of a come to Jesus mean. What if I order one. Order abroad yeah arraigned. Look L men look on the. You and I don't know the suspect. That's up to you manage that say that's how you wanted to I'll tell you a funny story about that. I'm before we immigrant so I went to Thailand. With my father. In 2000 and she. Journalist saying 2010. A summer of 2010 I think it is. And one was of what they had an exam because it was a World Cup so the World Cup was 2000 and yes boards and so is 2010. And when you go there to me talents of grades and we were we stayed in Bangkok waiting for the cats and a whole other part of that the the country. That's all the beach area but at Bangkok is just bustling and it's everything's. Really inexpensive. But while we're there we hop a plane and it incredibly cheap they charge you like for how much your bag waste so we're only golfer two or three days so we just kind of kept our. Arnold talent in Bangkok which was a 120 dollars a night for a two bedroom Michael apartment. And we have to over to Vietnam with the Saigon. And that it equates to yeah I know straight it was amazing I was really nervous about how they would receive Americans as as we know it'll out of personal conflict animated about our best behavior and did see the Vietnam war museum there from my from their perspective a man you would think we just came in the Aaron just. Tom tried to lay waste and that's kind of what happened in in one aspect of it and I don't you know there's there's every perspective of it but that was their perspective and but they've also won they understood they they've been invaded my shirt five different times as a position. Point of the story as. I we don't they're not I'm just that I'm a night out obviously as a work so the World Cup games are like 2 o'clock 3 o'clock in the morning. So I stay up almost the hotel bar and in Utah. In this guy locked in it's an American guy and he's probably in his mid to late fifties. And the most beautiful Vietnamese women I've ever seen in my life yanks is just got a rock and green just a layer of rocks on a necklace across your neck and want to hire Vietnamese family he is the one wipe that table they clearly had just gotten married in my. All right. I see what's going on in the eyes of sanity and I am worldly enough to put that the united donated I don't know advisors for you Jeff if things you can do about it more eastern European feel like that I am 200 doses than the outer rim why. You say is it Unix he'd sodomy of these things could likely get emails about this stuff I I think Google's gotten to spark force and for a I think I think Google now starting to think for us. One dollar and it and I noticed last night so. Unable to you go back since I I produced the morning show well oftentimes I'm going to do is then going and finding clips after big gains and out. One thing that really stood out to me last night and I know winning cures all in and losing is the most frustrating aspect of sports but. Sure seemed like a lot of fun for you. I'm it is in any units after a title earlier this morning when I came on what was Jeff it's always fun when you went. But I think what what was more fun about it I they can lose and now I'll be okay. It stings a little bit because we want to win every game but it's it's when they play and they they seemed to be enjoyed on their enjoying it he sees. For us to enjoy it and I mean it's impossible not to enjoy Vince Carter first of all like watching him play at forty years old doing things nobody's ever done. At that agent and still wanting to play another year in and my belief is that he still can't you guys averaging damn near double digits in scoring and com and limits in the end and limited minutes and they got yet to keep his minutes let's turn and that's just the nature. How physical this game as but. He still gets such enjoyment and such. And you know such a charge out of of being productive and being a great basketball player. And again it's it's another story where it helps that you like they act I guess first time I madam. I've told this story we had training camp at UC San Diego which is Robert Paris alma mater. And it was pretty well known my case like when you guys come cover training camp and players are gonna do players and coaches only for the buffet luncheon dinner. We're gonna give you guys pretty M so you're not let out a cold but you know we're gonna keep this like we're gonna kind of try to use this is a bonding experts and I don't ask him like pee myself for the PR so we're we'll find out. So we stayed back after practice in that Adam Mazur is on staff now and has been and this is like a junior college coach out in California. One of the kids he coached had gone as UC San Diego Adam joined our staff. So he talked to the kidney set up a pickup game Adam didn't play but it was like myself Sean rest for getting sponsors who was our. If he's dead what tomorrow does now. As are like social media director of Spencer played Michaels a walk on UCL a one of the kids like that walks on and passengers. Crack guys that is how does body whose jobs are graduates it right yet practiced body but Spencer comply. Shouldn't expect today great division's always laugh when guys will try to make the joke about the walk on the into the bench you does that got what's the Rex energy that would not lead anyone can guard him yeah he'd like everybody else like I had the unfortunate pleasure of guarding Spencer many times after that when we come home play. So it