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The Gary Parrish Show Hour 1 (3/14/17)

Mar 14, 2017|

Adrian Wojnarowski: The Vertical/Yahoo NBA on with GP at 4:20pm talking Grizz, NBA and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

After 3311860. Dollars for line 140 dollars on two and thirty dollars minus three for four months ever know for not every hour. Excludes taxes surcharges roaming and premium content streams videotape HD 1080. Credit thirty dollar activation fee prohibited network you stated deforestation and restrictions apply to the EC nine FM ESPN presents series on national columnist who spends his afternoon. My perspective to Memphis radio can make you. Still some time. You can change the station children. It's 4 o'clock we'll. Jerry Sanders show. Back cuts may not hear the spring breaking the big oil is light will be glad it was me I hope you're getting through the debt would no obstacles. No disruptions. They want. The main database from the field 21 points back of the court. Today in 94 million dollars. The surgery once again for the third straight year we'll start to look like a back. Or should I say it's starting to become clear that it was a bad investment started looking like a bad investment and back in the pre season now. Worst and have a good talk about it all just the sake of delegates at this afternoon's scheduled boy if four point. Adrian awards he is an NBA columnist afford DO vertical best in the business he's gonna join me here in twenty minutes. I will talk about Tim apart and meet with him I will talk about Vince Carter's performance at the age of forty wit him. I we'll talk about the NBA in general with the him including. Whether Lavar ball why don't comments day after day after day that's flawed the ball father is going to have any impact whatsoever. On where Alonso ball is drafted in the 2017. The NBA draft there are some people who have suggested. At that Jill manages just don't gonna wanna deal with a father who is all over the place like this would actually they'll have an impact. On loans the balls. Draft position won't talk to India people every single day I ask you what he's heard what I do that a 41 when I finished that set but I will do port notables toward the full 44. At which point I'll discuss what previously un discussed stories among them Brazilians. I'll probably think we're crazy in this country debating whether an NFL team should sign Joseph Nixon because a Brazilian soccer team. Just signed a convicted the murderer. Say Brazilian soccer team professional team has just signed a convicted. Murderer. For real dude ordered the murder of his girlfriend won his friends tortured and killed her. They then it cut her body yup in fed it to his well why this guy got convicted of murder did seven years of prison got released last month. And now he assigned to a professional soccer contract in Brazil it's an audit real story again the a very affordable stories of 444 Florida senator. Marco Rubio. Says snoop dog should have shot a toy gun at a clam dressed as president Donald Trump and a music video released over the weekend that might be they single. We artist since I've ever read from an eighteen story in the history of AP stories have been redeployed again dead. Seriously think about this for second night if somebody would have told you on like five years ago ten years ago. That on March 14 2017. This will be a senate that leads an AP story and every aspect of this and it's will be true. Here's the sentence. Florida senator Marco Rubio says snoop dog chipped a shot at toy gun and a clown dressed as president Donald Trump. What looked like not BI that Marco Rubio becoming about snoop dog would have made no sense to you the idea that president Donald Trump would be an actual thing would have made no sense to you and yet here we are. March 14 2070 is seventeen. This is the opening series and AP store at Florida senator Marco Rubio says stupid dog shouldn't shuttered toy gun and a clown dressed as president Donald Trump. In a music video released over the weekend. Earlier talk about it a little later on this hour Michelle beetle of ESP has put together a bracket of sick out because the NCAA tournament and the Al bracket aspect of it this is the time anywhere breakup of the brag. The vermeil a highlight the sometimes I like these sometimes as well a bracket a fast food a bracket of anything to your bracket about bracket of any bank the seven to be a bracket sitcom I'll tell you what one will see if we agree or disagree we're gonna do that just before 5 o'clock. And then Baylor is back in the headlines once again for not good reasons always some of those Baylor Bears and tell about it during four notable stories of 4445 o'clock Geoff Calkins would join me. We will talk about the grizzlies Chandler Parsons Vince Carter all that with him that's at 5 o'clock and at 525 the NCAA to get started tonight. I don't know people realize that it gets started actually tonight used to be you wake up on Thursday and that's the NCAA tournament not anymore starts on Tuesday night at the first four in Dayton wait force Kansas state of playing tonight in Dayton. And it should be a good game dating meanings of first ever NCAA tournament game in the NIT also gets started tonight interesting aimed at an Atlanta Indiana. Against Georgia Tech what's interesting about that. Is that one coach is in the exact position but the other coach was in a year ago loop Tom crane is basically living just passed his life. From a year ago I'm in a situation where. I don't know for certain but probably not gonna get fired but it has gotten so ugly there for Tom. That you start to wonder should he do exactly what Josh pastor did. Which is try to get another opportunity and just ballots now in fairness Tom won't have to try as hard as Josh needed to try. I've just been very fortunate I think to get the Georgia Tech opportunity. A lot of people had to turn that down for you get to him Bryce drew being the most obvious name. Tom I think he could be the number one option at some places maybe Missouri and so the question becomes. Do you leave Indiana. To go be the coach at Missouri. Could a new contract. But more important new set of expectations