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The Gary Parrish Show Hour 2 (3/14/17)

Mar 14, 2017|

Geoff Calkins joins GP in Hour 2 to talk Grizzlies/Parsons injury

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Count it's 506 Gary Parrish a run 92 not if ME ST we'll talk college basketball in the next segment right now he's award winning columnist Memphis commercial bill host of the Jeff talk and show and author of after the jump it's just talking Jeff Carter's how are you it's Tuesday afternoon doing okay. I appreciate your being here and of course the topic of the day in this market is Chandler Parsons. And the Memphis Grizzlies I listened to you this morning David talked to you this morning I just first stuff of folks who might have missed it. As your general thoughts if you well. On the latest whichever Parsons the report being torn meniscus. Probably having season ending knee surgery. Our deposit twofold first is it was just dark. How much of instant impact. Removing him from the lineup pack in add. Well it as much as I would like to you tired everybody else we'll change it could stop it like it striking down every night. If I don't think anyone would have predicted quite the light. It wants. It was like removing a splinter likely impact literally you should you get everyone's happy and you're you're not gonna get it's. Carter got what he did every night but. I'd like it if they they are able basketball team again and it was it was. It it was very clearly wearing on the players it was wearing on the fans I think it was actually pretty clearly burning on the coaching staff. The deployed to check on Mollie and and so Mike Bell was just. It was night and debt exit fifteen it'd been a while moving around the dark past and let all the sudden you know you remove. That and everything. Makes cents and I'm a finger what title or whatever else but. You have a lot of that makes sense the rotation after that makes sense it is like it was EU you can not qualified how dramatically different itself. So I was aid society and that's not again I would read the truth or helping Eric Larsen but this channel Parsons absolutely mr. So that's the first and that's great. And that sort of thing is you realize what unbelievable approaches. To inspect 94 million dollars on someone who improves the team Gordon a lack. Back is staggering that you did interest at 94 million dollars. And a guy who improved to team I leave here and and so. Well it's a great night last night. Great for the European at great for her IG it'll be for this team. It'll be it good for this team right now by for the organization. I'm not sure it was a revelation just take a clear option at any but it formalize news. You know what I Howell. Blow that decision could turn out to get it. Talking to Geoff Calkins here on 929 FM ESPN so is interest in debt. To hear comments from the players afterward like it to a man I was like yeah the different vibe yet with a different by giving it to provide them like. I don't think they were being cruel but think that it was cold for. Yeah it was a different vibe because like we were actually like we get the right people on the court. You know the right people are playing the right people played tonight what are different vibe because like. Hey we decide to come out we had lost five in a row but we were gonna make it six to the that was the mindset why you go what if I might like lower that might have before three or whatever. It was. It was what well. You will over the white people applying and I talked to quote earlier. And he scared he he said he could be very difficult for coached in that. You know when he's taking orders from above which I think we all assume at this point this was because he essentially said it on Sunday. Eight it can be a difficult thing for a coach to manage in the locker room. And here's why you've got first up players know who should be out there who should be out there at the goal is to win the game. And it can become frustrating when somebody's out there who's not supposed to be towards each channel Parsons is only playing twenty minutes. If he's. It's 42 minutes of a 48 minute basketball game or four other guys are out there was somebody who should be on the court with them. That that that that messes things that causes problems beyond that those 22 minutes come at the expense of somebody. In the market at the expense of somebody who's on a contract year. And when you connect all those dots the idea that there could be issues or whether expressed or not just issues in general within that locker room. Com. I think it was undeniable. That the channel Parsons thing with having a negative impact not just on the court but off the court and when you remove that from the equation. It was removed not by choice but by another injury. On it not only does it make the team better. It like changes. It changes the mindset of the team it changes the body by their own admission last night with a different body now I think the good drive had very much do with. Chant that was in street clothes we know he's gonna be that way for a little while. Well I think it will auto percent chambers like this problem has been revoked let's just now gold clutch. Out international players who I want because there that's. They work that we were they not saying