was three of us job body and the candidate. The kid did that Adam coach who played five kids from UC San Diego were solid. It was great we had like 45 game run we just left you know we're all exhausted got walked back to that come back they'll tell. And there Vince's sitting in them in the room and in Joe's a body is like one of the upper management. And he's like hey just come on any counselor let's go to some emails like earlier canceled. Now and down not only to be like getting the season off on the run for those like. Who's gonna tell on you me literally tell they're gonna tell their point and I went obviously it has something great. And I said I'm really and I really wasn't hungry but we sat down and we just there's vents and so I noticed myself in this we start socket an hour later we've been talking about nothing about basketball. About growing up from four about football where I'm just had to sports discussion. Was shot restaurant myself and Vince Carter for me I loved watching rest were playing college because that was when I was like in high school and college. And then watching events play I'm gonna I'm sitting at a table. Just shown this onerous burden Vince Carter if you would have told me has aroused when he threw out an animate I would have been gone absolutely yes and prevents. It was just so cool about everything analysis like. This guy has been like at the apex of popularity. So glories incredibly well known Tom. And if it was just it was a blast so to see him doing what he's gone it's hard not to get excited and think what I get six out of eight on the angels won on a buck. Yes six at eight I didn't wanna get checked the tape later. I'm I feel pretty confident on one of the ones if I would have gone a little bit farther after LA gave an analysis of the play I think he would have I think he would have dropped and lastly senator I. Eight united at that and that phrase came to me I just out of nowhere but EP Brinkley is defying. Father time as I told Jeff this morning. A father time is in his office right now think and one of my hand do about this Vince Carter guy because I'm undefeated and nobody's ever laid a weapon on me but Vince Carter is coming to come close right. I've IA and if I hear great line on the show always tweet out and when you said father times bunkered in and licking his wounds after taking that hay maker that it. That's the only way to describe the Mena. They're kids half his age on the floor. Yeah no doubt in bunkers legitimately half his age may I just armory is his last isn't a nineteenth and obviously a nineteen year olds in this league and answers double their age and obviously he's not doing it with the pure athletic schism that they have made him his marriage enabled his dunk like heat that's my that's you know he just came under the basket just they'd just jumped and just went OK I'll just throw this behind my head down. It makes it look easy I remember the first time ice nominally a planet at that training camp that first year. I'm at my parties effortless like when he wants to Don and he was still learning how to use that ankle. And two years later when you're supposed to hit this proverbial wall and not be able do those things. And that 360 he did earlier this year he still got. I'll high enough for a few dozen of 360 probably does yeah I think about it he would have dumped that is younger guy and he thought about that. You know eight we talked about that easily he had thought about that like what would have been and I'm like. Dude he's still 36 lead and more at rim level and spun the ball in off the window like. People in their twenties can't do that and it's just it's it's death I mean he's he's eight. Genetic freak of nature with his ability like his after lettuce has and it's it's a rarity what does. The reasons why I love sports is I love watching guys that. I love watching excellently guy's ego that's the best. And it's a different form of evidence but it's the same principle. I think about you not discuss were washed up and worthless human being I am just as it pertains student overall lifestyle. Generally pretty nice thought. Do you today because I had Apple's next for breakfast I had chicken thunderstorms and it's it is that is if there's. I actually made it seek intend or so they weren't Friday were vague but. I was like play Jeffery be proud that I got up and I was 8 at 8 o'clock no longer has that now now I just thought I'd made its acting I found out I can make a chicken tenders. Since the tugs. Keeping it as as well we'll keep we'll keep it in house with the grizzlies. Sometimes. The simplest answer is that good answer sometimes keeping it simple on the cooking department. Never earlier that answer we wanted to try that coconut crusted chicken tender so I made those but then I had I I'd use. One fact in many share Costco like Tony Allen's. So I still had always taken my. Tenderloin soaking in this space and it's a coconut out mixture of the two soak. And I like well I got bread crumbs I'm puzzled as do it this way into the turned occur. I don't sense that it's amazing that and read that as an economic news is capable of so and go in and out been dipping it in Aegon surrounds him ended in my in my bread crumbs and then baking him. Still probably not the healthiest thing remembering it but that is what you guys don't say that we may get basic eleven baked chicken that not a I think agent and then airlines that the same. Because there's not a crunch like to know the Fries though