a new fan base a fresh start a better quality of life and I don't mean that. As it relates to living in Columbia Missouri as opposed to Bloomington Indiana I just mean that the fan base has turned against him the big money boosters have turned against him. Maybe not to the point to where they're going to actually fire him because I have four million dollars. But they certainly turned on him in a way. That makes it very difficult to ever get that back yet any sailor somebody had put his Canada basketball or him at a basketball game. I like that in this way situation for a little while right because. It took awhile to get it going and Indiana because he inherited a total mess and Indiana. You know it's Indiana they think of themselves as Kentucky and here and duke and North Carolina. And then secondly about the same time time was don't take a little time to get it going at Indiana John cal Perry like flip Kentucky infineon in two weeks against Kentucky job got commitments from. John Wall DeMarcus Cousins the Kentucky was in a rate of one of the country's best team in the country that you're even if they got bounced in the elite eight. I'm by West Virginia sojourn Indiana can you go why can't we do that if judge gave Kentucky can you turn around that quickly why you'll get around that quickly. The obvious answer to that is all because that's time cal Perry Iraqis a different animal like there's nothing like it there's never been anything like him. So to be held to that standard is is a very difficult. A thing to that position to be and but he the white all of these things like the Tom not endearing himself to Indiana fans from the start that he got to go. And they won an outright Big Ten title and day you went to the excellent turn and as the number one overall seed and then day. Had a bad game and get searches is shown in the got thousands sweet sixteen in Indiana fans were furious. Also best players early to the NBA draft Cody Zeller which you could have expected the federal depot was on nobody's NBA radar. Before the season started so they will probably prepare for that for the following year was bad. They rebuilt again. Guess what won it outright picking Jimmie just last year. Went to the NCAA tournament then an idea of fiscal cold. But in this year's been a struggle because he lost his point guard you'll Ferrell and OG and Adobe is best player game has suffered a season ending knee injury earlier this year. Sold the bat and now Indian fans are right back in the we hate Tom Green moat. And so I wonder he and Josh in a moment at some point today we'll have this conversation like you know what motivated Judy get out. How you feeling about your decision is under normal circumstances you would not leave Memphis to go to Georgia Tech rendered Josh is circumstances you absolutely need Memphis to go to Georgia Tech. Under Tom's situation. You know under normal circumstances you would never lead Indiana to go probably anywhere I guess the job that's a great job there. But low under. Tom's circumstances should you leave. Indiana to go somewhere just to get out of that toxic situation. Oh get into that a little bit more at 525. Of them we'll do dinner ago and we'll get out of here so that's the rundown this afternoon got a lot to get to but I wanna start with. The Memphis Grizzlies so bitter so as you and I left here yesterday I think it was even before I got home or right as I was getting home. A news breaks from the grizzlies general Parsons. Slight terror or be rephrase partial tear of the meniscus. He's probably going to have a season ending knee surgery the grizzlies didn't say that the timid man did. From yes peek in and so one where all the air they had announced that China wasn't gonna play last night in the injury reports that he had a knee soreness. Turns out it was much more than he soared since the knee injury. And so let's just assume for the sake of the conversation that that surgeries coming and that he's back going to be here for the rest of the season. Three straight years that he's he's been cut short because of knee injury that's not a good trend. Big picture it's awful for the franchise that's awful which for Chandler but this is a a franchise that to reach its ceiling you've heard them say this more than me. Are they need healthy Chandler Parsons. They haven't had that liberty for a minute since they signed it but they definitely don't have it now. He's not playing anymore this year that's back. Even worse is that you got him under contract for three more years is sign into a 94 million dollar deal. A year in this thing with them they got to sit back. All of your choice if I mean if you keep you autistic die by it because it might pay off in the long run against it diet because there's coauthored a absolutely liking you it you'd look to not be able should buy it like you did there was a way that you could not stick by it trust me you would have not stuck by it. Ready. But now this is that and so it's it's starting to look like. About investment. Either a gamble gone wrong. Or something mixed. In to me that is when it comes to discussing Gemma Parsons. And his contract with the grizzlies to me that is the most important question. The big gamble. And just lose the bet. Or did day. Miss something. I'd frankly heard different things about that some people say you know what they understood the risk involved but they also understood that if if their mortal risk involved they had no shot at getting channel Parsons or player of that caliber in free agency. So they were willing to gamble. You know it's like they were. This isn't a perfect analogy but you'll get the point. If they're sitting on sixteen a budget that. Dealers got nice young urging there's got to nine showing. What do you do. Like you can you can stay. And it may or may not work out you can hit it may or may not work out it's a gamble it away. Probably should hit it skill what let's take a chance let's hit it while recognizing we might get a face card here and then we're gonna bust. Always have to get what I want to know what. I'm willing to gamble let's gotten. Well one and if it was just I'm willing to gamble. Okay. Understand. There's a 60% chance this might work out as a 40% chance he