that. They work either and we quakes setting up. You know they were in fact they were saying are we decided it you know gone play and whatever else watch day war are in fact. Saying god as a up their Chandler we just that it survived big big large law that provides a great certainly it didn't take its camera even now I think it. 100% readable. Treatment the absence of Chandler and indeed. About it specifically. David is dale didn't you like. I'm not put all the humps and what action of the didn't say chill out not to do as you've got about all the while general but I I do that. He didn't get popped up and say this but not into the camera above all buck. Is very clear again and again we've had in a million times. It is about copycat that would talk about an injured Chandler what you do there was thrust into that position. You know and and an AA you know it would probably get it will be sent so I'm but I it was 100%. Clearly everything I've been cleared up now we know you know Vince is gonna start. And trig and who could play here and Jane the wealth and everyone took a back seat to this experiment to this. Forced let's make Chandler better fit in out two articles playing well at the beginning of the year. And end. It out he screwed up he was sucker right on the help her out let's get camera are helping understood that for a long time. I didn't start saying stop there stop this optical disc until about two or three weeks ago which you've got the sense honestly it was what the players are also reached the there's there's stoppers. You know part of it well and keeping being laid out why is. We can look because right idea obviously doesn't just got better than anybody else and he was talking about the relationships between coaches and management of that this happens all the time. I do wonder. If it's. Like if you don't take it ball. I farm from I am from media. I don't know I think about operable actually probably understood more plot and how much she was taken bullets there could sort of an interest there. Like he just said David citadel out there. And you know. Rob that I'd guess around Hillary oh the bullet precaution to about child effort Chris Wallace you. Like they could not you you know what well not talked him. And you know Chris Wallace used to do radio show upload button on the other. You do wonder like if the organizational decision. Should I have to ask disposal request should be dangerous buildup that is admirable applaud Jill. I don't think so like I I would if I. Let's runner until another person had to do their job I don't want people trying to tell me do my job but I'd like to think if I were. Chris Wallace you know he's got the title general manager that as my coach was getting. You know pummeled for continuing to run Chandler Parsons out there. And claimed 42 minutes. I think I would have. For the sake of my coach stood up and said. Just so we're clear we are the ones demanding that he play Chandler Parsons. And demanding we've done within the organization because they're there to put the civic organizations play yes. We value we want to get out and we've invested whatever this is what were there. Not just stated it gala ball off. I think I would like I I think eight if I with a general manager I would have said that in beat. If I were the coach I would have wanted my general managers say that and I would wonder why he didn't. Yeah I think is particular account and I think probably the. He literally instead have been taking bullets. There at the end he definitely applicable if he's up and inaudible under the current issue of the tiger got the big applause yes. At and standing up there as much as he did and say I can he would say it. Certainly called a remote Federer like you. That he didn't get any credit yet indicated it. I hit a good job they can bulletins you know I need their help would love to get all been hobbled her here at work simpler go home and we can't. Blunt blow like it you know. You take a bullet after bullet after bullet. And I'd like imagine also you just walk around FedEx Forum and like it ninety nine's playing inside there and you're listening to median you go what does he do what they can still doing that he's so Smart decisions wife he'd double it. All of you to make you run your hit into the war all right guys swear that I garden this might make me a terrible NBA coach but at some point. If my general manager wasn't coming out and saying this is an organized they. Shall decision. This isn't strictly on David fist dale he's not define us as much as he's doing what we're asking him to do if you guys want you know fire a gun at somebody fired in our direction but we're doing what we think is best for the long term success of this franchise David Tisdale is it doing what necessarily what he thinks is best. To win a basketball game the German it would devastate that. I swear to got I leaked it to my beat writer and just said Gelman. Lou we were looted art you're you've got to our I'd like let's and I called Hillary or anybody got a cold won't see I called anybody. And I would've said unless you gotta do me a favor you've got to write a story that says. Memphis Grizzlies insistence on starting. At Chandler Parsons employing him between 125 minutes a game. Is an order from the a front office. That is sitting in is nothing