I don't know sadly that's the height and life I didn't like the threat you make a double fried. You would love Belgium by the way when I I was over there for a month. Between 2000 and France are sixteen planned mass will. Every every house has a deep Fryer in our national foods of intra my my sophomore year was was spent abroad and I I did not have a problem with Belgium's. Yeltsin's yeah a fresh pressed him on every corner ranked. Yes on top of that though man had every kind of topping out you can imagine it'll like strawberries on their freshman it's their palate is essentially like what a nine year old would want yeah I got right here for high CF as dead adult an adult about it until nine year old man adding that beer and my guess heavy beard that you know lawful strives here also extra chocolate green only like we always think about Scandinavia we talk about the good looking women solid in all Belgium is so underrated yet so close so very underrated. The Bagram it at the end of the story we were playing today. So we had Gary activities with the most teams ranked Czech so we're plan. They take a select committee golf it's got like a little man made lake they get a scene and basketball court but it was then enough but the ball actually found out yet. Well where Iraq by the peach at this. Thank you well what they do over there on the beach they don't Wear a top they're not big on that we're not gonna get the world's handler not quite safe superb play in the game we are kind of lecture to announce that moment wrangling and I look over the scale takes her top off and it just fires a pass and when I say it hit me an animated who ricocheted. Right back almost to the guy he fired a bullet and I just basically get derailed it's one of those you can't like it's. And he's black. Is getting crunched. Everyone. Edwards has unfold that I say this but it's almost. Too distracting because we're so not used to that element. Date you're becoming I'd be one because you're staring and everybody else is going to what's the big hit and they don't talk that you start think about not steering it just it it became a disaster. It was not a disaster last night. It felt like you know liberal has kind of made the the turn back clock preferences obviously not just dense but in general felt like the grizzlies. Other would probably come boots and know and love from the last six years and I was curious from your management we had Elliott on a couple segments ago and and he did feel like he could sense that. At the start of introductions like there was a different atmosphere is different vibe in the. The the organization had to do what they had to do but you gotta understand for those guys. When your trying to get a guy acclimated he can take you out of the rhythm of what you do end. They can frustrate you can frustrate you win. Everything's kind of pointed towards focused towards getting a gag going and it's not getting going he can really frustrate you so. Armed dancer no fault Steelers obviously we know he's been hurt all year it's hasn't been right and Tom I think they just were able to go out and now everybody has their roles defined everybody knows what's going to happen and everybody can just be free and easy. It's one game so we'll see sure I mean it's one game you got a team that have been red hot. It's weird to say even after six when you probably due for a loss when you're the box at that point like. You maybe you maybe it kind of just exhausted all of that you're kicking off a long road trip. Here's thinking all right let's let's go Gil we got a struggling team maybe day. Overlook the gray is a little bit because of the way have been plank is if you watched the film over and it licorice is looked easy. The score on the grizzlies differ. B sample and it looks easy in these two teams haven't seen each other since November so probably not watching a lot of the same paper. From November sure you'll watch what happened the first time but you're more apt to watch. The last handful of games what are we see Atlanta Iran and a lamp and the clippers trying to land a plan that nets' running a lamp want. Man I wanna get a team going in the right look look what Brooklyn did to them work better than that we've guarding him let's let's go do what they did the what I also noticed last night was the guys. Got back to their defense of principles. Whereas in the game at Atlanta you had long passes going from wing to wing they called skip passes. Com. They usually they're used to break a zone yet as you EU China throat across you scan up he got a guy rotating right you can you skip it and you make a quick pass in somebody's open. When it's man to man you're thrown skip passes gas out position. This is bottom bottom line flat out as a guys are sagging off their man to help out somewhere else and area and caught too deep because they could even get there and not only were they not getting out there deflect the ball. Is in the air forever. They weren't getting out there that can contends contest the shot legitimately. And it was justly and everything last night they were deflecting passes they were much more engaged there was much more trust apparently. On the floor defensively last night for whatever reason everybody can speculate their own reasons but listen the the bottom line as. They played much better defensively that's a box team that scores 160. Game and held them under a hundred when they hold teams under a hundred. They win and it wasn't because the box and make