could be a disaster are we willing to invest 94 million dollars with those shots. Or 40% chance that works with 60% chance or doesn't whatever the numbers are if they went into it knowing. We do what the school was. But all willing to roll the dice anyway. If you'll allow me to introduce Dyson to the analogy. I am then that's forgive global I think. The thought that they knew what they were doing. The case you know what you up against when you committed to this it just hasn't worked out. There was a alternate universe in which it did just didn't work out as far. Must take. But it understandable mistake. If only other hand they just missed something to me that is disastrous. Yeah. Disastrous. And I didn't think that they missed something. And here's why. Because when they signed and they didn't. Talk about it in this way. When they signed it they never said. You guys have to understand this is somebody who had multiple knee surgeries. He's probably not going to be able to play on opening act. And when he does get introduced into the rotation. Or gonna start him because we want him out there were Mike and mark but he got to be on this restrictions never gonna go about 25. Probably not gonna play on ActiveX. And this is the way it's gonna go and you want to Chandler Parsons. We're not worried about you one we're looking forty year two in your three or may be the end of year one but just understand. It's July right now he's not gonna be ready on opening night. And he's not he's going to be limited. In deep into the season. Now what they said. In effect it has now what they said means is that what they were expecting. They knew was coming off. Knee issues. But they expect them to be healthy and ready to go from day one when he wasn't. To me that suggests they missed something. That suggests that somewhere somebody. Didn't have this thing Taft correctly. And that is disastrous. Because. It is something that other people saw. You know there's a reason why. Publicly. It was the grizzlies and the blazers that had Max contract of right right. I've heard back and forth to speaking openly I've heard. Different versions of whether the blazers really had an offer on the table and but maybe they're doctors saw something instead. But either way and let's just pretend for the sake of the conversation that it was prisons and blazers in it was only the grizzlies and blazers. When like there were eighteen would Max contracts on the table for channel Parse yeah. That's the million teams will only get everything they could Kevin Durant they work a million teams often this kind of money to Chandler Parsons. Click the Dallas Mavericks. Who knew about his situation better than. That should have been a red flag. We'll all look your best friends a Mark Cuban the mavericks know you better than anybody and they're not willing to commit tee. More than a year they're not willing to commit more than. In sixteen million dollars or whatever was. They then how will it put 94 why go to may be the wall watch the like if you're an adult even though the patriots portrait free trade with him many think why the why why Bill Belichick called me about display and compares. I was like that might make me reevaluate my own players do what they like about him that I say they hear why doesn't Dallas liked in the Parsons. What concerns them should it concern me. It clearly didn't concern him enough. To make them hesitate putting their country from the table. There was question then. And it has turned into be a worst case scenario. I'm. Keep in mind. That's gonna have another procedure that we have from that. But he was never himself after the last one. It wasn't like he got back going. Absolutely because it was that today the initial the issue he got that going he looked good he had the other one and he's never come back from the upper. Is there a scenario a reasonable scenario in which he comes back from this one better. After or at his previous self. Guest rip the doctor but I bet against it wouldn't you yeah. It's a would you. Getting knowledge all of that. I've been you can acknowledge that this has been a a disastrous turn of events for the franchise. In terms of the big picture. Small picture. Short term. The sounds awful but it's true of the best in the could've happened to the French onion I think it happened to this team. A because suddenly I'm not running somebody out there in the starting line up to 23 minutes. Became platinum weight off your shoulders it just it it it it does it makes it wears out a form by game to start every single game in a David Tisdale said on Sunday. The wreath at the start of the Parsons because in the starters are gonna have to cover foreign. You play with the second unit. There's nobody to cover for me get exposed all low will you what that felt like yeah that's how bad night that the we thought he's been for awhile it's good to finally you say that. But basically what has acknowledged on Sunday it was we played four on five to start the game. Every game for about 42 to 24 minutes per game every time jitters in the lineup that's what we've been doing that's what David is a set on Sunday in new not to do that anymore. That's a good thing for the short term bad thing big picture of the franchise good thing for the short term. And as it relates to this particular team and I do not think it was a coincidence. That they came up more energy last night that they play better last night. I don't think that's not tied to Chandler being unavailable. They look like OK let's go. And then the guy who ends up starting in place agenda that's Carter has a remarkable performance database from the field six of six from three point range at the age of forty. 24. Points in the he is not gonna do that every game he might never do that again. I'm but he different light up and it was a fun night inside that building that had been enough of them lately. We'll talk to quote about all of this he's come up next phase. Jason Smith from nineteen now. It in the 99 sonics bracket challenge. On ESPN dot. In the App Store before. Huge prizes including a thousand dollars for the visa gift cards of 55 inch HD Smart TV 500 dollars a Christian Brothers auto. His round around. We finally reached a really great part of basketball season NBA teams of badminton player opposition NCAA tournament is here it's a busy time but also fun times in. 