more than David Tisdale following. Did the wishes of his owner and general manager a source told the vertical like dude you gotta you gotta help me a man because I need my fans are. That I thought we did come multiple players treated the same thing at you know the players don't know that. Like I am I don't. Did David did Dell you can pull the players aside in and like I bet you you're right the players know the school war. Like I think like if you David Fidel you can have that conversation with the players when you sit on my to market Zia is that her. All of a bit different I've just say listen I got hope you understand what's going on here this is not. Again I'm not cutting your minutes or limiting your minutes because I don't think you're better than Chandler Parsons were playing Chandler Parsons because. My bosses are telling me I need to play Gemma Parsons and eight year old coach by the way like it didn't always agree with the balls and they ended up firing him now he's in Sacramento. So like I'm just I'm doing what I'm just Ambien a good soldier here. But I wanna make sure you're aware of that whether David had that conversation I don't have any idea but like I think that they conversation you can head. Which your players a little more difficult to have it on the record with the media but I would headed off the record with a media because I would've said. Let's go to I would genuinely like got a little vote and say I need Jenny favor. Were you know I did you podcast how can you do get that can do we want. I need you to write a story explaining that this thing this thing me. This is this is the org this is my front office. And it'll at least get my fans in the in the idiots on talk radio to start yelling about me every day like a 100% I would have done it. There and in Paris I I think at least. Lot of the Ottawa organization you know give way to know for sure but it's it's helped organizational. They're atletico we've seen the other three guys who. Oh you saw this clarity that but. You know markets automatic restriction. The first two weeks receive any suitable buyer to what we can't write out a one point eight. So. The idea that you would pick David prevail who knows what good basketball looks like. Would page you know this is just the greatest thing priority patients typically it's French that really help those runs ever after twenty minutes. It was just silly and as slim pack you know I I'm oh play multiple people to collect Corretja you know I I question the professionalism of the players for not. So good about them for like this market is that a lot I could well I used the NBA draft site. I don't blame them at all you know I know one player will play arts for a long time with the Gemma Parsons Greg you know and if at the end. You're used to bring in our control and I'm I'm the one runner up another quarter here trying to win trying to bust my ass I appreciate you drawn that you're doing theirs. You're like why why why you don't look so what I'm supposed to do you know I'd trolling you it seemingly out. The fight would want him behind the back end. I think it's important just wore everybody they're. And so there you go to let you in at least we have resolution and we know what he looks like or forward you're basically here is. It will in time last night it was really staggered to watch you look out there. And it was that a marked. My Tony. And that forty year old let's start like that. That's what laws and I don't know how much longer read everything you might are still great growth over Kodak co wrote back going to be back. I don't have a lot of poverty and honest and up until part of so. Well you can do it now what are like you know for the record even if this is what you Leo if you want to see it all these quite a little bit. You're going to be bad particularly geared for the rest the David because it's going to be this is going to be the group and you know I think boat called bubble might do a lot of the group yeah cheers. Talk to Jeff Hawkins threw a 99 of them ESPN I know that it's a different knee. I'm Betemit the most concerning thing isn't necessarily a torn meniscus in in in the me it's that it's another knee procedure. On a body that never responded to the last knee procedure in other words. Before the last time Jim any surgery he didn't like get back to looking like he let himself when he is playing at a high level arguably the best that's why the play. But after this after the last of these surgeries Dayton. He never responded from it and now there's another one in one of the things mode said I think import remember his. There's something that you lose every time. You go through one of the like it takes something from you that. That you don't usually get back and the best example or at least a example of this is a guy that I work with every single week any Granger. Like he was an all star high level MBA player and they had multiple these procedures and it daily we'll tell you I should get them all here when they talk about it. He just said like you know I just wasn't myself and warned it mattered like I still to carry my body to work hard. I still put in the same time in the gym more time in the gym more time in the training room more time in the weight room couldn't do. And he retired at the age of I think 31 years old. And and