shots but they had to work for their shots they had or grizzlies still not over a hundred. Like when you watch how many times the box had to go to a second and third and fourth option and even sometimes they'll make the shot. You burden time also clocking emperor and a lot of energy when you burn that energy on the offense and then you haven't on the defense event here legs are cries fresher not quite as aggressive and that defensive stance. You're not quite as engaged in guys are getting by you and it didn't hurt that the grizzly soften them up early with some made shots for sure. Yet as really go here to me it just felt like. One of the most encouraging aspects of your grizzlies and is. We mentioned that that slump and to me. So much of what what stood out during that slump was just the amount of confusion it looked like on the floor and last night. Rarely did you see a moment where where guys did it look like they. Hadn't we didn't ever see a moment last night or guys felt like they didn't trust the guy behind him guys that. You know they they knew if Brett you know they knew they're not helping you it just to me just looks so much more confident. It was terrific if it was a terrific effort. They played a great game yeah AmeriCredit you again that Eli stone never to I have to whenever you lost your house I think some leg gets. Overplayed his listen I wanna I wanna guys to be low after a loss of broke and I want them to go I like it is just one game but we just got our butts kicked. By team with the worst record late I want MB low after a loss. To the clippers that's our rival came in and I want them to feel good about a win but you don't wanna you know break your arm pat yourself on the back. I'd end up over that went against Milwaukee in March. You've got to get this back on track last night certainly help. I was list and Jason John earlier and then but I also saw Brian went hoarse today on ESPN he made an excellent point. You know we're outside in a San Antonio is gonna catch in house count of that nature is that really studied the schedule the way Bryant has sure. Golden State's got a week any he's gone a third get right week they've got is the Eastern Conference teams coming in like Philadelphia tonight. They could very well roll into. Three home games I think the boxer one of those teams in there. All these teams are going there to play down. And and they go to Spago Saturday and Oklahoma City and that'll be inching because they'll do it without Kevin Durant shall see how that goes. But if Golden State does get on that role. And you can catch your fire. In the and they beat Oklahoma City and you get that that's the big game now left on the schedule as the Oklahoma City game here in Memphis. You stunts yes get that sixteen get big get that matchup with the Houston Rockets disaster was going to be in the three. The jazz got a big win last night so it's looking more and more like they're gonna be before they could be the jazz and the clippers their 405. But I am not. Bershard just because generates injury right off the wolves there worst as if they get right this week. You've very well very well could see San Antonio slip back. In that San aspired to the two spot to play the senate seat for this reason as well they have essentially upload five games and seven days. Right now we'll mark's always out with that indefinite part issued a farm Kohl eyeliner is being checked out. And it is you don't think they're gonna say dies during that stretch as well there's there's a very good chance that they don't hang on. To that spot as well as they have played so for me 88 you've got to you've got to approach these last fifteen games is it. As professionals possible because what six or your next seminar on the road. If you can win. For these 75 of the seven yourself your god. UN Friday seven you're gonna UN 47 you're in pretty good shape because your majority or had you scheduled remaining comes in and in your home. But I I really wanna see this team turn a corner right now and and get back to playing good solid grizzlies basketball. This starts tomorrow night at Chicago that is where Eric is headed off to with a teen in you can hear that right here on 929. Ask them about initiate. An engine I needed to a Nissan per share planetary isn't get a free trial set. The money's Primakov yeah hassle type but that's about the idea I would referee here's my trauma felt and any of the other ones you and Doug brook. Yes. CN guys. Are one of my offer isn't Alaska I'm offering now to flatten your dire building and that's a pretty solid on her triple a so get appointments it's a wonderful thing that level it Perry's back down as wary wanna go I use there is products. You should view it it truly is a remarkable company that. 