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Spell any university is your place to achieve your purpose. On May sixteenth. Gary I was still a nice none of them have been about Obama team members they'll just find it convicted of. That's wild to talk about the next set number right now it's better to the article the host of the article podcast with most of the very best in the business. It's Adrian what rap Jamaican the big interview. Columnists and okay. Names in sports season Gary perish no yeah. We never. Appreciated by Tiger Woods is unknown cnnfn. ESPN. Surviving the snowstorm I saw the blizzard it looks. Three. Did and it it is. It is quite a storm Gary and we're and let me just say this it was a big moment it was a big moment in my house on Sunday night. Only like maybe ten days removed from use sitting in our achieving your TV room watching TV without it to turn around. Do you sit in the big seat next Charles Barkley it was a it was a big moment that upper. Arms and that's really nice you tell your family I should thank you and hello and yeah that was a fun way to spend selection Sunday and also pretty surreal moment you don't ever. Initially planned to be in that chair but they get the opportunity do that was awesome I preach. You know you've been you've been plotting an asset I don't that oddly I'm my goals are much much lower than that had never really effect that it sadly Brad they see the value of reevaluate my goal but I never. That was never on the list of adult but it was a cool thing to to have happen for sure I'm talking to load from the vertical. You know the big topic in this city today it is Chandler Parsons he's going to have. It appears season ending and knee surgery for the third consecutive year he is under contract for 94 million dollars. That was a four year deal three years left on it. Do we know. Whether the grizzlies recognize the risk involved with Gemma Parsons in just decided to gamble because hey it's worked to gamble may be war crap out but it'd be upside is is too much to pass on. Or did they simply missed something in the medical's. Well it's interesting. You know looking at this eerie because the injury been and the other day it's been on this has not been neat that they eat every all the teams ballots and and others poured over. On this is that this has been an injury this year he had issues. With the opposite knee and so. Now can that be because you're compensating and you know on it like doctors believe sometimes that happens so but but I'm not. I don't know what caused the injuries to his dumb luck but the bottom line here obviously this'll be that third shriek year. That you know Chandler ends with. In and it's on the sidelines with surgery. And there's no question now what three years while that is deal it's such a big number. You know that. You know they have to hope that they can just yet. Get him back to being productive player to the idea that he's going to live up to that contract he's gonna be Max level player. Yeah that that's hard to imagine right now but if you saw this year Kerry even when he played. He wasn't one of there you know he he started for them but there was nobody who felt like. This was one of he was playing well enough to be a starter. But. They they've. You know as a thank you have a back. I'm sure they wouldn't do it but at the same time look and I think this team still has enough to compete. But they needed someone to stretch the floor for them they needed that the Chandler Parsons added that. Was really what this organization needed a struggle to find shooting the last couple years they thought that he'd be able spread the floor Foreman. You know obviously you know he sits on their cap not a really big. Number talk and Adrian order asking from the vertical here on 929 FM ESPN so. Obviously that the biggest concern for me isn't necessarily like another niece surge because like you said it's a different need it's that. Even before this he never even before he apparently for his meniscus he never looked like himself and I'll take a step further. Never looked like an MBA player and I don't say that to be harsh or just say it to be. He looked like somebody who wasn't well enough to play in the NBA trying to play in the NBA for instance if you try to make Kevin Durant play an NBA game tonight I bet you he would move well enough to do. Taylor never looked like he was moving well enough. To be on the court it is that a big concern that now or ask him to bounce back from another issue any never really bounced back on the last one. There's no question Gary and every one of these take something out of you that you don't get every one of these doesn't. I have multiple procedures now and out at mumble deeds. There's no question that that its future and what he's going to beat them is. That there's a lot of uncertainty dissident. You know but I think there's they don't confidence when Kevin Durant comes back from the injury when he feels right until. Now that you know we saw all the clashes occurring he'd never booked like stuff curry again after that injury not a guy reported last year during the class they felt. He felt that he was around 85%. And sort of you know at the end of the year kind of without trying to make excuses but yeah I never really was all myself but I played cadets. Like I had to keep playing but. Yet there's a question like they. They I have to figure are going forward how he fits in because I don't think that David Tisdale in go to another year. I'll just try to play him into shape and hoping. That that he can. You know played his way. Into being a contributing player like you've got to put guys out there. Who at least physically can. You know I can compete every night in and I think Chandler struggled to compete most of the night to adopt. Talking Avian what you ask you from the vertically on Twitter at won't vertical MBA you mentioned David phased out he didn't come out and say this exactly on Sunday but he strongly suggested. Listen guys I see the same thing you see when you watch Chandler Parsons play but this is an organizational. Decision