the reason is is he decided he wanted to be like the opposite of Vince Carter like he had made enough money. Yeah family had young children ages that I wanna I don't wanna would be a male I think more coming off the Jobe could be in the ninth dial roster. That's uninteresting to me I don't have to do it like he's a really bright guy really Smart guy like you save dollars money and he's got a gazillion dollars and he just liked cited he's gonna go live life and enjoy life like they. They they moved two at Scottsdale. We built of the zillion dollar house and he's just there with his wife and kids like enjoying being a ride retired basketball player he didn't wanna just hang on forever just to hang off. I'm about what is. You know he'll tell you like. You know once I started once they started met some of my knees and once they start having the surgery after knee surgery after any surgery. I was never the same and it's not because I didn't wanna be because I couldn't be to me that's the most concerning thing here. Is Jim Parsons couldn't bounce bounce back and be himself after the eight after the lastly procedure. How realistic is it that he does that to this one. Well I think at this point at this point. What you're hoping. Is that he is again a credible basketball player I think you're getting some pretty much I think picture opened. If he's incredible basketball player and and I don't know like I say good Carter's an example of that I can Carter was it signed him at a press conference all happy. But you watch some place somewhere in Turkey applying he never going to be any thing whatever and now he's a credible basketball player. I do and so out it wasn't knees in the beat. I think I ankle whatever but a lot of so. So the question is can he get back to being a credible basketball player. I don't know like what how what raw Isa two years ago he had Michael French media has. Hybrid Michael fraction children and me which sounds scary it was a big deal site so he comes back last year. And eats at three months but that's about all of the block. He has what is supposed to be a minor meniscus procedure. And he very clearly. Never came back from that. And I don't know what it was it was clearly critical you know. As someone old well they would put it out it was just rock and it was just robbed you would have thought just lucky to be here before. There have been ordered just rocks so what the hell happened with that little look at procedure. Which was well put it wouldn't procedure and now he's gonna need to look at procedure on opening bell I think it looks like a full pledged after I do not ever expect. In could be a you know could be a compelling basketball player. And yet there is that under cap. Persecuted money for three more years I believe the other point I think will work that they would all trade. If you can't do this again you can't. Can you imagine next year if you told. OK we got circle it ten or forty minutes you know yeah their stardom get to play important minutes we got or whatever to get it back and they're not the rest stop. If you would come back ready to play. Are ready to really contribute. I do think like the B league I think you know that new big league game I think that's where you go to club but you can't. You just can't do this again but look at them in far fetched that we could be doing this thing again. I think it's realistic that we can be doing this thing again. Under any error an elite whatever I think I I I do little but could I think I've got us. I would try what they tried for a little while and then I would have just recognized this is not working. He's not get I know they insist he was getting better but like get out of my face like I don't care what your. Technology inside the practice gym at that its form tells you like them I'm watching the games he is agents he was a historically bad starter. A by Indian standards. I would try to for a little while I would open try to for a little while but advocate but when you were in a tight playoff race. Where the difference between fourth and seventh was at one point like a game and have. And your squandering games because at least partly because you're. Connected to this Chandler Parsons things like. You know till death do you part I thought that was a mistake I would pull the trigger it but they clearly weren't interested in doing that and they wore it there was no indication that we're going to do it. It's okay I see them coming back with the same mindset next year yes I would do it I would think it's a mistake but I see them do what shortly hard that it wants. I think that would be hard sell. A mock would be our top of bite it would be hard to tell. I could do it in the same way. I think will be a very very certainly for the fans are lucky you know lucky comes out and increasing even as big shots and you know. I'm not appreciate those fourteen point in my talk. Okay mom I'm I find that unlikely that got up early but then I bet you can do it would like to run out in an effective Chandler Parsons. In after game after game. But you're right there except that of the way it happened you know I really do like it's funny if it meant in Major League Baseball. If you are coming back from injury and your picture. You got down there to the cardinals and you found out about our. You close