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And Madison and did you minor medical care for lacerations bugged by stings rashes burns skin infections sprains and strains all of that and that was cell serves as plus preventative care wellness physical sports physicals while his injections immunizations tetanus shots sinus cocktails all there and act was health services plus they opt for testosterone replacement therapy for guys so drop on by fourteen north McClain or give them a call on the I don't want five or 9738 and I don't want final 92738. Jeffrey Wright in for air casts on his on his way to Chicago with the Memphis Grizzlies I'll be Wiki here. The rest of today tomorrow and Thursday looking forward to it I'll say what I'm really looking forward to. And that's speaking with that round that brown bag aboard let's they can each unit today. Now it's time to be yeah sometimes shown 99 and then ESP and humid day. On the day. Brown is a national college basketball writer and editor. For sports on or earth you can follow him on Twitter app Matt brown CFB. Matt could date a man Howard. Absolutely a man loved the love that piece today the ad in which. It recounted some of the the best. Upsets throughout the course of the NCAA tournament. I grew up and almost fan my dad went there my brother went there I (%expletive) I chose to show my love for the university Mississippi by out going to Pepperdine but. One of those gains and obviously stand up to me more than an arrest and obviously an SEC country you couldn't turn on the SEC turner without seeing the about the Bryce drew shot. But in your mind when you when you're going back in your reminiscing in year you're looking at all those upsets was along the kind of and that. Stuck out the most in your mind like oh man that that's something that I I'd as long as I live I can never forget. Architect breakthrough one might be the one because I was I was born in 1988 or ten year old that that's like one of the you know not my first intimately term memory book there's buzzer beater that either always remember yes and you know look at the starting you know to go behind the court in under three seconds and get a shot like gutter for the perfect big bodies. Late to. Words that one always wolf standout and perchlorate and I'll always remember early I beat duke appears Adobe's I grew up nearly I had my parent that didn't picket the Lehigh basketball so album born to extend out of my mind as well. Yeah I mean in house looking back at the will factor and I guess it will always be subjective but I I remembered that one. As well. But moving on to deny before you your thoughts on the turn in general. The first four begins just shortly here and believe it about an hour and ten minutes. UNO. Will take on and then now Saint Mary's correct. I mean I obviously I think. Not not not to belabor that point but you know it's a great opportunity for those guys are one game that I really am interested in tonight. Because I've seen at some Las Vegas line shift movements I'm curious to hear thoughts Kansas State and Kansas State wait force open tonight as I believe as a victim and it's blind has now moved in favor Kansas State to a point in half. I'm curious to hear thoughts is that because most people now think the Kansas State wolf will be able to control the tempo of the game or is that something else that perhaps. Yeah I give up you wait you wait in I actually you know I don't go to the sweet sixteen and that being a little bit maybe over competent perky but doesn't play any defense tendencies. Basically had. Today is contrasting styles in the game you know wake is one of the best offensive teams in the country. I played very much much faster pace against the state would sure by the defense brought important turnovers so don't matter what style wouldn't doubt I'd like quake or like. John Collins adds we didn't put it off all of our global bell overweight or this year. No kids they. They need you know to went eaten and the big twelve billion early too much in nonconference play. Until a little bit skeptical wildcat. Evidently in the big beat Baylor in the big alternative and so it. It's this one about it any contract buyout type games that permit and I'd like Wake Forest but they usually buying mood but always served a little bit of your academic side. Yeah I'm I'm I'm very concerned because everything that you say I agree with I just always think when when you play out. Well when you clippers Weber teaming you can make jump shots that's that's usually the recipe for success. Last game or get to from the first four Providence in USC. You'll see another team not exactly known for their defense but province comes out of the big east. USC obviously in Iowa out of out of the pac twelve they had. They are really nice showing a fall like they've beaten you silly once this year than I showing last week and the pac twelve championship game Heidi exactly see that one go and up. Yeah you know the only acts well and outside of those top three Arizona utility organ that even in the bracket. They're barely in the first sports like indicate that they didn't. And it started it at fourteen you know but they're kind of forgotten just because there's is no respect given Brooke the pact to open the button so. I mean mall properties yet they were trying to. They afford eight in the big east at one point or another in the tournament. Are literally crack that admitted he'd been a problem especially POW Chris Darden let your kid they were expected to have I you know to. He's back in the term and they get into that strong finish. I think you let the hectic it is kind of a pop up game. You don't. Yeah I've probably been more toward deeper Buick dealer better off balance. Articulate the heat in the game and I'm very curious to see they've not been really at any sort of quality wins and they beat UCLA in January there are so. I'll probably has certainly been a little bit more impressive lately. Speed and that brownie can read his work at sports on earth you can get at him on Twitter act Mack Brown CFB. Well it's Tuesday Madden I'm sure. Most of us are at least have at least filled out one bracket if not if not multiple I'm curious on your stance I'd base everything