in other words the implication was. I don't wanna be played Gemma Parsons point two minutes I'm trying to win games but this is coming from up top. We have to keep playing them because the best aversion possible version of us includes Chandler Parsons so I'm playing him but it's not really what I wanna be doing. Didn't if something that is the reality how often does that happen around the NBA where the organization says hey coach we don't care about this that that is much we care about. We need you to play this particular guy these particular minutes. Almost every night. Well I would say every night almost everywhere. Like because more and more you know and again and you certainly get back to what their long term goal one that brought to be. But I can wannabe we've got to get Chandler Parsons back and rehab and contributing a high level because we're limited without him. Now the coach had the bite that all that in the short term when he just you know he want to win games he got the ball out that's exactly how he can be judged. But that's where you have to be. In lock step and actually get it when you hire a guy like David Tisdale culture and environment in. And Miami or that's what they do it if they're Spoelstra. Doesn't agree with something Pat Riley may want him to do you'll never know about it. Because that's the right way to do business and say would fit exit is gonna do. Directly and what every coach in the league outside of up on a couple guys there's couple guys who have ultimate authority and they're their own bosses. Every coach in a legal service and its it's and we saw that you sought in the past cement that's a big Jaeger where they were not a line and they gear wasn't. Try to share that with people. It makes it really hard because the players sense that the players know that and it makes it hard to. I have a kind of environment you wanna have so that that's why I think this was a really good hire them. Because it'll it'll do you made Greer may disagree and I'm not saying whether he Gator I don't know where install on this for Chandler. But. Again like that's why. Bringing in somebody like his who wonders who's been a part of that Miami. And is gonna do the right thing for the organization whether he agreed you know you might debate behind the scenes but a public. He you're not gonna know that an end or even you know pile up the records are gonna do quit to speak guy with somebody else acquitted out. That's not how key operate apparently learned from Erik Spoelstra Miami I think that's a big part of the reason. You know why they hired him in Memphis so why I think he's a really good job. And by the way grizzlies fans if you haven't listened to the vertical podcast with woes when his guest was David his staff he showed it was a terrific conversation you can find that. On iTunes you mentioned that it can calls issues even when it's coming down from the top it can cause issues from the coach obviously and one way the coach just ends up taking the public bull what's the fans are yelling about him why he played this guy the issue that causes that. For every minute Chandler Parsons plays when he's clearly not good enough to play a healthy enough I should say to play. It's a minute somebody else isn't playing when you got guys in contract years. They wanna be on the court they they're playing for money. And down that can't be a tough thing to navigate within that locker room can't. Absolutely and you you've got guys there Tony Allen Jack Randall who. You know there's other free agents on that roster everybody wants to bet the challenge of coaching in this league is getting guys to. Separate their own personal goals for what the team new organizational goals are and they don't always a line that's like that professional sports. But probably big time college sports which is a professional sports in its own way and so. But I think though that's what it says he's done a really teach me go back to begin in this season. Well it's old. Zach Randolph on coming off the bench and you don't even markets all building. Below market stall. Like it's quite easy to build a relationship with him he doesn't just trust. Everybody and he put a lot of work in in the offseason would probably would you saw. You know with all their guys to build relationships to get to know that because there's going to come a time. You're gonna have to do something that guys don't love or that unpopular. In and it's a lot easier to do that when you have. When there's some when there's a personal connection there. An and it had done that I think the really good coaches and only do that where they look at you may not agree with the decision you made out like. You eat you know it may be upsetting to you. But you wonders like there's a respect there and the coach is gonna be straight and if you are most guys like. Like what they don't want is like they can live with yes or no nobody wants maybe WS struggle all our coach or front office and kind of get back to. You know a lot of those things that I think it is put. A lot of that in place they are but it's. You know for them right now it's no big payment of obviously it's Carter came in and played tremendously last like an account on that every night no. But you know this is still formidable team and you know they didn't. You know still the playoffs when rotation shrink and you don't have back to backs obviously the team where that time off. You know between games is gonna be real benefit for them they're still going to be dangerous but first truck. I'm Tucker and Adrian it was passed gift from the vertical on Twitter at won't vertical MBA you mentioned Vince Carter he started in place of Gemma Parsons last night. When eight of eight from the field finished with 24 points he's forty years old. But the idea that Vince Carter is the same age as me is incredible I can barely like move around my home. Comfortably and he's out there playing at that type of level and what's incredible is that. I don't know how often we've seen superstars. Transition so comfortably. Into the role of just a guy. Like we see it both sides of it here in Memphis we saw Allen Iverson just could not come to terms with the idea that he wasn't Allen Iverson anymore