range and make sure you're ready to elevate bring up what your credit though other health Obama another murder and then there and both. Now you're exactly right like there's like rehab assignments like Jonas you'll assess this. Like debt does or rehab assignment you know what you go to AAA and they don't putting up light up the Mets what he's coming up and that's even like coming off of like at a thirty day disabled list like it's like no you don't come right back to the majors but a senior AAA and legit there and then we'll bring up. Like they hit that they're great point like why is it so unheard of in basketball that you've got eight ace you a big name. Big contract returning from injury you need to play but he can't play well enough to play for you why isn't so predict why don't why isn't just. Why is that why does it mean. Internet contributed on a road man yeah you know. All slipping out of every oh. Lied I uploaded it to India person couple weeks ago like the what would prevent that the grizzlies from saying this exactly. We need Chandler Parsons to play the only way he's ever gonna get better is by playing we have to have him play basketball games. We also recognize where the memorable playoff race and and if he and if he knows just as well as we know when you know he's not he's not healthy enough to help us when you know basketball games in this playoff race right now. Sort of thing and Iowa. And we're gonna let him get his you don't get asthmatics they can win or lose it doesn't matter what they might matter to somebody but it really doesn't matter. Happier seeing Gemma Parsons. Try eight OK and like in many you know he'd he'd run through all the little bartenders in in in in the boys like to be right. Got a got a hold a batch of younger girls for it I'll look they like that it's alleged that's good I guess sounds sounds fun and so. Yeah and then he gets his minutes he gets to play that he did that perked your NBA franchise this team trying trying to get a certain playoff position. I have so many NBA I was like. Or why do what would prevent the grizzlies from doing that and they said it's just a delicate situation with a high paid star like because it never happens. In the eighteenth do not opera that they don't seem to somebody coming back from injury is not quite a 100%. To a daily franchise but like. Why I. I guess I would argue the health care if you got the contract right didn't have a lot of. Height I mean I like I I swear to god it if you start next season and he is the way he was this season. And you're still holding out hope that maybe can be what DA what it was but he's not yet clearly. I would have him playing in the dearly and I would just sell it to him as listen we need to play to skip it for us so like what. And they get him to pick all the pressure off you don't go to you saw well let's look ultimately whatever the Americans like number oh yeah and home games without their you know you don't travel don't travel all over Florida at home game it's time otherwise it will bring your game and when you're ready to go. Donald would should go to. School without the bench. And many got a whole new batch of like I did a young waitresses bartenders there but I did Maria go to Maria give Dino. You know I got to play like a run to its accounting of what they could write could've run through Iowa this year won the DeSoto county next year and it'd be healthy enough to get back. You know the general downtown area. I vote some won't the world we were removed and or what Adelaide. That is demagogues of united studio at 9 o'clock I'll see you later. Dive when we come back immediately turned to get started tonight sodas the NIT interesting game in Atlanta. A between a coach who was in a tough spot last year here at Memphis and a coach who is now at a very similarly tough spot at Indiana we'll talk about all the next. Day. On the 99 experts in the sunny bracket challenge and win massive price. If you try to ensure K okay HDL he's Smart TV for me Iraqi solutions it's nine FM ESPN's sunny bracket challenge. The W on the first apple corps had 99 espn.com. Presented by infinity of Memphis and Papa John's pizza. Do you guys see this look at how big it is just your record this is it cheaper for me it's happened. I think Jumbo box again yeah I didn't bodies on the books is the biggest instant game it's instant lottery is treated. Is worth talking about how to keep it down you're scared off the peach. 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Our first game starting out right now mount Saint Mary's new orleans' first four game there's 216 seed claimed the right. A to move into the main bracket then. At 8:10 central Kansas State and a Wake Forest that is Bruce Weber. Steam against Danny Manning's team gaining it's first time to be in the instantly turn it as a head coach. Improves probably gonna continue to be a head coach because he did get into this instantly turn he entered the season on the hot seat wasn't always going so well they want some big games. I'm down the stretch including. I'd be twelve targeted at its Baylor got in the NCAA tournament and I would imagine that Bruce will return as Kansas State's coast Danny Manning story is really good. It's. Even pick in the draft. National champion Kansas number one overall pick and a terrific