ever read. From your work which I love you you also appear to be a very large proponent of Ken palm much like myself I'm curious. When you started filling out the bracket you heard piece today about best chances for upsets this ever lowest points still there's always been a 512 there's always going to be a 512. And one story that I sold today that's been developing is that on Salma sports books. Middle Tennessee State is now favored against Minnesota. I believe the last time a twelve was favored over a five was when Rhode Island took on Charlotte and Rhode Island ended up losing that game. It is that kind of game that you looked towards that that's the best chance Alina obviously this isn't Vegas state. It humbled hotels without government subsidies they usually do it straight cash so usually they know what they're doing. Yeah I think get back on what the best chance and I do feel that public cult be part of your skeptical though so one you see the Mets have immediately on the Fletcher showed that I got one everybody's going to pick that acquitted but in the early to have. Happened there wouldn't be great. I look at the last year. Soc Michigan State road bike rack I dissipate would have did you last year and that they're better this year and yet. Radio thought he ought to start that you are back. He had the Arkansas transfer record blatantly between gore and they got three really really good players on a lot of depth beyond but. Are really good players there and you know they're Minnesota has suited to your defense which is scary but nobody really respects the big Ed this year and you get. A really good mid major that's 130 game that beat Michigan State would have the same player last year where you. Certainly will integrate upset pick admitted that the collect dubbed himself I didn't pick it middle Tennessee but. It's a good game again yet where I would be shocked if everybody has turned up the wrong guys maybe were great were overlooking Minnesota the people bad. And the way he played really ultimate chart the regular cadence to being. They have walked only twice since February began to Minnesota did finish strong. Played blogging here defend well so they will be so be it up out. They're the Big Ten country and you mentioned the the developing narrative this year that the big tennis just kind of yet. If you will do you feel like that's deserve did you feel like may be the talent is kind of got spread more than. I think it on the circuit here in debate that have been arguably the best conference for a couple years recently NL this year assist nobody. You could put together the opponent that seemed immediately put back. What comfortably. Point woman's story on February 9 to beat a rat get over Iraq and it would seem just. In Spain and if you poll if you would say then that they would they would be at eight seed but they are in the the danger they see they are probably. They and it's really poorly down the stretch the regular season but. I don't know looking not a bit happy that you would come in on that EU lying about the awful fact our opponent got an experienced team played good defense has. Very good players. So you know in it. It did a down year for the Big Ten for sure but produced little danger to cable wanna get on the three point shooting Michigan got hot and has one of the nation better offenses. But it sort of a little bit under rated. So there's still. I don't think the final four team in the Big Ten this year but you know it is still possible to copper could exceed expectations just. It's just filled with decent teams but not great team this year. Speaking and Matt brown. Sports on earth. Did you can get him on Twitter at Matt brown CF BI of guinier Big Ten country in so. I feel like Anaheim obviously you're you're judged based upon turning it performance but does it almost feel like eight. We. Over emphasized that turn it when we decide to do the grand sweeping. Generalization of weather conferences good much like we do you Phillip we make too much bowl games I feel like oh well obviously the term it's a very different. Aspect then then bowl games but he does feel like at times we just. Completely over generalize based upon. A couple of forty minute games when in reality sometimes is bad match ups. Yeah I net debt like credit debt prelude true we're all games what you're the differing levels of the motivation I think that data dumb dog not great matchups that we did we spend you know the entire off season. Analyze the what happened just been those gains and Annika what term it's. Yeah if they single donation event for a lot of bucket going to be involved you can still three point shot might not be all in one game that you IE eight. Thirteenth seed that it's 50% of Goldman and you're out and that the meter bad humor added that he's innocent in forty minute. Break it all your way and but you know that. It's ultimately what. I get either job bought it well program they're judged even you know it's great sport built there on the post either go to not air but it's kind of just reality that's not going to change to me. The Big Ten had. Several great ear but it has not won a national championship in 2000. The pac twelve on a fourteen and in several years now so. Like it or not it is what it always going to be judged them on there and he ended. Certainly a big part of the park will be under pressure this year that it hadn't seen it down the pac twelve which I basically freaking that you haven't. Eaten much of any but he but we'll