and like quit the team at the middle like after a handful of games Leggett got a press covered got a uniform what are road trip like just. With the team. Meantime Vince. And you were young people might not remember you. Among the biggest stars in in the in the league once upon a time like leave the league in MBA all star votes type of guy. And now he seems so comfortable just. Being one of the guys I've reserved a mostly reserve role. How often do we see that in the NBA it's pretty rare isn't. There's really hurting our Jeff Van Gundy. You know us in the UN at one point this coaching career that's the hardest thing to do coaching has coached the aging superstar. A lot of reasons how they see themselves public can't seem other organizations. And Benson made it easier culture and part of it is like an N. It's obvious there's been blocked the plate again well good luck and maybe people questioned. Earlier in his career he's just been Dunkirk he didn't develop as all around game. The immediate because of an element of criticism you heard and I think like now people remembers Vince. Like he did develop and he doesn't play of the rim anymore he hacked to. You know it is he's become a better jump shooters become a better. You know he he can get a spot like he used to but he found ways and I think the biggest part of it to be able to do that forty years oldest public picking terrible spot. Like Allen Iverson didn't he care of his body and once she lost and what Dow losses explosion they could just go by everybody anymore. Allen that he could play in the league anymore and since has found a way or another you know some guys have found a way to stay healthy. And and a lot and like you said two to accept. Like this secondary role. It's really hard mentally for guys to do that and she's done it and it's allowed him to keep earning. And they keep playing here. To deploy that position of forty years old beatle we see big men hang around and just you played the posting them. Yours passable league play to the post war and big men in the game wasn't played as fast always. You know there's a big band played and their forties but the field winning a wing player like. It's Carter doing really really remarkable. Talking agent Walter askew from the vertical switch gears before I let you go. Lavar ball is back in the headlines today lawns Obama's father he is just in the past I. You don't get your discover look at all the anybody else. I read what I don't want to open as we discussed I. They bled like guys on a national level the first person ever quote or more ball and I never forget I met him out of Los Vegas is Billy took three years ago. And I just sort of fascinated by the story like he got mom and dad. Coaching hit a huge team all the Brothers played together even though the youngest ones like thirteen years old played against seventeen year old. Really know what to expect that is thought they did you have the ingredients for what might be an interesting story it's I would open I talked at Lavar ball collect forty minutes. And I in the night you know said that I got a number don't call you later and Egypt and I walked back over to I don't remember who was a matter to Matt in Orlando or San to see anyone my colleagues at times CBS sports. And they should try to go to the bar on as I said. He was amazing. Think like I got automobile right there perfectly. But like may. Everything I need it and that's what did you talk a wild for awhile just in the past 36 hours he said that he thinks Alonso and the family can get a deal billion with a B I dollar contract. You know of from a shoe company. And he also said that he in his heyday he would have been Michael Jordan in one on one sort of get a little out of you know he's he's he's got a little wild with that even by the marble standards. But the way hit my question for you. Com people are starting to suggest. That this might actually impact Alonso balls draft position that a general manager. Out there might say you know what I just don't want to deal with that whole dynamic I don't want to. Bring lines eleven game one night because he's playing poorly as a rookie and I got the dad popping off on. On the sport sinner or wherever. It. You talk to NBA people more than anybody talks the NBA people do you have any grasp the weather Lavar ball could really coleslaw on the ball on draft night. I park I actually talked to mediums and last week could be it'll probably be in the lottery. And while they can love it. While they said look I can see the potential issue here and I think it's got the best I'm correct them and and that the outside of LA I think we all know the lakers are position like it's too much of a Hollywood story magic in a point guard you silly like. I can't imagine the lakers. Looking into that we're gonna take full Covert and not limited well like I'm not saying that their decision you can just see Boe. Like LA kid and show a guy who could get outta might be showtime in like you could see where that would be really hard to the lakers to pass up but. The conversation I had a while you know not everybody like just thrilled with the idea how he can do this around the organization. They love the player and here's what all of them have steadily. Because we Alonso is touch him he did back on his personality and their back on I think punish the player. Based on the father's boats and it don't look that there are all kind of family members around NBA players and they're all kind of faintly members around them and in many ways while the quality much more. He ate there will be worse there's far of force situations and people who are around players and changed who you don't see it as much publicly but privately. Do cause strain and issues and and you know having a father who's very involved who's got. You know who had the big public who is sort of assume that big public platform. It now that I think they can deal that especially because. I think so to me I think so much of that period I think you're Greek. It wasn't like he just thought I'd it'll the president. Right like he saw like Egypt. State saying then everybody's talking about you were talking about your player that maybe it's going to have value and but he think he's gonna