NBA career. And they got into coaching RBIs with that they got told the store before but sometimes you see former NBA players. A big names yet who get into coaching and you don't know what their motivation is like they just doing it to have something to do. Because the party got money your at least should have money com or they like willing to grind it out. A you know as an assistant coach to to do what it takes to try to aspire to be a head coach. I can give us the names of some guys who I think you're just going through the motions and I give you some names of the guys who I think. I really grinding it out please do I won't. But my point is this I'll give you one name is Danny Manning I met him long time ago as assistant at Kansas in a sort of neat for me you got to remember when he was a star. It was 88 jayhawks right son born in 77 some eleven years old Danny Manning was the biggest thing a war in the world. When I was. You know at an influential age you know just just getting into. Being a college basketball fan won't miss the tigers of time of their daycare so like. I grow up going to flee I think Keith Lee is god like I think yeah if a guy Michael Jordan or whatever you know keep Lee is unbelievable Elliot Perry. Like when I played basketball very briefly and had I I'd like I wanna goggles on the ever got to but I wanted them to lose because I wanted to be like Elliott Perry like analog Elliot Perry. And so. In similarly till it's been neat to get didn't know Eliot nobody years. It's been neat it was neat to meet to get to know data manic but a lot of Cameron accused programming is there. And that's a long when a way of saying. I can tell right away he wasn't somebody walking around like on any day. He conducted himself like I'm an assistant coach. For big twelve team and I'm out here working he worked he worked he was. Tumble to think about you go from being a world champ a national champion in college number one pick overall pick in the NBA draft. Great NBA career make a lot of money and now you just like at the third assistant today not a guy anymore that it's like whoa that it's a different existence for you not all guys can handle that well he handled it unbelievably someone Wake Forest. I'm hired him I was on record like that there's a great hired Danny Manning is going to be a good head coach and now look he's already got them. Into the NCAA. Turn a so that'll be a fun game tonight Bruce. Who is a matter of really a good career but it's been tough. You know they intimately in the Illinois wasn't pleasant. And we thought we were close to the end of Kansas State but he turned it around late. And got the wildcats Indians have returned and then of course will be coaching it's a former Kansas assistant now the head coach at Wake Forest. Dini remaining meantime in anti gets started tonight as well on interest in game out of Atlanta. As Georgia Tech in Indiana. And what's it. Thing about it is that other head coaches. Just passed there. And Tom Green. What just went through last year Tom's going to write. Like. You've got a job that's the job until like. It's a good job. Obviously India is a better job in Memphis but that is that this parallels pretty well of the fans of turned on it it's got really ugly TE. School probably not gonna fire you for variety of reasons in Memphis this case is because they could afford it but like do you want to come back to this if you can find. Another job are you willing to take it. Ultimately Josh was fortunate that Bryce drew and some other people turned on Georgia Tech because it ultimately felt him. And then he was presented with the opportunity to go to sort of you know what this I just think he's been fun the that this job is better job than George tech. But the message out of turn toxic for me and fans turned army a kingdom back com. Is it time to Disco. And I told Josh a million times last year if you can get a job Ishikawa. But I like having is that go to Memphis yeah this is not good for you I go to your family. If you can get a comparable job. Even a slight step down you should you should take advantage of that and he ultimately did. And at times in the same situation got Indiana job and they walk away from the Indiana jagr who walks with the Indiana job but this to ease when it's gotten so ugly. I mean so ugly. The fans. Have been a long believer in the end once the fans tourney kingdom back. Because they only that what you get him back is to be consistently awesome. And unless you're John cal Perry might she ask you Roy Williams. Rick Pitino. Maybe Sean Miller so hard to be consistently awesome in college basketball so much roster turnover. Season short injuries to derail one. You'll lose underclassmen you never know year after year to year you have to be a true monster in the sport to be consistently awesome. What I think Tom's very good he's probably not in that category. And so if we agree you can't win the fans back or she consistently awesome. It's very very difficult to be consistently awesome what is the point because here's the truth what Tom Green now Indiana. If they keep him this year he chooses stack. He's one year away from being fired for the rest of his life at Indiana. If next year's good all it does is give him another year. The following years bad you don't care if the next two years