we all agreed early did but it would be much ready but if so we don't get a lot of tip that the judge operative against one another. So a bit but I've been doing and they're not best for the way pros always going to be. Matt one team that will punch there I should say one team will punch their final four ticket here in Memphis the south regional finals semifinals and finals are here at FedEx Forum. According to Ken palm east south region is the this'll be the most difficult. Region according to Kim Paul ratings of all time. Obviously headlined by North Carolina and Kentucky. How do you see that when breaking down where he had that one go and. Yet really helped the ticket in Utah public gulf state which you know everybody is kind of agreed should be put under heated ebitda performance of their tendency to. I could like hockey the second round which is they. Brilliant site you accept that because it could be you or get the revenge storyline for a few years ago would stop state with the war in law that eight seed Kentucky. So you don't really really tough road to block at the North Carolina and a pretty easy path to beat you lead eight Butler beat help. But I think you it either earlier to get shape it to avoid upset you get the elated but bottom aqueduct. That bracket when you get. Stop date down there near Cincinnati which is underrated team then. You know the potential Kentucky UCLA national which we've seen that. I want to seem to cut you North Carolina won here. I have North Carolina. I mean out of that region I don't feel. Great about it I think that the best bet that you because of the U your act they have in the top package that region but you know hopefully won't get up. You know Kentucky could be anybody else to eat Elaine doll as good as anybody torture on it means we devote battle of the routine. Well unreal the Pargo out of that region but that sweet sixteen could be a whole lot of fun. Speaking when Matt brown of sports on earth he's kind enough to join us here on this Tuesday that we appreciate your time and before let's together we ask is so. A you have to be on the record now we're gonna hold this team forever and always who are your a lot of foreign media when they're off. I got declared don't on the left after the bracket I had Kansas and North Carolina on the rape and I had candidates who proved you can the national title game. Can't really argue with that mean they certainly that they have the type of formula. To win they got great guard play and they've got. Even though he he takes a bunch of criticism muscle thing Bill Self is pretty darn good at what he does that ever laughed at him up at Villanova lost that Villanova loss in hindsight doesn't appear to be. Too bad loss consider. Yes I thirteen straight big twelve regular you can huddle we're doing something right so. But you know saying that I admitted they clap your so that nobody ever really don't foresee. So did my super producer Ben Hogan so he he sympathize with the that entire interview Matt we really appreciate your time thank you so much for joining us a man. I as Matt brown of sports on. Coming up next though we got to wrap this bad boy up with some rapid fire. Great stories coming at check quick hits stick around you listen the Aircastle timeshare right here on 99 FM ESPN. In 1000 dollars worth of you guys do. He had some big bracket challenge now. Search for dilemma fascinating story. And sonic bracket challenge thousands are now. Or 929 ES. 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For Eric Eric joined us at the top of the 3 o'clock hour our thanks to Brevin Knight you joined us for grizzlies analysts Tuesday. And our thanks to Matt brown who also discussed the NCAA tournament if you missed any of those you can catch them on the podcast they'll be up shortly after the show but then. Imus fired up traffic far down. Rapid fire is brought to you bypass. Fresh pizza now these rapid fire attack. On the Eric Cassell signed Joseph the lightning around the radio rapid fire on 929 FM ESPN. Arkansas in the sports world right now. I know that you like to do some become so picked him Kansas State wait for rapid fire. I'm in my head op model like Wake Forest the sharks are on Kansas State but I'm in I'm innocent I'm smarter than sharks go in Kansas State. And then tonight or in the first game I'll take you into. All right. Lavar ball sane crazy things again he said that he wants a billion dollars first three sons to get a shoe deal. He also says that he could take Michael Jordan one on one which is more ridiculous. Rapid fire. Is Michael Jordan in his eight unbelievable arsonist hated his take on Michael Jordan. I miss it that's the more outrageous statement however I love the negotiating tactic he gospel what I would call John Carly Stanton. In which it does that a number he throws out a number like when the Marlins came to John Carlo like. Jon Karl who are making a marlin for life what's gonna take. I don't know how about a third of a billion dollars. Steady just go straight out to be a billion cheater sheet data we have got predict that there. Exactly. Exactly dumb. New report comes on that says. The drug people actually may were called events better rapid fire yeah. Whole new meaning to so my best ideas come when I'm drunk so. Shall mom. I'm old you. A Washington lawmen are sees me at Texas lawmaker. It's satirical bite she is proposing a bill that would find men a hundred bucks each time they. 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