get a billion dollar shoe deal ensure it doesn't think that. But. Everybody that it's a tournament starting this week everybody possible player and I think that his call I think that's what got us. There's Adrian want to ask you from the vertical he is on Twitter at won't vertical MBA you can read all the stuff. Over at the vertical buddy thanks for being here I really appreciated that can't think enough that I will see you very soon. Yeah I'm and that's loads of from the vertical on Twitter at loads vertical NBA early today most of podcast with the aforementioned. A samba senior he asked me about a ball ball because. It's true that I met Lavar several years ago into the story on the family and I've kept in touch with them ever ever since I like him. I know that a lot of people every time he says something now. They should just shut opera was just I would go away I'd I'd like Lavar ball if I were advising the Harbaugh. And he would listen to me. Which I don't think you look at. I say go to school out from that like you know let let us let this thing keep going and then you can get in your negotiations do everything you wanted to do to like let's try to go a week without. Creating headlines after these really creating headlines every day saying something else but really all you gotta you know stay in it. If you get it if you get in. If you wanna get a story I got to do is you don't get in touch a lot of the marble like when I went out to LA back in December. I was at point two billion for like on nothing game I can remember who they were playing but I was just working honesty offers story. And I saw Lavar there and and the kids were there the wife was there all of them so I went over and spent some time with the men. Lavar. I don't remember what he told me. But like you told me something and I'd like semi editors in a note that I was like hey I got are ball on the record saying this their likes and it to us. Like it to be forty minutes into the story it was like the most read stories on CBS sports dot com that day you just like Lavar ball saying something wild yet essentially wild things that I can keep track of them anymore. But I would say this. So lost and when it comes to. Not necessarily just basketball prospects but often basketball prospects. I'm because of that the places basketball prospects come from so often. On. Who we talked about. You know keep grew up in no father. He grew up without. Two parent home kid grew up without a strong. Adult influence in his in that kid's life and can calls all sorts of other issues. He got a man who is completely involved. And has done everything that people perhaps judgmental people but still people say you're supposed to do. Me to love your life get married have children be involved. Rays on the right way make them work cart teach him right from wrong. Love all of them all those things. He may be wider with his mouth. But can anybody deny he's created. Or at least helped create something that is amazing. He's got three boys they're all terrific basketball players I don't think they're all better and stuff curry I don't think they're all one and done players the middle one is probably. The least talented of the group. I do. Sort of worry about what college is going to be like for him he's going to UCLA as well do and it's father's RD said he is going to be a one and a player like Alonso. Promise he's not can still rated that way so what happens when he goes to UCLA comes off UCLA's bench. As average in six points a game. And people start screaming whats wrong with. Lee Angela ball because his father told us he was gonna be a one and done like that's gonna be difficult for Lee Angela managed to worry about that then. My basic point is if a guy who. Met that met the woman of his dreams married her had a family and has been a strong influence in his children's life from the data they've been born. Raised a multi amazing basketball talent but by all accounts also good young men like if you meet him. I had met all of them. You would walk away going wow those those are some some pretty interest in young people some pretty sharp young people some pretty got together young people. They're all gonna be high school graduates are all going to be on college scholarships. If they're not in the NBA. After a year two or three they're all going to be college graduates but to me and extort a pretty good job as a father. Yes she probably piped it down a little bit probably. But big picture like he's done an amazing job as husband and father. At least from my perspective and so if he's the worst thing you could find with. Apparent dinner at a college basketball player. I say keep looking because there's probably way way worse. Brazilian soccer team has signed a convicted murder to a contract we'll talk about that next. 99 setting up his racquet did not do nine espn.com. 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Minutes and ESPN it's really around stood all alone at night you know I mean these men that come and succeeding. Larry I really show. ES yeah. Cuomo real fan. John I don't know but maybe it's okay don't. A mere five a pilot doesn't get the chance to part his conversations with this conversation just talk about 5 o'clock but right now I got what stories I'd like to discuss. I know. Coaches start selling tour and forget what he wanted to talk about there's certain points every afternoon. So we've developed a device and insecure is built on such an important things you need to know these periods of time. This is GPS or notable stories yes or forty it's you know. Number one okay Brazilian soccer player jailed for ordering the murderer of his girlfriend whose body was being cut up and fed do his pet dogs. Has been signed by a new clubs straight after being released from prison goalkeeper Bruno Fernandez has been handed a two year contract by a Brazilian club. Days believe it's a bola export day a move that has caused uproar in the country easily tell you what happened here guys 32 years old now. Well he's 257 years ago he was convicted of murder. Because. Gotta go pregnant. Catch and wanted to go have a abortion she refused. Tight pair have abortion refused try to force her to have an abortion. Refused. At one point