Iguodala does digit thirtieth if that third year of bad you're gone who lost live like that. You look like that when you have no options. I don't think you live like that when you have good options. My advice to Tom would be this do exactly what Josh fast and it is you're in a better position to do it actually. I just wasn't Georgia Tech first choice Tom might be a school's first choice. But I had my agent until Missouri within two state. With LSU. With Illinois. With a every power five jobs open. And I've heard be trying to negotiate the best country can you look at them and then I would go to Indiana and I would say you only four million dollars if you fire. I know you don't want me here. But I know you don't want them for me does get rid of me here's what I'll do I'll leave if you give me two million. Give me two million dollars to walk away you know I'm not walking away from nothing. Told you don't wanna give it to play and how to stay here you can take before may have believed then or you just get another yearly that it what you want is now Japan's want. I'll go take the Missouri job right now if you give me two million dollars to walk away. And I betcha Indiana would pay for the reasons that this page Josh. I am because it just starts fresh it's a clean break I think Indiana and Tommy probably reached the point that Josh in Memphis reached witches. Com we'd probably be better off without each other. And whether Indiana would actually be better off we'll find out Thomas went to the past five outright Big Ten title he's had success not appreciated their but that is that's a fact what I just said. But. You know gets to a point where you're just you know every family we double digits or they think that the next coach is always going to be better yet how is better. Like if you can keep this thought they'd be better or after Tubby Smith like we get route we get rid Tubby Smith will run a mile we do better they hired Billy Gillespie and now they ultimately got it right which I'm cal Perry but it wasn't immediately. I got right into state and once upon A time person dead in a five traditionally turn and it's but we can do better hearts and law. And you better. In Markoff. Wasn't better. So they've always think it's going to be better it's not always better but either way once it turns this ugly it's just hard for anybody to be comfortable self. You'll watch two coaches against each other tribal leaders on national television. A coaching against each other. Who. One of them knows exactly what the other one's going to right now I wonder if at some point they'll have a conversation. And Josh let's say. I know you don't want walkway from Indiana item one a walkway from Memphis either but I think just Italian has the best thing ever did and it probably be the best thing you have a data could do. That was gonna go hey. Jason Smith from nineteen. It in the 99 sonics bracket challenge. That ESPN dot. In the App Store before you. Huge prizes including thousand dollars for the visa gift cards of 55 inch HD Smart TV 500 dollars a Christian Brothers auto mode and multiply this round up. Ground based Aircastle time for anybody concepts in Memphis haired doctor dot com it's the new years so why not make it un do you know if you've been taken out hair restoration. 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There's no reason not to talk all the receivers groups 4518765. All the way every gamers group that comes to dinner to go. Joseph was presented by Humphries prime cut shop well folks folly original piece. What are we learned today. We learned a lot of like it's been a pretty educational two hours at the most important thing now. Is that if you're going to have the mother your child murderer. And then her body cut up and fed to your walk Rottweiler. What you also still would like to have a professional soccer career some day the best place you could possibly live is Brazil. Because in Brazil. A man who was convicted of doing exactly what I just described. Signed a professional contract with a soccer team. After seven years of prison. We're having. Mother of the child murdered her body cut up. And it was scripting as well while there what a crazy story Google you'll you'll be insane. What's the biggest game tonight at the state Wake Forest they get to if you one and a half point favorite tips at eight and I'll take I'll take that demon deacons. Parade up. Oh shoot on watch on TV this is I think the value them tonight I don't watch that show but the review avoid the review say it's terrific if they're terrific my life loves it. Former try to watch this offseason by closely watching. I heard they everything I've heard is is that it's great so I will try to watch some point if you're into it season finale tonight at seven. On ABC did on PBS this on the dot ten pills that changed America. It's a show that spotlights are little interest in communities among them tonight seaside Florida I think a lot of men gave have been deceased I'd rather than in Destin beautiful little play yes that's at 8 o'clock tonight on PBS. Is there anything I need to make sure I really don't linger just waited leaked to an article headlined this way Vince Carter has embraced a soft twilight of Mostar the basketball war. Or can't can.

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