they said tied her up and gave her some sort of like. A group like. It gives a concoction that would hopefully yeah terminate the pregnancy flexible wire stuff right. None of it worked at so we hired as friends paid them to two. Essentially they they say brutal loss to meet with you can you come equal Bruno she's of course a commitment Bruno said a driver like 200 miles to this. Place. Putter in the and the torture for peace. Cap and a killer. In a chopper body out. And they feed it to his dog he was a part of all this he's the one that ordered it he was aware of it. He was convicted rightfully Mulder Newton. Somebody's at a jail after seven years but she tweeted recess and I guess that doesn't like the other I could order that the murder of your record of your girlfriend opened them she ultimately had the baby. K so now it's the mother of your child. He ordered the murder she is murdered. They feed her to his dogs he's convicted of it gets out of prison after seven years bet that part of the story just amazing but I told you. Again got orders them server is girlfriend or the mother's child yeah. Has the body chopped up and they feed it to his Rottweiler there's. In the got a job to seven years you go why there's your story yet. The next what story it got out of jail after seven years. And immediately thought of professional contract in the goalkeeper. He said the contract with the Brazil soccer team on believe they get this country and nothing more wrong I'm just contrasting the two things. Like if somebody signed Greg Hardy it's a big deal. If somebody thinks about signing. And Ray Rice or. Drafting Joseph mixed in it like becomes an outside the lines special any Schiller let me be clear he should but pick that as it relates to this dude caddies. This child hurt. He didn't think it's delicate allegation with convicted of Mercury to convicted murderer and he got out of prison they signed to a two year contract so. A bunch of sponsors of the franchise have a completely dropped off to become a big nobody else in Brazil the wild wild story like I saw this headline today like that can't possibly be true give it now it's real dude and he was on his way by the way too. Being like. Before he was convicted of murder like. They projected like he was headed AC Milan or some don't really that big time yeah the prospect OK and that of course that whole murder conviction got the way of his career but it's not the way anymore he's got a career once again what of crazy story and South America story number two. Part of senator Marco Rubio says snoop dog should have should not have shot a toy gun at a clowns dressed as president Donald Trump and a music video released over the weekend night. I that's an eighty story. I told you admitted there is show you ten years ago and it. On March tortilla 2017. You and I don't we sit in the studio yeah Brad Carson take a spring break today is gonna mean you. And this is going to be the leader of a story. Think about all the things about the cynics that make no sense whatsoever to do to somebody a decade ago. Florida senator Marco Rubio says Snoop Dogg shouldn't have shot a boy gonna clam dressed as president Donald Trump in a music video. Let's hold up what you're telling me is that one day we will have a Florida senator commenting on May. Snoop Dogg video. And oh by the way president well yeah what it's like Olsen have just like I read that today and elevate this is where are livid and have. Like incredible time. Because though a set from Florida. Some people thought what good did express the United States who is now publicly commenting on Snoop Dogg video and the reason he's coming out of snoop dog video of it because in the Snoop Dogg video people to toy gun. Somebody at a home dressed as president Donald Trott. Eleven different things that finish that make no sense to me but here we are by the way just so they so we're clear you shouldn't be pointing guns at president trump. Or anybody dressed as president trump as Marco reboot rope rubio correctly said with the president's assassinate in his country that's not really points not a joking manner so I don't care how you feel about the president's prompt. As Shimmy joking about him getting murdered because like. Radical thing to joke about murder and story number three. Baylor has fired DiMarco a Butler less than a month after he was hired to serve as associate director for football operation school spokesperson confirmed. To multiple outlets last night his dismissal comes amid allegations that he sent inappropriate text messages. To a teenager it's some of the data Baylor anywhere we at least firings you think at some point like you would reach the point. Where at Baylor they would just gather everybody. Who's on payroll everybody like basically hair everybody you get to direct deposit from us lets all meet on campus somewhere yup which owns on the two. Able had an and that we all gonna get together and him and he's somebody today. I know a lot. And I know somebody had nothing to do with all this craziness. But just so we're clear goal and all what we got all right Susan because somebody didn't fired at Iowa State today a big deal. So I get fired that you would LB today ain't that big of a deal for quite firing game fired at Ole miss today ain't gonna create national headlines but have any of you idiots do something anybody if he's going to bring all of our past back right into the national headlines so pleased. If you like the sexually assault don't know it. Note if you like to do. Assault people physically please don't do that we get enough of that and and if you like fitting and appropriate text messages to underage people you got to cut it out immediately on that because you work at Baylor and we are operating under a microscope these days but the Marco Butler if that message was hit he did not receive it because now he's fired. But just being around creeps though it sounds like what a mess down there story number four Joseph Biel put together best sitcom bracket earlier today. And she has voted. Feet. As the winner. Of the best sitcom bracket do you agree or disagree or take some of the candidates on any candidate modern.

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